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Chapter 127: The Nine Celestial Goddess

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “So Sister Yuqing, why don’t you make your move first? I don’t think that I have the strength to move now. Why didn’t you ask me if I got any last wish?”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “I don’t like to help others to fulfill their last wishes, especially not for a dead opponent.”

Ye Jing smiled, “That is so typical of you. I’ve actually want to ask you to help to take care of Xiaofang but since you are so unwilling, so be it then.”


Fan Yuqing raised her white flute, “I won’t fall into your mind tricks. Ye Jing, be prepared to die…”

Just as she had lifted her white flute up, a stunning bright light had burst out from the heavens above and there were silhouettes of three heavenly maidens that had suddenly appeared.

Their figures were extremely moving and their countenances were extremely bright, making it difficult to see their actual facials. But it was undeniable that they were extremely heavenly. They did not descend but was actually levitating high above Ye Jing and Yuqing.

This feat alone caused many of the celestials to believe that these three were immortal maidens that had appeared for the celestials normally were not able to levitate at that height. Moreover they had clearly seen them descending from an even greater heights.

The appearance of the three heavenly maidens stunned all the onlookers, including Ye Jing and Fan Yuqing…

“The immortals have descended?”

“What is going on?”

“Are they really immortals?”

“Surely the immortals are on the side of the righteous celestials…”

“Which side are they on?”

“Who are they?”

Saintess Ziyue gasped softly as she saw the appearances of the three heavenly goddesses while Saint Dong Sheng and many of the celestials were suddenly convulsing as they fell onto the ground, startling many of the celestials that were on both opposing sides. It was because many of the dark celestials had also fallen suddenly.

Saintess Ziyue panicky helped Saint Dong Sheng up, “What happen to you?…”

Saint Dong Sheng coughed weakly as he quickly mustered his celestial energies to stabilize his inner spiritual sea before he replied awkwardly, “I was probing the spiritual seas of these three strangers. But I’ve never expected that their spiritual seas would be so vast and deep that I…almost drown…”

It was not only Saint Dong Sheng but Mu Huiyin, Ancestor Yuan, Qin Tianming, Tie Nansen and many others that had fallen suddenly; they were all probing the spiritual seas of the three heavenly strangers so as to peek into their cultivation level and it all end up quite disastrous for those that did.

The weaker celestials that had tried to probe with their spirit sense were all lying flat on the ground now…

Panic immediately ensured from both opposing sides as the thousands of celestials were all panicking looking at their leaders.

Saint Dong Sheng looked at Saintess Ziyue, “Why aren’t you affected?”

Saintess Ziyue smiled weakly, “That is because I didn’t probe with my spirit sense. I know who they are.”

Saint Dong Sheng muttered, “You do? Who are they?”

Saintess Ziyue said solemnly, “They are the Great Goddess Fantian, Great Goddess Heaveness and the Great Goddess Isa. The one in the middle is the Great Goddess Fantian, the one on the left is the Great Goddess Heaveness and on the right is the Great Goddess Isa.”

When she had said that, everyone was shocked with disbelief…

Xuan Danfeng said weakly as she was helped from the ground by her disciple Song Feixian, “Why didn’t you say so earlier…”

Feng Minyue was also at her side to help her up, “When did you become such a busybody. Isn’t it obvious that they were superior cultivators and you have to try to probe their cultivation level? Curiosity really kills the cat, you know.”

Although she was scolding only Xuan Danfeng but many of the celestials were red-faced, including Saint Dong Sheng and Ancestor Yuan.

But it soon turned into great muttering and awe. It was because the Great Goddess Fantian was said to be the true ruler of the three known realms while the Heaveness was her successor.

As for the Great Goddess Isa, she was said to the ruler of the celestial realm and that made her the number one celestial in the celestial realm. Although she was the foremost number one celestial but she was actually an immortal.

Fan Yuqing and Ye Jing were both gasping softly for they had recognized who the three goddesses were.

The Devil Envoy muttered, “The Great Goddess Fantian…Great Goddess Heaveness…Great Goddess Isa…”

Han Shaodong and Xiao Shuai were both trembling as they looked up at the three heavenly immortal maidens…

The Great Goddess Fantian spoke and her voice was extremely gentle, yet it was visible to the ears of everyone. “I’m the Great Goddess Fantian. I am here with the Great Goddess Heaveness and Great Goddess Isa to put an end to this conflict…”

Ye Jing secretly looked at Fan Yuqing and whispered, “Does this mean that you won’t kill me anymore?”

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “Dream on…”

When she had proclaimed her identity, immediately more than half of the celestials including the dark celestials were all kneeling on the ground and paying their utmost courtesy to them!

“It is the Great Goddess Fantian, the most high among all the goddesses of the immortal realm…”

“Quickly kneel down…”

“Drop your weapons quick…”

“I have never expected to see the true face of the three most prominent goddesses in my lifetime…”

“They are real…the immortals really do exist…”

“They are so beautiful and heavenly…”

The Great Goddess Fantian continued to speak gently, “A dark calamity is soon to befall the entire celestial realm and the name of this dark calamity is the dark descendant. When the dark descendant falls, it will be a time of troubles and the start of a chaotic age that will last a thousand years…”

All the celestials were shocked as they looked at each other, “The dark descendant?!” Many of them had heard of this mystical dark descendant that had ruined the mortal realm. This was a dark calamity that not even the dark celestials would welcome for 99% of all the celestials of their generation would surely perish from the bloodshed that were to follow. The 1% of the survivors were said to be able to ascend to the immortal realm if they were able to kill enough of the celestials.

This dark descendant was truly a horrifying calamity for everyone.

The Great Goddess Fantian paused briefly for it to be absorbed by everyone, “The great gods of the immortal realm do not want such a calamity to happen for the immortal realm has no place for the new desolate immortals that will benefit from it. Therefore we have appointed the Goddess Palace and the Devil Isle to bring all of you here to the Unmoving Mountains.”

There were confusions and mutterings among the celestials. The gods had actually appointed the Goddess Palace and the Devil isle?!

Many of the celestials had an awkward expression because they had suffered in the hands of the Devil Isle and the Goddess Palace…

“Our celestial treasures are stolen by the Goddess Envoy Ye Jing…”

Some of the dark celestials were also thinking, “Is the Golden Mask Devil Goddess also in service of the gods? After all, the all-powerful Scarlet Heretic Sect was wiped out by her…”

The alluring voice of the Heaveness said to all, “I’m the Great Goddess Heaveness. Some of you may know me as the first of the ancient celestials. Like you, I have to cultivate in order to ascend as an immortal. I am well aware of the pains and hardships of everyone. This is but a heavenly trial for everyone to overcome your personal inner demons so that we can avert this dark calamity. For this, we need everyone to be driven by madness and dark malice so that your dark malevolent can foreshadow the forthcoming dark descendant…”

Then she added with an alluring smile, “For those that can still remain pure at heart or have meritorious contributions, your names will be written in the heavenly decrees and you will be promised a place as an immortal in the future.”

Ye Jing muttered weakly, “Why is that I have no place…aren’t my Celestial Teacher Heaveness and the Great Goddess Isa on my side? Goddess Isa, do you still remember that I am your Goddess Envoy…”

Although her voice was soft, the three heavenly goddesses were still able to hear her clearly…

The Heaveness added with a gently smile as she looked at Ye Jing, “Maiden Ye Jing is my successor in the celestial realm. Today I shall bestow upon her the title of the Goddess of the Nine Celestial. She shall be known as the Nine Celestial Goddess from now on.”

Ye Jing stammered, “My celestial title is the Nine Celestial Goddess…”

Fan Yuqing said with a weak smile, “That is your posthumorous title.”


All the celestials were startled at the same time too…

“Ye Jing is actually the successor of the Heaveness? How can it be?”

“She is a villainess…”

“This…is impossible…”

“Surely there must be a terrible mistake…”

“But there is no doubt that she is the Goddess Envoy after all…”

The beautiful voice of the Goddess Isa floated to everyone, “I am the mistress of this realm. I don’t really interfere with what you are doing. A year in the immortal realm is ten years here in the celestial realm. I will rather spend my time in the immortal realm than here…”

The Heaveness whispered softly to her, “Isa, be serious…you are giving a speech…and not your personal opinion. We all know that you are bored in the celestial realm…”

The Goddess Isa managed to keep her countenance solemn but her eyes seemed to be laughing out loud as she echoed to all, “But this day, this great goddess here is going to intervene. Now that all of you are here, we can finally get to business. The gods have heard your grievous sufferings and wrongs…”

All the celestials were nodding and there were indignant in their eyes as their mutterings became louder.

“Therefore for the celestial clans that were victimized by the Goddess Palace or the Devil Isle, you will be bestowed three immortal pills that can allow a celestial practitioner of the peaked golden celestial level to attain to the sacred saint level, ten immortal pills that can allow a peaked immortal celestial to instantly become a golden celestial, twenty immortal pills that can allow a peaked enlighten celestial to become an immortal celestial as well as a hundred immortal pills that can allow a peaked master practitioner to become an enlighten celestial.”

Then she smiled before saying, “The breakthrough will be safe and there won’t be any risks. After all, these are immortal pills.”

When the Goddess Isa had said that in one breath, all the celestials had a stunned expression on their faces. There were suddenly thousands of disbeliefs and everyone was suddenly speaking at the same time…

“This…this is too good to be true…”

Divine pills that could push a celestial practitioner’s cultivation level were too rare and precious in the celestial realm. Even the precious few would surely incite a clan battle for it.

All the celestials could no longer suppress their emotions and were all talking loudly in excitement.

In all the celestial clans, there was always someone who had failed to overcome to the sacred saint level. There were also many that refused to take the risk to the sacred saint level until their celestial potential withered to almost nothing and when they were finally forced to have a breakthrough, they would almost be certain to fail…

Yun Xinghe had become the new grandmaster only because his father had failed to overcome his crucial breakthrough.

And now the Goddess Isa was bestowing three immortal pills that could aid a peaked golden celestial to overcome to become a saint!

Grandmaster Yuan Tianba was suddenly laughing jovially as he looked at his Ancestor Yuan, “This is good. Very good.”

Naturally he was very happy. It was because he was unsure if he would succeed in overcoming his peaked golden celestial level to become a saint. Maybe he would even meet with the same fate as Grandmaster Yun Zongheng.

Actually not much damage was being done to the Divine Sovereign Clan except for a stolen Nightingale Divine Pearl.

Now Yuan Tianba was feeling that if he would become a saint then this was truly worth it. After all, he got to live longer…

Even the smaller celestial clans were also excited. The resources and spiritual veins of the smaller celestial clans were not as fantastic as the patriarch clans. There were many celestial practitioners that hope to become an enlighten celestial so that they could no longer age rapidly and even hope that they could live enough to become an immortal celestial so that they would no longer age.

There were many celestials that suffered exceedingly when they were peaked master practitioners, peaked enlighten celestials and peaked immortal celestials. The breakthrough simply did not happen for them and many of them grew old or die from illness.

Only celestials that had reached the golden celestial levels were immune to sickness and their life spans were many times greater than those who were not.

And the immortal pills that the Goddess Isa was bestowing could just do the trick for them.

So how could anyone not get excited?

“This is so unfair…”

“Why didn’t Ye Jing attack my clan…”

“Those clans that are attacked are the lucky ones…”

“Fellow celestials, can you sell me some of the immortal pills after you got it?…”

Suddenly many of the celestials did not hate Ye Jing as much now. In fact, they were suddenly glad. As a matter of fact, Ye Jing had ensured that she did not kill needlessly when she went on a rampage throughout the Nine Celestial Fraternity. There were many fake exaggerations which were simply not true.

Ye Jing stole a glance at Fan Yuqing, “The Goddess Isa seems to be distributing your Rainbow Saint Pill as though it is free…”

Fan Yuqing lit a slow smile, “Not mine. I’ve stolen from her actually.”


Fan Yuqing continued with a sly smile, “These divine pills are actually made by the Sagess Aiel and given to the Goddess Isa.”

The Goddess Isa waved her hands and her beautiful voice sounded out to all again, “This is only some small compensations. For those clans that lost your celestial treasures, a heavenly relic will be bestowed to you. This heavenly relic has a good chance to become an earth-step divine sword and if you nurture carefully, you may even obtain a heaven-step divine sword.”

When she had said that, everyone was gasping and there were many questions that were flying around.

Some celestial clans had only lost a precious herb, so would they also be entitled to a heavenly relic?

It was because having a divine sword was too prestigious even if it was only a half-step. Now there was a possibility that they may even obtain a heaven-step divine sword!

This was something that was not thought possible by the smaller celestial clans and everyone was talking nonstop!

Suddenly all the celestials, whether they were righteous or heretic, they had all forgotten that they were in the middle of a realm battle and they were all making alliances or deals.

There were many clans that took advantage of the clans that were down when Ye Jing attacked them. Now these down and out clans seemed to be reaping the most benefits and they would soon be propelled to the top. Therefore those clans that took advantage of them were suddenly regretful and were making diplomatic sorties to apologize or to make fresh alliances.

“I can help you rebuild your clan…oh no, you don’t have to pay me…”

Suddenly there were also a lot of marriage alliances out of the blue…

“I’ve a daughter for your son…”

“I have some extra sons. He can even change his clan name to yours, as long as he can marry your daughter…”

Ye Jing was smiling weakly as she saw the scene that was around her as thousands of celestials were all talking excitingly at the same time, “This is too shameless. They are even more shameless than me.”

She looked up to the three goddesses and asked softly, “Do I get anything too?”

Although the goddesses did not reply to her, Ye Jing did not mind at all. After all, she was just making light of her own situation.

Fan Yuqing smiled weakly, “They’re trying to undo your damages and you’re trying to get some benefits. You are too hopeless in your shamelessness…”

This time it was the gentle voice of the Great Goddess Fantian that echoed to all, “However, we do have a condition first. After all, the dark descendant has not been averted yet…”

When the celestials heard her, they were all quiet immediately and they had all turned ashen. They had all forgotten about the dark descendant in their excitement…

The Great Goddess Fantian spread her hands and there were a looming pressure that came from the heavens.

And a gigantic landmass had suddenly materialized into view above the three goddesses.

“This looks familiar…”

“Where did I see this before?”

The mountains below shook with the shockwaves that were created when the gigantic landmass began to slowly descend…

The Great Goddess Fantian said gently, “This is the true form of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth…”

“The Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth has appeared?!”

“What is going on?!”

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