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Chapter 108: Saving Beitang Ying (2)

The Devil Envoy was sitting casually on her throne seat as she smiled at the thirty clan leaders of the dark celestial clans that were presented. These thirty clan leaders were all from the second tier celestial clans and had some renown.

To the left of the Devil Envoy were Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong while to her right were Qi Meixue, Duan Yizong and Beitang Ying.

All thirty celestial leaders were now staring at Beitang Ying but they did not dare to ask why she was here. Today was the first time they had seen her in the Devil Isle camp. They had all thought that she had been killed six months ago but now, she was alive and well now?

Beitang Ying was looking pale and her crimson eyes had no luster. It was as though she was staring in blank air, oblivious of her surroundings.

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly, “So it seems that many of you have recognized Beitang Ying. She is now a new additional to our forces. With her around, we can muster the remnants of the Scarlet Heretic Sect to our side.”

She then smiled at Duan Yizong, “It is all thanks to Duan Yizong that we are able to find Beitang Ying and have her on our side.”

Duan Yizong was stone faced and he was looking at Beitang Ying…

Days ago, Beitang Ying had looked for him on the sly. He was startled to see her for he had thought that her star had already fallen…

Beitang Ying said indifferently, “I have looked for you because I think that we are still friends and I’ve a favor to ask of you…”

“….I want you to leave the camp of the Devil Isle. Leave the Thousands Fragments Sect. If you are willing to leave with me then I am willing to accompany you for the rest of your life…”

Although Duan Yizong had wanted to take up her offer but his clan was of great importance to him. How could he abandon the hopes of his ancestors and to enter into seclusion with her? Although he loves her but still he was unable to leave with her.

But regardless of that outcome, the Goddess Envoy and Qi Meixue had suddenly barged in and they had quickly subdued Beitang Ying.

It was only then that Beitang Ying knew that she had been betrayed by Qi Meixue. It was because she had used a special signal flare to contact Qi Meixue and had asked her to help to reach out to Duan Yizong who was in the camp of the Devil Isle.

Because Beitang Ying refused to yield, the Devil Envoy had crippled half of her cultivation core and her cultivation level had dropped to the upper immortal celestial level.

The Goddess Envoy said coldly to her, “You have better be obedient. There are worst fates than death. Surely a lovely maiden like you won’t want to be stripped naked and be given to the scums in the camp?”

Beitang Ying knew her meaning.

The Goddess Envoy smirked coldly, “Do you think that the Golden Mask Devil Goddess will come and save you?”

Right now, Beitang Ying was sitting without any emotions. She was heartbroken that Duan Yizong had refused to leave with her and he did not even lift a single finger to help her to escape. Now that she had become a half-cripple, her morale had sunk to a new low.

Moreover to control her, the Goddess Envoy had forcefully made her take the golden silkworm. If she was disobedient then she would suffer a thousand pains that could even pierce through her soul.

Beitang Ying heart was now bitter cold. She had lost faith in everyone. Qi Meixue had betrayed her and Duan Yizong had also betrayed her. Only now had she realized that she was a total failure in life. It was a mistake for her to be born in the Beitang Clan, to be a dark celestial and her entire life was a mistake. Now that she had fallen, even the Devil Goddess would not be bothered with her…

All of a sudden, three maidens with masks were standing at the entrance of the large hall. One of them had a golden mask while the other two had silver masks.

A clan leader was stammering, “The…Devil Goddess…is here…”

Immediately, there were panics among the clan leaders as many rose from their seats…

Qi Meixue had immediately turned pale when she saw the Devil Goddess while Beitang Ying’s crimson eyes had a shimmer of light…

The maiden with the golden mask was Fan Yuqing while the other two maidens were Feng Minyue and Ye Jing…

Ye Jing did not want to wear this silver mask at all as she said to Fan Yuqing before they had come, “It is so ugly. I don’t want to wear it.”

Fan Yuqing threatened her, “If you don’t wear it then I will stripped you naked and parade you around the camp to distract them.”

Ye Jing protested weakly, “What kinda of a plan is this? You…are storming their camp! How do we escape later? Do we even have a backup? If I know that you are storming their camp, I should have let my godparents know…”

Fan Yuqing forced the mask on Ye Jing and said coldly, “Don’t be crybaby. If we don’t storm their camp, how do we rescue Beitang Ying?”

Ye Jing said miserably, “To think that I will be sentenced to die along with you. If I know that is your plan, I shouldn’t have volunteered to come. There better be a plot armor somewhere…”

Fan Yuqing laughed, “Are you afraid?”

Ye Jing laughed, “Actually sometimes I am more daring than you. I am just afraid that you drag Sister Minyue into your bottomless mess.”

Feng Minyue smiled gently, “I’m not afraid. So let’s go.”

That was how and why they were now standing at the entrance of the tent now.

The Devil Envoy frowned lightly, “I have let you go the other day. Why are you courting your own death?”

The Devil Goddess Fan Yuqing laughed coldly behind her mask. Although her laughter was mesmerizing but it was also oppressing, causing many of the celestial leaders with weaker cultivation level or martial levels to fall to the ground.

“Six months ago, you have said that if I want to fight you then I should come to the Unmoving Mountains. We are already in the vicinity of the Unmoving Mountains now.”

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly, “So you have come to fight me then?”

Fan Yuqing said as she turned looked at Han Shaodong, Xiao Shuai, Qi Meixue and Duan Yizong. “It does seem that a fight today is unavoidable unless my demands are met.”

Xiao Shuai was laughing out loud, “Your demands? Are you joking with us?”

Fan Yuqing ignored him and said, “Firstly, I want Beitang Ying to be delivered safe and sound in my hands. Secondly, you are not to pursue me.”

The Devil Envoy continued to sit in a casual manner while combing her long silver hair, “Is that all? What makes you think that I will agree to it?”

Fan Yuqing flashed a divine sword from her spatial ring and said, “This is the Divine Dreams Sword, a heaven-step divine sword. This divine sword for Beitang Ying. What do you say? And…”

She began to stare coldly at Qi Meixue, “You have betrayed me and caused Beitang Ying to fall into the hands of the Devil Isle. I will never forgive you for your betrayal….”

Qi Meixue was brimming with tears, “Mistress, I am sorry…”

Fan Yuqing interrupted her sharply as she looked at the Devil Envoy, “Don’t give me any of your pitiful craps. I will use the life of Qi Meixue in exchange for Beitang Ying.”

The Devil Envoy chuckled with a soft laugh, “What do you mean you will use the life of Qi Meixue to exchange for Beitang Ying? Do you think that you can hold her hostage from where you stand?”

Fan Yuqing said coldly, “Naturally I am unable to but I can take her life whenever I have the chance. Maybe later, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, next month or even whenever I feel like. She would have no peace. Do you think that you can protect her all the time?”

Han Shandong interrupted coldly, “You can try but I will always be there.”

Fan Yuqing coldly appraised Han Shaodong before she hummed coldly, “So you are the one that has caused her to betray me. Very good.”

The Devil Envoy turned and looked at Fan Yuqing with a wryly smile, “You know what? Actually I really feel like dueling you today but your offer is a little tempting to me. Leave behind the Divine Dream and take Beitang Ying away.”

Ye Jing was startled as she said behind her mask, “Eh!?!”

Xiao Shuai frowned, “This…”

Fan Yuqing laughed softly, “Then I shall say thank you to you.”

All of a sudden she had flashed to the Devil Envoy with a startling speed but she had stopped short of the throne seat a she suddenly dropped the Divine Dream. At the same time she had turned around as she snatched Beitang Ying with her, “Let’s go!”

In the next instant, all three maidens had vanished from the tent!

The Devil Envoy gently tossed the Divine Dream to Xiao Shuai, “Take this sword. It is your trophy.”

Xiao Shuai was perplexed, “We are letting them go just like this?”

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly, “They may be back soon to seek an antidote for the golden silkworm. No matter where Beitang Ying goes, she will never escape from our control. However there is another more important reason. Did you notice that maiden with the silver mask that had suddenly made a noise just now?”

Xiao Shuai asked, “What about her?”

The Devil Envoy said, “Her footsteps are extremely light. She didn’t make a single sound when she has first appeared. Moreover I sense the presence of an immortal sword within her inner core. Judging from her reaction, she may be spoiling for a fight with us. From her aura, she isn’t nervous or afraid of us.”

Xiao Shuai was startled, “Immortal sword?! She has one?”

The Devil Envoy nodded, “With the three of us around, there is actually no need for us to be afraid of them. The main reason why I have hesitated is because that maiden just now is the Goddess Envoy.”

Han Shaodong and Xiao Shuai were both startled, “She is the Goddess Envoy?”

The Devil Envoy nodded slowly, “There is a resonant with my heavenly decree. Who else can she be other than the Goddess Envoy who possesses the same heavenly decree as I?”

Then she gave a wry smile, “At least now we have a clue where the Goddess Envoy and the Devil Goddess are. That is enough for now.”

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