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Chapter 123: Goddess and Devil Envoys (1)

The banners of the dark celestial clans were flying all over the mountains of the Unmoving Mountains. That was because the dark celestial clans had already surrounded most of the mountains range in this area.

To an observer, it may look like the dark celestial clans had already seized control of the mountains.

Ye Jing together with Xiaofang, Gong Nanyan, Li’Er, Chu Yunfeng, Luo Bihua, the Confession Lady and the Celestial Liege had already disguised themselves as the protégés of the Lofty Snow Palace and were all already at the steps of the heaven gates.

As there were thousands of people that had gathered at the steps, no one pay any attention to their little group.

Ye Jing muttered as she looked at great numbers of dark celestials that had gathered, “The dark celestials are so numerous…”

Gong Nanyan smiled, “Actually we are more numerous than them. It is just that we are all squeezed along the heaven steps.”

Ye Jing giggled softly as she pointed in front of her, “That is the Devil Envoy on her throne opposite us. She still has the mood to drink and that monstrous sword centipede looks just as terrifying as before…”

Yu’Er chirped as she sat on her shoulder. Yu’Er had taken the guise of a red bird. This was the form that she was now accustomed to for the last several months.

In actuality, Ye Jing was actually quite nervous so she was trying to make light of the situation. It was because she knew that this battle would surely involve her. After all, she was the Goddess Envoy.”

Ye Jing looked around her, “Alas, what is taking Danfeng, Yuqing, Minyue so long to come. I have been standing here for an hour. No wonder they are always saying that the big players will always arrive at the very last.”

The Confession Lady smiled, “Jing’Er, you must be very nervous. You keep talking non-stop.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “I’m not. Xiaofang must be more nervous than me.”

Xiaofang smiled bitterly, “I actually am.”

Ye Jing giggled softly, “See. Seeing how nervous he is, I am no longer nervous anymore.”

Chu Yunfeng sighed softly, “Actually I am also nervous. My legs are shaking now.”

Li’Er gave a weak smile as she took Chu Yunfeng’s arm, “Same here. We don’t know how the meet today will turn out to be like. I am prepared for the worst. If I were to survive through all these, I…will marry you…”

Chu Yunfeng gave a broad smile, “Remember your promise!”

Xiaofang grinned, “Brother Yunfeng, let me congrats you first.”

Ye Jing had a startled expression in her eyes, “What have the two of you been doing recently? Your development is really fast.”

Chu Yunfeng laughed jovially, “This is called striking while the iron is hot…”

Li’Er quietly stomped her shoe on Chu Yunfeng’s foot as she said, “Well, it all depends on my mood. Maybe I will change my mind later. Or maybe I will fall in love with a new hero that has emerged from today’s battle.”

Chu Yunfeng: …

Luo Bihua was smiling warmly, “Brother Yunfeng and Sister Li’Er is really such a good match.”

In the meantime, the Devil Envoy was drinking wine while sitting in her throne seat and her throne seat was conveniently placed where she could see the heaven gates of the Ancient Ascension Sect. In this way, she could see anyone that was coming out or going in.

Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, Qi Meixue, Duan Yizong and all the other dark celestial leaders had all gathered as well. It was because they were having a square off with the patriarch clans.

She could already see that the forces that were gathered by the patriarch clans were numbered in the tens of thousands. When the main players of the patriarch clans arrived, then the confrontation would start.

She was smiling with amusement, “Three hundred righteous celestial clans versus one hundred dark celestial clans. Which side do you think will be able to win the battle today?”

Duan Yizong replied nervously, “Most of the celestials from the patriarch clans are weak. They can’t even stop us from reaching the Unmoving Mountains and along the way, we have won many battles.”

The Devil Envoy smiled as she looked at the five hundred leaders and elders of the dark celestial clans that were presented, “I have heard that more than four hundred golden celestials have already gathered at the Unmoving Mountains. And out of the four hundred golden celestials, there are more than ten saints as well.”

All the dark celestials were looking at one another nervously. Their side had only less than a hundred supremacies and golden celestials. The ones that were at the saint or monarch level were Qi Meixue, Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong and the Devil Envoy.

Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong could be considered a Great Saint while the Devil Envoy was a Great Monarch.

The main reason why they had a lower disparity was because it was a lot harder to cultivate as a true dark celestial. That was why more than half of the high level dark celestials were actually golden celestials.

Usually, a peaked dark monarch like the Devil Envoy was actually stronger than a peaked sacred saint.

That was also the reason why the Devil Envoy was able to command a frightening respect from them and that they were willing to follow her commands. Previously, it was Beitang Ze who had lorded over the three dark celestial domains and none of the dark celestials had dared to voice any objections.

Qi Meixue smiled weakly, “Since the Devil Envoy has gathered us here to do battle with the patriarch clans, I’m sure that we will be able to crush the patriarch clans like an ant. The recent defeat at the Nuer Mountains must have frightened the patriarch clans to the core that they are now mustering all their resources to fight us.”

A dark celestial leader also voiced out, “That’s right. For a long time, the patriarch clans have always been suppressing us. Finally we are able to turn the tables on them.”

Many of the dark celestials broke into incessant mutterings…

“If we are afraid of them, we shouldn’t be here today…”

“Afraid of them? Haha. I have fought in numerous battles and this is one fight that I will not miss…”

“I want to turn the sacred grounds of the Ancient Ascension Sect into a brothel for their women…”

“Without the Devil Envoy to lead us, we will still be hiding in our pathetic domains. The spiritual veins here are so rich and all these are now ours…”

A dark supremacy from a smaller heretic clan said aloud, “Why are we waiting here for? Let battle our way through now…”

Many of the dark celestials were combative in nature. It was because the majority of them practiced the killing or the malevolent path. In order to progress in these types of cultivations, fighting against a strong foe was the easiest way to progress for them.

The Devil Goddess smirked coldly, “Good. I see that everyone is determined here.”

Then she rose up and raised her divine sword, “This is not just an ordinary battle but a battle that will determine our future. Take courage and show our enemies what we are capable of doing.”

And the dark celestials were all shouting and roaring thunderously, shaking the entire mountain vicinity with their great shouts.

Xiao Shuai took a secret glance at Han Shaodong. The reason why they were with the Devil Isle was because the gods had promised to aid their ascension into immortals, fulfilling their last wishes to ascend. Although they were formidable great saints and great monarch but it was difficult to succeed in their ascension because previously they were all villains that had cumulated a lot of dark malevolent energies that would prove to be their own undoing should they forced their own ascensions.

But it seemed that lately his Brother Han Shaodong seemed to have second thoughts about his ascension and was spending more and more time with Qi Meixue…

He thought, “Brother, we may not survive our next heavenly tribulation should we stay in the celestial realm. We have already been here for almost six thousand years.”

The two of them had overcome a sixth stage lightning tribulation and therefore their lifespan in the celestial realm were determined to be between five to seven thousand years.

And time was now running short for them.

The Devil Envoy smiled all of a sudden, “They are finally here.”

All the dark celestials immediately unsheathed their weapons as they rallied their protégés, “Get into your formations!”

Column by column, the patriarch leaders and the leaders of the various celestial clans had walked from the top of the heaven gates and they had stopped mid-way. Leading them was Ascension Master Tie Nansen, Saintess Ziyue, Saint Dong Sheng, Saint Lin Wucheng and the sixteen golden celestials of the Ancient Ascension Sect.

Ye Jing quietly watched as the leaders and elders of the righteous celestial clans made their appearances. If she was still the Holy Consort then she would be among this column.

In her young heart, she was smiling quietly as she recognized many of the celestials in the column such as Yuan Chengzhi, Yun Xinghe, Zhou Hai, Yun Chen, Fan Yuqing, Feng Minyue, Xuan Danfeng, Su Shanyue, Tang Yiren and many others. These are the people that she had met in the past year and it seemed that she had known them for a long time…

Finally she looked quietly at Fan Yuqing and had a mixed feeling. It was because her premonitions were getting more and more frequent lately…

The Devil Envoy raised her beautiful eyelids with a smile, “Hmph, even Saintess Ziyue is here today. What a surprise. This is going to be very interesting.

Immediately she infused her martial strength into her voice to say gently, “Saintess Ziyue. I’ve thought that you will not dare to see me. Are you their champion today?”

Saintess Ziyue took a quick glance at Xuan Danfeng, Feng Minyue, Mu Huiyin, Xiaoyao Zi and all the celestial leaders who were behind her before she said with her martial voice, “Yes I am. It is unfortunate that we have to come to blows today.”

Lin Wucheng whispered to her, “Protégé mistress, you know her?”

Saintess Ziyue nodded lightly as she said, “Back then, when I was only a noob, she was already a dark monarch.”

Not only Lin Wucheng was startled but those nearby that could hear her were also startled.

Saintess Ziyue explained with a faint smile, “Like me, she is an ancient celestial.”

The Devil Envoy had rose and her martial voice filled the mountains, “The six months grace is over now and the Devil Isle is now proclaiming lordship over the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity. If you surrender peacefully then I will promise you that life will be as before. Failure to submit will mean your deaths.”

When she said that, there were great disdains among the righteous celestial clans and many were booing and jeering.

The Devil Envoy smiled and asked, “What do you say, Saintess Ziyue?”

Saintess Ziyue replied quietly yet her martial voice could be heard clearly by everyone, “Isn’t it obvious? We will definitely not surrender. As a matter of fact, we are already prepared to do battle with you.”

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly, “Since that is the wish of the righteous celestial clans then it shall be granted.”

Saintess Ziyue answered, “Before that, I will like to ask you something.”

The Devil Envoy replied, “Oh? What is it? If you’re going to ask me to spare the innocents then you can forget it.”

Saintess Ziyue smiled bitterly as she echoed her voice across, “You and me, we’re old acquaintances. In fact, you are a senior to me. Although you are a dark monarch but you are not reckless in your cultivation path. If not, you won’t be an ancient celestial of the Devil Isle. To be a protégé of one of the three celestial holy grounds say a lot about your cultivation accomplishments.”

With a soft sigh, she continued. “What I don’t understand is, six months ago the Devil Isle already has the chance to round up most of the patriarch leaders up when everyone is unprepared. What is the point of letting them go and then challenge us again on our home ground? You should know that we have six months of preparation and mentally we are all prepared for a battle. There won’t be any chivalries or small duels because none of us wants to be under the leadership of the Devil Isle.”

The Devil Envoy pointed at the leaders of the dark celestial clans and echoed back, “None you say? What about the dark celestial clans here?”

Saintess Ziyue answered gently, “The dark celestials have always respected the strong and are more willing to be grouped under a strong leadership, especially if that leadership is adamant in opposing the patriarch clans.”

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly, “That is because for many years now, the patriarch clans have been oppressing the many dark celestial clans. Most of the dark celestials here may be a little unorthodox in their celestial practice but that doesn’t mean that the patriarch clans can freely move into their domains to oppress them whenever you want to.”

When the Devil Envoy said that, many of the dark celestials were shouting in support for her. What she had said was only too true and the anguish in their hearts had been suppressed for far too long!

Saintess Ziyue said, “Regardless, you still haven’t answered my question yet.”

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly, “It is because the Devil Isle does not think that the patriarch clans will be a threat to our existence. Even if we want to rule over you, it is only for sports and to see how you will react under humiliation.”

When she had said that, the protégés of the righteous celestial clans broke out in great resentment and was moved to anger.

Even Ancestor Yuan had unsheathed his immortal sword and was shouting, “I am Yuan Xiong, the patriarch ancestor of the Divine Sovereign Clan. Do you dare to accept a challenge from this old man here?”

Ancestor Yuan was a peaked great saint and his martial prowess was not beneath Right Ascendant Custodian Dong Sheng of the Ancient Ascension Sect.

The Devil Envoy chuckled softly as she whirled her sword playfully, “Hmph! Are you even fit to challenge me? You are only fit to challenge Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong.”

Ancestor Yuan roared with laughter, “So you are scare? If I am not fit to challenge you then who are?”

Xuan Danfeng secretly whispered to Feng Minyue and Fan Yuqing, “This…this isn’t going to turn out good…”

Feng Minyue nodded lightly while Fan Yuqing looked slightly amused but she was secretly looking around for Ye Jing…

The Devil Envoy smiled wryly, “None of you are, as a matter of fact. My only opponent will be the Goddess Envoy from the Goddess Palace. Ye Jing where are you? I know you are hiding somewhere. Are you still thinking of hiding?”

There were commotions among the many celestials as they were all looking around…

“Ye Jing is here?”

“The Demoness Ye Jing is among us? Where is she?”

“The Goddess Envoy will not dare to come…”

“What does she mean that her only opponent is the Goddess Envoy? We’re not even fit to be her opponents?! This is too infuriating…”

Ye Jing gently rubbed Xiaofang’s hand and took a forlorn look at him. At the same time she was also grasping Gong Nanyan’s fingers warmly…

“Don’t follow me. This is my battle alone…”

With a soft sigh, she had flashed down to the steps of the heaven gates and took off her hood…

Everyone was gasping at the sight of this wondrous heavenly maiden. It was because many of the celestials had not seen her before and did not know what she had looked like.

“She is Ye Jing?”

“She is so beautiful…”

“She used to be the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City and also a patriarch leader…”

“Why did she turn against us?”

“I find it hard to believe that she is able to ransack so many celestial clans…”

“Are you able to feel her aura? She is a saintess?”

“Ye Jing is actually hiding among us?!”

Ye Jing gave a weak smile as she looked at the Devil Envoy, “Goddess Envoy Ye Jing is here.”

The Devil Envoy smiled, “Should I call you Great Saintess Ye Jing now? Your advancement is really swift. Good. You are worthy of being a Goddess Envoy as well as my opponent.”

There were more reactions from the celestials as they stared at in disbelief at her…

“She is a great saintess?! How is that possible?”

“She is only 22…”

“This has become a duel between the Devil Isle and the Goddess Palace?”

Yuan Chengzhi was startled. It was because when he had first known Ye Jing, she was only an immortal celestial. Since then she had swiftly elevated as a golden celestial. Just three months ago, she was still a golden celestial and now she was a great saintess? This was too astonishing to him.

Even Yun Xinghe was rubbing his eyes and so were Yun Chen, Zhou Hai, Tang Yiren and many others that knew her.

Xuan Danfeng was smiling weakly and thinking, “If they know that Ye Jing has undergone the nine-stage lightning tribulation then they will surely spurt blood.”

But secretly she was worried. It was because she knew that Ye Jing had not recovered from her lightning tribulation yet. As a matter of fact, even Tang Yiren, Lin Wucheng, Fan Yuqing and including her were all still recovering from the lightning tribulation.

She had never expected that Ye Jing would be brave enough to answer to the Devil Envoy’s challenge…

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