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Chapter 99: Mu Huiyin Challenge

As Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue exited Ye Jing’s room, Fan Yuqing said. “I didn’t have such a delicious feast for a long time. Sister Ye Jing is really amazing. This, I’ve really nothing to say.”

Feng Minyue nodded gently, “She can really cook. I am really impressed by her.”

Fan Yuqing laughed softly, “Before we go back, let pay a visit to Yun Xinghe first.”

Soon they had reached the guest palace for the Celestial Sword Clan and saw tens of protégés at the gate entrance.

When the protégés at the gate saw that the guests were none other than the Saintess Yuqing and Minyue, they were quite startled.


“And…Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng…”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “I am here to pay a visit to your Grandmaster Yun and to invite him for a chat in my abode. Do you think that you can inform him of our intentions? We are not going inside. If Grandmaster Yun is interested in honoring us then we shall set off immediately.”

The leader of the guards quickly stammered, “Greetings to both Saintess. For sure, we will inform our grandmaster of your intention…”

Then he quickly shouted panicky, “Hurry and inform our grandmaster. Make it quickly!”

Almost everyone in the Celestial Sword Clan knew of Yun Xinghe infatuation with the Saintess Yuqing. In fact, this leader of the guards was with Grandmaster Yun when he encountered the Saintess Yuqing this morning. After the meet, Grandmaster Yun was crestfallen and his expression was dark.

Fan Yuqing smiled, “Thank you.”

It was not long before Grandmaster Yun Xinghe and Celestial Yun Chen had both arrived at the gates. In fact, Grandmaster Yun Xinghe had come in a great hurry as he said with a broad smile, “Saintess Yuqing, Heavenly Fragrance Princess Minyue. Greetings to you.”

Fan Yuqing smiled gently, “I like to apologize for my rudeness this morning. I wonder if I can be honored to invite you for tea at my abode.”

Grandmaster Yun Xinghe laughed jovially, “I don’t really take it to heart. Come, let us go now.” It was a lie. He had been frustrated for an entire day and all the protégés of the Celestial Sword Clan knew that this was a bad day to cross his path.

Fan Yuqing laughed alluringly, “That’s good. After you then.”

Grandmaster Yun Xinghe smiled brilliantly to Yun Chen, “Uncle Yun Chen, come follow me. The rest of you can stay.”

Yun Chen nodded but he was thinking, “Did the Devil Goddess gives Saintess Yuqing a new mission?”

After Grandmaster Yun Xinghe had left, the protégés at the gate were all muttering with astonishment, “Did you see that?”

“This is my first time that I’ve seen Saintess Yuqing and she is really like a peerless goddess…”

“The beauty of this Saintess Yuqing is enough to cause my soul to fly. No wonder our grandmaster will be so infatuated with her…”

“My legs are all jelly in front of Saintess Yuqing. Is she really from the celestial realm? How can anyone have such a bright and holy countenance?”

“She is simply out of this world…”

“Did you notice that all the birds around here are suddenly singing when she is here but when she had left, the birds are quiet again…”

When Fan Yuqing, Feng Minyue, Yun Xinghe and Yun Chen had almost reached the guest palace for the Heavenly Fragrance Villa, they were startled to hear a loud commotion outside the gates.

“Saintess Mu, how many times must I tell you that Saintess Yuqing is not in at the moment? She has gone out with our Heavenly Fragrance Princess.” Celestial Su Shanyue gave a heavy exasperation.

From afar, they could see that it was Mu Huiyin who was quarreling with Su Shanyue. Coming with Mu Huiyin was Qin Tianming and Ascension Master Tie Nansen.

Feng Minyue frowned lightly, “What is going on?”

Su Shanyue and the many protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa immediately displayed a curtsy as they lowered their heads, “Heavenly Fragrance Princess…”

Mu Huiyin turned around as she stared at Fan Yuqing, “So you are finally back. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “Oh? What is the matter Saintess Mu?”

Mu Huiyin said coldly, “You very well know what you’ve done.” She had suspected that it was Fan Yuqing who had put the poop on her bed. Even if that was not the case but it was a fact that she had seduced Liang Ni. Therefore she had come here to settle a score with her and she had brought along two of her friends.

Fan Yuqing smiled, “I don’t get what you mean.”

Then she looked at Tie Nansen, “Yuqing pays my respect to Ascension Master Tie. What brings you here too?”

Even Grandmaster Yun Xinghe was surprised as he said, “Greeting, Ascension Master Tie. You are here for?”

Tie Nansen was smiling weakly. He had been dragged along by Mu Huiyin in her fit of anger. As a clan leader of one of the most powerful patriarch clans, he felt uneasy about involving in a personal dispute. Although the Heavenly Fragrance Villa was one of the smallest and least influential patriarch clans, they consisted of only female protégés. He was afraid that he would become a laughing stock or even had his reputation ruined if word got out that he was bullying them.

He sighed softly, “Grandmaster Yun, Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng. Actually…”

Mu Huiyin did not wait for him to finish as she interrupted angrily, “Saintess Yuqing, how dare you…”

She could not find words because her affair with Liang Ni was a secret. After hanging for a few blinks of an eye, she calmed herself down and said coldly. “I don’t oppose to your date with Liang Ni but our clan has a long celestial tradition. We can’t have anyone with a dubious reputation marrying into our clan and bring our clan to disrepute. Am I right?”

Feng Minyue waved her long slender hand in anger as she interrupted, “Saintess Mu, you must be mistaken. My Sister Saintess Yuqing is not only my sworn sister here but she is also an honorable elder of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. Have you forgotten so fast that she once aided the patriarch clans to be freed of the control of the Devil Isle at the Nuer Mountains? Have you forgotten that she comes from the Heavenly Temple? How dare you make such an accusation against her?”

Fan Yuqing was about to defend herself when Feng Minyue had angrily spoke out for her. She had a weird expression as she looked at Feng Minyue…

Mu Huiyin sneered coldly, “Who knows if the part that she is a high priestess of the Heavenly Temple is true? No one has ever climbed up the heavenly steps in thousands of years. The only person that is said to have successfully climbed the heavenly steps is that Demoness Ye Jing who now claimed that she is an envoy from the Goddess Palace. The truth is, we know nothing about her.”

Grandmaster Yun Xinghe was aroused from anger, “Saintess Mu, I do have my utmost respect for you but this is a little too much. Saintess Yuqing is the heroine of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. This is an undisputable fact.”

Yun Chen was naturally on Fan Yuqing’s side. It was because they were inevitable linked to the Devil Goddess. So he said coldly, “Saintess Mu, as a senior celestial you shouldn’t have made random accusations like this.”

Qin Tianming sneered coldly, “So only we are wrong and you are right?”

Fan Yuqing smiled gently at Feng Minyue, Yun Chen and Yun Xinghe, “It is alright. I will handle this.”

She turned and looked calmly at Mu Huiyin, “Is there a misunderstanding between us? Firstly, I will like to let you know something. I am not dating Celestial Liang Ni. The only person that I am dating…”

Fan Yuqing smiled as she took a shy glance at Yun Xinghe…

Yun Xinghe was startled and he was secretly delighted. He thought with his heart pacing fast, “Is she hinting me that we may have a future together…”

Fan Yuqing looked up and returned to look at Mu Huiyin with an earnest and hurt look, “On the other hand, it is Celestial Liang Ni that is pestering me. Did you not notice that he has been looking at me since that day at the banquet? Saintess Mu, do you think that we have a misunderstanding? If so, I really want to resolve any misunderstanding that is between us.”

Mu Huiyin was stunned. She had not expected Fan Yuqing to deny her affair with Liang Ni completely. She had seen them in an embrace together. She could not have seen wrongly. So she said angrily, “Do you really think that I am concern about your affair with Liang Ni? What you are doing with him is none of my business. I don’t like you at all. You are in cahoots with the Devil Goddess, am I right?”

Fan Yuqing frowned softly, “Who is in cahoots with the Devil Goddess? I have never even met her before in my entire life.”

Mu Huiyin hummed coldly, “There are some people that can disguise their aura and even their voice but the tingling sense of familiarity is something that one can never hide. Whenever I am near the Devil Goddess, I have this unique tingling sense of familiarity which I have never had before. And when I am near you, I can feel the same too. You may or may not be the Devil Goddess but you are certainly in her company!”

Fan Yuqing said unhappily, “What if you are wrong? Then won’t I be falsely accused? Is this the righteousness of the righteous celestial clans?”

Tie Nansen was smiling weakly, “I think there must be a misunderstanding somewhere…”

Mu Huiyin interrupted coldly, “Saintess Yuqing, do you dare to accept my challenge for a duel?”

Fan Yuqing frowned lightly, “Why should we duel? There is no purpose in it.”

Mu Huiyin hummed coldly, “There is no right or wrong in a duel. Only the outcome is important. If you are able to defeat me then I won’t accuse you again. But if you lost then you must leave this place immediately. What do you say?”

Tie Nansen was shocked, “Huiyin, we need every strong help that we can get. Not at this time…”

Fan Yuqing asked, “I accept. When and where do you want the duel to take place?”

Mu Huiyin replied coldly, “Tonight. At the Upright Hall of the Heroes. Do you dare to come?”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “See you then. Please leave for now.”

Tie Nansen stammered as he got ignored, “Stop it, you two…”

Mu Huiyin said coldly as she walked away, “See you later then.”

Yun Xinghe was smiling weakly. This was supposed to be his first date with the Saintess Yuqing and now it was ruined…

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