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Chapter 118: Xuan Danfeng Banquet

Barely one day had passed and Xuan Danfeng was now hosting a mini banquet at the guest palace for the clan leaders and their elite protégés that were under the domain of the Lofty Snow Palace.

At first she had declined to host the banquet because she was still fragile and there was an upcoming battle with the Devil Isle that would take place soon.

However, the clan leaders that were in her domain strongly insisted on a commemorate event to honor her and would not take no for an answer.

“It has been ages since our domain has a great saintess. We should celebrate no matter what…”

“There is no doubt that with Palace Mistress Danfeng as a great saintess now, our domain is now firmly at the top of the middle-tier patriarch clan…”

“Palace Mistress Xuan Danfeng is not only beautiful but she is also amazing. She has actually attracted the nine-stage lightning tribulation and had overcome it to become a great saintess…”

“Of course she is amazing. That is why she is able to attract the nine-stage lightning tribulation…”

“Even the two great saints from the two top tier patriarch clans didn’t even attract the nine-stage lightning tribulation…”

“Haha, I am sure that Lin Wucheng and Tang Yiren must be so envious of our Xuan Danfeng…”

“Xuan Danfeng is now our goddess…hehehe…”

Xuan Danfeng was dressed in a beautiful gown that showed her assets. Although she looked frail, she was still as beautiful as ever. She had purposely worn a revealing gown that showed her frontal cleavages so that her lecherous followers would have a feast for their eyes.

As she entered the hallway, the protégés of the Lofty Snow Palace immediately greeted her excitingly. Behind her were her three direct disciples, Song Feixian, Xu Wenping and Wan’Er.

Immediately all the clan leaders were all staring at her busty cleavage that threatened to bust out anytime and they were enjoying it every moment of it especially when Xuan Danfeng would sway now and then.

Of course Xuan Danfeng was now flirting with them and they knew it. Most of the clan leaders here were her old acquaintances. They did not dare to get too close and personal to her lest they would get a death wish from the others. Still, they were enjoying themselves tremendous and they knew that Xuan Danfeng had dressed herself up for them.

One of the clan leaders immediately shouted excitingly, “Palace Mistress Danfeng is here…”

All the clan leaders and elite protégés of the various celestial clans were all rushing forward to greet her excitingly.

“Danfeng, are you well?”

“You look frail but extremely beautiful…”

“To me, you are the most beautiful maiden in the Nine Celestial Fraternity. No others can compare to you…” An old clan leader smiled with fond memories.

“Congrats on your ascension as a Great Saintess…”

“Hoho,” an old clan leader laughed jovially. “It seems that from today onward, we have to address our Saintess Danfeng as Great Saintess Danfeng now…”

Another clan leader laughed jovially as he clapped his hands, “That’s right, that is so true! From now onward, we ought to address her as Great Saintess Danfeng…”

Usually it was considered impolite to address the name of a respected senior directly, especially someone who was at a higher position or hierarchy. However all these clan leaders had known Xuan Danfeng very well and they were all calling her by her name.

Xuan Danfeng forced a faint smile, “Fellow celestial cultivators, Danfeng is so happy to see all of you. Alas, I am still so weak and have almost perished. So please pardon me if I don’t have any strength to chat with everyone.”

A ruddy clan leader smiled excitingly, “Not at all! We’re really so happy to see you. Even if you are unable to talk to us, we will still be so happy. Hehehe.”

“That’s right. Danfeng, quickly tell us how you overcome the lightning tribulation. We are so eager to hear from you. Hehehe…”

Twenty clan leaders and forty elite cultivators from the various celestial clans had gathered around Xuan Danfeng and were shoving each other to be as close as possible to her…

Song Feixian quietly glanced at Xu Wenping and Wan’Er. They had no idea what had happened last night. When they saw the lightning tribulation, their first thought was that it may be their protégé mistress that was undergoing the lightning tempering in order to transcend into a great saintess. However they could not find her anywhere…

It was only when the lightning tribulation was over that they saw Gong Nanyan carrying their unconscious protégé mistress into her room.

They were startled because they had not known that Gong Nanyan had come to the Unmoving Mountains…

Gong Nanyan said quietly, “Please don’t let the others know that you have seen me. Protégé mistress has hidden me from view because I have made some enemies that are from the other patriarch clans. Our protégé mistress has just overcome her lightning tribulation and she is terribly weak. I will like to accompany her for the night…”

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