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Chapter 119: Liang Ni True Colors

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Liang Ni was in his room and he was banging a petite young celestial; she was sweating profusely and was drooling with pleasures. As for which clan that she was from and her name, he had already forgotten. This was not going to be an issue with him anyway. In a few more days, he would have drained all of her yin essences and dumped her. She was as a matter of fact his second victim.

At the moment, the petite young celestial was experiencing great pleasure and was in heaven as Liang Ni banged her behind while squeezing her perky swollen breasts.

It was easy for Liang Ni had picked her because there were many female cultivators that had wanted to hook up to him just because he was a golden celestial. By knowing him, they would have received immerse benefits and a connection in the future. But this petite cultivator did not know that Liang Ni was actually draining her vitality and wasting her cultivation core. She had only known that for the past two days, she was in heavens and she did not even want to leave his bed for even a moment. She just wanted to experience pleasures after pleasures.

Liang Ni had a dark secret. His Thirteen Extreme Body Tempering Martials had a secret fourteen cultivation art and that was to drain the yin essences of the female cultivators. He had been careful not to let Mu Huiyin knew about it for she hated the dark cultivators. But still, that did not stop him from secretly using it on her. The yin essence of a saintess was indeed nourishing for him and he just needed a little each day.

But once Mu Huiyin had refused to see him, he was forced to look around for replacements. He had quickly found one in a matter of days and the poor female cultivator did not even know how she had died. Now he had found his second target.

These two female cultivators may be inner court protégés but their cultivation level was only at the Enlighten Celestial level and was too weak to nourish him fully.

Two days earlier, the petite cultivator had chanced upon Liang Ni and after a quick chat, she was delighted that Liang Ni had offered to improve her cultivation level.

Liang Ni was now quite famous or rather infamous. Even this petite cultivator had heard that there were two saintess that were fighting over him. Therefore she was quite flattered that he had an eye for her.

But what she did not expected was that for the next two days, she found herself wishing that she could be with Liang Ni forever. She had totally forgotten who she was and where she was from. Even until now, she did not think that she would be this bold and so carnal in her desires but there were no regrets in her eyes.

Liang Ni thoughts were however more warped. He was just bent on draining her yin essence and lamenting that this petite cultivator’s yin essence was too impure and too little. As he happily refreshed to the scene that day when he touched Saintess Yuqing’s butt, his experienced hands could immediately feel that she did not have her panties on and he was aroused from touching her curved and soft…

When he had refreshed to this point, he was banging the petite cultivator so hard that she was moaning and screaming as he ripped through to her. Suddenly she had stopped moaning and was foaming as her pupils turned white…

Liang Ni sighed pitifully, “She is dead so fast. I’ve thought that she may last another two more days.”

Now he had to look for another.

He smiled bitterly when he had thought of Saintess Yuqing. Until now, she was still so elusive and he could not lay his hands on her.

“It is so pointless to look for low level cultivators to nourish my cultivation art…all the remaining saintess are so formidable…”

All of a sudden he was smiling wickedly. “Didn’t Xuan Danfeng just overcome her lightning tribulation just a day ago?” He was thinking that it was not possible for her to regain her strength so quickly and she was an easy target for him to aim for. Moreover she looked like a slut and he wondered how flirty she would be when they copulated.

Smiling to himself, Liang Ni had already decided who his next target was now…

Therefore he quickly wrapped the dead maiden in a blanket before throwing her down the misty cliffs below.

He was not afraid at all. Although he was only a peaked golden celestial but his strength was equivalent to an intermediate sacred saint.

Therefore he had decided to make his move this very night, which was now.

It did not take him long to reach the guest palace that was used to host the Lofty Snow Palace and her allies.

It was not difficult to identify which were the buildings that were used by the protégés of the Lofty Snow Palace. As the top tier celestial clan among the twenty celestial clans that were there, the place that emanated the strongest celestial aura was obviously where the protégés of the Lofty Snow Palace was.

He got lucky.

Because the first person that he saw in the inner courts was Xuan Danfeng and she was alone. She was walking in a tipsy manner, having just finished attending the banquet that was held in her honor.

When Liang Ni caught sight of her, he was immediately aroused for she was dressed in a revealing and flimsy dress. The front of her cleavages was exposed and the gown had openings that revealed her silky white thighs.

Just the thought of banging this number one socialite already made him hard and he silently made his way to her back view…

Xuan Danfeng was still tipsy as she muttered almost incoherently, “Where am I? Why…did I…come to Ye Jing’s place…”

All of a sudden a big towering masked man had violently struck her on her back and he had violently torn her gown from her body, stripping her completely naked.

Liang Ni was pleasantly pleased that other than the gown that he had just grabbed, there was nothing else that was on Xuan Danfeng and he had a good view of her body.

Xuan Danfeng coughed out weakly after she had been attacked but that did not stop her from retaliating as she quickly made a quick turn and dished out a strike against her assailant, “Who…are…you…Liang Ni…”

Although Liang Ni was masked but there was something that he could not mask and that was his towering and well-built physique that was too easily recognizable.

But Xuan Danfeng’s strikes were like gentle tickle to Liang Ni as he smirked coldly, “Do you think with your current strength, you are able to stop me?” He had grabbed both her wrists with one hand and lifted her from the ground. His other hand was squeezing her huge breasts as he admired her full sexy body. “Tonight I will bang you and show you pleasures that you will always remember…”

Then he pulled the mask off his face as he started to salivate over her soft sensual body even as Xuan Danfeng was screaming and kicking him hard…

Xuan Danfeng could not believe that she would fall victim today to this vile person and as she attempted a louder scream, Liang Ni other hand was on her throat immediately.

“If you make more noises then I will have to silence you. You wouldn’t want anyone to find your dead and naked body in the next morning, am I right…”

But Liang Ni did not even have the time to finish his sentence when an extremely beautiful maiden had flashed next to him with a long beaming sword and struck him hard.

Liang Ni was startled and he quickly took several steps back to avoid her sword attacks. He was supposed to be impervious to most physical attacks but the sword that was in this unknown maiden’s hand was able to wound him!

Xuan Danfeng gasped out, “Nanyan, you are here? You’re not his match…quickly flee and call for help…”

The extremely beautiful maiden was indeed Gong Nanyan. In her panicky haste to rescue her protégé mistress, she had unsheathed the Lofty Snow Divine Sword. This divine sword was a gift from Xuan Danfeng to her and only the successors of the Lofty Snow Palace would be fit to carry this divine sword.

It was because Xuan Danfeng already had the intention to hand over the Palace Mistress to Gong Nanyan in the future.

Xuan Danfeng had quickly taken out a divine sword from her spatial ring as she struggled to stand weakly in Gong Nanyan’s arms.

Liang Ni was aroused when he saw that it was another beautiful maiden that had appeared. Although he did not know who she was but it did not matter to him at all. It was because she had only the cultivation level of an intermediate golden celestial and she posed no threat to him at all.

He quickly mustered his formidable aura and increased his martial strength. In this way, even if she had a formidable divine sword that was in her hands, it was just a toy in his eyes.

Liang Ni laughed lustfully, “It seems that today I will have two wonderful maidens to bed…”

He had suddenly attacked the newly arrival maiden with his formidable fists that were filled with his martial power but to his astonishment, in a blink of an eye she had evaded a dozen of his fists and had even struck him backward thrice!

He had really underestimated the evasive skills of the Lofty Snow Palace which was actually renowned in the entire fraternity as an epitome martial art.

But the gauge between them was too great and Liang Ni was an experienced fighter. In just a few moves, he was already familiar with her martial movements and he knew that he could get her within the next twenty moves…

Just as he was about to make his next attack and had just leapt forward, a flying sword had struck him out of the blue, sending him to fly backward against the wall with a tremendous impact!

Liang Ni coughed out blood as he struggled to stand and he was shaking with disbelief. There was no force that could possible move him in this manner after he had mustered his full martial force. Just as he focused his eyes to see who his attacker was, a thin lad had suddenly raised the immortal sword that was his hand and pierce through his chest with an overpowering thrust…

But still he was a peaked golden celestial and it was not easy to kill a golden celestial even if his body got pierced. But all of a sudden Liang Ni was convulsing as though his soul had been pierced and his spiritual sea was being drained by the immortal sword.

He was immediately panicky but it was already too late as he feebly tried to knock Xiaofang aside but he had immediately turned pale…

The thin lad was Xiaofang and the flying sword that had struck Liang Ni earlier was the same immortal sword that was in Xiaofang’s hand.

Although Xiaofang was only an intermediate golden celestial but the pureness of his strength and talent had given him the strength of a peaked golden celestial. Moreover he had already unblocked his accupoints to the Earth Divinity, enabling his strength to double. This added up his strength to the initial sacred saint level. Also the immortal sword that was in his hands was a heaven-step immortal sword and he had completely divine harmonized with it.

And when Xiaofang had thrust his immortal sword through Liang Ni’s chest, he had used all his martial strength to display the Lofty Empyrean Sword Energies in a flash. This divine skill coupled with the immortal sword that was in Xiaofang’s hand immediately propelled his martial strength to the peak of the sacred saint level.

And this time, Xiaofang did not hesitate to use his full strength because he clearly saw that Xuan Danfeng and Gong Nanyan were in a precautious situation.

Xiaofang was startled that the fight was over this fast as he muttered, “Huh? Why didn’t he dodge or parry?”

Xuan Danfeng immediately said weakly, “Thank you Xiaofang. This Liang Ni fellow is too dependable on his strong body to ward off attacks. His reactions are not as nimble as the rest. Should your attack fail then you will be dead for sure. Luckily you are able to strike him hard enough twice. Moreover you are using the Lofty Empyrean Sword Energies, an extreme negative sword energies art. Against his extreme positive body, it is quite fatal for him if it does pierce through into his spiritual sea.”

Xiaofang had turned around to nod when he saw the beautiful body of Xuan Danfeng. Immediately his nose was bleeding and he was reddened…

Xuan Danfeng was still tipsy and had forgotten that she had nothing on, “Alas, Xiaofang. Why are you looking at me like this? Do you think that I am beautiful?”

Gong Nanyan panicky looked around for Xuan Danfeng’s clothing but all she could find was a tattered gown…

Xiaofang weakly said as he continued to stare at her, “Erm, I am just thinking what we shall do with his body now…”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled softly, “Just throw it off the cliff.”

In the meantime, Gong Nanyan was panicky taking off her outer garment as she tried to cover Xuan Danfeng…

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