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Chapter 126: Yuqing Confession

When Fan Yuqing had suddenly went down to confront the Devil Envoy, Saintess Ziyue had secretly probed her out of concern with her spirit sense and she was somewhat startled. It was because her reservoir of spiritual sea was like Ye Jing just before the fight.

Saint Dong Sheng muttered, “Your god-daughter seems a little foolish…”

There were a lot of noises among the righteous celestials when they saw Fan Yuqing talking to the Devil Envoy…

“Huh? What is Saintess Yuqing doing down there?”

“Is she in cahoots with her?”

“She is surrendering?”

“Nonsense! She is a heroine and she will fight for us…”

“What is going on now?”

“Let’s wait and see first…”

In the meantime, below…

“Wait a minute!” The Devil Envoy said coldly as she looked at Fan Yuqing and Ye Jing, “I didn’t say that I have agreed to your private duel yet.”

Fan Yuqing said gently to Ye Jing, “Give me your heavenly decree.”

Ye Jing knew of her intentions without asking so she threw her heavenly decree to her…

Fan Yuqing quickly caught hold of the heavenly decree and tossed it to the Devil Envoy, “Now that you have the heavenly decree, surely you will have no issue with it now?”

The Devil Envoy caught hold of the heavenly decree with an amicable smile, “I have totally no objections now.”

Xiao Shuai and Han Shaodong were both trembling lightly and they were looking at the heavenly decree excitingly…

Xiao Shuai was in fact stammering, “We…have finally got the heavenly decree in our hands. Who says the bad guys don’t win in the end?”

Fan Yuqing scoffed coldly at him before she turned to look at Ye Jing with a dishearten sigh, “Are you still able to stand?”

Ye Jing said as she popped a few pills into her mouth, “My wounds have just closed and I feeling a little weak still. Can you help me to stand?”

Fan Yuqing laughed softly but there was no malice as she said, “In this entire fraternity, only you will ask your opponent to help you to stand and while we are talking, you are secretly popping pills. Can you be any lamer than that?”

The Devil Envoy interjected with a cold sarcastic smile, “Earlier, your friend here is even shameless enough to ask me for the advantage of some extra strokes just because she is a junior.”

Fan Yuqing smiled as she continued to hold Ye Jing in her gaze, “Really? But knowing you, anything that is shameless and lameness is just too normal.”

Ye Jing said weakly, “Who says I am secretly popping my pills? I am doing it openly in front of the two of you. Do you have to put me down like this before you slain me? Of course I can’t be compared to you or the Devil Envoy. I am at a disadvantage and therefore I have to put my survival at stake first.”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “Even though you know that you are going to die soon but you are going to put up a fight first. Your actions are indeed praiseworthy. You are indeed fit to be the successor of the Heaveness.”

Ye Jing was startled, “You know?”

Fan Yuqing was smiling, “Naturally I do recognize the traces of the Emptiness Translucence that is within you right from the start. Why do you think that I will be so willing to help you?”

Ye Jing asked curiously, “Just because I have the Emptiness Translucence?”

Fan Yuqing replied, “No, because you are the successor of the Heaveness. You must know that that the Heaveness is the successor of the Great Goddess Fantian. Therefore that makes you somewhat related to me. Moreover, you are the successor of my Sister Yi Si as well and inherited her Eternal Lotus.”

She looked up to the heavens with a melancholy sigh, “I am the daughter of the Great Goddess Fantian while you are the successor of the Great Goddess Heaveness…isn’t fate such an irony?”

Xiao Shuai was startled as he looked at Fan Yuqing, “You are Fantian’s daughter?!”

Even Han Shaodong was taken aback, “She is Yixian’s daughter?”

The two of them had known the Great Goddess Fantian when she had transmigrated into a mortal…

Fan Yuqing looked at them quietly, “You seem to have known my mother consort.”

The Devil Envoy was not surprised because she had already known Fan Yuqing’s background and she had as a matter of fact, reported her findings back to the patron goddesses of the Devil Isle.

Fan Yuqing had returned her attention to Ye Jing, “Because of my foolish intervention, I have screwed up both the Devil Isle and the Goddess Palace. In order to set things right again, one of us must die today.”

Ye Jing smiled bitterly, “Why must this be in such a manner? Why must it end up like this? I’ve thought that we…are friends and sisters…”

Fan Yuqing gave a faint smile, “Indeed we are friends and sisters. You are almost like me when I was younger. I like you Ye Jing, I really do. I am the root of all these and I’ve create a monster out of you. Your existence now is too heaven-defying and that will accelerate the dark descendant. However there is a simple solution to end this. If I die then all these will end. Or if you die then all these will end too. Therefore I am giving you a choice to live by fighting me.”

Ye Jing coughed weakly, “You know that I don’t have the strength to fight you anymore. This is just a one side slaughter by you.”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “I can’t deny it. But even if you have your full strength, do you think that you are able to win me?”

Ye Jing smiled playfully, “With your present strength, I can win if I’ve my full strength.”

Fan Yuqing growled softly, “That is only because I have to take your lightning tribulation for you. Now I wish I have let you die that day.”

Ye Jing giggled softly, “That is too late now and that’s why we are fighting now.”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “To be killed in my hands is better than being killed by the Devil Envoy, am I right?”

Ye Jing smiled bitterly, “Is there a difference? I will still be dead anyway.”

Fan Yuqing laughed softly, “There actually is. I will leave your body intact while the Devil Envoy will dismember your body.”

Ye Jing said thoughtfully, “Then you’re right. There is a difference.”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “Say, how long are you intending to lie on the ground more? Surely your golden body plus the pills that you have consumed is more than enough. Do you think that I will not make a move against you if you are on the ground? I am no heroine. ”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Although I think I will be able to stand now but my martial strength is still lacking. Can’t you wait for a little longer for my pills to take some effects? Or you have a divine pill that you can spare me as a charity?”

Fan Yuqing hummed, “Shameless!”

Ye Jing smiled, “I ought to be more shameless if I were to get out of here alive today.”

Fan Yuqing laughed softly, “Unfortunately, you won’t be.”

Ye Jing was laughing jovially too.

The two of them were fated to be friends and nemesis at the same time. Even their roles as protagonists, heroines and villainess were constantly changing and switching. Amidst their laughter, they only knew this too well. Now the Villainess Yuqing was the heroine and she was going to execute the Villainess Ye Jing. And because they understood this, they were laughing at this irony.

All the onlookers were confused when Ye Jing and Fan Yuqing had started laughing together in a casual manner while the Devil Envoy, Han Shaodong and Xiao Shuai were standing motionless with them.

“Why are they laughing?”

“What is the situation now?”

“What is going on now?”

Fan Yuqing was suddenly not laughing anymore as she solemnly said, “Sister Ye Jing. You got to trust me. You got the Eternal Lotus, an immortal artefact that can transcend life and death. Do you know?”

Ye Jing muttered, “Eh?”

She suddenly recalled the first time that she had met the Celestial Liege, he had actually told her that the Eternal Lotus can transcend the cultivator to beyond life and death…

Fan Yuqing smiled faintly, “I can see the Eternal Lotus that is within you is already blossoming. Why don’t you let me put the Eternal Lotus to a test and see if you are able to revive after this?”

Ye Jing replied weakly, “No way! If that is just a grandmother story then I will be completely screwed.”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “That is so true. However I do have a backup plan. Since the souls of the golden celestials are immortal, you will definitely be able to reincarnate. I have the Primordial Heaven Chart and the Tranquil Flute now. I will surely be able to track your soul and follow you to your new reincarnation. When I’ve found you, I will groom you as a saintess again.”

Ye Jing was smiling weakly, “Who knows when you’ve found me, you may find the new me to be more troublesome and change your mind. Maybe you will even sell me to a brothel and enjoy seeing my new state.”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “Maybe I will do just that. I can even get some income from you.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “You are actually more shameless than me, you know?”

Fan Yuqing laughed, “Of course I am. Once I’ve get rid of you, I will definitely be the most shameless saintess around.”

The Devil Envoy, Xiao Shuai and the Han Shaodong were all looking at each other with a weird expression. It seemed that these two maidens were really great friends and they were able to make light of their situations. They were beginning to feel a little pity for Ye Jing…

Ye Jing had slowly got up as she said weakly, “Sister Yuqing, I just have the sufficient strength to take a blow from you. Don’t show me any mercy.”

Fan Yuqing raised her right hand and a beautiful long white flute appeared in her fingers…

This astonished many of the onlookers as they could recognized that the immortal artefact that was in Saintess Yuqing’s hand was a heaven-step immortal artefact!

“She has an immortal artefact too?!”

“Saintess Yuqing actually has a heaven-step immortal flute as her weapon…”

“Why is she displaying her immortal weapon all of a sudden?”

“Even that Ye Jing has got up…”

“Are they about to fight with each other?”

“But they are laughing earlier…”

“They are now pointing their weapons at each other now…”

Even the Devil Envoy, Han Shaodong and Xiao Shuai were startled to see the immortal weapon that was in Fan Yuqing hand. It was because they knew how formidable Fan Yuqing was. A heaven-step immortal weapon that was in her hand could instantly transform her into one of the most dangerous celestial fighters in the entire fraternity…

Fan Yuqing martial voice echoed to the ears of all the onlookers, “Don’t misunderstood. I am not fighting for the Nine Celestial Fraternity or for anyone. The only true heroine is actually my Sister Ye Jing here. Do you know that she only did all these so that she can actually save everyone sorry asses? Do you all know?”

There were hundreds of boos from the indignant celestials. It was because they were all victimized by Ye Jing!

“She is a heroine? My foot!…”

“Why is Saintess Yuqing speaking on her behalf?”

“Ye Jing has stolen all my clan profound treasures! How can she be a heroine?”

“What about the blood of the celestials that she had killed?…”

Ye Jing smiled at Fan Yuqing, “Thank you sister for speaking for me even at this time. You should try your best to salvage your good reputation instead. When you have killed me, you will be more renowned than Mu Huiyin and you will be the number one heroine in the fraternity.”

Fan Yuqing smiled to Ye Jing, “You know. I never want to be a heroine in the first place. I want to be a badass villainess that everyone will fear. But…”

She looked intently at Ye Jing, “But I have no regrets knowing you and thank you for saving my life.”

Ye Jing smiled as she flashed her sword, “Remember that you are the precious daughter of the heavens. Don’t you purposely lose to me and lose your life instead. I don’t accept any of those craps.”

Fan Yuqing laughed softly as she spun her white flute around her fingers, “Don’t worry, I won’t…”

Xiaofang, Gong Nanyan, Xuan Danfeng, Feng Minyue, the Celestial Liege, the Confession Lady, Li’Er, Chu Yunfeng and Luo Bihua were all watching with bewilderment. Fan Yuqing did not confront the Devil Isle but instead she was talking to Ye Jing, then they were laughing and now they were pointing their weapons at each other…

Xiaofang was panicky, “Saintess Yuqing really wants to take Jing’Er away from me?!” It was because he had suddenly remembered that just a few days ago, she had asked him what if she were to take Ye Jing’s life…

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