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Chapter 84:  Heroes of the Fraternity

In the domains of the Divine Sovereign Clan…

A couple was walking rapidly through the mountain paths. They were none other than Xiaofang and Gong Nanyan. Their countenances were blissful as they moved hastily.

They had only one common goal and that was to find Ye Jing together.

Somehow Xiaofang had an innate sense where Ye Jing was.

By now Gong Nanyan already knew that Xiaofang and Ye Jing were no ordinary friends. But even then she was not jealous at all. It was because she knew that Ye Jing must be a most outstanding maiden. If she was not such an outstanding maiden, why would she send such an outstanding young man like Xiaofang away to the Lofty Snow Palace while she suffered infamy alone? She knew that Ye Jing must have her own difficulties for doing so.

She was nervous about meeting Ye Jing because she knew that she was like a third party. She wondered what would Ye Jing think of her? All this while, this matter had been weighing on her mind.

Xiaofang had no idea how to explain to Ye Jing either. But that was not going to stop him from reuniting with her and listening to her lame excuses. He could not believe that he was actually tricked by her to go to the Lofty Snow Palace while she went on to fight her own battles. No wonder she kept emphasizing for him to enjoy himself. She did not have the intention to drag him along…

Why did she suddenly become the Goddess Envoy and what were her purposes in attacking the many celestial clans that had regarded her as an ally and heroine?

All these, Xiaofang was determined to know. It was because the Ye Jing that he had known would never harm anyone. If she was forced into the servitude of the Goddess Palace, then he would fight the Goddess Palace.

Xiaofang sighed softly, “Nanyan, are you really sure you want to come with me? It may be too dangerous for you.”

Gong Nanyan pinched him hard on his arm as she stared at him firmly, “Why are you saying this all of a sudden? No matter how dangerous it is, I will always follow you through to the ends of the earth.”

Xiaofang shook his head with a bitter smile, “That is because I have once fought with the fighters from the Goddess Palace and the Devil Isle. They are all formidable fighters with high level of cultivation. I suspect that some of them may even have a cultivation level that is beyond the sacred saint.”

Gong Nanyan was startled, “Beyond sacred saint level? Is it possible?”

Xiaofang hesitated for a while he said in a low voice, “My mother told me.”

Gong Nanyan chuckled with a soft laugh, “Every child will have absolute trust in their mother. You…you are really still a kid.”

Xiaofang smiled weakly, “I am serious…”

Gong Nanyan suddenly had a serious expression as she lowered her glances shyly, “If possible, I like to meet your parents one day.”

Xiaofang shook his head, “I have no idea who my father is. As for my mother, she had already ascended last year so you probably can’t meet her anymore.”

Gong Nanyan suddenly froze as she stared blankly at Xiaofang with a gasp, “Your…your mother is a saintess and she has ascended as an immortal?!”

Xiaofang grinned, “That’s right.”

Gong Nanyan almost missed her step and tripped as she murmured to Xiaofang, “Do you know how hard it is to become a peaked sacred saint and even take that heaven defying step to ascend as an immortal? And yet your mother has ascended? What kind of a background do you have…”

Then she paused as she tried to compose herself, “You have the healing focus ability then your mother must also have the same bloodline…at your age, you have even attained as a golden celestial. What are you? You are a monster freak.”

Xiaofang quietly said, “I’m not. I have a lucky occurrence in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth or else I will still be at the immortal celestial level. Unlike your golden celestial foundation, mine is weaker.”

Gong Nanyan said shyly, “Even so but your boundary is a stage higher than mine. I am not sure when I will have my next breakthrough but I am in no hurry. So don’t forget to protect me.”

Xiaofang smiled tenderly at her, “I will protect you always.”

All of a sudden Xiaofang keen senses picked up movements in front of them as he suddenly became tense.

Even Gong Nanyan was alerted to the sudden movements that were approaching.

Two figures that were holding hands had suddenly appeared into view and Xiaofang was surprised that he had actually known one of them as he muttered, “Young Master Yuan Chengzhi?”

Indeed it was Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and Jiang Shufei. They quickly removed their hands from each other when they saw Xiaofang and Gong Nanyan.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was startled as he recognized Xiaofang, “Why are you here?”

They had not met since that fateful day when they were rejected by Yuqing and Ye Jing at the same place.

Xiaofang immediately said politely, “Greetings. I’m looking for Ye Jing. Have you seen her?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi bowed politely with his hands as he viewed the two golden celestials. He had never seen the maiden that was next to Xiaofang before but she was extremely beautiful and was like a lofty beauty that was freed from the mortal affairs. From her light blue attire, Young Master Yuan Chengzhi concluded that she seemed to be from the Lofty Snow Palace.

Gong Nanyan was completely quiet. It was as though she did not see Young Master Yuan Chengzhi. Although she had regained her friendliness but some habits die hard and her amicable feelings were restricted to her clan protégés and Xiaofang only. It was as though Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and Jiang Shufei were both invisible.

But regardless, the two of them were golden celestials and they deserved his respect. He answered, “Celestials, I have indeed seen her. She had made a great disturbance in the Divine Sovereign Clan just a while ago and had taken away my clan most profound treasure the Nightingale Divine Pearl.”

Jiang Shufei muttered softly behind Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, “That Demoness Ye Jing had also destroyed the Divine Lights Place and taken our most prized treasure the Candlelight Soul Stone!” She had thought that these two golden celestials were looking for Ye Jing to settle a score with her so she could not resist telling them everything.

Xiaofang asked Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, “Do you have any ideas where she is going? I need to look for her urgently.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi nodded lightly, “There are reports that she may be heading for the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. You can head in that direction to check.”

Xiaofang was delighted as he said politely, “I thank you for your guidance.”

Then Xiaofang asked quietly as he stole a glance at the little beauty that was next to Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, “You seem to have found a love interest. I wonder how you are getting along. You seem a little different now.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi smiled faintly as he looked at the shy Jiang Shufei, “This is Maiden Shufei. We get along very well and I have the interest to marry her soon.”

Jiang Shufei gasped with happiness when she had heard Young Master Yuan Chengzhi professing his love for her…

Then Young Master Yuan Chengzhi heaved a deep sigh before saying, “I have decided to give up the power struggle against my older brother Yuan Chenggong for the future position of the clan leadership and will focus on helping the Divine Lights Palace to rebuild their clan. As a matter of fact, I am going there now.”

Xiaofang said as he gave a respectful bow with his hands, “I am glad that Young Master Yuan has finally found your aspirations. Good luck in your future endeavors. Farewell.”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi bowed with his hands, “Celestial Fang, good luck to locating Ye Jing too.”

Xiaofang smiled and then he suddenly took out a sword and tossed it gently to Young Master Yuan Chengzhi. With that he and Gong Nanyan had quickly disappeared over the horizon.

Xiaofang had got another divine sword from Ye Jing shortly after he had lost his in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.

Yuan Chengzhi was stunned. He had recognized this sword scabbard. It was actually his divine sword!

When they were gone, Jiang Shufei said to Yuan Chengzhi. “Finally we have some righteous celestials looking to stop the Demoness Ye Jing. That young man that you are talking to seems quite formidable. I’m a little scared when I am talking to him. And that beautiful maiden that is next to him, is she his love interest?” She seemed particular interested to know their relationship.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi waved his fan and laughed, “Actually I don’t know who she is but she should be from the Lofty Snow Palace.”

Jiang Shufei asked him, “Are you sure you are not going to the Unmoving Mountains anymore?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi shook his head with a smile, “It doesn’t matter anymore. Moreover I am just a small fry in the scheme of things.”

Jiang Shufei sighed softly, “You may even be disowned by your father by coming with me. Is that worth it? Your clan is fighting for its survival and yet you are not helping?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi muttered, “If I go there, I may not live to come back.”

Jiang Shufei punched him lightly as she said softly, “You should go. I will go with you. Life and death is predestined. It is one thing to fight superior enemies but it is another thing to lose all your courage. Look at my clan, they are more afraid of their lives than to fight for righteousness. We only got to live only once. So shall we go together?”

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was startled by her words. In all his life, he was the powerful young master that had schemed against his political enemies. He had never known righteousness. Suddenly a fire began to ignite within him as he unsheathed the divine sword that was in his hands…

Jiang Shufei was startled to see the divine sword and this was the first time that she had seen a divine sword. She had never expected that the sword that was tossed so casually to Young Master Yuan Master Yuan Chengzhi was actually a divine sword.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi began to say slowly, “Then we shall go to the Unmoving Mountains to fight the Devil Isle…”

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