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Chapter 85: Divine Dream Monarchy

The mountain views of the Divine Dream Monarchy were extremely breathtaking and beautiful. It was no wonder that these mountain ranges were called the Divine Dream Mountains. But Ye Jing, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady were not in the mood to enjoy the scenery.

It was because they were now fighting their way up to the heaven stairs of the Divine Dream Monarchy. There were numerous protégés of the Divine Dream Monarchy that were blocking their way up and they numbered in the thousands.

Ye Jing made sure that she had only disabled them and restrained from killing them. It was because unlike the Mystic Realm Clan, she had no real hatred for the Divine Dream Monarchy.

But she was a little perplexed now. Although the protégés of the Divine Dream Monarchy seemed to be prepared for their coming and were numerous but their cultivation levels were not high. There were no immortal celestial fighters and higher rank that had appeared so far.

She got a very bad premonition about this.

She whispered to the Confession Lady, “Godmother, I have a very bad feeling about this. It is like…we are walking into a carefully laid ambush.”

The Confession Lady smiled as she just sent five fighters to the ground, “Jing’Er, there is no need to worry. We are around.”

Ye Jing nodded lightly as she flashed to the top of the heaven gate of the Divine Dream Monarchy. The heaven gate of the Divine Dream Monarchy was one of the most beautiful heaven gates that she had seen and it was lined up by huge white monuments of mystic beasts every twenty steps.

As Ye Jing, the Confession Lady and the Celestial Liege fought their way to the high platform that led to the outer palace of the Divine Dream Monarchy, they were greeted by the sight of thousands more protégés that were waiting on the platform.

The Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi, clan leader of the Divine Dream Monarchy was waiting for them at the end of the platform. He was an upper golden celestial and was a middle age man. That said, his potential was not exactly brilliant but the celestial clan that he led was a middle tier patriarch clan and was strong.

Ye Jing had naturally recognized him because he was there in the Nuer Mountains. So he was so low profile that Ye Jing could not nearly remember him except that he looked like an ambitious man.

As Ye Jing, the Confession Lady and the Celestial Liege reached the platform, Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi said in a loud voice, his voice thundering throughout the vicinity like a roaring lion. “Holy Consort Ye Jing or should I say Goddess Envoy Ye Jing, you have arrived. What grudges do we have with each other that you think that you can come to my clan in such an audacious manner?”

As they walked to the middle of the platform, Ye Jing began to say coldly, “I thank the Divine Lord for this grand welcome. As long as the Divine Lord is generous enough to leave behind your Divine Dream Sword and the Thousand Year Nirvana Fire Pill as tribute to the Goddess Palace then I will leave politely. ”

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi hummed coldly, “As tribute to the Goddess Palace? Then won’t we be under the Goddess Palace?”

As he said that, Ye Jing was whispering panicky to the Confession Lady and the Celestial Liege, “There are eight golden celestials hiding among the thousands of protégés that are around us. Although these protégés seem to be surrounding us in a disorderly manner but they are actually in a formation or some sorts. We ought to exercise extreme cautious.”

All of a sudden Ye Jing said as she sensed strong array energies forming all around the platform, “Oh no. Let’s turn back immediately…”

But it was too late. As soon as she could sense the energy lines forming, the celestial array that was underneath the platform had already been activated, surrounding them with golden lights and eight beaming swords began to appear in eight extreme directions of this celestial array.

Surrounding them were eight golden celestials that had been hiding among the thousands of protégés. And behind them the disorder protégés had begun to form into an orderly formation of dozens of immortal celestials supporting the golden celestials while hundreds of enlighten celestials were supporting the immortal celestials!

The Confession Lady said coldly, “We have already broken through countless of celestial arrays and formations in the past months alone. They are too naïve if they think that they can stop us…”

All of a sudden she had turned pale as she gasped aloud, “This is the Celestial Annihilation Star Array. How did they manage to discover this long lost celestial array…”

Ye Jing, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady were now surrounded by golden ley lights that enveloped the entire platform. The suppression that they were now facing caused them to be motionless on the spot and they could not move freely.

Ye Jing could feel her strength being sapped away by the golden lights. She was gasping breathlessly, “What kind of a celestial array is this? I have never experienced something so profound and deadly before. This celestial array is actually draining my spirit strength…”

The Celestial Liege was ashen as he whispered, “This Celestial Annihilation Array can even trap and kill an immortal. Alas, to think that we have actually walked into such a deadly celestial array.”

He paused briefly before he said solemnly, “They are empowering this Celestial Annihilation Array with the strength of eight golden celestials and eight swords to overpower us. Supporting them are the celestial strengths of hundreds of celestial experts. This is a contest of celestial strength and I am afraid that we are inferior to them…”

Ye Jing nodded as she began to grasp the intricacies of this celestial array, “Although we are surrounded by eight of the celestial swords but only three of them are divine swords. This means that this Celestial Annihilation Array is far from being perfect. Moreover, there is a leak in the energy patterns of this celestial array. This is originally a nine person celestial array and they are using only eight golden celestials to maintain it. If the Divine Lord himself is willing to lend his strength and his divine sword into this Celestial Annihilation Array then this celestial array will be even more perfect. Unfortunately he is not willing to risk himself.”

The Celestial Liege sighed softly, “Unfortunately, we have no way out of this celestial array as well. The side that collapse first will be the vanquished. Jing’Er, can you cope?”

Beads of fragrance sweat broke out on her forehead as she replied weakly, “My divine sword is able to protect me somewhat. Godfather and Godmother, how about you?”

The Celestial Liege glanced at Ye Jing and said, “We are alright. We are practitioners of the Celestial Force and moreover we are peaked sacred saints. We will be able to tank this celestial array longer than you but our movements are restrained now as we have channeled all our strength to protect our celestial strength. It is you that we are worrying.”

The Confession Lady cursed softly, “Just these eight golden celestials alone, they will not be able to restraint us but they have all their celestial experts to channel their celestial strength to these eight golden celestials…alas…”

When celestial experts channeled their celestial strength temporary to another, the rate of transfer was only 10% of their 100% celestial strength. If they were transferring to a person that had a higher cultivation level then it would be 1% of their 100% celestial strength. There were plenty of fruitless transfers as a lot of celestial strength was wasted in the process.

But the Divine Dream Monarchy was determined to aid their eight golden celestial experts and had dozens of immortal celestials to aid the golden celestials while hundreds of enlighten celestials were aiding the immortal celestials!

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi was laughing as he saw the agonizing expressions that were on Ye Jing, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady. The Celestial Annihilation Array had only worked too well.

When he had received news from his scouts that the Mystic Realm Clan had suddenly been exterminated by the Goddess Palace, he had uneasy feeling that the Goddess Palace would soon come to attack his clan. After all, if the Goddess Palace had dared to attack even the Divine Sovereign Clan which was an upper tier patriarch clan then there was no reason why they would not come to his clan.

And it turned out that his hunch was right. Now, not only would the Goddess Palace be destroyed by him but all the celestial treasures that the Goddess Envoy Ye Jing had plundered would now belong to him. Just thinking of that caused the expressions of the Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi to be delightful.

He shouted, “Ye Jing, if you stop resisting and submit to me then I will be merciful to you. What do you think?”

By now Ye Jing had already fallen to her knees. She scoffed weakly, “Why don’t you enter the celestial array and we fight it out?”

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi smiled coldly, “I will wait it out.”

Ye Jing slowly pointed to the eight golden celestials, the dozens of immortal celestials and hundreds of enlighten celestials that were all sweating heavily before she said weakly, “Then we shall see who can last longer. Do you think that your puny celestial array can trap three sacred saints?”

When she had said that, all the protégés of the Divine Dream Monarchy were startled.

“There are three sacred saints?”

“The two of them are sacred saints?”

“That Ye Jing does not have any golden eyes. Is she a saintess?”

“I have heard that she is already a golden celestial but how come her eyes are not golden?”

Ye Jing could sense her opponents’ resolves being weakened by her words. So she decided to reinforce that belief, “Godparents, let’s display our celestial strength together.”

At almost the same time, Ye Jing, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady began to exude their auras together as their saint level aura began to ripple throughout the celestial array, stunning everyone.

There were really three sacred saints that were trapped in the Celestial Annihilation Array!

When Ye Jing and her group began to release their martial strength, all the eight golden celestials were also forced to release more of their strength in order to catch up with their opponents’ celestial strength. This rapid increase of celestial strength caused many of the weaker enlighten celestials and immortal celestials to collapse from exhaustion.

One of the golden celestials shouted furiously, “Maintain your focus! Don’t be afraid. They cannot last for too long either!”

Ye Jing knew that this golden celestial was right. Because they had suddenly increased the intensity of their martial strength, they were also draining their own martial strength very quickly. Even if they could endure until a breakthrough, such a wanton use of their celestial strength would leave them very weak and at the mercies of the swords that were waiting for them later.

She mused silently to herself, “This is the end of you Ye Jing. You should have trust your premonition earlier and retreat from here. Goodbye Xiaofang…”

After an incense time, Ye Jing, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady were all breaking out in sweat.

The situation on their opponents’ side was not any better. They were all sweating heavily as they tried to catch up with the martial strength of three sacred saints. More than one hundred protégés had already collapsed onto the ground!

Many of the protégés simply could not catch up with the high intensity of the sudden pace. That was the effect of what Ye Jing wanted. When more and more of the celestial experts were eliminated then the corresponding strength of the Celestial Annihilation Array would also be weakened.

All of a sudden Ye Jing had a sudden grin as she took out three Translucence Divine Pills. These Translucence Divine Pills were capable of restoring a practitioner’s celestial strength. She had looted it from the Empyrean World Sect.

She purposely flashed these three Translucence Divine Pills in front of everyone. Under the sunlight, these three Translucence Divine Pills that were in her fingers were like shining white pills.

She purposely said, “Fortunately we have some miracle divine pills that can aid us to recover our strength. Here is one for you, for me and one for you.”

Without hesitation, Ye Jing, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady popped this life saving pill into their mouths.

The expressions of the eight golden celestials and the Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi had turned extremely ugly and they could not believe what they were seeing…

The minute that Ye Jing swallowed the Translucence Divine Pill, dozens of protégés who were witnessing it and were acting as conduit in the Celestial Annihilation Array, suffered a heart attack and collapsed from sheer shock of disbelief and exhaustion.

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi quickly shouted to his steward, “Go and take out all the divine pills that can recover celestial strength. Now!”

The steward did not make a move but said awkwardly, “Divine pills that can restore the strength of the celestial practitioners are too rare. I am afraid that we currently do not have any…we do have many high grade soul jewels…”

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi stared angrily at his steward, “What use are high grade soul jewels at this point of time? They can’t even cultivate it!”

Spiritual force needed time to be harness and cultivated slowly in order to replenish celestial strength. It was not the same as restoring celestial strength directly.

One of the golden celestials who was an elder began to shout weakly, “At this rate that we are going, the Celestial Annihilation Array will soon collapse and we will all suffer a backlash. We need Divine Lord to reinforce the celestial array with your divine sword.”

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi reluctantly stepped into the Celestial Annihilation Array. Barely a few moments that he had stepped in, he was already sweating from the sheer fatigue of his celestial strength being drawn out to power the Celestial Annihilation Array.

The sheer intensity of nine golden celestials trying to tame the celestial strength of three sacred saints caused all the onlookers who were not participants to hold their breath nervously as they witnessed the collapse of more and more of the weaker protégés in the Celestial Annihilation Array.

By now Ye Jing had turned really pale. Even the Translucence Divine Pill was not able to keep up with her loss of strength and the intensity of the Celestial Annihilation Array. Among the three of them, she was the weakest.

She could only mutter, “I’m sorry everyone. I am afraid that today we may all die here…”

The Confession Lady smiled weakly, “It is alright. Life and death is predestined. Jing’Er, I still got some strength to transfer to you. Do you need some aid?”

Ye Jing shook her head, “No need. Please save it for you. If they cannot outlast you, at least you still have the strength to flee.”

The Celestial Liege was smiling weakly, “These Translucence Divine Pills are fake. It can only regain some strength…”

Ye Jing gave a faint smile, “At least we did unnerve them. Divine pills that can restore celestial strength are miracle pills that are hard to obtain anyway. The effects are much better than I’ve thought.”

All the immortal celestials and the enlighten celestials that were supporting the Celestial Annihilation Array had all collapsed by now.

At this point, the power contest in the Celestial Annihilation Array had become a contest of willpower. This was because everyone had already used up more than 90% of their martial strength. When a practitioner used up 90% of their martial strength, this was their breaking point already and what left was just sheer strength of the wills.

All of a sudden an overpowering martial force began to sweep into the platform, causing all the nine array swords that were maintaining the Celestial Annihilation Array to scatter in all directions. When the Celestial Annihilation Array was suddenly broken, all nine of the golden celestials could feel the backlash. They coughed out blood violently and were sent flying in all nine directions!

All nine of the golden celestials did not have any strength to move anymore. They could only stare blankly as a fine looking young man with an immortal sword had suddenly stepped into the middle of the platform. This fine looking young man was none other than Xiaofang!

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi was startled for he had recognized Xiaofang when he was at the Nuer Mountains….

Ye Jing was gasping with shock, “Xiaofang, why are you here?”

Xiaofang had seized Ye Jing up and was hugging her, “Jing’Er, I miss you…”

Behind Xiaofang was an extremely beautiful lofty maiden in blue. She was smiling as she said coolly, “Should we leave first and leave the reunion to later?”

Ye Jing looked at her and asked Xiaofang, “Who is she?”

The extremely beautiful lofty maiden in blue answered for Xiaofang, “I am Gong Nanyan.”

Ye Jing was somewhat startled. It was because she seemed to recall this name before. Was she not one of the candidates for the Goddess Palace?

She gave a quick smile to Gong Nanyan and at the same time, she had swept her eyes at the remaining protégés of the Divine Dream Monarchy, “Consider this your lucky day today. I shall come again.”

Then she smiled at Xiaofang, “Let us go!”

None of the protégés of the Divine Dream Monarchy had dared to move until the intruders had left. Even the Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi was holding his breath until they had left…

Just when he was muttering signs of relief, he got the shock of his life when three maidens with masks had suddenly appeared on the platform. One of the maidens had a golden mask while the other two maidens had silver masks. He had recognized the golden mask to be the unique mask of the Golden Mask Devil Goddess!

One of the maidens with the silver mask had picked up his Divine Dream Sword and playing with it in her hands!

This enraged the Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi so much that he immediately mustered all the remnants of his martial power with his palm against the silver mask maiden. He may not be a match for the Devil Goddess but for a minion, he had no fear at all.

The silver mask maiden casually lifted her palm and there was a thunderous clap as she sent the Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi to fly back like an arrow!

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi was immediately unconsciousness when he had landed with a loud crash on the ground. In his mind, he was in total disbelief because the maiden in the silver mask was a saintess level opponent. The minute that they had exchanged their martial power against each other, he had known from her martial strength and saint aura…

He did not know that the silver mask maiden that he had picked was Fan Yuqing!

If he had picked the other silver mask maiden who was Beitang Ying then he would not have suffered such a tremendous backlash.

The Golden Mask Devil Goddess said as the oppression of her aura spread throughout the platform, “Beat them to a gulp.”

And the two silver mask maidens began to flash into the midst of the thousand over protégés who were all looking with stunned expressions.

Although there were more than three thousands of the protégés who were still standing, they all had low cultivation levels. If they had higher, then they would have already participated in the Celestial Annihilation Array.

Needless to say, they were like paper against super exponents like Beitang Ying and Fan Yuqing…

The remaining golden celestials and celestial experts that were on the ground could only vomit blood as they stared at the scene. They had put in so much effort to trap the Goddess Envoy Ye Jing and now the Devil Goddess was here to pick up the pieces…

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