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Chapter 88: Divine Moon Manor

For several months now, the Devil Isle had made the citadel fortress of the Divine Moon Manor as their main stronghold.

At this moment, Han Shaodong was brutally ravaging the Divine Mistress Qi Meixue in a private chamber.

Qi Meixue looked at him hatefully, “Why is that you are never gentle with me? Just because I am a dark celestial and you are a golden celestial?”

Han Shaodong replied coldly, “I am never gentle with my toys.”

Qi Meixue slapped him hard on his face, “Then you should go and look for the many beautiful palace maidens here instead of looking for me every night.”

Han Shaodong frowned lightly, “Is that the hardest slap that you can muster? The others are unfit to be my toys. Only you are.”


Qi Meixue hummed coldly, “You seem vexed today. Is it because of the Goddess Palace or the recent troubles that are caused by the Golden Mask Devil Goddess?”

Han Shaodong frowned when he had heard that. It was because she had struck the arrow at the crux of his heart.

But he did not reply her, instead he was scoffing, “Did you think that I am a fool? Why did you follow us? Don’t tell me that you are here to lend us your aid or you are hoping that we will impart some divine skills to you?”

Qi Meixue said coldly, “Master Han Shaodong, you think too lowly of me.”

Han Shaodong stopped what he was doing as he caught her by her naked waist, “I have never thought lowly of you. Not once. You can first answer me where did you go last month.”

Qi Meixue replied coldly, “I did tell you that I am doing ancestor worship in the mountains, didn’t I?”

Han Shaodong was smiling bitterly, “And I don’t believe you at all. You may think that you have concealed your tracks well but I’ve been following you. I have never expected that the person you are meeting will be the Devil Goddess.”

Qi Meixue gasped as she went ashen, “You…”

Han Shaodong was suddenly laughing coldly while Qi Meixue was shaken to her core.

Qi Meixue was trembling as she asked slowly, “Now you know my secret, what do you want with me? Torture me?”

Han Shaodong stared blankly at her, “All these years that we are together, you are actually secretly meeting this Devil Goddess?”

Qi Meixue answered sarcastically, “What do you think, Master Han? Did you think that I am meeting a man?”

Han Shaodong heaved a heavy sigh, “You have never allowed me to touch you. Naturally I have thought that you are not…”

Qi Meixue spat coldly, “Not a chaste maiden you mean? I have never allowed any other men to touch me.”

Han Shaodong asked, “Then what about now?”


With another cold look, Qi Meixue said. “After 200 years, you are finally back and your identity is actually that of the Devil Isle. I am really surprised by you. You have never treated me as your confidant and have never told me anything. Since you are keeping your secrets, why can’t I have my own secrets? So what do you want to do with me now?”

Han Shaodong replied as he got up slowly, “Nothing.”

Qi Meixue asked with great perplexity, “Nothing?”

Han Shaodong said as he put on his robe before he walked off, “Nothing means nothing. There is nothing to explain about nothing.”

As he reached the entrance, he said. “Meixue, I’m sorry. All these years, I have thought that you are seeing someone. 200 years ago, I was hunting for the Golden Mask Devil Goddess. When I have received reliable news that she was dead, I have to return to the Devil Isle. I have no other choice. When I have returned, you are suddenly the Divine Mistress of the Divine Moon Manor so I have thought…I know that I have hurt you when I have barged into your camp so reckless that day…forgive me…”

With that he had left the private chamber, leaving Qi Meixue to stare blankly in the air…

Qi Meixue bended her head as she sobbed softly. If she was given the choice between the Han Shaodong and the Devil Goddess, which side should she chooses? She really did not know…

The Devil Goddess was her benefactor while Han Shaodong was someone that she had greatly admired in the past…

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