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Chapter 101: Duel of the Heroines (2)

Ye Jing planned to raid the Golden Ascension Hall for the fabled heaven-step heavenly relic. It was said that with this heavenly-step heavenly relic, there was a possibility that even an immortal sword could be forged from it.

She was betting everything on it. Moreover this heaven-step heavenly relic was an extreme negative attribute type and was suitable for her. Therefore she planned to take it from the array center of the Golden Ascension Hall.

Fan Yuqing sudden duel with Mu Huiyin had provided her with a golden opportunity to take this one chance.

However she would need some help from her godparents who were in a short seclusion. She quickly debriefed them on the recent events and how she had met Fan Yuqing again.

She said, “If it is not for her knack of attracting troubles, there won’t be a duel tonight. Therefore we won’t have such a golden opportunity tonight.”

The Confession Lady sighed softly, “Indeed. She is always a magnet for new troubles.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I sort of know what her weakness is now…”

The Confession Lady said, “I am glad that you have finally resolved the differences with her. It is good that she is on our side now. But I don’t think she wants to see us anytime soon.”

Ye Jing was surprised, “I wonder why? Isn’t she happy that she got to see her Uncle and Aunt again?”

The Confession Lady replied gently, “After so many years had passed, we had all thought that she was dead. I would thought that she would miss home and finally come back but it seems to me that she would never come home.”

Ye Jing asked curiously, “Why is that so?”

The Confession Lady sighed, “It is because in the first place, she had actually run away from home.”


Ye Jing smiled weakly, “May I know why?”

The Confession Lady reluctantly said, “She likes a young fellow in the past. We are not agreeable to it as that young fellow has no cultivation future. She is quite heartbroken at that time. Maybe that was the reason why she had run away.”

Ye Jing: …

The Confession Lady smiled weakly and quickly change topic, “What do you want us to do?”

Ye Jing said, “Yunfeng, Li’Er and Bihua will keep a look out outside the Golden Ascension Hall while the rest of us will mask ourselves as we enter the array core of the Golden Ascension Hall. This won’t be easy. If I am not wrong, there is an aura of a Great Saint that is guarding the array core. Our mission is to take the heavenly-step heavenly relic and the Heavenly Profound Pill that is at the array core.”

The Celestial Liege closed his eyes to think before he said solemnly, “Mm, great saint. That can only be the Right Ascendant Custodian. That old fellow is a tough nut to crack. You are going to need our help.”

Ye Jing nodded as she said with earnest appreciation, “Thank you.”

Then she said to Xiaofang and Gong Nanyan, “I may need the both of you to be my backup.”

Xiaofang grinned, “You can count on me.”

Gong Nanyan smiled, “Sister Jing, I am glad to be of some help. At most, we shall die together.”

Ye Jing held Gong Nanyan’s hands as she whispered gently, “Sister Nanyan, if anything happens please take Xiaofang and flee from here as far as possible. I have a place at the Willow Winds Manor. You may go there with Xiaofang and Luo Bihua. It is a nice place. I’ve fond memories there…”

Gong Nanyan gritted her teeth, “I am not afraid. I want to fight alongside with you. Isn’t that what I’ve promised you?”

Ye Jing did not say anything. Even though they had only been together for a short while but Gong Nanyan had already impressed her with her unwavering faith in her.

Gong Nanyan whispered with a soft sigh, “Sister Jing, don’t you dare to die before me or I won’t forgive you.”

Ye Jing nodded and at the same time, she returned a heartfelt smile at everyone, “Thank you for this selfish request. Let’s go.”

Chu Yunfeng patted Xiaofang on his shoulder as he whispered, “Brother Fang, let’s be honest with each other. Which of the two maidens that you like better? Why is that Maiden Nanyan always in your company? I am a little confused now. It look complicated to me…”

Xiaofang whispered, “It is not complicated at all.” Then he walked off.

Chu Yunfeng ran after him as he continued to whisper, “Hey, you didn’t explain at all…”

“You can make a guess.”

Chu Yunfeng growled, “It is the same as not telling me anything…”

At this moment, Fan Yuqing and Mu Huiyin were having a face-off with each other as they looked coldly at each other.

Fan Yuqing smiled and said, “Then I shall not decline your warm hospitality and will make the first exchange.”

Mu Huiyin hummed coldly as she displayed her sword in a defensive posture, “Don’t cry about not having a weapon later.”

Celestial Liang Ni was watching the fight nervously. He did not want either of them to lose or win. He was cherishing thoughts of having both of them in his embrace…

“They are starting the fight soon…”

“I wonder who will win…”

“Why is Saintess Yuqing not using any weapons…”

Yuqing had attacked now as she leapt forward with two forward palms. She had used a classic martial move the Flying Sparrow, sprinting forward like a speeding arrow.

Mu Huiyin hummed coldly as she raised and blocked her palm attacks with her sword. Almost immediately their brilliant golden auras were displayed and the golden wings of their fighting auras were fluttering throughout the Upright Hall of the Heroes.

Everyone was startled. It was because they had fought at their highest cultivation level at the very start!

When a Celestial becomes a Golden Celestial, there are actually two levels. The first being the golden celestial level at which gains the golden body and grants enhance regeneration abilities. This is also marked by the sign of the golden eyes.

The second being the sacred saint level at which the golden aura of the Golden Celestial is more pronounced and causes the energy levels of the Golden Celestials to be amplified. If the first level is the tempering of the body then the second level is the tempering of the spirit.

As these two saintess were all Great Saintess, their golden auras carried a suffocating suppression that immediately caused the weaker celestials to step back or collapse.

“The Saintess Yuqing looks more formidable than at the battle of the Nuer Mountains…”

“Her aura isn’t this strong as compared to the last time…”

At the battle of the Nuer Mountains, Fan Yuqing was still recovering her strength and could not display to the fullest of her combat abilities. But now she had completely recovered.

Mu Huiyin coolly stepped back every time she swung her sword multiple times as her sword energies flew furiously like angry energy blades at Fan Yuqing. Her swordplay was fast and she was playing it safe by not taking any risks. In short, there was no opening that could allow Fan Yuqing to exploit.

Fan Yuqing used her finger stances to break the sword energies that were flying around her as she repeatedly launched one attack after another.

It was obvious to everyone that Fan Yuqing was expending more energies than Mu Huiyin and that she was slowing down.

The entire dueling platform was their afterimages and even though the floor of the dueling platform was made of celestium, the hardest known stone material but it was not spared from the deep slashes of Mu Huiyin’s the sword energies.

Fan Yuqing jumped upon Mu Huiyin as she intercepted an attack stroke by displaying a furious palm. But it was quickly blocked by Mu Huiyin’s sword as their sword and fingers quickly flashed again.

Mu Huiyin whispered, “Is that all you got? If the Devil Goddess is here and displays her Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill then this fight may not be so prolonged. Or is it because you dare not display your profound skills?”

Fan Yuqing attack with her finger sword energies as she whispered, “I wish that I know the Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill so that I can teach you a lesson!”

Mu Huiyin coldly said, “At this rate that you are attacking, you will soon run out of stamina.”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “I don’t believe that it is not taxing for you to keep displaying your sword energies. You must have expended more than half of your martial strength now, am I right?”

Mu Huiyin hummed coldly as she changed her sword energy stance to a flurry of fast sword strokes, “So have you, am I right?”

All of a sudden Fan Yuqing had attacked again, this time interchanging between palms and fingers at a phenomenon fast rate that caused everyone to be startled. Some celestial martial experts were able to see that in a single blink of an eye that the Saintess Yuqing had displayed more than thirty attack stances!

As everyone continue to watch, more than 300 exchanges had already passed and both saintess were now slowing down and their golden auras were slowly losing its formidability.

Fan Yuqing suddenly jumped backward and stopped in her track as she smiled, “I think that it is time for me to be a little serious.”

Mu Huiyin raised her sword at Fan Yuqing as she smiled coldly, “What? You mean you are not serious just now?”

Fan Yuqing giggled softly and when everyone saw her alluring smiles, they were all captivated by her…

She said gently, “I just want to see your swordplay. But now you are repeating your swordplay again and again, I am a little bored now. So I want to end the fight.”

Mu Huiyin was smiling coldly, “You know. Psychology attacks won’t work against me. Are you trying to catch your vital breath? All these exercises up and down must be quite exhausting to you.”

Fan Yuqing smiled alluring as she torn her long skirt into a short skirt, revealing her long white tender legs as she said. “You want to bet against that?”

All the hot blooded men were all staring deliciously at Saintess Yuqing long tender white legs as they could not believe the scene.

Grandmaster Yun Xinghe throat was dry as he gulped several times…

Even Lin Wucheng, Zhou Hai and Liang Ni were all edging to take a closer look…

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