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Chapter 122: The Unknown Visitor (2)

Fan Yuqing had flashed quietly to the courtyard that was outside.

If anyone were to walk into the courtyard, they would surely fail to notice that an extremely alluring lady was standing in a corner. It was because she had perfectly blended into the surrounding and her state of divinity was so profound that most would not be able to notice her.

But not Fan Yuqing.

It was because no matter how hard this extremely alluring lady could hide her aura or her presence, it could not severe the familiar bond that was between them.

As Fan Yuqing approached her, she was trembling and in the next moment she had kneeled down humbly. “Mother, your unfilial child is here…”

The extremely alluring lady was the Great Goddess Fantian herself. She had secretly descended onto the celestial realm…

She quickly tried to lift Fan Yuqing from her feet but she refused to get up, “Child, please rise. Why are you treating your mother like a stranger?”

Fan Yuqing had actually only seen her mother for a few times during her entire lifetime. She was actually raised up by her Uncle Huan and Aunt Ye.

She bit her lips and said softly, “I…know that I have disappointed you greatly. If you are here, it means that you have known what I have been doing…”

The Great Goddess Fantian lifted her up and embraced her warmly, “We should be the ones that are sorry to you.”

Fan Yuqing shook her head lightly as she trembled, “I’ve tried to live up to your expectations but failed. How is father? Is he back from the Desolate Realm?”

The Great Goddess Fantian nodded gently, “Yes, he is well. He is already back to the immortal realm for some time now. We…thought that you are gone from us forever. Child, come back alright?”

Fan Yuqing said quietly, “I have no real home. Even if I were to return to Tranquil City, you are not there. I can’t go to the immortal realm just yet. But even if I were to go to the immortal realm, will you be there?”

The Great Goddess Fantian was quiet. It was because her daughter’s words had struck her heart painfully. It was true that she may not stay in the immortal realm for too long either.

Fan Yuqing smiled faintly, “I will like to explore the celestial realm while I have the time here. After all, this is my true home and it is where I was born. I have also got a new god-mother.”

The Great Goddess Fantian asked curiously, “Who is she?”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “Great Saintess Ziyue. Have you heard of her?”

The Great Goddess Fantian slowly nodded, “She is a good person. I have met her a couple of times in the past before I regain my divine body. She is a terribly shy person.”

Fan Yuqing gave a faint smile, “No wonder she is able to sense some familiarity from me. Shy as in, she likes my father but keep quiet about it, am I right?”

The Great Goddess Fantian smiled gently, “Your father the Great God Pangu or rather Yi Ping is such a popular person.” All of a sudden her eyes moved quickly as she said, “It seems that your friends are here. They are quietly watching us…”

Fan Yuqing cursed softly, “They are such busybodies. I told them not to come after me and yet…”

The Goddess Fantian smiled gently, “It is good that you have friends now.”

Fan Yuqing cursed softly, “They are courting their own deaths. They didn’t know that mother consort can hear them from afar.”

The Goddess Fantian smiled gently, “It is alright. They don’t seem to have any ill-intentions.” Then she said, “It seems that you have the Primordial Heaven Chart and the Tranquil Flute now. Make full use of it. What is your Icy Heavenly Tears staging now like?”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “Almost the tenth level now but somehow, I have failed to grasp the absolute defense skill.”

The Great Goddess Fantian nodded, “It is not bad already. There is actually a flaw with the Icy Heavenly Tears. It is good that you didn’t forcefully try to breakthrough to it. It is time for you to pick up the Eternal Heavenly Tears. I am going to display it in your mind.” A sigil appeared on her head as she gently tapped Fan Yuqing’s forehead with her fingers…

Ye Jing, Xiaofang, Gong Nanyan and Feng Minyue were all secretly watching at a secret spot.

Ye Jing asked, “I’ve thought that Yuqin is beautiful enough but that maiden is even more beautiful. And why is she kneeling in front of her? Surely Yuqin will never humble herself in anyone presence…”

Feng Minyue whispered, “Sister Jing, it is already bad that we are here. But you ought to be quiet in case we will be discovered. Sister Yuqing will not like it if she knows that we are eavesdropping.”

Xiaofang said, “That maiden has a divine presence around her. It is likely that she is a saintess or even more. I have never seen a lady with such a gentle disposition as her.”

Gong Nanyan nodded as she agreed with Xiaofang, “I agree. Such a noble and refine lady.” Then she commented, “Look, now Yuqing has got up and is in her embrace. They are actually quite close? I really wonder if she is a friend or foe? What is her cultivation level?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I try to see her cultivation level but her spiritual sea seems so limitless. I can’t tell her true boundaries. I have almost drowned in her spiritual sea…”

Xiaofang said, “She seems to be able to blend in with the surrounding. I can’t sense her breathing or heartbeat…”

Ye Jing asked, “Do you think that she is Fan Yuqing’s mother?”

Everyone was startled as they looked at her…

Ye Jing whispered, “Look. They share the same resemblances. If they are not blood kin then I would really be very surprised.”

Xiaofang nodded, “Now that you have mentioned it. Yes, they do share a lot of similarities…”

Gong Nanyan asked, “Since we are unable to tell her cultivation level, she may be higher than us. Do you think that she knows that we are peeking?”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Probably…”

Feng Minyue was startled, “This…alas…I shouldn’t have agreed to let you out. If Sister Yuqing knows what we have done, she will be unhappy with us.”

Ye Jing giggled softly as she winked her eyes at everyone, “Probably just unhappy with only me. Well, what done has already done.”

Xiaofang was curiously observing as he tried to move a little closer, “I wonder what they are discussing?”

Suddenly Gong Nanyan tapped his shoulder and smiled weakly, “Just because she is pretty doesn’t mean you can get too close to her, am I right?”

Xiaofang replied awkwardly, “Erm, I am only curious to take a closer look. I can’t really see her face…”

Ye Jing said weakly, “Actually none of us can. Her countenance is too bright. The closer you go, the more you can’t see her face. After looking at her for just a while, I am now having sun spots in my eyes.”

Gong Nanyan was startled, “I thought that it is just me. Do you think that she is an immortal?”

Xiaofang was startled, “An immortal that can descend to the celestial realm? She must really be a powerful immortal.”

Feng Minyue was muttering, “Sister Yuqing is talking to an immortal now? Is it possible?”

She looked at Ye Jing and asked, “Do you know who Sister Yuqing’s parents are?”

Ye Jing nodded, “But I’m not going to tell you or anyone.”

Everyone: …

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Why are you all looking at me like this?” This was Fan Yuqing’s personal secret and she had promised the Confession Lady not to tell anyone.

Quietly Ye Jing had already returned her attention to the extremely alluring lady as she thought, “So this is what the Great Goddess Fantian looks like?”

She now saw that the extremely alluring lady had suddenly tapped Fan Yuqin gently on her forehead and was whispering something to her.

After a while the extremely alluring lady gave a gentle smile and had departed in a flash, leaving Fan Yuqing to stare in the blank air…

Ye Jing whispered, “Let’s go before we’re discovered…”

Just when everyone was nodding and agreeing, Fan Yuqing said coldly. “I have asked all of you to stay inside the room and why are you here?”

Ye Jing smiled awkwardly as she pushed Xiaofang out, “He wants to take a look…”

Gong Nanyan, Feng Minyue: …

Xiaofang smiled weakly as he looked at Ye Jing before looking at Fan Yuqing, “Erm…that’s right. I am just curious. I’m sorry…”

Fan Yuqing did not say anything and instead she walked out of the courtyard…

Ye Jing asked, “Is she angry? She is angry with Xiaofang?”

Feng Minyue looked panicky as she said anxiously, “Let me go and talk to her first…”

Ye Jing looked at Xiaofang with a soft sigh, “It is all your fault Xiaofang.”

Xiaofang, Gong Nanyan: …

Xiaofang panicky said, “Let me go and take a look as well…”

Soon Feng Minyue and Xiaofang had caught up with Fan Yuqing.

Xiaofang quickly apologized to her, “Saintess Yuqing, I…sorry…it is all my entire fault for…”

Fan Yuqing paused in her tracks and smiled gently, “What for? I know it is all Ye Jing’s idea.”

Xiaofang refused to admit that it was Ye Jing who was the instigator and said, “No, it is not her fault…”

Fan Yuqing looked at them and smiled shyly, “I’m not upset. I just want to be left alone for a while. I…am just…shy…after you have seen me like this.”

Feng Minyue asked, “That lady is…”

Fan Yuqing answered with a soft sigh, “That is my mother consort.”

Then she looked queerly at Xiaofang and said with a solemn tone, “Xiaofang, will you forgive me if I were to kill Ye Jing one day?”

Xiaofang smiled grinned, “That won’t happen. You and her are best friends now.”

Fan Yuqing looked away as she looked at the heavens, “Is that so…”

“Child, because you have intervened and helped Ye Jing, now there are dire consequences. You may not know this but you have indirectly affected the dark descendant. It is because you are a half-divine. If you want to rectify it then you may have to kill her…” This was the last words of her mother consort and it now weighed heavily in her heart.

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