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Chapter 92: Patriarch Clans Meeting/ 宗门大会

The Unmoving Mountains was the most majestic of all the mountain ranges in the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity. There were more than ten celestial clans were situated in the three hundred mountains of the Unmoving Mountains and the most powerful of these celestial clans were the Ancient Ascension Sect.

The Ancient Ascension Sect was now buzzing with activities.

Almost all the major clans were in attendance at the Unmoving Mountains, some were even here three months earlier that the six months deadline.

As all the patriarch clans had already gathered at the Ancient Ascension Sect, the Ascension Master Tie Nansen who was also the clan leader decided to hold a banquet for the Patriarch clan leaders, leaders of the celestial clans and all the Golden Celestials that had gathered.

The mood of the banquet was actually jovial compared to the depressing mood that almost everyone had felt before they had arrived at the Unmoving Mountains. It was because there were many celestial clans that had fallen victims to the Devil Isle, the Goddess Palace and the Devil Goddess.

As many as three hundred thousand cultivators had gathered at the Unmoving Mountains. Among them were at least three hundred Golden Celestials. Out of these three hundred over Golden Celestials, there were at least ten Golden Celestials who had attained to the sacred saint level.

With such a formidable strength that had gathered here, no one believed that a repeat of what happened at the Nuer Mountains would happen again. Moreover, deadly formations and arrays had already been arranged at the premises of the Ancient Ascension Sect. If the Devil Isle did come then they may be courting their own deaths.

At least, that was what everyone was thinking as their depressing moods become jovial again.

One of the hottest topics that everyone at the banquet was discussing was that the Holy Citadel City was no longer a patriarch clan anymore and had even quickly fallen into a third rate small influence. As a matter of fact, several second tier celestial clans that were formerly in her domain was now fighting to be elevated as a first tier patriarch clan to replace the Holy Citadel City.

When everyone had discussed the Holy Citadel City, they would surely discuss Ye Jing with either a hateful or a pitiful expression.

“She has a peerless beauty that can surpass the Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue. Unfortunately she has chosen to betray the patriarch clan alliances and had even destroyed her own clan to join the Goddess Palace as the Goddess Envoy.”

“We’ve thought that she is a heroine when she helps us to deal with the Devil Isle…”

“Maybe she is jealous of the beauty of the Saintess Yuqing?”

When everyone talked about Ye Jing, they could not help talking about the Saintess Yuqing and her many feats that were performed against the Devil Isle.

“Although the Saintess Yuqing comes with Ye Jing but I’ve heard that she is actually the high priestess of the Heavenly Temple. Therefore she is not involved in any of Ye Jing’s despicable schemes.”

“This Saintess Yuqing is not only a Great Saintess but her beauty is also like a heavenly goddess. If you can just have a look at her then you know that it is not just her extraordinary beautiful looks alone that is so mesmerizing but there is something divine that is emanating from her that made her stood up…”

“But you know that the Saintess Yuqing had rejected Young Master Yuan Chengzhi and she herself was rejected by Dugu Fang…”

“What? There is actually a fool that will reject the Saintess Yuqing…”

When everyone was talking about the Saintess Yuqing, they could not help discussing about Dugu Fang, the young lad who wielded an immortal sword.

“I wonder what his actual background is…”

“Do you remember that there is a masked man that makes a commotion in the Holy Citadel City nearly two years ago? He had appeared with an immortal sword as well. They may well be the same person.”

“At first I’ve thought that Dugu Fang is on our side and isn’t involved with Ye Jing. But I am so wrong. Have you heard what happened at the Divine Dream Monarchy? She was trapped by the Celestial Annihilation Star Array and would be done over with if it was not his appearance. He had actually saved Ye Jing. If they are not on the same side then this doesn’t make sense at all…”

There were many other gossips as well like how the Golden Mask Devil Goddess had made her comeback after she was missing for 200 years. There were some debates whether the current Golden Mask Devil Goddess was actually the real one or just an imitator.

Another hot gossip was that the Devil Isle had consolidated all the dark heretic clans under a single rule and was now moving toward the Unmoving Mountains with an unprecedented might.

Regardless, a final battle between the light and the darkness were inevitable!

The Ascension Master Tie Nansen was now raising his wine goblet in a slow gesture as he toasted the eight patriarch leaders that were seating the nearest to him, “Leaders of the patriarch clans, the Ancient Ascension Sect is glad that you are all here to lend us a helping hand. We shall avenge the humiliations that we have suffered and cleansed it with the blood of our enemies!”

The two most important patriarch leaders that he had toasted first were Grandmaster Yuan Tianba of the Divine Sovereign Clan and the newly appointed Grandmaster Yuan Xinghe of the Celestial Sword Clan. These were the leaders of the upper patriarch clans.

Next were the Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi of the Divine Dream Monarchy, Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng of the Lofty Snow Palace and Grandmaster Lu Shi of the Heavenly Path Manor.

The expression on Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi was dark as he returned a toast to the Ascension Master Tie Nansen compared to the cheerful and amicable countenances that were on the Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng.

Tie Nansen could not help but took a few glances more at Xuan Danfeng and even returned a cool smile at her. Even when he had turned his head away from her, he was still recalling her vixen smiles and her exposed snowy white curved bosoms.

As for Grandmaster Lu Shi, he had a fierce look and looked formidable but Tie Nansen actually despised him in his heart. It was because he did nothing and contributed nothing when he was at the Nuer Mountains. This guy simply wanted all the respect but he was reluctant to risk himself.

Next he offered a toast to the Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng Minyue from the Heavenly Fragrance Villa and to the Holy Lord Qian Ni of the Great Righteous Manor.

His eyes quickly glanced over the Holy Lord Qian Ni. There was nothing holy or righteous about this Qian Ni. There were also no contributions from him while they were at the Nuer Mountains. As a matter of fact, he was one of the first to surrender too. But he was at least tolerant to him because the Great Righteous Manor was one of the smallest patriarch clans.

His toast lingered for a while when he was glancing at Feng Minyue. It was because she was the renowned number one peerless beauty of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. Although Feng Minyue had vibrant colors on her countenances and there was an invisible glow on her that made her enticing to men, she was too lofty and icy.

When Tie Nansen raised his wine goblet to her, she merely fluttered her eyes while raising the wine goblet. There was not a word less or more from her. Compared to Xuan Danfeng, they were like the heavens and the earth. One was so warm and one was so icy.

But still, he could imagine how beautiful her moans were if he was able to bed her.

Tie Nansen smiled at Feng Minyue, “I have heard that the Saintess Yuqing has come with you on this trip. She isn’t here with you?”

Feng Minyue answered coolly, “Sister Saintess Yuqing is a little shy for such a big occasion. Moreover, she is just an autonomous celestial and this is a leadership banquet for all the celestial clans.”

Tie Nansen quickly said, “As long as they are Golden Celestials and clan leaders, they will surely be invited. This banquet will not be the same without Saintess Yuqing attending.”

The eight hundred clan leaders and Golden Celestials that were presented were all muttering aloud and lamenting that the Saintess Yuqing was not presented.

Feng Minyue gave a soft sigh before she said indifferently, “Then may I request that my Sister Saintess Yuqing has a seat next to me?”

Tie Nansen roared with laughter, “Of course! Look at me. This is a great oversight. I have forgotten that the Saintess Yuqing is actually an autonomous celestial.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly, “Although I may not be as close to my Sister Saintess Yuqing as my Sister Saintess Minyue here, she is after all still my close sister. She can have a seat next to me…”

Grandmaster Yun Xinghe could not help adding, “I welcome the Saintess Yuqing to have a seat of honor next to me.” After Yun Xinghe had lost to Young Master Yuan Chengzhi, he had not forgotten about the Saintess Yuqing. Now that he had taken the seat of power, he felt that perhaps this time round she was now more willing to accept his love. After all, he was now like an ascending dragon and the domain lord of hundreds of celestial clans.

Young Master Yuan Chengzhi who was seating next to Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was smiling bitterly but he did not say anything. It was because he had already found the love of his love and that was Jiang Shufei. At this moment, he was thinking of her as she waited in the room for him. As this was a leadership banquet, therefore only the clan leaders, important figures and Golden Celestials were invited.

Although Young Master Yuan Chengzhi was not a Golden Celestial yet, he was after all still the young master of the powerful Divine Sovereign Clan and therefore he was invited to this banquet.

“No need. I can sit with Sister Saintess Minyue.” It was the Saintess Yuqing. She was now standing at the entrance as her alluring and mesmerizing eyes looked at everyone in the banquet hall.

Immediately everyone was gasping at the sight of this heavenly goddess that had suddenly appeared. It was as though she was looking at them simultaneously, causing men and women to become flustered. How could anyone be so divinely beautiful?

“She is finally here…”

“She is none other than the Saintess Yuqing…”

“She is a Great Saintess. Her cultivation level is that of a peaked sacred saint!”

“She is simply too breathtaking…”

Although there were many that had recognized her previously, they could not help thinking that this was actually the first time that they were seeing her and they were all staring at her whether they like it or not…

Even Zhou Hai, Yun Chen and Lin Wucheng who had only recently met her for the Devil Goddess feast were all looking at her as though this was their first time seeing her…

Fan Yuqing giggled a soft laugh, “What? Why is everyone looking at me like this? This saintess here pays my respect to everyone. Please accept my apologies for coming late. My name is Yu 雨for rain and Qing 晴for clear sky. After the rain, there will be sunshine. This is the meaning of my namesake.” Her original name was actually Yu 羽for feather and Qin 亲for intimate, meaning as intimate as the cozy feathers.

When Fan Yuqing had seated herself next to Feng Minyue, almost all the men were feeling hot as they stared at the company of Fan Yuqing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng.

There were many who were in the banquet hall that was thinking; if Ye Jing was presented then this would really be the gathering of the four beauties of the Nine Celestial Fraternity!

Xuan Danfeng was smiling delightfully, “My dear Sister Saintess Yuqing, it is so great to see you here. Where have you been for the past several months?”

Fan Yuqing was smiling angelically, “Sister Saintess Danfeng, I have been wandering for the past few months. So how have you been as well?”

Xuan Danfeng laughed, “I’m good.”

What they did not know was that Fan Yuqing had discreetly swept her glances through all the celestial experts in the banquet hall. There were indeed many crouching tigers and hidden dragons presented. Many of them had forcefully exited their secret seclusion to aid their clans in this final battle with the Devil Isle.

She could actually identify half of them such as Ancestor Yuan from the Divine Sovereign Clan, Qin Tianming the prodigy kid from the Spirit Banner Clan and Mu Huiyin a Great Saintess from the Listening Rhythm Pavilion. These celestial experts may not necessary be from the patriarch clans or had a leadership position.

She was particularly cautious of Qin Tianming the prodigy kid from the Spirit Banner Clan. Although Qin Tianming was an 800 year old sacred saint but he looked like a young lad. In fact, he looked no older than Xiaofang. This mean that he had attained as an immortal celestial at a young age and his potential was actually quite profound. The older the look of a Golden Celestial, the lower their potential was.

It was not to say that Fan Yuqing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng were the most beautiful here. Mu Huiyin was equally astonishing in her beauty. Moreover she was also a peaked saintess that had long entered seclusion.

There was a hint of hatred in Fan Yuqing’s eyes as she looked at Mu Huiyin. It was because 200 years ago, she was one of those that had chased her down the cliff after she was mortally wounded by Celestial Yuehua.

In 200 years, the cultivation level of many of her enemies had actually grown!

Fan Yuqing was musing, “Ye Jing, Ye Jing. If you dare to come here then you are simply courting your own death!”

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