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Chapter 124: Goddess and Devil Envoys (2)

As Ye Jing flashed down the steps of the heaven gates, the Devil Envoy had also flashed to meet her face to face.

All the celestials could see that they were now talking face to face but they could not hear them in the furious strong winds that were continuously sweeping through the mountains.

“What are they discussing about?”

“Aren’t they supposed to be fighting against each other?”

Saint Dong Sheng said to Saintess Ziyue, “That is her alright. The one that had entered the Holy Ascension Hall.”

Saintess Ziyue said quietly, “She is really very young. Her spiritual sea is so energetic. But how come her spiritual sea is so empty?”

Saint Dong Sheng said, “When I have fought with her, she is only an intermediate saintess. Now she is a great saintess. She must have a recent breakthrough. Without spiritual strength to support her, she cannot sustain her aura and martial strength. In short, it is likely that the Devil Envoy already had an upper hand.”

Great Saint and Saintess like Dong Sheng and Ziyue did not need Ye Jing’s divine sense to probe the spiritual core of their opponents. It was because at their cultivation level, their state of divinities was highly profound and their spirit senses had the almost the same ability as Ye Jing’s divine sense.

Bloodline abilities that were inherent in Ye Jing and Dugu Fang were actually peaked martial abilities that were coalesced into bloodline abilities because their ancestors had reached the highest pinnacle of their divine martial arts.

To many others, it was inconceivable and unfathomable but to peak existences, it was just a normal martial ability.

Saintess Ziyue nodded lightly, “Yet, she still goes down there to accept a challenge from the Devil Envoy? Why is she fighting on our behalf?”

Fan Yuqing had overheard them and she said with a faint smile, “Maybe she is really fighting on our behalf. Why do you think that she will give up her coveted position as a patriarch leader as the Goddess Envoy?”

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi who bore a hatred toward  Ye Jing and the Golden Mask Devil Goddess for attacking his Divine Dream Monarchy said coldly, “That is because she is greedy to further her cultivation. Who doesn’t want to be an immortal?”

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba smirked coldly, “I have to agree with the Divine Lord here.” The Divine Sovereign Clan had their Nightingale Divine Pearl taken away by Ye Jing and numerous clans under his domain had also been attacked by her.

Yuan Chengzhi said quietly, “Maybe there is a good reason…” But he dared not say too much. It was because under the watchful gaze of his brother Yuan Chenggong, Ancestor Yuan, his father, Elder Zhou Hai, Elder Yuan Xiao and so many elders that were presented, his voice actually meant nothing at all.

He was beginning to dislike his clan for turning him into a scheming and arrogant young master of the Divine Sovereign Clan. Now his only wish left was to fight for his clan for one last time before he retired with the love of his life, Jiang Shufei.

Grandmaster Yun Xinghe had remembered that Ye Jing was someone that he had tried to pursue and she was even more dazzling now. However now that he had Su Shanyue, he was quite content with his life. But still, he had a mixed feeling toward the Goddess Envoy Ye Jing who had terrorized his domain. Therefore he chose to remain quiet.

Feng Minyue said, “Although the Heavenly Fragrance Villa and our allies have also suffered greatly in her hands but I don’t believe that she has any ill-disposition toward us.”

Divine Lord Xiaoyao Zi scoffed coldly, “Oh, I have even heard that one of your prominent clan the Mystic Realm Clan had been wiped out by her overnight.”

Actually Feng Minyue had already heard from Ye Jing that the Mystic Realm Clan was in cahoots with the Divine Dream Monarch to replace the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. She was not interested in explaining therefore she merely said coldly in return, “As if the intrigues among the patriarch clans aren’t that plentiful enough.”

Xuan Danfeng said with an amused smile, “Let wait and see alright? But…” She emphasized, “Like the Heavenly Fragrance Princess, I don’t believe that Ye Jing is our enemy. She must have her own reasons for doing so. If not, she won’t be fighting on our behalf now. And from the look of it, she is courting her own death now. This is something that none of us here will dare to do. So let’s give her some credits for it.”

Fan Yuqing purposely said, “If anyone of you think that you are nobler and better than Ye Jing, why don’t you go down and fight the Devil Envoy yourself.”

On the other side, Xiaofang was watching Ye Jing and the Devil Envoy nervously. It was because over a late session last night, Ye Jing had warned him not to interfere no matter what happened today.

“No matter what happens, just don’t interfere. Find a place with Nanyan and…take care of Little Fenghuang…”

Down below the steps and on the long platform where Ye Jing and the Devil Envoy was now face to face…

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly as she flashed a scroll in her hand, “Do you have the heavenly decree?”

Ye Jing nodded as she too took out the heavenly decree.

“Good. Then you are deservedly the Goddess Envoy.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly as she was unsure whether that was a compliment or a slap to her face, “I am here now. Erm, shouldn’t we let the smaller fries fight first? After all, we are the mains. This isn’t how most stories have their beginning…”

The Devil Envoy hummed coldly, “So you are afraid?”

Ye Jing was not shy to reply, “Yes, I really am. Especially in front of a superior fighter such as yourself.”

The Devil Envoy smiled, “I am glad that you are not a foolish heroine. Listen, we are going to have a duel. If anyone of us loses then we will surrender the heavenly decree and allow the victor to combine the heavenly decree. Do you dare to accept my challenge?”

Ye Jing muttered softly, “It is not like I have a choice now. I can’t turn back because these celestials that are behind me will surely butcher me. I know that it is my destiny to face you. Alas, I still have many regrets left to do.”

The Devil Envoy said nonchalantly, “You can tell me. If it is something that is not troublesome then I may consider helping you to fulfill.”


Ye Jing smiled bitterly, “Do you have to add the word if it is not troublesome? You are so lacking in sincerity.”

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly, “Hmph, as if I am your friend. I am going to use your life blood to unseal the heavenly decree and if I lose to you then you will do the same to me as well.”

Ye Jing sighed softly, “Although I’ve been briefed before but I have never expected this day to come at long last. But…”

She made a forceful smile, “May I know why you are so eager to lay your hands on the heavenly decree? Surely it is not because you are really fighting for the Devil Isle?”

The Devil Envoy said with a perplexed look, “You mean you didn’t know?”

Ye Jing shook her head, “I wish I know. My mission is to provoke everyone to come to the Unmoving Mountains.”

The Devil Envoy laughed softly, “That is our secret mission as well.” Then she smiled coldly, “True immortality awaits the winner of this duel.”

Ye Jing was startled, “True immortality?! Crap, no one tells me anything…”

The Devil Envoy saw her startled expression and was amused, “The winning side will be able to write the names of ten chosen in the heavenly decree. These ten celestials will be spared from the divine tribulation that is forthcoming and will be able to ascend to the immortal realm at no personal risk. This is what we are after.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Why don’t I give you the heavenly decree and you write my name on it? I am sure that you may have a slot for me.”

The Devil Envoy was slightly taken aback by her remarks but she was soon smiling, “Actually we don’t need to kill each other…”

Ye Jing was delighted, “Really? Great…”

“But unfortunately, your good sister Fan Yuqin has aided you too much. Therefore if you don’t die today then we won’t be able to avert this dark descendant.”

Ye Jing was startled as she said panicky, “This…this…what kind of a logic is this?!”

The Devil Envoy said nonchalantly, “Except for you, I can consider putting the name of your choice in the heavenly decree after I’ve done with you.”

Ye Jing said weakly, “You can put Dugu Fang, Gong Nanyan, my Little Fenghuang, Yu’Er too…and also Xuan Danfeng since she is so good to me…and maybe Feng Minyue so that she can keep Yuqing accompany in the future…and maybe…my mother consort…”


The Devil Envoy swiftly interrupted her, “This is too many and too ridiculous. You can only put the names of the great saints and great monarchs who have the potential to ascend in the future. If you put in any random names then this is going to be a waste of the valuable slots…”

Ye Jing replied awkwardly, “I didn’t know…”

Suddenly the Devil Envoy was solemn, “However if you are able to defeat me then I hope that you will put Han Shandong, Xiao Shuai and Qi Meixue in the name list.”

Ye Jing nodded, “Alright…”

The Devil Envoy had already flashed her divine sword and Ye Jing saw that it was a heaven-step divine sword.

Ye Jing flashed her half-step immortal sword from her spatial space of her jade belt…

The Devil Envoy was not surprised to see the immortal sword. It was because she had long sensed the immortal sword with her divine sense.

However the reactions from the onlookers were astonishing…

“This Goddess Envoy actually has an immortal sword?!”

“ This is going to be an epic fight…”

“How did Ye Jing got her hands on an immortal sword?”

“I wish that I have even a half-step divine sword…”

“This fight is going to be unpredictable…”

Ye Jing heaved a soft sigh, “Senior, do you think that you will give me some advantages? Like extra strokes? After all, I am just a junior.”


Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Alright then…”

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