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Chapter 116: The Ascend Divinity

Ye Jing was sobbing and was inconsolable in her room. In her hands were the remnants of the Lofty Wind Mountains Painting and she was holding onto these fragments as she sobbed uncontrollably.

The final lightning strike had almost killed them all. They would have all been killed if not for the last reserve of the pure spiritual force that was within the Lofty Wind Mountains Painting. It was not wrong to say that the final lightning had actually killed them, destroyed their meridians and voided their entire spiritual seas.

But because of the rich and pure spiritual force that was created when the Loft Wind Mountains Painting was destroyed, they managed to hold onto life and were barely revived.

Xiaofang was alone with Ye Jing as he watched her quietly before he said, “Jing’Er, you keep calling out his name. Who is this Dongfang Jun…”

Ye Jing hid her face in her arms as she continued to sob while saying, “Xiaofang, there is something that you must know…two months ago, I married a man by the name of Dongfang Jun…this celestial painting is his last gift to me. He is no longer living now. I may have married him because I pity him but he is really a nice man. This celestial painting has kept his memories alive for me…”

“Xiaofang, do you blame me or hate me because I have married someone else?”

Xiaofang looked quietly at Ye Jing as he shook his head, “No, I don’t. I am just curious why this celestial painting is so important to you. Now I know why and that is enough.”

He lowered his glances and added, “This Dongfang Jun must really be a nice person for you to care so much for him.”

Ye Jing cried softly, “He is a gentleman and he uses his life to protect his clan…”

Xiaofang nodded and tried to cheer her up, “Jing’Er, you are a Great Saintess now. You should cheer up. After all, you are alive now and it is all thanks to Dongfang Jun’s last gift to you. He wants you to live well. I am sure that it is really what he wants and he won’t want to see you in this manner.”

Ye Jing slowly nodded as she looked at him, “You’re not upset with me?”

Then she smiled weakly, “You should go and take a look at Fan Yuqing. She took the last hit for all of us. Even if she did not die, her injuries won’t be light. Moreover, she doesn’t have any friends except for Feng Minyue.”

Xiaofang said quietly, “I think I should stay here to accompany you for a while…”

Ye Jing shook her head, “I will be alright after a while. Why are you so dense? Go find her and say something nice to her. Tell her I don’t blame her and help me to thank her for saving my life…”

Xiaofang slowly got up and said, “Alright then…”

The Confession Lady had just come into the room just as Xiaofang was leaving. She asked with a startled expression, “Xiaofang, you are leaving so soon?”

Xiaofang nodded, “I am going to see Fan Yuqing and to thank her…”

The Confession Lady quickly stopped him and said, “This is the Dragon Vitality Spirit Pill. Please give it to her.”

Xiaofang asked, “What if she don’t take it?”

The Confession Lady smiled as she put the pill into Xiaofang’s hand, “Although she doesn’t like to take things from us but she will surely take this pill. Trust me. Hurry now.”

Xiaofang nodded and left the room.

The Confession Lady was at Ye Jing side as she said gently, “Jing’Er, please take this Dragon Vitality Spirit Pill as well. This pill will aid your recovery. You will be able to get back 10-20% of your spirit strength back.”

Ye Jing eyes were still wet as she eyed the pill with a startled expression, “This…this is indeed a miracle pill.”

With her spirit veins currently in such a weak condition, it would take her a few months just to recover 10% of her spirit strength.

The Confession Lady smiled, “Indeed. These divine pills can cost tens of thousands gold coins in the black market. It is not easy to get and we have some for emergencies. Now we will give it to you.”

Ye Jing took the divine pill with trembling fingers as she said, “Thank you god-mother…”

Then she put the divine pill into her mouth as she chewed, “How is Yuqing? Is she fine?”

The Confession Lady sighed heavily, “Her injuries are more severe than we’ve expected. When we had found her, we thought that her star had already fallen. Just as we had already given up all hopes, she muttered a man’s name and there was a vital life. We use that short window to transfer our life energies to revive her.”

Ye Jing was startled, “You transfer your life energies to her?”

When a celestial burnt their life energies, it would take them some time to naturally recover and sometime this could mean a long time for some of the cultivators!

The Confession Lady nodded, “The Celestial Liege and I both used thirty percent of our vital life energies. Our celestial strength has dropped to the initial sacred saint level and we won’t be recovering anytime soon. But our efforts are not in vain since Yuqing has managed to pull through. We are only too glad to be able to help her.”

Ye Jing nodded slowly, “I really don’t know how to repay her this time. She has already repaid me more than enough for saving her in the gorge.”

The Confession Lady nodded with an uneasy look before she said gently, “Jing’Er, I go out first. Please take a good rest. I will be back to see you later.”

Ye Jing nodded and her eyes sunk back into her arms again…

When the Confession Lady had left the room, Ye Jing raised her head and moved her fingers.

Slowly, her immortal sword had materialized into her hands as she gripped it tightly. “Thank you too for saving my life…”

This time, she felt that her connection to her sword was perfect and she had indeed achieved oneness with her sword and had successfully divine harmonized with it.

As she watched her haggard self onto the reflection of her sword blade, her gray eyes had suddenly returned to a brilliant golden. This startled her as she gasped, “Don’t tell me that I have overcome the Crisis Divinity and had now breakthrough to the Ascend Divinity? I’m a double golden celestial now?…”

This was something that she had not thought possible when she started to cultivate the mundane celestial practice. Although her Celestial Teacher Yi Si had told her that since she was already a celestial, her cultivation speed with the mundane celestial practice would be rapid but she had never expected that she had actually reached the peak of the mundane celestial practice within a year time.

The Ascend Divinity is a special state of divinity. There is no initial, intermediate or late stage to the Divinity. The meaning of Ascend 大乘 refers to the enlightenment of the cultivator in attaining as a golden celestial and can ascend. Since Ye Jing is already in the celestial realm, there is no need for her to complete this ascension. However, attaining to the Ascend Divinity means that she can now merge her newly attained divinity with her sacred saint level as a double golden celestial.

Ye Jing was trembling, “This lightning tribulation has nearly killed me but it also helps me to overcome my late stage of my Crisis Divinity…”

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