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Chapter 125: Goddess and Devil Envoys (3)

The Devil Envoy had swung her sword all of a sword and this sword wave could easily rip apart anyone that was below the golden celestial level.

Ye Jing was startled as she evaded the sword stroke, “Hey! You didn’t give me any warning…I am not prepared at all…”

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly as she flashed her sword strokes, “You don’t need to be prepared. Just die quickly and be over with it.”

Ye Jing flashed through her sword strokes as she displayed her attacking strokes, “I don’t want to die without a fight…”

The Devil Envoy flashed to and fro as she lifted her sword, parrying three strokes in a blink of an eye while launching her attacks. She was a little startled as she thought, “This Ye Jing…for someone that is voided of her spiritual strength, her strikes are really heavy. No, it is because her immortal sword is draining my martial strength at every hit…”

Ye Jing and the Devil Envoy were flashing around the pathway platform and their exchanges were furious. Both of them were evading strokes that seemed impossible to evade and striking at odd angles as they flashed like phantoms. It seemed like both their backs had eyes and they could even parry each other’s attacks without even turning back as they swung their swords from front to back at ease.

Every stroke that came from them exploded like a burst of strong wind force even it had missed their opponent. Even if an opponent was lucky to evade the main attack, they would find it difficult to totally evade from the exploding area of effect that resulted from it. But the two of them were able to evade and react like a supernatural phantom.

The onlookers including Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong were all astonished at their martial display.

Xiao Shuai was muttering, “Even my swordplay can be said to be inferior to the Devil Envoy. That Ye Jing had actually improved so much in just a matter of a few months?”

He did not know that ever since their last fight, she had already overcome both the Traverse Divinity and the Seventh Sense Divinity with an astonishing high state of enlightenment, tremendously improving upon her reflexes and intuition.

“That beautiful maiden Ye Jing…is she a supernatural being? How is it possible for her to move like this?”

Even Ancestor Yuan was thinking, “Luckily I didn’t fight her that day…”

“Both of them are really too formidable…”

“No wonder that Ye Jing is able to go rampage throughout the Nine Celestial Fraternity?”

“What kind of a background does the Devil Envoy has? She is such a superb fighter that…I don’t think any of our celestial fighters can be equaled to her…”

Lin Wucheng stole a glance at Fan Yuqing while asking Saintess Ziyue, “This Devil Envoy is too formidable. Although Ye Jing is also good but she doesn’t have the strength for a prolong fight. I can see that she is trying to conserve her celestial strength by deploying only a normal sword stroke but that Devil Envoy is too experienced, she didn’t waste her strength either.”

Saintess Ziyue nodded quietly, “The Devil Envoy used to be one of the seven most powerful fighters of the celestial fraternity. Naturally she isn’t easy to beat. Moreover she is renowned for her speed and her divine sword the Celeste Wind. If I know that she is here, I won’t be here. It is because I am actually not her match.”

Those who could hear her were all startled…

“Even Saintess Ziyue can’t fight her?!”

Mu Huiyin was staring at the fight with a pale expression. After gauging her chances, she knew that she virtually had zero chance. The Devil Envoy was too fierce in her attacks and that speed of hers, was too insane. It was like she could easily cut down any of them with a blink of an eye and yet there was one celestial that could hold her off for this long. This one celestial was Ye Jing and she was the Goddess Envoy. She had actually hoped to deal with her before the fight with the Devil Isle.

Even Qin Tianming was muttering, “The highest pinnacle of the sword art is the formless swordplay. Both of them have already attained to that level. I am inferior.”

The formless swordplay was a divine state where learnt strokes did not matter anymore and where every attack was performed by pure instinct.

Tang Yiren was sighing softly, “It seems that I have to surrender my title as a sword saint. There are too many super exponents in the celestial fraternity…”

Xuan Danfeng was blinking her eyes in astonishment as she thought, “Wah. I can’t remember which part of the Martial Pinnacle Art will allow someone to move and react with such a godly reflexes…”

She had already known that Ye Jing was good in her speed attacks and evades but today display was totally on a different level altogether. It was not something that cultivation methods or celestial level could accomplish.

Lin Wucheng was startled as he looked at the Saintess Ziyue blankly, “The Devil Envoy is this formidable? Which era was that?”

Saintess Ziyue said quietly, “It was the time when the Ancient Ascension Sect was known as the Holy Ascension Sect. She was ranked with the Ascension Goddess among the top seven fighters.”

Everyone was gasping with shock. That period saw a lot of formidable ancient celestial fighters and it was the time when most of the celestial clans were bitterly fighting against each other for resources. The Ascension Goddess was a supreme celestial of the Holy Ascension Sect as well as an elder. Those powerful fighters who had fallen into her hands were too numerous to be counted and till now, her legends were still being whispered.

Lin Wucheng stammered, “She is the Celeste Wind Maiden?!”

Those who had overheard Lin Wucheng were all muttering panicky.

The Celeste Wind Maiden was one of the top dark celestial fighters during her time. Together with the Ascension Goddess and the Mad Conqueror, the number of super exponents that she had slain was no less than a hundred during that chaotic era.

Fan Yuqing said casually, “That is the Celeste Wind Maiden alright.”

Tie Nansen broke into cold sweat and he was muttering, “With such a legendary fighter is among the camps of the dark celestials, no wonder they have dared to approach the Unmoving Mountains…”

Saintess Ziyue sighed softly, “I’ve thought that you are under her for a month back then. You didn’t know who she is back then?”

Tie Nansen smiled weakly, “She didn’t even need to lift her fingers to fight any of us. I only know that Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong take their orders from her.”

Fan Yuqing quietly said, “The Celeste Wind Maiden or rather the Devil Envoy is actually not serious yet. She has not display her full strength yet. She is only testing Ye Jing.”

Lin Wucheng was smiling weakly, “How is it possible that the Devil Envoy is not serious yet. This is already too formidable for me to handle…”

On the other side, Xiaofang was clenching his fists tightly and he had already broken into cold sweat as the duel progressed.

Gong Nanyan tenderly touched Xiaofang with her trembling fingers to calm him down as she whispered, “Sister Jing has warned you not to intervene. Please remember it by heart. You will only distract her and she doesn’t want your involvement.”

Xiaofang was quiet and he was trembling. He did not know that today the Devil Envoy would challenge Ye Jing at the very start of the meet and he was truly stunned by the formidable martial arts that were displayed by the Devil Envoy. For the very first time, he felt so helpless…

On the dark celestials’ side, it was the first time that they had seen the Devil Envoy displaying her martial skills and they were all watching with stunned and jaw dropping expressions.

“Our Devil Envoy is actually so formidable…”

“I thought that Beitang Ze was formidable enough but this is too insane…”

“Even that Ye Jing is also formidable…”

“I think that our Devil Envoy is equaled to three of their great saints or even more…”

Han Shaodong laughed and purposely remarked. “That is for sure that our Devil Envoy is formidable. After all, her celestial name is the Celeste Wind Maiden and she was even ranked as one of the top seven celestial fighters during her time.”

When Han Shaodong had said that, the dark celestials that could hear him were all startled and were all muttering excitingly…

“She is really the Celeste Wind Maiden?”

“She is my idol…I have never expected that the Devil Envoy will actually be her?”

“I say she is the top dark celestial fighter of all time ever since the Mad Conqueror was killed…”

“I never know that our Devil Envoy will have such a background. If she tells me earlier, I will kneel in front of her and even bend my back for her…”

Even Qi Meixue and Duan Yizong were astonished and their eyes were wide-opened…

The news that the Devil Envoy was the Celeste Wind Maiden spread like wildfire and the dark celestials were soon in loud hoorays and their bloodlusts were incited to a new high…

The celestials of the righteous celestial clans saw the excited outcries of the dark celestials and they had an awkward expression.

Tie Nansen tried to rally his side by saying, “No one has an inexhaustible stamina. It is good that we have the Goddess Envoy to fight her first. No matter what, we still have the advantage of our numbers.”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly, “This heaven stairway is so narrow. What good is the advantage of numbers when only so many can fight at the same time. They may as well put the Sword Centipede in front of us and watch as we jump off the mountains.”

Everyone: …

In the meantime the Devil Envoy and Ye Jing were flashing and encircling each other for attack of opportunities. They were moving so fast that their afterimages seemed to be everywhere.

The Devil Envoy chased after Ye Jing as she flew on top of her to deliver a slashing cut, “You are slowing down already. How much strength can you still muster?” When she had said that she was already behind Ye Jing with a triple swallow slashes.

Ye Jing raised her sword arm above her to parry and in the next instant she had swung her sword to her back to parry the first attack of the triple swallow slashes before she leapt to the air as she evaded the second and third slashes. “You…I am still not done yet…”

“Oh really?”

Ye Jing flew out of the Devil Envoy attack radius and hopped on a rocky ledge as she increased the intensity of her golden aura which was now spreading like a pair of large golden wings.

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly as she enveloped herself in her crimson aura that was fluttering like flames and a sigil appeared on her forehead and suddenly there was a burst of windblasts that exploded thunderously around her.

The knowledgeable righteous celestials had immediately turned pale because they had recognized that the Devil Envoy had just opened her Heaven Eyes, a powerful secret immortal art that could potentially raise her peak dark monarch strength to beyond the dark monarch strength…

The knowledgeable dark celestials on the other hand were astonished with disbelief and were excited.

“Our Devil Envoy can actually open her Heaven Eyes!”

“This means that she is a half-step immortal already…”

“From the look of it, her Heaven Eyes level is not low at all…”

The Devil Envoy said after displaying her Heavenly Eyes, “My Heavens Divinity is at the fourth immortal positioning now. Once I’ve displayed the martial strength of my Heaven Eyes, not only will my martial strength doubled, so will my speed. You won’t be able to match me anymore. If you do not resist then I will make sure your death will be a painless experience.”

Ye Jing smiled bitterly, “I won’t surrender without a fight because it is my life that you are after…” She had raised her immortal sword upright with both her hands as a beaming golden light towering to the heavens manifested with her golden aura.

The Devil Envoy was startled, “What is this technique?”

Ye Jing said softly, “This profound energy is from the artefact core of the Hundred Celestial Killing Array. I call this the Heavenly Profound Sword.”

The Devil Envoy said truly stunned, “You have completely refined the Hundred Celestial Killing Array into your cultivation core?”

Absorbing an array core was a slow process that would often take hundreds of years to completely refine it. Moreover the Hundred Celestial Killing Array was one of the most powerful celestial arrays that took thousands of years to create.

But she soon smiled, “You got only one chance to use your technique on me. I can tell that you are using all your spiritual sea to power this powerful technique.”

Ye Jing nodded lightly, “Indeed. No matter how fast you can move, you can’t move faster than my Heavenly Profound Sword.”

The Devil Envoy smirked coldly, “We shall see about that…”

In the next instant she had flew with a startling speed toward Ye Jing…

Ye Jing immediately swung her sword and the towering light beam moved from the heavens as it shifted toward the charging Devil Envoy…

There was a brilliant burst of light as the Heavenly Profound Sword struck the Devil Envoy…

All the onlookers were stunned when Ye Jing had suddenly displayed the Heavenly Profound Sword for the spiritual energies that had suddenly manifested were beyond their comprehension.

Only Fan Yuqing was not surprised as she thought, “So this is her celestial technique after refining the Hundred Celestial Killing Array. It is really an amazing technique.”

Many of the dark celestials had broken out in cold sweat for the Devil Envoy…

The Devil Envoy had flown straight into the beam of light and her aura had turn into a brilliant white flare as her aura collided with it.

In a blink of an eye, this white flare flew like an unstoppable shooting star toward Ye Jing …

Ye Jing was startled, “She…is a…monster…”

And in the next instant the Devil Envoy was upon her and she had slashed her with such a tremendous force that she was sent flying up the air with blood spurting from her body…

The Devil Envoy took three steps back as her crimson aura slowly dissipated and she was panting breathlessly while Ye Jing had landed with a hard slump on the ground.

“I have won…” The Devil Envoy smiled coldly as she steadied her sword. Ye Jing’s celestial technique had burnt a considerable amount of her spiritual force but other than that, she was unharmed. She began to wonder what if Ye Jing had her full celestial strength, would she be able to tank through her Heavenly Profound Sword?

She took a step forward as she muttered, “Child, don’t blame me. This is your destiny after all.”

“Hold!” It was Fan Yuqing and she had suddenly flashed down to the pathway platform below.

Everyone was startled. Was the Saintess Yuqing interfering with the duel? Why was she helping Ye Jing?

Xiaofang had actually wanted to run down the stairs but Fan Yuqing was quicker than him…

Luo Bihua was shedding silent tears as she watched…

Li’Er was watching with wet eyes and so was Gong Nanyan…

The Devil Envoy smiled coldly, “So you are trying to stop me as well? Or you are trying to fish for an advantage immediately after the duel has just ended?”

Han Shaodong and Xiao Shuai were immediately by the Devil Envoy side as Fan Yuqing looked at them with a wryly smile, “I honestly dare not. Moreover your two companions truly terrify me.”

The Devil Envoy said, “Then why are you asking me to hold?”

Fan Yuqing sighed melancholy, “It is all my fault actually. I don’t want her to perish in your hands. So why don’t you let me end this with Ye Jing instead?”

Ye Jing was convulsing on the ground as she forced herself to look up to Fan Yuqing, “Sister…Saintess Yuqing…my premonition is right…I don’t mind dying in your hands…”

The Devil Envoy was perplexed as she looked at Fan Yuqing, “You want to kill her with your own hands?”

Fan Yuqing nodded quietly…

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