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Chapter 113: Lightning Tribulation (1)

Ye Jing inspected her Heavenly Decree but it was still voided of any runic texts. She quickly put it back into her spatial jade belt. “Well, no news means it is good news then?”

Giving a soft sigh, she took out her immortal sword to have a look. She had been trying to divine harmony with her sword for many days now but all her attempts had ended up in failure. With her acute Divine Sense ability, it just did not make any sense for her to fail in her attempts especially when she had previously succeeded.

She was groaning softly, “Xiaofang is able to divine harmony with his immortal sword in such an easy manner and why is that I can’t? I really don’t believe that he is such a genius…this is so disgraceful…”

“Or is it my sword is unable to recognize me now?Or because my cultivation core has changed now…”

Ye Jing gasped all of a sudden as she thrust her sword into the ground, “That’s why! Now I know why. After I’ve absorbed the Heavenly Profound Pill, my cultivation core has also undergone a tremendous transformation…”

Therefore she began to act upon her thoughts by releasing her saintess aura to envelop her sword with her spiritual force…

After absorbing the Heavenly Profound Pill, this was the first time that she had released all her profound aura.

The entire room was soon glowing with her brilliant golden aura and even Yu’Er was flapping her wings in astonishment…

The immortal sword that was thrust into the floor was soon vibrating with her spiritual force as a faint connection was established between them.

Ye Jing was delighted and she was smiling, “Yes, that is the feeling…”

All of a sudden there was a voice behind the door. It was Xuan Danfeng as she laughed jovially, “Sister Jing’Er, I am back this morning. The first thing that I am back is to look for you. Do you miss me and now think that I am your best sister?”

Ye Jing was startled from her deep meditation as she looked up and shouted, “Alas! It is Sister Danfeng. You are such a liar. You’re only here to see Gong Nanyan. Leave me out of your mushy mushy words…”

Ye Jing gasped out all of a sudden for she was suddenly jolting as though she had been struck by a lightning bolt as she grabbed her sword for support. Instead of sensing that her spiritual energies were upon her sword, her spiritual energies were now departing rapidly into a spiral column upward.

However other than that, she did not feel as though she had any ill-effect and instead she was floating lightly on her foot, “What is this weird feeling that I am experiencing now?…”

When Xuan Danfeng had heard her sudden cry, she barged into the room and was startled to see Ye Jing losing control of her spiritual energies. “This…don’t tell me…”

From outside, a dark storm had suddenly descended and the loud thunderclaps that were produced by lightning could be heard rumbling aloud!

Instinctively, Xuan Danfeng knew what it was as she gasped, “This is the lightning calamity! Someone is breaking through from the intermediate sacred saint level to the upper sacred saint level? Are you facing your lightning tribulation now?”

Ye Jing was startled, “Is me? How is it possible? I have only just breakthrough to the intermediate saint level…”

Just as she was still doubtful, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady had also barged into her room as they said panicky at the same time, “Jing’Er, you are facing your lightning tribulation?!”

The Confession Lady looked at her blankly, “What did you do this time?”

Ye Jing was smiled weakly as she looked at her godparents, “I don’t know what is going on…I was just trying to cultivate with my immortal sword…”

Attracted by the commotions, Gong Nanyan and Beitang Ying had also rushed into the room…

Beitang Ying gasped softly when she saw the Celestial Liege but otherwise, her countenance was soon expressionless.

Elsewhere all the celestials that were at the Unmoving Mountains were startled by the unnatural dark storm that had suddenly descended. They knew that someone was attempting a lightning tribulation in order to overcome the barrier to become an upper sacred saint. If that person were to succeed then a great saint would be born.

A number of high level celestials quickly moved their fingers to calculate what was going on and most of the signs were soon pointing at the guest palace of the Lofty Snow Palace.

There was only one intermediate saintess in that location and she was none other than Xuan Danfeng.

Immediately there were plenty of speculations that Xuan Danfeng was attempting for a breakthrough to a Great Saintess…

“Isn’t that too fast? Six months ago, she is only an intermediate saintess…”

“You may not know this but the lightning tribulation doesn’t depend on the cultivation talent of the cultivator. Rather, it can only be chanced upon by lucky occurrences…”

Almost immediately, there were more gasps from the high level diviners as they quickly calculated that the lightning tribulation would strike two more locations at the Unmoving Mountains; the guest palace of the Celestial Sword Clan and the main palace of the Ancient Ascension Sect.

This could only mean that Elder Tang Yiren of the Celestial Sword Clan and Elder Lin Wucheng of the Ancient Ascension Sect were also facing their lightning tribulation at the same time!

Three intermediate saints of the patriarch clans were actually taking their lightning tribulation today. Such an event had never happened before!

Should they succeed in overcoming the lightning tribulation then this would mean a great boost to the fighting strength of the righteous celestial clans!

Today was indeed a weird day and a day that caused a great flurry among the hundreds of celestial clans. This was the second time that the hundreds of celestial clans were this excited and this event was soon the talking point of the day. The first time that everyone was this excited since they were here, it was the duel that was between Saintess Fan Yuqing and Saintess Mu Huiyin.

At this moment, Fan Yuqing was frowning lightly as she quickly divined with her fingers. “It comes from Xuan Danfeng guest palace alright. But why do I have this nagging feeling that this has to do with Ye Jing?”

She said to Feng Minyue, “I will go and take a secret look…”

Feng Minyue nodded and said gently as her golden eyes looked tenderly at her, “Be very careful…”

Fan Yuqing smiled gently, “There is nothing to worry about…”

Feng Minyue sighed quietly, “Why is that I got a really uneasy feeling about this?”

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