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Chapter 104: Saintess Ziyue Visit

Immediately after the end of the duel, Fan Yuqing had looked for Ye Jing but Gong Nanyan told her that Ye Jing was in seclusion and would not be seeing anyone.

“Why did Ye Jing goes into seclusion at this time? This is a little fishy.” She had wanted to share with Ye Jing on the juicy details of her duel with Mu Huiyin and also to ask her for an opinion on the marriage proposal that was suggested by Saintess Ziyue for Lin Wucheng.

While at the Upright Hall of the Heroes, she did not decline completely but had said that she would need time to think over. After all, this Saintess Ziyue was holding her hands tenderly at that time and she felt it was a little rude to decline her outright in front of so many onlookers.

At that time she had actually wanted to decline her but the Saintess Ziyue seemed to be radiating a calming demeanor that made refusal difficult and she was being affected by her aura…

Fan Yuqing decided to meditate for the night to regain some of her cultivation strength and to look for Ye Jing in the next morning. She did not really care if Ye Jing was in a real seclusion or not. She was hell bent on showing off to her. It was because she had secretly considered Ye Jing to be her secret rival…

A few hours later, she was suddenly aroused by a knock on the door as Feng Minyue said gently. “Sister Saintess Yuqing, you have guests.”

Fan Yuqing asked curiously as she opened her eyes, “Who can it be?”

Feng Minyue sighed softly behind the door, “It is actually two of them. Grandmaster Yun Xinghe and Celestial Liang Ni.”

Fan Yuqing frowned lightly, “Ask them to leave. I really don’t wish to see them. If it is Ye Jing then it is another matter.”

Feng Minyue said gently, “You ought to come out for a little while. They are not even giving me any face. I have no other choice but to disturb the meditation of sister saintess. They are now making a nuisance outside. Please come.”

Fan Yuqing said gently, “Alright. Please ask them to wait a little while. I will be there shortly after a short grooming.”

Feng Minyue nodded and replied gently, “Thank you sister saintess. I will wait for you outside.”

A short while later, Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue were at the gates of the guest palace.

Celestial Su Shanyue was arguing with them, “Aren’t the two of you shameless? I’ve told you that Saintess Yuqing needs a good rest after her duel last night. Why don’t the two of you wait for a few days before coming again?”

Grandmaster Yun Xinghe stared angrily at Celestial Liang Ni, “She is talking about you. I’ve a date with Saintess Yuqing. If it is not for your Protégé Mistress Mu Huiyin yesterday, we will be already together now…”

Celestial Liang Ni laughed coldly, “Saintess Yuqing is only interested in me. I have her in my embrace yesterday and what about you?”

Fan Yuqing coughed gently as she reached the gate, “Ahem, I am not seeing anyone today. Please leave. I am not feeling too well today…”

Immediately Celestial Liang Ni and Grandmaster Yun Xinghe protested at the same time, “Please hear me out first…”

Just when Fan Yuqing was about to say something, a quiet figure had approached and said gently. “I will be meeting with Saintess Yuqing today.” It was Saintess Ziyue.

Both Celestial Liang Ni and Grandmaster Yun Xinghe were startled as they quickly greeted, “Saintess Ziyue…”

Feng Minyue and Celestial Su Shanyue greeted too, “Greeting, Saintess Ziyue…”

Saintess Ziyue smiled gently as she said, “Please disperse with any formalities. I am here to look for Saintess Yuqing and Heavenly Fragrance Princess Minyue.”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly as she thought, “What does she wants with me? Don’t tell me it has to do with the matter last night?” But she smiled gently, “Saintess Ziyue, please come in.”

Celestial Su Shanyue immediately turned to Celestial Liang Ni and Grandmaster Yun Xinghe, “Please leave now.”

Fan Yuqing smiled gently at the two of them, “Some other day perhaps. I am meeting Saintess Ziyue today.”

Grandmaster Yun Xinghe knew who Saintess Ziyue was. Even though he was reckless, he dared not offend Saintess Ziyue who was the ex-Ascension Master. So he reluctantly replied, “I will come some other day…”

Celestial Liang Ni did not dare to offend Saintess Ziyue either. He took one last look at Saintess Yuqing before leaving. He was in a foul mood since this morning. Not only did he quarrel with Mu Huiyin again but she had forbid him from entering her room. Just now when he had come here, he had even seen Tie Nansen and Mu Huiyin walking very closely together. He knew that Tie Nansen had been chasing Mu Huiyin for many centuries now and he was unhappy to see them walking so closely together…

Feng Minyue smiled at Saintess Ziyue once they were inside the guest room, “Is Saintess Ziyue looking for only Saintess Yuqing or the two of us?”

Saintess Ziyue smiled as she said, “Both actually. There was a major happening last night. Someone broke into the Golden Ascension Hall and disable the Hundred Celestials Killing Array.”

Both Feng Minyue and Fan Yuqing were both startled when they had heard that…

Saintess Ziyue continued, “Not only that. The array core and the heavenly relic that was used to power the array were also taken.”

Feng Minyue asked with a bitter smile, “Who did that? I have heard that Great Saint Dong Sheng is personally guarding the Hundred Celestials Killing Array. Who is so formidable? Is it the Devil Isle?”

Saintess Ziyue inhaled lightly, “The Goddess Envoy Ye Jing did it. I heard it from Dong Sheng. At this moment, we didn’t tell the others yet. This will definitely affect the morale of the celestial clans.”

Feng Minyue and Fan Yuqing were equally startled as they stole a glance at each other…

Fan Yuqing was thinking, “While I was having a duel, she had actually broken into the Hundred Celestials Killing Array. This is too shameless. She didn’t even tell me…”

But she felt this was not right so she asked curiously, “How is it possible for Ye Jing to break the Hundred Celestials Killing Array? I have heard of Great Saint Dong Sheng before. He is said to rank as the number one fighter for the past hundred years. As far as I know, Ye Jing’s martial abilities are actually below par with those on the same level as her.”

Saintess Ziyue said gently, “Right Ascendant Custodian Dong Sheng is indeed formidable and there are only a few that can be considered a challenge to him. Unfortunately, he was fighting against five Golden Celestials and among the five, there are three that are at the sacred saint level and one that had an immortal sword. Moreover there are two sacred saints that are at the same peaked level as him. Therefore, there was nothing he could do”

Fan Yuqing was frowning lightly. It was obvious that it was Ye Jing and her group who did the deed. No wonder she did not see Xiaofang or Ye Jing last night. Even Gong Nanyan was looking pale. It was likely that they had injured themselves while they were storming the Hundred Celestials Killing Array.

She asked, “All five of the intruders got away?”

Saintess Ziyue nodded, “Dong Sheng says that they are too crafty.”

Fan Yuqing secretly heaved a relief. She did not want anything to happen to her two elders and there was Xiaofang too…

She smiled weakly, “Since the others have not known yet, why are you telling us?”

Saintess Ziyue smiled and said gently, “It is because when I have first met you, I feel that I can trust you.”

Fan Yuqing, Feng Minyue: …

“Moreover, we are about to fight the Devil Isle soon. Your martial skills are really impressive. May I know who your parents are and your clan of origin?”

Fan Yuqing was most afraid that someone would ask about her background, especially if that someone was one that she could not ignore or drive away.

She answered politely, “I hail from the Heavenly Temple. This is known by everyone. As for my parents, I have never met them before so I can’t answer you.”

Saintess Ziyue looked a little disappointed and heaved a soft sigh, “Is that so?…”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “You are looking for someone?”

Saintess Ziyue nodded gently as she looked blankly, “I have thought that you look like someone that I have known in the past. In my entire life, I can never forget their auras and you share some resemble to their auras.”

Fan Yuqing smiled bitterly but did not say anything. It was because she had never told anyone about her background and did not have any intention to tell anyone in the future as well.

She could only said, “Is that so?”

Saintess Ziyue then smiled, “You are truly outstanding. At such a young tender age, you are already a peaked saintess. This accomplishment is not easy. Lin Wucheng had been cultivating with me for the past 1500 years but he has only managed to attain as an intermediate saint.”

Saintess Yuqing smiled, “That is because he is a coward at heart and dare not face the lightning tribulations. If he dares to face it then he would have already attained to the upper sacred saint level. Even that Mu Huiyin has more guts than him.”

Saintess Ziyue smiled, “That is true. Maybe it is because I have been too lax with him and maybe I am not a good protégé mistress to him. How old were you when you first faced your lightning tribulation?”

Fan Yuqing giggled softly, “I was only 13.”

Saintess Ziyue and Feng Minyue were both startled as they stared blankly at her…

It was only then that Fan Yuqing realized that she had a slip of a tongue…

Saintess Ziyue gave a gently smile, “Indeed your background must be extraordinary. I feel that Wucheng is beneath you and that he is asking for the sky if he is to ask for your hands.”

She paused for awhile before adding, “It is the same feeling when I like a man a long time ago. It is like, I am not good enough for him…”

Fan Yuqing forced a smile, “If Saintess Ziyue wants any man, there will be no man that will have the heart to reject you.”

Saintess Ziyue shook her head, “A good man does not look at only looks but compatibility. Looks alone isn’t trustworthy at all. Don’t you think so? It is better to cultivate one’s character.”

Fan Yuqing lowered her glances as she thought, “No wonder Xiaofang rejects me. Maybe because I can’t cook?”

She smiled weakly, “I think so.”

Saintess Ziyue smiled gently as she looked at Fan Yuqing, “Please rest assured that I won’t tell anyone what I’ve learnt today. I really like you. Since you don’t have a family and if you don’t mind, I will like to take you as my god-daughter. What do you think?”

Fan Yuqing was startled, “I…you want to take me in as your god-daughter? But you don’t know if I have any dubious background?”

Saintess Ziyue said gently, “Is that important? What you are before isn’t as important as what you are after.”

Fan Yuqing was startled by her reply. She stole a glance at Feng Minyue before she replied softly, “In that case, I accept then. God-mother, your god-daughter Fan Yuqing greets you.” Although in her heart she did not want a god-mother but she found it hard to reject a kindly motherly figure like the Saintess Ziyue.

Saintess Ziyue held her hands tenderly, “My good god-daughter…”

Fan Yuqing was suddenly smiling awkwardly as she said, “May god-mother helps me to reject Lin Wucheng. I really don’t want him to have any wistful thoughts.”

Saintess Ziyue smiled and nodded gently, “I will talk to him. He is always willing to listen to me.”

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