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Chapter 103: Refining the Heavenly Profound Pill

Ye Jing was now back in her room after the heist at the Golden Ascension Hall. She had taken out the heavenly relic and the array core of the Hundred Celestial Killing Array. This array core had actually been refined into the Heavenly Profound Pill and could be consumed as a divine pill to boost the cultivation strength of the celestial practitioner.

She played with the Heavenly Profound Pill that was in her fingers as she thought, “I don’t have much time left. I hope that I may be able to fully refine this pill within my spiritual sea in time…” But secretly she knew that it was impossible to do so. After all if one was lucky to obtain an array core, it may take decades and even centuries to slowly refine it.

As she pondered, she was tapping her divine sword lightly. “My divine sword has the ability to dissipate energies. What if I refine this Heavenly Profound Pill with my divine sword, can I speed up the absorption rate?”

Only when she had fully absorbed this Heavenly Profound Pill then her enemies would not be able to force her to cough it out of her spiritual sea. If she wanted her martial strength to truly improve then she had to fully absorb this array core.

The martial forms of the array core can take many different forms and abilities. It was especially so for such a formidable celestial array such as the Hundred Celestial Killing Array. It was a little pity that she was not able to obtain the array core of the Celestial Annihilation Star Array that had almost killed her. But come to think of it, she doubted that she was able to refine such a deadly array core. That would really take a heaven-defying willpower to refine it.

Ye Jing thought that she had forgotten something so she took out the Nightingale Divine Pearl, “If I were to cultivate this Heavenly Profound Pill, then I will also need the aid of this Nightingale Divine Pearl…”

“But I seem to be missing something? What is it?”

All of a sudden she knew what she was missing as she took out the Lofty Wind Mountains Painting from the spatial space of her jade belt. She hastily unfolded the scroll as a rich spiritual force began to emanate from the celestial painting. How could she have forgotten about the Lofty Wind Mountains Painting?

Although the Lofty Wind Mountains Painting was like a portable rich spiritual force mountain vein, it also had a hidden use. Through her Great Emptiness Translucence, she could also refine the Heavenly Profound Pill into the Lofty Wind Mountains Painting!

Although her inner cultivation core would not be able to fully absorb the coalesced pureness of the array core but the vast Loft Wind Mountains Painting would be able to do so. She could even use this celestial painting as a conduit to do so. Then she would be able to quickly shorten the time taken for her to absorb the Heavenly Profound Pill without endangering herself at the same time.

With this in mind, she quickly began to swallow the Heavenly Profound Pill and began to refine it into her elixir spiritual sea…

She did not know that she was about to perform a celestial miracle, even more so than the miracle feat that was performed by Fan Yuqing when she had fully refined the array core of the Celestial Annihilation Star Array in a single month time.

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