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Chapter 91: Road with Xuan Danfeng

The Unmoving Mountains was where the most powerful of the nine patriarch clans the Ancient Ascension Sect was situated. From their base at the peak of the Unmoving Mountains, the Ancient Ascension Sect extended its influences over hundreds of celestial clans that were within its domain of influence.

At this moment the Lofty Snow Palace was leading tens of celestial clans from her domain into the vast domain of the Ancient Ascension Sect. The number of protégés that had gathered together numbered twenty three thousands.

Usually when such a number was gathered near the domain of a rival clan, it would only mean a war. However this time, the Lofty Snow Palace was being cordially invited to gather as many celestial experts as they could to aid the Ancient Ascension Sect.

A beautiful and stirring lady in white was leading this large group to the Unmoving Mountains. She was none other than Xuan Danfeng the Palace Mistress of the Lofty Snow Palace.

At this moment she was laughing jovially with the twenty clan leaders of her domain as they traveled on the road together. Although she had many things to worry within her heart, she did not allow it to show. That had always been her style of handling her issues. Secretly, she was anxious for her protégé disciple Gong Nanyan and wondered where she was now.

The many lecherous clan leaders were looking at her beautiful and full curved figure when all of a sudden a slim and beautiful maiden in light blue had approached gracefully. She was very white, just like Xuan Danfeng. When she was neared Xuan Danfeng, she raised her golden eyes to address Xuan Danfeng, “Protégé mistress…”

All the clan leaders were startled by her sudden appearance. This maiden was extremely beautiful and like a forbidden fairy. Although they had been on the road for several weeks with Xuan Danfeng but they had never seen her before. A beautiful golden celestial like her would certainly be unforgettable.

But when she had suddenly addressed Xuan Danfeng as protégé mistress, most of the clan leaders were actually able to guess her identity fairly quickly.

It was well known that Xuan Danfeng had five direct protégé disciples and there were two female direct protégé disciples that had already become golden celestials. They were her first protégé disciple Song Feixian and fourth protégé disciple Gong Nanyan.  They knew what Song Feixian was like for she was traveling with them. Therefore this should be Gong Nanyan, Xuan Danfeng’s fourth protégé disciple.

Xuan Danfeng was delighted and she suppressed her heartfelt emotions when she saw Gong Nanyan, “Nanyan, where have you been?”

Gong Nanyan gave a quick faint smile as she gave a half bow courtesy, “Your disciple is well. Protégé mistress, I have some matters to discuss with you.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled softly as she waved at the twenty clan leaders, “See you all later.”

When they had departed together, they literally took off in a flash. This caused a sensation among the clan leaders as they sighed regretfully at the low accomplishments of their swiftness movement skills.

Gong Nanyan said gently as she walked with Xuan Danfeng, “Xiaofang and Ye Jing are waiting ahead. We have been waiting for protégé mistress to reach this vicinity before we make contact.”

“Nanyan, wait.”

As Gong Nanyan paused in her tracks, Xuan Danfeng embraced her within her folds. “Child, how have you been?”

Gong Nanyan returned a tighten embrace, “Your Nanyan is good. Protégé mistress, I miss you so much…”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly, “So have I. It is good that you have found Ye Jing. Did Xiaofang or anyone bully you?”

Gong Nanyan shook her head, “No one bullies me. I am really good. Sister Jing treats me really good.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled fondly, “That’s good. I was actually worried about that part but now I can put that to the rest. It is not easy to share the same man, especially when he is so outstanding. In the future, you may have some competitions.”

Gong Nanyan nodded, “Sister Jing is really surprised that I am with Xiaofang. She had thought that it would be protégé mistress.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly, “Honestly speaking, I was tempted to like Xiaofang. But I really can’t.”

Gong Nanyan asked quietly, “Why not?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “Your protégé mistress is such a beautiful lady. Naturally I belong to the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity. Before my title of the number one beauty of the Nine Celestial Fraternity was taken by Feng Minyue, I had countless number of suitors from all the extreme ends of the fraternity.”

Gong Nanyan laughed lightly, “With or without that title, protégé mistress is still ever so popular. I have noticed earlier that some of the clan leaders are looking lecherous at you. It is as though they want to swallow you whole.”

Xuan Danfeng gave a sly smile, “They are all so good and wonderful. Sometimes I don’t know who I should choose. Therefore I rather have the entire forest than a single tree.”

Gong Nanyan smiled weakly, “Protégé mistress must be joking with me.” Then she asked, “About this…Third protégé brother Yu Degang…”

Xuan Danfeng said, “I know that you are trying to plead with me for his behalf. Nanyan, you are too soft. I had already laid waste to his cultivation core and had expelled him from the Lofty Snow Palace.”

Gong Nanyan sighed softly and there was pity in her golden eyes…

Xuan Danfeng said coolly, “You don’t have to feel pity for him. He may think that I am just an old fool and tried to hoodwink me but it is only because I had closed one eye to his many outrageous activities over the years.”

Gong Nanyan nodded slowly…

Suddenly Xuan Danfeng let go of Gong Nanyan as she could sense that the presence of others approaching rapidly in their direction.

It was actually Ye Jing and Xiaofang that had arrived.

When Ye Jing saw Xuan Danfeng, she happily smiled. “Sister Danfeng, you have finally arrived!”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling jovially too, “My dear Sister Jing, look at the disturbances that you have caused. I’ve heard that you even wreck Sister Feng Minyue’s place. Lucky you didn’t come to wreck my place or it will be difficult for me to help you.”

Ye Jing laughed, “Luckily I did not. If not, I won’t dare to even approach you for your help.”

Xuan Danfeng looked at Ye Jing and smiled, “This help that you are requesting, let me make a guess first. You want to disguise as my protégés and sneak you into the premises of the Ancient Ascension Sect?”

Ye Jing giggled softly, “Sister Danfeng, you are so smart. Before I have even asked, you can already guess my intentions.”

Xuan Danfeng heaved a soft sigh as she looked at Ye Jing, Xiaofang and Gong Nanyan, “Do I have a choice in this matter?”

Ye Jing shook her head with a cunning smile, “You are going to be our accomplice no matter what happens today.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed slyly, “Then hurry and show me all the celestial treasures that you have taken. I am particular interested in some of the celestial treasures like the Snow Lotus and the Angel Feather.”

Ye Jing giggled softly, “Sure I will. But let me make it clear first. I am not going to give you…”

Xuan Danfeng interrupted with a soft laughter, “What? I have already given my favorite disciple to you, how can you be so stingy with me?”

When Gong Nanyan had heard Xuan Danfeng, she was flushing hotly as she looked shyly at Xiaofang and Ye Jing, “Don’t…listen…to my protégé mistress…”

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