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Chapter 89: The Devil Goddess Feast

This was just a small town in the central region of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. A nearby influence which was a third tier celestial clan of the Ancient Ascension Sect had actually controlled this place. This was a place where even the cultivators would shun as the spiritual force in this part was most ordinary. Naturally, there were not many cultivators in this as well.

But on this day, a peerless maiden had suddenly descended upon this place. She was someone that made all the beauties pale in comparison and her look was unforgettable. Everywhere she went, men and women would look in her direction as they wondered who she was and marveled at her divine beauty.

Although there were many bold men in the town but none dared to stop her for her name and a date. It was because no matter how enticing she was, her golden eyes marked her as a Golden Celestial. Therefore her celestial title may be a Celestial or a Saintess. Even the overlord of this place had to bow down to his knees if he were to see her.

This divine beauty was none other than Saintess Fan Yuqing. She quietly entered a tavern and had reached a private room on the third storey where three others were waiting quietly.

As she entered, they greeted her. “Saintess Yuqing.”

These three were Celestial Yun Chen of the Celestial Sword Clan, Celestial Zhou Hai aka Elder Zhou Hai of the Divine Sovereign Clan and Saint Lin Wucheng, elder of the Ancient Ascension Sect.

Yun Chen was the first to ask as he whispered softly, “The Devil Goddess and Maiden Beitang Ying, they are not here?”

Fan Yuqing gave an alluring smile, “The Devil Goddess doesn’t like crowd places. As for Beitang Ying, it is never good for a dark celestial to show up in the territories of the righteous celestial clans. I will be representing them today.” She then said, “This feast is prepared for just the three of you, so just enjoy.”

Zhou Hai laughed jovially, “With Saintess Yuqing to accompany us, the three of us won’t be lonely.”

Fan Yuqing smiled slowly, “I won’t be staying for too long. The Devil Goddess has asked me to thank everyone for your concerted efforts in creating havoc in her name. Well done.”

Lin Wucheng was stammering, “We…actually did nothing that is praiseworthy…just some small fries here and there…compared to the Devil Goddess herself, it is really nothing at all. I have heard that even the Divine Dream Monarchy had recently been attacked by the Devil Goddess and they had suffered a grievous loss.”

It was hard for Yun Chen and Zhou Hai to believe that Lin Wucheng was actually an Intermediate Saint because he looked really timid and was always stammering.

Yun Chen nodded with a dark countenance, “I’ve heard of that too.”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “Don’t worry. They are still alive and kicking. We merely taught them a lesson by taking away their Divine Dream Sword and the Thousand Year Nirvana Fire Pill. They had actually found the remnants of the Celestial Annihilation Star Array and had even used it.”

Yun Chen was startled, “I have heard that this Celestial Annihilation Star Array is powerful enough to even…kill an immortal…”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “They won’t be able to use it anymore. We had completed destroyed the array core of the Celestial Annihilation Star Array. They had probably found it in a lost ruin or in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. We didn’t expect them to have found such a formidable celestial array.”

She was smiling as she looked at Lin Wucheng, “Saint Wucheng, how are things going at your Ancient Ascension Sect? They must have already planned quite a number of stratagems to handle the Devil Isle, the Goddess Palace and us, am I right?”

Lin Wucheng stammered, “Right…although the celestial arrays are not as powerful as the legendary Celestial Annihilation Star Array, there is one celestial array that you must be careful. It…is…the Hundred Celestials Killing Array.”

Fan Yuqing smiled slowly, “Not bad. This Hundred Celestials Killing Array is probably more lethal than the Celestial Annihilation Star Array.”

Lin Wucheng asked, “You…are…not afraid?”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “Naturally I am not. That’s the Devil Goddess problem, not mine. I am on the side of the Ancient Ascension Sect, remember? I am your heroine in your fight against the Devil Isle. Anything else?”

Lin Wucheng said slowly, “There are many Great Saints and Great Saintess that will be coming to aid the Ancient Ascension Sect as well as numerous Golden Celestials. Many of them wield formidable artifact treasures and weapons. You…must…be careful…”

Fan Yuqing nodded slowly as she ignored Lin Wucheng for now, “How about Yun Chen and Zhou Hai?”

Yun Chen replied, “Things are not that great on the Celestial Sword Clan side. Celestial and Grandmaster Yun Zongheng had failed to make the breakthrough to the sacred saint level. His…star had fallen. Third Young Master Yun Xinghe is now the new Grandmaster of the Celestial Sword Clan. Other than that, there is nothing much to report.”

Fan Yuqing nodded lightly, “That is most unfortunate.”

Then she looked at Zhou Hai, “What about you?”

Zhou Hai was grinning as he admired Fan Yuqing at such a close distance, “Grandmaster Yuan Tianba had given up on a breakthrough ever since Ye Jing had taken the Nightingale Divine Pearl. Ancestor Yuan has exited his seclusion and will be aiding the Divine Sovereign Clan at the Unmoving Mountains.”

Then he whispered, “Grandmaster Yuan Tianba has entrusted the Eternal Heavens immortal sword to Ancestor Yuan. He won’t be easy for the Devil Goddess to beat.”

Fan Yuqing nodded. Anyone with an immortal sword in their hands was not easy to beat. That was why she had lost to Celestial Yuehua 200 years ago.

She said gently, “Enjoy the feast and goodbye.”

Lin Wucheng stammered, “Wait…please hold…does the Devil Goddess…has any instructions for us?”

Fan Yuqing turned back with a smile, “Nothing. For now, you can cease all your activities. We already got the impact that we wanted to create. She says you are all her loyal subjects and thank you.” Then she had exited the private room.

Lin Wucheng was sighing…

No one could know what he was thinking. Ever since that day when he had seen Fan Yuqing, he had recognized the same hairpin that she had used 200 years ago and the way she braided her hair, there was a distinct pattern to it. He had noticed her even when she was wearing a mask that day. He had thought that the Devil Goddess was in their midst. When it was revealed to be Fan Yuqing, he could not believe it. He was convinced that Fan Yuqing was the Devil Goddess herself even though the ‘real’ Devil Goddess had also appeared…

Zhou Hai was laughing jovially, “Since this feast has already been paid for, why don’t we enjoy ourselves before we meet again at the Unmoving Mountains?”

Yun Chen was smiling weakly, “To think that the three of us who are from the top three patriarch clans are actually the moles of our celestial clan.”

Zhou Hai laughed, “Isn’t that good? Before that, we don’t know each other but now we are all sitting here as friends. It is a pity that the Saintess Yuqing isn’t here to feast with us or to drink with us. She is someone that I will very much like to bang…”

All of a sudden Lin Wucheng had attacked Zhou Hai with a blow, causing him to quickly take a few steps backward.

Zhou Hai was startled, “What are you doing? Aren’t we on the same side?”

Lin Wucheng frowned with displeasure, “Leave the Saintess Yuqing alone from your dirty discussion or I won’t be polite with you.”

Zhou Hai muttered, “Don’t get so work up. I am only joking. Saintess Yuqing is like every man’s wet dream. I am really joking. I naturally won’t have the courage to touch an aide of the Devil Goddess. Alas, if you don’t believe me, I can even swear a blood oath to the heavens!”

Yun Chen had also stepped in between Zhou Hai and Lin Wucheng, “Cool it. We are all on the same side.”

Zhou Hai looked at Lin Wucheng, “I don’t know about you but I am 100% loyal to the Devil Goddess. That is because she is a great benefactor of mine, having saved my life from my enemies a long time ago. Why do you think that I will be willing to risk my position at the Divine Sovereign Clan to do some reckless thing just because the Devil Goddess wants me to do this and that?”

Lin Wucheng was startled, “The Devil Goddess is also your benefactor?”

Yun Chen was also startled, “My great benefactor is also your benefactor?”

Then all three of them were laughing at the same time as they started to take the wine flasks and poured into each other cups as they said together, “Tell me about it.”

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