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Chapter 120: Conference of the Gods

Somewhere in an immortal palace that floated invisible between the celestial realm and the immortal realm, were the watchers of the celestial realm. These watchers of the celestial realms were the patron goddesses of the three holy grounds of the Nine Celestial Fraternity which were the Goddess Palace, the Devil Isle and the Melancholy Valley.

The watchers were all goddesses of the immortal realm and many of them were even the heavenly queens of one of the thirty-three heavens of the immortal realms.

But regardless of their factions or rivalries, these goddesses that numbered some twenty were now happily playing a card game with one another in several big groups. Their beautiful countenances were all focused on winning the card game while they chatted nosily with one another.

All of a sudden a young looking handsome immortal and a beautiful goddess had walked into the hall. When the handsome immortal saw the scene that was in front of him, he was growling with displeasure.

Immediately all the goddesses turned ashen as they quickly kept the cards that they were holding into their sleeves…

The handsome immortal said unhappily, “What are you all doing? Aren’t you supposed to be coming up with a plan to reverse the Dark Descendant? Is this your so call plan?”

The handsome immortal was the Great God Pangu and the beautiful goddess that was with him was the Great Goddess Fantian.

The Heaveness smiled weakly, “We have found an interesting card game that is quite popular in the celestial realm. You should really try. It is not only a strategy game but it is also quite fun. We…are…seeking inspiration from it.”

The Great God Pangu growled with suspicion, “Six months ago, the Devil Isle has screwed up terribly and made a premature attack. How can such a mistake be made?”

Dugu Yunzi who was one of the patron goddesses of the Devil Isle took a glance at Xiao Youxue who held the same position as her before she smiled, “There are some miscommunications between us and our envoys. The first part of the plan was to purge the detestable Scarlet Heretic Sect. Our envoys thought that the plan had started hence that’s why.”

The Goddess Isa was laughing jovially as she took a knowing glance at the Ascension Goddess and the Fiery Phoenix Goddess, “It is so silly to make such a mistake. How can the immortal realm trust the cultivation methods of the Devil Isle will be the better one that is more beneficent for the celestials? I say, let’s just use the cultivation methods of the Goddess Palace…”

Xiao Youxue interrupted coldly as she took a glance at the Joyful Goddess, “Obviously we won’t be giving in again. Isn’t that why we are having a contest for that right in the first place? Minus the Melancholy Valley of course.”

The Joyful Goddess Lele chuckled softly as she shrugged Lie Qing a Great Goddess of the Melancholy Valley who was sitting next to her, “Hey, don’t look at me like this. I don’t mind really. The cultivation method of the Melancholy Valley is as good as it gets. The whole lots of you are just improvising upon my cultivation methods. That is really lame.”

Almost immediately, there was loud bickering in the hall as each of the goddess began to argue why their cultivation methods were the better…

The Sagess Aiel and Fairy Han Lin were two of the lowest rank goddesses of the Goddess Palace and also among all the goddesses here. But it did not stop them from chatting and bickering with each other nonstop. It was as though they were not concerned at all. Why should they? The other patron goddesses of the Melancholy Valley were more formidable than them and moreover the Melancholy Valley had already lost their divine right to the heavenly decrees.

The Great God Pangu smiled weakly as he stole a glance at the Great Goddess Fantian as he said, “It seems that only the Great Goddess Alice is able to handle them. Unfortunately she isn’t here.”

“Who says I am not around?”

An extremely beautiful goddess with long golden hair that reached her thigh had walked in with a mesmerizing smile. She was none other than the Great Goddess Alice. In her presence, the rest of the goddesses quickly stop their bickering lest they incurred her wrath. Even the Sagess Aiel was suddenly quietly. It was because she was most afraid of the Great Goddess Alice, who was once the ruler of the immortal realm.

The Goddess Isa who had always considered Alice to be her greatest rival smiled wryly, “So it is the Great Goddess Alice. I wonder what brings you here today.”

The Great Goddess Alice smiled amicably, “I am just a little busybody today. I know that all of you are attending a meet here to discuss the future of the celestial realm.”

Then she laughed, “I’ve heard that the goddesses of the Goddess Palaces and the Devil Isle are pitting against each other and the rivalries are…fierce.”

The Goddess Isa laughed, “Why? Are you thinking of using your position as the patron goddess of the Goddess Palace to aid us?”

Immediately there were several displeasure coming from the goddesses of the Devil Isle.

The Great Goddess Alice smiled, “I dare not lest the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa and the other desolate goddesses of the Devil Isle decide to intervene.”

Like the Great Goddess Alice, the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa was also at the Ninth Immortal Positioning. Only the Great God Pangu and the Great Goddess Fantian were higher, having attain to the Tenth Immortal Positioning.

“Actually I have come here to inform you that Yi Si had already ascended to the immortal realm and she is staying in my palace now.”

The Joyful Goddess was startled, “My daughter has ascended to the immortal realm finally? And she is a great goddess?”

The Great Goddess Alice smiled, “Her immortal cultivation level is pretty strong. She is already at the fifth immortal positioning when she ascended.”

The Sagess Aiel muttered, “I’m only at the fourth…”

Han Lin laughed softly, “That is why you are still a Sagess and not a Goddess…”

Even the Great God Pangu was surprised, “Yi Si is here…with her status as a goddess, I’m going to appoint her as a heavenly queen…”

Xiao Youxue smiled, “Not only Yi Si. We’ve actually found Yuqin as well. She is still alive. She is the one that screws up the Devil Isle.”

The Great Goddess Fantian gasped softly and she was trembling. Her one and only daughter was still alive?!

The Great God Pangu blurted out, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?!”

Xiao Youxue replied with a coyly expression, “You look so fierce when you first enter the hall. We didn’t have the chance to tell you. They all know as well. Why are you blaming only the Devil Isle?”

The Heaveness and the Goddess Isa quickly said as they looked extremely sheepish, “We’ve only just known as well.”

The Heaveness said, “Do you remember that two hundred years old, there was a Golden Mask Devil Goddess? That is actually her. She has re-appeared again using the same alias but she has changed her name to Yuqing instead of Yuqin.”

The Great God Pangu looked a little shaky, “No wonder our divine calculations are always off. Recently the nine-stage lightning tribulation had suddenly appeared and we are all wondering why. She is half a divine being and not a celestial, don’t she knows that she can’t intervene or there will be divine consequences?”

The Great Goddess Fantian looked forlornly at him, “You can’t say that. She doesn’t know that. You are not a good father. We’re not good parents and only see her once every few years. We need to make amends to her…”

The Great God Pangu sighed softly. For many years, he had been busy pacifying the Desolate Realm. Although two third of the desolate immortals had already been pacified but there was still a third of them that were waging a war with the immortals of the immortal realm.

Xiao Youxue smiled as she looked at him, “I know that she is your precious child. That is why I’ve asked my Devil Envoy to stay her hands for the time being. However time is running short now. It seems that she is in the company of the Goddess Palace now. This is making our side very difficult. Don’t you think so? ”

The Ascension Goddess said haughtily, “Do you think that in the first place that the Devil Isle stands a chance to storm the Ancient Ascension Sect? I have heard that the patriarch clans have setup plenty of formidable arrays.”

Xiao Youxue smiled, “Well, it is better than the Goddess Palace that sneaks around in the background and trying to reap the benefits. Although we have given you a lead of six months due to our mistake but what have you accomplished during the past six months?”

The Ascension Goddess folded her arms and returned a faint smile, “We did attract all the celestial experts to gather at the Unmoving Mountains and it is quite successful.”

Dugu Yunzi smiled, “It is more like you gather all the angry mobs. Say, I have heard that there is a Dugu Fang that is making quite a big stir below. But why is my bloodline fighting on your side? I think we need to have a small correction…”

The Heaveness smiled alluringly, “Sister Yunzi, did you forget that you can’t intervene directly? It is not that I am taking sides…”

Dugu Yunzi was smiling, “It is obvious that the Melancholy Valley and the Goddess Palace are in conspiracy with each other. Isn’t this Ye Jing your celestial disciple? And now she is fighting for the Goddess Palace?”

The Heaveness smiled wryly, “It is not what you think. When I had accepted her as my successor, I did not know that she will join the Goddess Palace later. You must know that anyone that can ascend to the Heavenly Temple is the future daughter of the heavens. This is a fact that the even the Great God Pangu is aware of.”

The goddesses of the Goddess Palace and the Melancholy Valley were all giggling while the goddesses of the Devil Isle were all frowning. It was obvious that none of the goddesses from the Devil Isle were actually buying anything from the sly words of the other two holy places.

The Great God Pangu thought that the bickering seemed to have grown out of control so he quickly said, “Don’t forget that this is not a battle to kill the celestials, no matter which side they are on. I have heard that the Devil Isle is really overdoing it.”

Dugu Yunzi lowered her glances and said, “Don’t you trust Youxue and I? We are the best tacticians in the immortal realm. This is the only way to gather all the dark supremacies and monarchs to the Unmoving Mountains. If it is not for your dear precious daughter Yuqin, we would have already got the remnants of the high level dark celestials that are from the domain of the Scarlet Heretic Sect to the Unmoving Mountains by now.”

The Great God Pangu smiled awkwardly, “I do trust you, Yunzi…”

Then he said quietly, “It is time that we let the true Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth to descend on the Unmoving Mountains…”

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