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Chapter 94: The Treacherous Banquet

In the banquet hall, the Ascension Master Tie Nansen had just finished toasting the celestials of the Nine Celestial Fraternity as he said, “We are so honored for everyone to come here today.”

Then he raised his voice mightily, “To our victory against the Devil Isle!”

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi sighed as he interrupted, “Although we are here against the Devil Isle but shouldn’t we discuss plans to handle the Goddess Palace and the Golden Mask Devil Goddess as well?”

When he said that, there were quite a number of mutterings from the attendees. It was because the Goddess Envoy Ye Jing and the Devil Goddess had attacked their clans in recent months, causing them to suffer grievous losses.

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi stood up and said with an ugly expression, “As many of you have already known, my Divine Dream Monarchy was first attacked by the Goddess Palace and then by the Devil Goddess. I have not only lost my celestial clan inheritance the Divine Dream Sword but also our Thousand Year Nirvana Fire Pill to the Devil Goddess. Eight of our golden celestials as well as numerous protégés of the Divine Dream Monarchy are still nursing their injuries. Therefore, I plead with the Ascension Master for justice against the evildoers!”

There were numerous calls for blood and vengeance.

“That’s right!”

“We can’t let these evil deeds be done over with. We must exact vendetta for our clan honor!”

“Ye Jing and the Goddess Palace are too much…”

“The Devil Goddess is too outrageous….”

“I was almost killed by the Devil Goddess…”

When Ascension Master Tie Nansen saw the mood of the attendees, he replied without hesitation. “Naturally we have to take care of the Devil Goddess and Ye Jing as well…”

There was a soft laughter from Xuan Danfeng, “I do agree that Ye Jing and the Devil Goddess are both threats but how do we find them? Unlike the Devil Isle that is already on their way here with an army of dark heretic clans, we have absolutely no idea where they are. How do we act against an invisible foe?”

Ascension Master Tie Nansen smiled weakly, “This…”

Xuan Danfeng glanced at everyone, “Or anyone here has a good opinion on how we should fight against the Goddess Palace and the Devil Goddess?”

Elder Zhou Hai of the Divine Sovereign Clan spoke out as he secretly glanced at Yun Chen and Lin Wucheng, “The Devil Goddess is not someone we can belittle. Have you all forgotten what had happened two centuries ago?”

Mu Huiyin of the Listening Rhythm Pavilion curled her lips as she said coldly, “What is so scary about this Devil Goddess? She may be formidable but she is still defeated by me. It is just that I’ve never expected that she will still dare to make a comeback after all these years. She must have a death wish!”

A golden celestial who was seating next to her laughed as well, “If she dares to come then this time we will make sure that she leaves behind no bones.” This golden celestial was heavily build and was bigger size than anyone else in the hall. His name was Liang Ni and he practiced the Thirteen Extreme Body Tempering Martials. He was well known to be a companion to Mu Huiyin.

Fan Yuqing frowned lightly as she looked at him. He was also one of those that had forced her to jump off the cliff. His Thirteen Extreme Body Tempering Martials was impervious to all her unarmed arts. Even his protective profound aura was twice as strong as a peaked sacred saint and he was mostly impervious to weapons as well. This guy was really difficult to deal with…

All of a sudden Fan Yuqing got a slight shiver when she noticed that Qin Tianming the prodigy kid had been staring at her since she had arrived. It was like there were no others but her in the hall and that he was waiting to swallow her up, leaving nothing but bones behind.

Mu Huiyin suddenly curled a sly smile as she looked at Fan Yuqing, “I have heard that the Saintess Yuqing had fought hard against the Devil Isle. Not only is she a beautiful saintess but she is also a heroine. Let me give you a toast.”

Fan Yuqing gave a faint smile as she returned a toast but she was secretly cursing her, “You are so beautiful as well. I wonder how I should I address you?”

Mu Huiyin smiled, “You may address me as Saintess Huiyin. Look at how careless I am, I’ve forgotten that Saintess Yuqing is from the Heavenly Temple and isn’t familiar with many faces here. I wonder if the number one heroine in the fraternity will be able to advise us on how to cope with the Devil Goddess and your former Sister Ye Jing?”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “I dare not advise my seniors recklessly. I am only here because of the invitation of the Ascension Master and hope to lend my puny contribution against the Devil Isle.”

Mu Huiyin laughed softly, “Is that so? That’s wonderful.”

Then she looked at everyone, “I do have a suggestion to deal with Ye Jing. Does everyone like to know?”

Ascension Master Tie Nansen laughed, “If Saintess Mu Huiyin has an idea that we will certainly be glad to know.”

All the celestials in the banquet hall were now looking at Saintess Mu Huiyin with eager anticipations and loud mutterings!

Mu Huiyin smiled, “It is really simple. We all know that Saintess Yuqing here used to be a former sister of Ye Jing. Why don’t we spread a rumor that Saintess Yuqing has taken her consort mother to the Ancient Ascension Sect? Then we can lure Ye Jing out.”

Fan Yuqing, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue: …

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi asked, “But we have heard that Ye Jing is cruel enough to destroy her own clan. How do we know that she didn’t kill her consort mother when she destroyed her clan? And why should she even save her consort mother from us?”

Mu Huiyin laughed softly, “Do you think that it is such a coincidence that Ye Jing will destroy her own clan just before she becomes a Goddess Envoy? I say that it is more likely that she does that to protect her family. As far as I’ve known, she is extremely close to her birth mother and will never hurt her.”

Fan Yuqing was silently cursing, “What a despicable plan. First she makes use of my name to create an irreconcilable difference between Ye Jing and me then she uses the Ancient Ascension Sect as her foothold. This is really killing three birds with one stone.”

Ascension Master Tie Nansen was praising loudly, “This sound like a good plan and no harm trying…”

Fan Yuqing smiled and said, “Since this involves me, may I have a word first?”

Ascension Master Tie Nansen smiled broadly, “Naturally. Maybe Saintess Yuqing can even improve upon the idea.”

Fan Yuqing gave a faint smile before she sighed, “I don’t oppose to this plan but you mustn’t use my name in this matter.”

When everyone had heard her, they were startled and were muttering the ‘why’ question.

Even Ascension Master Tie Nansen and the various patriarch leaders were looking at her curiously. It was because they had all thought that this was a workable idea to go along with.

Fan Yuqing explained softly, “I don’t mind my personal reputation. After all the Goddess Palace is our common enemy as well but I can’t allow the reputation of the Heavenly Temple to be sullied like this. Not only will the Heavenly Temple be displeased when they got word of this, I will also be severely punished by the Heavenly Temple. Therefore I can’t go along with this. Moreover, Ye Jing may have already considered about this fact and may not believe the rumor.”

She then smiled at Saintess Mu Huiyin, “It is far simpler to say that her consort mother is captured by Saintess Mu Huiyin and Celestial Liang Ni. After all, the credits belong to them for thinking of such a wonderful idea.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed, “I totally agree with this.”

Feng Minyue nodded, “I am in agreement with that as well.”

Grandmaster Yun Xinghe who had wanted to get into Saintess Yuqing good books clapped his hand on the table and said aloud, “I agree with Saintess Yuqing.”

Fan Yuqing was actually appreciative of Yun Xinghe as she returned a smile to him. This caused Grandmaster Yun Xinghe to be extremely delighted…

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi who was desperate for any ideas to get back at Ye Jing said, “Let’s do it then.”

Ascension Master Tie Nansen nodded and said aloud, “We shall spread the word to bait Ye Jing then. If she doesn’t come before the congregation with the Devil Isle then we shall execute her consort mother.”

The majority of the attendees began to praise Tie Nansen and Mu Huiyin for initiating the plans to deal with Ye Jing.

While everyone was in praise of the plans, Fan Yuqing and Mu Huiyin were staring coldly at each other…

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi raised his voice to ask, “What about the Devil Goddess? She is a major threat two centuries ago. What shall we do to deal with her? Have you forgotten that we once live under her shadow two centuries ago?”

When he had mentioned the Devil Goddess, the expressions on many of the clan leaders were ugly. Many of them had suffered in her hands two centuries ago and quite a few of them had also suffered in her hands in the recent months.

Everyone was muttering with their own discussions…

“The Devil Goddess is as much as a threat compare to the Devil Isle and the Goddess Palace…”

“While we are fighting openly with the Devil Isle, there is an invisible dagger on our back…”

“We ought to remove this looming threat…”

“I wonder who the Devil Goddess is…”

“For making her comeback, is she more formidable than in the past?”

Mu Huiyin smiled, “The Devil Goddess is even easier to be dealt with.”

Everyone was startled as they looked at Mu Huiyin, “Is it?”

Mu Huiyin laughed softly, “Although the Devil Goddess is formidable but she does have one major weakness. That is, she is too easy to be taunted. All we need to do is to issue her a taunting challenge and she will surely come. For example, we can have Saintess Yuqing issuing her a challenge for a duel right here at the Unmoving Mountains. If she doesn’t come then she is just a cowardly bitch.”

Fan Yuqing: …

Feng Minyue: …

Tie Nansen thoughtfully said, “Come to think of that, you are right. There weren’t any challenges that the Devil Goddess would not take in the past. It is because she thinks that her martial arts are peerless in the fraternity. We can have Saintess Yuqing to issue the challenge…”

Fan Yuqing almost exploded from rage within her as she cursed silently, “This Mu Huiyin, why is that all her actions are directed at me?!”

Tie Nansen smiled as he looked at Saintess Yuqing, “I wonder if Saintess Yuqing is willing to help us in issuing the challenge?”

Fan Yuqing said coldly as she gave a light frown as her eyes twitched, “Am I the only celestial expert around here? I have heard that Saintess Mu Huiyin had fought with the Devil Goddess in the past. She probably knows her weakness more than me.”

Mu Huiyin smiled, “That won’t do. Saintess Yuqing, you may not know this. The Devil Goddess has a rule that she has set and that is she won’t duel with anyone that she had defeated before. Unfortunately for me, I had once lost to her in a one to one duel.”

Tie Nansen sighed, “That’s right. If not, I would be the first to challenge her right away!”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly as she cursed herself for such a stupid rule. But she quickly replied, “In that case, I will help.”

Mu Huiyin laughed softly, “If the Devil Goddess dares not even turn up to fight the Saintess Yuqing then I would say that she does not deserve any respect from us anymore.”

Fan Yuqing: …

Tie Nansen laughed jovially as he offered a toast to Fan Yuqing and then he raised his wine goblet to everyone, “If we are united then nothing can oppose our righteousness! A toast to all the heroes and heroines of the fraternity!”

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