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Chapter 97: Perfect Revenge

Three days later…

Fan Yuqing had purposely bumped into Celestial Liang Ni along a walkway and she smiled brightly at him, “Celestial Liang Ni, what a coincidence to meet you here.”

Liang Ni was startled to meet Fan Yuqing along the walkway and was surprised that she was looking at him with such an amicable smile. He lit a slow smile, “It is really such a coincidence. Why are you here?”

Fan Yuqing shyly lowered her glances, “Saint Liu Wucheng is giving a lecture about the Way of the Heavenly laws (Dao/ 道) in the Purple Scripture Palace. The lecture had just ended. It is really enlightening.”

Liang Ni was pleased to be talking to this number one peerless beauty and he was captivated by her humble voice. Could it be that this Saintess Yuqing was not the Devil Goddess and her associates? Maybe this was a good time for him to find out and maybe even befriended her.

He laughed, “I am surprise that for a highly attained peaked saint like the Saintess Yuqing will still be interested in comprehending the Way. Surely as a high priestess of the Heavenly Temple, you got more to lecture to Saint Lin Wucheng rather than the other way round.”

Fan Yuqing inhaled softly as she smiled affectionately, “I’m afraid that you are wrong. There are endless comprehensions and interpretations to the Heavenly Way. Although I may be a saintess but I have not yet ascended as an immortal. That is my shortcoming. As for my comprehensions of the Heavenly Way, I think that even you are superior to me.”

Liang Ni was suddenly flushing as he laughed, “Saintess Yuqing, you must be pulling my leg, am I right? How can I be superior to any saints?”

Fan Yuqing gave a gentle smile as she looked earnestly into his eyes, “There are few cultivators that train both their body and spirit at the same time and you are those few. It is not as easy as you may think. Many consider the body training as a distraction or just a routine physical training to be fit. But you…”

She lowered her glances again as she slowly said, “You are really well build and strong. It is very likely with your current cultivation of body and spirit that you will be a saint or even be an immortal in the future. I am the one that ought to be ashamed of myself.”

Liang Ni was extremely happy that he would be receiving such high praises from a saintess and moreover she was even a peerless beauty. All of a sudden he felt that Mu Huiyin may have misunderstood this Saintess Yuqing. She did not look like she was in cahoots with the Devil Goddess or the Goddess Palace. He thought, “Huiyin must be jealous of her beauty. All women are like that.”

He quickly said, “Not at all. In fact, I have deep admiration for you. I mean, you are really beautiful and keen to learn. Surely your state of divinity has surpassed many others.”

Fan Yuqing gasped softly as she looked up at him, “You mean it? You really admire me?”

Liang Ni grinned, “That is for sure. Now I regret not getting to know you during the banquet.”

Fan Yuqing gasped shyly, “I have great admiration for you during the banquet too. If Celestial Liang Ni doesn’t mind at all, this saintess will like to seek your instructions on the body cultivation.”

Liang Ni laughed heartily, “I don’t mind at all. You can just call me Liang Ni instead of being so formal. ”

Fan Yuqing smiled shyly, “You can address my name directly as well. Liang Ni, are you free now? Shall we go to the Ascension Dreams Pavilion for some tea and small chats?”

Liang Ni nodded and laughed, “Of course I am free. As long as Yuqing wants me, I am always free for you.”

He was secretly thinking, “What luck. She seems to be interested in me. I can even take this opportunity to bang her and give her an unforgettable memory in body cultivation.”

As they walked away, Yuqing asked. “Does your body cultivation have a name to it?”

Liang Ni laughed as he noticed that there were many envious looks from the passersby as he got hooked with the most beautiful maiden in the fraternity, “I practice the Thirteen Extreme Body Tempering Martials. If Yuqing is interested I can even impart a few secret training methods to you.”

Fan Yuqing gasped softly, “This is too gracious coming from you. When can we get start?…”

Liang Ni was laughing jovially as he began to plot of ways to trick her into bed, “Like I say, I am free anytime for you. How about tonight?…”

“Saintess Yuqing?” A handsome young looking man muttered.

Fan Yuqing and Liang Ni saw that it was Grandmaster Yun Xinghe and he had a really ugly expression on his face.

Grandmaster Yun Xinghe waved his clan protégés aside as he asked, “Saintess Yuqing, where are you going? Can I join?”

Fan Yuqing sighed softly, “Not today. I am busy.”

Then she looked happily at Liang Ni, “Shall we go now?”

Liang Ni laughed, “Yes sure.”

And they left behind a disappointed and heartbroken Grandmaster Yun Xinghe who continued to stare at the blank air as he muttered, “Saintess…Yuqing…”

Liang Ni was pleased that the Saintess Yuqing would actually reject Grandmaster Yun Xinghe. This only reinforced his belief that he was more attractive than Yun Xinghe to her.

Unknown to Liang Ni, this was part of the setup that Fan Yuqing and Ye Jing had thought of to get back at Mu Huiyin and Liang Ni. After following Liang Ni for three days, they knew that he would spend the night at Mu Huiyin room before departing before dawn to cultivate for an hour in the back mountains of the Unmoving Mountains. Therefore they picked a convenient excuse and timing for him to chance upon Fan Yuqing.

As Fan Yuqing and Liang Ni walked away, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue who were quietly looking nearby nodded at each other.

They quickly rendezvoused with Ye Jing who said to them, “Mu Huiyin has just finished grooming herself and will be taking a walk. Usually she will meet Tie Nansen, Liang Ni and Qin Tianming. Sometimes Xiaoyao Zi will join them. This is the place where you will likely to chance upon her halfway. Now we need to find an opportune timing to land a hit.”

Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng quickly nodded. They knew the route only too well and had already familiarized with it.

Mu Huiyin was quite upset this morning. It was because there was no sight of Liang Ni at the morning tea session. She was not worried about him. In the current fraternity, there was only a few that could really kill him and moreover he was in the safe haven of the Ancient Ascension Sect.

She muttered, “Why didn’t he tell me that he is not coming for the morning tea session? This is so unlike him.”

Just a few hours ago, they were still entwisting in bed together and then he had left for his morning meditation. When he had left, he was still saying that he would be at the morning tea session. But look what happen now?

Just when Mu Huiyin was walking with great frustration through the courtyards of the Ancient Ascension Sect, she was startled to hear the voice of Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng floating along the walls, “My dear Sister Minyue, it seems that your Saintess Yuqing has finally found someone that she likes. I even saw them walking together this morning. This Celestial Liang Ni is just so fortunate.”

Feng Minyue replied gently, “Ever since Sister Saintess Yuqing had first caught sight of Celestial Liang Ni, she has been restless. She has really dropped into the ocean of love. Do you know where they are now?”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “I saw them heading to the Mythical Lake of Endless Love where the Ascension Dreams Pavilion is.”

Mu Huiyin was stunned as her body shook uncontrollably. She could not believe what she was hearing. She had to find out if that was true.

She hurried her steps to the mountain peak of the Mythical Lake Endless Love. In no time she had reached and was soon gasping with disbelief…

Fan Yuqing was smiling to Liang Ni, “You have a strong body. May I touch your chest?” Ye Jing had flashed the light of a mirror as an indication that Mu Huiyin had reached and this was only the second part of their plan.

Liang Ni laughed, “Of course you can.”

As Fan Yuqing shyly touched his chest with her finger tips, she was looking lovey-dovey at his eyes as she tiptoed to meet his gaze. All of a sudden she gasped as she fell into his embrace, “Ai, I have…accidentally tripped.”

Liang Ni took advantage of the situation to hold her slim waist as he laughed, “No problem at all. I am here to catch you.” He even put the other hand on her butt as he let his fingers accidentally roam the back of her soft curves.

This scene was caught vividly by Mu Huiyin as her beautiful body began to grow cold. All these years she had given him so much and even her body had belonged to him. Even though she was his master and he was his disciple, she had never despised him at all. Although they had never wedded but every night she was like his faithful consort in the bed chamber.

She suppressed her tears and turned away with a broken heart, “Liang Ni, how can you do this to me…”

After Mu Huiyin had turned away, Ye Jing flashed the mirror to indicate that the third part of the plan was completed.

Mu Huiyin was in a daze as she walked slowly to the guest residence that was specially arranged for her to stay.

Soon, she had returned to her room. Immediately after she had closed the door to her room, she began to sob uncontrollably while wailing, “Liang Ni, you’ve promised me that if you can have your master as your lover then in the future you will not look at another maiden again. You are such a big liar. I hate you…”

As she wept, she began to walk tearfully to her bed in the inner chamber. But what she had seen stunned her and she sobbed even more uncontrollably; there was a pile of poop on her bed.

She wept as she collapsed weakly against the wall, “Who is the heartless fellow that did this to me…everyone is bullying me…all these years, I’ve been helping the righteous clans to fight the evil doers…is this my just deserts? Heavens…why must this happen to me…”

That heartless fellow that did it was actually Xiaofang who was acting on the fourth part of the plan. Xiaofang had thrown the poop while Gong Nanyan had kept a lookout.

Mu Huiyin did not know that because she had bullied Fan Yuqing at every turn and even setting up an ambush for her, this was Fan Yuqing way of exacting revenge on her.

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