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Chapter 117: Ancient immortal artefacts

Feng Minyue said quietly to Xiaofang, “She is inside…” With a sorrowful expression, Feng Minyue sighed softly before she departed.

As she departed and walked into the inner court, she saw that Su Shanyue was looking with a flustered manner when they bumped into each other.

Su Shanyue seemed to have put on two extra beautiful hairpins and her makeup was also scented.

She asked gently, “Little protégé sister, where are you going? You look so flustered? Why are you dress up so pretty for?”

Su Shanyue shifted her eyes and stammered, “Nothing. It is just that Tang Yiren from the Celestial Sword Clan has just become a great saint. Grandmaster Yun Xinghe has invited me to attend a small banquet that is held in his honor. Actually…I didn’t want to go. I am just going there to cause a little trouble for him. As you know, he has been making noises at our gates for two weeks now. If I don’t teach him a lesson then he will think that the Heavenly Fragrance Villa is a clan that he can bully…”

Then she smiled awkwardly, “Alas, senior sister…I’m running late…after I’ve taught him a lesson then I will share with you tonight. Alright? See you later…” With that, she had run off in a hurry.

Feng Minyue was startled. It was obvious that Su Shanyue did not speak the whole truth…

“What is going on here?”

The truth was that after two weeks of constant bickering, Yun Xinghe and Su Shanyue found that they had taken a liking to each other. By then, Yun Xinghe knew that chasing after Saintess Yuqing was an impossible dream that was difficult to attain for their cultivation level difference was too vast. And the more he looked at Su Shanyue, the more that he felt she was attractive and was enticing.

As for Su Shanyue, at first she had found Yun Xinghe to be quite dense and loathing. It was because he would come every day and was insistent on seeing Saintess Yuqing even though she had kindly informed him that Saintess Yuqing was not available to see him.

But one day when Yun Xinghe did not turn up, she found herself standing at the gate waiting for him to come so that she could scold him. But he never turned up…

It was only then that she realized that this unlikeable Yun Xinghe had a place in her heart by now…

Today Yun Xinghe had invited only her to attend the small banquet that was hosted by the Celestial Sword Clan and that was why she had specially dressed up to attend the function.

As for teaching Yun Xinghe a lesson, it was a lame excuse that she had cooked up so that her senior sister would not suspect anything…

At this moment, Xiaofang was standing at the door. He hesitated for some time before he mustered the courage to knock, “Xiaofang here. I’m here to see you.”

There was a slight movement in the room before the soft and mesmerizing voice of Fan Yuqing could be heard saying, “Come in.”

As Xiaofang opened the door and stepped into the room, he saw that the room was scented with a heavenly fragrance and there were many pink curtains.

“You can come closer.” Fan Yuqing said gently behind the curtains.

As Xiaofang pulled the curtains and entered, he saw that Fan Yuqing was sitting upright in her bed. She was looking awfully pale and her eyes were red.

Xiaofang was startled. It looked like she had been crying?

Indeed she had been crying until Xiaofang knocked on her door. It was because she knew that Dongfang Jun was no longer in the world anymore. She did not need Ye Jing to tell her what had happened.

When Ye Jing had told her that the celestial painting was Dongfang Jun’s last gift to her, she had already guessed what happened. The reason why Ye Jing did not tell her directly was because she did not want her to be sad and was trying to keep a hope alive for her.

Xiaofang said as he took out a pill from his pouch, “This is the Dragon Vitality Spirit Pill that is from your aunt. She asks me to give it to you.”

Fan Yuqing quietly took the pill but she did not consume it immediately. Instead, she grasped it within her fingers as she said gently. “Thank you.”

Xiaofang heaved a soft sigh, “I should be the one that should say thank you. If it is not for you, Jing’Er will no longer be here anymore.”

Fan Yuqing lowered her glances, “No, it is actually all my fault for trying to be a busybody. I’ve almost killed her instead.”

Xiaofang smiled weakly, “She asks me to say thank you to you and she doesn’t blame you at all. Well, it is all over now. Are…you really alright?”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “Hmph, it seems that I will be out of commission for a while and won’t be able to help with the upcoming battle.”

Xiaofang nodded, “Is that so? Don’t worry. I will take it over from here.”

Fan Yuqing turned and look at him with an intense expression, “You…” Then she smiled wryly, “Don’t be a dead hero. It never pays to be a hero.”

Xiaofang grinned, “Well, I have to fight because I gonna protect Jing’Er and Nanyan from harm. Even though I am not a saint cultivator but I am good with the sword and I’m younger and have more energy than those old cultivators from the Devil Isle.”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “You can’t even beat me. How do you beat those folks from the Devil Isle?”

Xiaofang smiled, “Why should I want to beat you? You’re not my enemy.”

Fan Yuqing looked away, “Then I’m a friend to you?”

Xiaofang nodded and grinned, “Yes, a good friend. You’ve taught me many new things while we are at the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Moreover, you have helped me to attain the Earth Divinity. I won’t be as strong as now without your help.”

Fan Yuqing said quietly, “Have you ever considered that we can be more than friends someday?”

Xiaofang was startled by her question but he did not want to lie to her. He sighed heavily, “I got only two arms. My arms are for Jing’Er and Nanyan. I don’t have three arms.”

In the celestial fraternity, it was common for many to take two consorts; a main and a secondary consort. And Xiaofang had already found his main and secondary consort.

However, it was also not so uncommon for men to take three or more consorts. But this was something that Fan Yuqing had no illusions about. She had merely asked to probe his thoughts.

Fan Yuqing nodded quietly, “Is that so…” Without a doubt, Xiaofang had rejected her again.

Xiaofang said quietly, “You are probably the most beautiful maiden that I’ve ever known. Surely you have no lack of suitors in the future.”

Fan Yuqing lowered her glances, “You are lying. If I am the most beautiful maiden in your eyes, why didn’t you fall for me? Don’t all men like beautiful women?”

Xiaofang replied awkwardly, “I’m sure all men like beautiful women. But Jing’Er and I have many things in common and we can talk freely. She is silly sometimes and so do I. I have the same thing with Nanyan. They are both bold maidens that I like very much.”

He paused with a soft sigh, “But with you, your presence always overwhelm me and I…”

Fan Yuqing interrupted softly but there was no emotions from her countenance, “With me, you feel intimidated.”

“No, you are a noble lady. I just feel that we are two worlds apart.” Xiaofang mustered his courage to say.

Fan Yuqing gave a gently smile, “I…understand…now.”

Xiaofang smiled weakly and said, “Thank you for understanding. I shall take my leave now.”

Fan Yuqing raised her voice a little as she said, “Wait…”

Then she looked quietly at Xiaofang, “What if one day I am willing to lower myself. When that day comes, will you be willing to accept me then?”

Xiaofang did not say anything. He looked back for a glance at her before he turning away…

Fan Yuqing lowered her glances and her heart was filled with disappointment…

Her lips slowly moved as she muttered, “Dongfang Jun…”

All of a sudden there was another knock.

She was startled as she thought, “Is Xiaofang? He comes back because he still wants to talk with me?”

“It’s your Uncle Huan. May I come in for a while?”

She was a little disappointed and said slowly, “Come…in…”

It was her Uncle Huan the Celestial Liege.

When she saw him, she gently nodded and said, “Thank you. I know that you have expended your life energies to revive me.”

The Celestial Liege smiled, “Niece Yuqin, we are only too glad that you are well.”

Then he sighed softly before he said, “After so many years have passed, I hope that you can forgive us. We are so wrong back then.”

Then he took out a scroll and a flute, “The Primordial Heaven Chart and the Tranquil Flute are two of the three ancient immortal artefacts that the Jade Emperor left behind to us before he returned to the immortal realm. The third ancient immortal artefact is the Eternal Lotus and it is given to Yi Si. Today, we are giving these two immortal artefacts to you.”

Fan Yuqing looked up with a perplexed look, “Why should you leave something so precious for me? And there are two of them?”

The Celestial Liege said quietly, “Each one of the ancient immortal artefacts that the Jade Emperor had left behind for us has their own unique powers. Take the Tranquil Flute for example, it can hasten your spirit strength recovery by a hundred times faster and can aid cultivation breakthroughs. As for the Primordial Heaven Chart, you can use it to find transmigrate souls if your cultivation level is high enough. Meaning…”

Fan Yuqing interrupted with a soft gasp, “I can find Dongfang Jun reincarnation?”

The Celestial Liege nodded as he placed the two ancient immortal artefacts into her hands, “While it is quite impossible to actually find someone with just the Primordial Heaven Chart alone but if you have the Tranquil Flute to aid you, your search will be a lot easier.”

Then he said, “I hope that we can make amends to you…”

Fan Yuqing sighed quietly, “Thank you…”

Then she said quietly, “The reason why I had left home isn’t really because of Dongfang Jun. It is because I’ve overheard that the dark descendant will take place in the near future. I…want to do something about it.”

The Celestial Liege was startled, “You knew…”

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