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Chapter 131: Hidden Recluse Again

Ye Jing was soaring high with Yu’Er in the skies above the misty heavens. Yu’Er had returned to her phoenix form.

After paying her mother consort a visit, she had learnt that the Holy Citadel City had been restored to its rightful place again and that she just happened to be at the Tranquil City to pay her a visit.

She was left cursing Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue, “Why didn’t they tell me…”

After she had bade her mother consort goodbye and promising to visit the Holy Citadel City soon, she had departed again. She had finally met Elder Situ Ling, Elder Sheng, Hua Xie’Er and Hua Ni’Er again. She was pleased that they were all doing fine now and that Elder Situ Ling and Elder Sheng were even together now…

She had heard from her mother consort that Chu Yunfeng and Li’Er did not return to the Holy Citadel City but had chosen to stay at the Willow Winds Manor.

She was moaning softly, “Yu’Er, are you lost? We have been flying for two days now…”

Yu’Er shrieked loudly as she encircled a mountain peak.

“Did you just randomly pick a mountain peak so that you can pacify me?”

Ye Jing took a look at the mountain peak and then she was smiling, “But this looks about right…so let’s make landfall here…”

She did not even wait for Yu’Er to land but she had already jumped off her back as she descended rapidly with her aura fluttering like a pair of soaring wings, much to the panicky cries of Yu’Er.

She landed lightly on her tiptoe. Actually she did not know if her lightless skill was sufficient to land like this but she was in nine heavens and her spirit was high. She had finally shaken off the deadly shackles of her deadly premonitions and she felt like there was no stopping her from accomplishing anything now. She had been in the abyss for such a long time and now that she was freed from it, she was extremely light spirited and extremely exuberant.

Ye Jing giggled softly, “I can actually jump down from this height? I got to try it again.”

Yu’Er was shrieking panicky, “Don’t you try it again. You are just lucky that there are strong winds that cushion your fall. Just because you are a golden celestial and probably won’t die from a hard fall but you may accidentally cough out your organs and die of internal injuries.”

Ye Jing was groaning softly, “Yu’Er…you are such a damper…”

She took a look around her and saw many tall trees and a crystal clear pool, “I have a familiar sense around here…”

This was where she had first met Xiaofang…

Then she noticed that there were two persons hiding in the shadows of the trees. Although they had tried their best to conceal their auras but her divine sense was too acute.

So she laughed lightly, “How come there are two kids there? Whose kids are you?”

A little girl that looked eight to nine peeked out of the covers of the trees. Next to her was a little boy that was around five year old.

The little girl was obviously startled as she had never seen a stranger before. But when she saw Ye Jing, she was suddenly not afraid as she asked in a timid voice. “Big sister, who…are you?”

The little boy said almost incoherently, “She has golden eyes just like papa and mama…and she has a big bird behind her…”

Ye Jing was stunned as she looked intently at the little girl for a while before she smiled, “Are you Little Fenghuang?”

The little girl nodded lightly and her mouth seemed to want to say something…somehow this big sister had a familiar tingling in her. It was as though she had known her for a long time. She asked, “Big Sister, how do you know my name?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Why are you alone? Where are your parents?…”

She began to touch the little girl’s soft cheek and there was hot tears in her eyes…

“Big Sister, why are you crying? Did I say something wrong?”

Ye Jing shook her head, “No, I am…just happy to see you…”

“Why is big sister happy to see me?”

“That is because…I’m your….”

“Jing’Er?!!!” A man’s voice panicky shouted.

“It is really Sister Ye Jing,” a woman was gasping.

Without turning back, Ye Jing was smiling. She knew that it was Xiaofang and Gong Nanyan…

When she slowly turned back, Xiaofang immediately had her into his embrace and had lifted her up. He was a little taller now and was heavily muscled now.

Ye Jing was startled, “Xiaofang, you seem to have grown up now…how come your cultivation didn’t improve at all…”

Xiaofang’s eyes were brimming with hot tears, “Jing’Er, I have thought that I would never see you again…how did you…”

Gong Nanyan had also walked to Ye Jing and had hugged her from behind, “Sister Jing, this day that we have been waiting for has finally come…you are really back…” She was trembling and her eyes were red.

The little girl asked, “Why is papa hugging another woman? Is she…”

Xiaofang lifted her up on his strong arm with a gentle laugh, “Little Fenghuang, this is your mama. She is finally back!”

Little Fenghuang was suddenly crying as she tried to hug Ye Jing with her small hands, “Mama, it is…really you. Your Little Fenghuang misses you so much…”

Ye Jing’s eyes were wet but she was smiling, “Little Fenghuang, mama misses you too. I really do. Woah, you’re an enlighten celestial now. You will grow up to be a promising cultivator.”

Xiaofang said weakly, “Erm Jing’Er, Little Fenghuang is a born Xiantian. She is already an enlighten celestial when she was born.”

Ye Jing eyes looked a little sheepish, “I forget…” Then she took a look at the little boy who was looking up curiously at the adults, “This must be Nanyan’s little son. He is also a born Xiantian?”

Gong Nanyan nodded with a smile, “Yes and his name is Dugu Xun. We call him Little Xun for now.”

Ye Jing pointed at Yu’Er, “Little Fenghuang, Little Xun. This is Yu’Er, she is a phoenix!”

Yu’Er shrieked proudly as she tried to impress the two kids but they did not really look too impressed…

Xiaofang said emotionally as he continued to hold Ye Jing tightly, “Fan Yuqing really did not lie to me…she has really brought you back…”

“Jing’Er, how did you know that we are here?”

Ye Jing lowered her glances as she stroked Little Fenghuang’s head gently, “Actually I did not know. I only remember that we have a ten year meet here and the ten year meet is almost here. I want to visit this part of the mountain where we have first met before I head north.”

Xiaofang nodded emotionally, “That is the reason why I am back. I have never forgotten about that…so have you…”

Ye Jing nodded as she looked intently into his eyes, “I have never forgotten that at all…”

Xiaofang asked curiously, “Why are you heading north?”

Ye Jing said gently, “I have heard that Chu Yunfeng, Li’Er and Luo Bihua are all at the Willow Winds Manor. I am thinking of paying them a visit and to tell them that I’m alright now.”

Xiaofang asked, “Then where are you going next Jing’Er?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “After that I am going to gather all my friends to the Unmoving Mountains and we will storm the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.”

Xiaofang was startled, “You are serious? Do you not want to stay with us?” Then he asked in a dispirited voice, “Or am I not worthy still…”

Ye Jing patted him gently on his face, “You are already worthy since the first day that we have first met…it is just that I don’t have the heart to tell that to a badass kid like you in the past. But now, you have grown up.”

Then she said to Xiaofang and smiled at Gong Nanyan as she looked at Little Fenghuang, “Thank you for bringing up Little Fenghuang…”

Xiaofang was stammering, “I am worthy since the first day…I did not know…”

Then he quickly said, “Jing’Er, if you are going to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth, please bring me with you.”

Gong Nanyan smiled as she took a look at Little Xun and Little Fenghuang, “I will like to go too…but…”

Ye Jing laughed, “That is easy. We can just dispose these brats to my mother consort at the Holy Consort City.”

Xiaofang asked, “Dispose?”

Ye Jing chuckled wryly, “That is a figure of speech. Don’t mind me!”

Little Fenghuang pulled Ye Jing sleeves, “Mama, you don’t want your Little Fenghuang anymore?”

Ye Jing lifted her up and kissed her on her cheeks, “No way! It is just that your mama is taking you to see your grandmother. You should see what your grandma looks like and see the place where I grow up. Your mama had many fond memories there…”

Gong Nanyan smiled weakly as she lowered her glances, “You are all not good parents. You can’t have all your parents taking risk at the same time. Someone has to stay behind. I am willing to stay behind…”

Ye Jing giggled as she hugged Gong Nanyan, “Sister Nanyan, you are such a homely housewife now. Don’t you regret not coming with us later.”

Gong Nanyan smiled, “If you see my protégé mistress, please send my regards to her. I really miss her.”

Ye Jing nodded, “Alright then.”

Gong Nanyan smiled, “Sister Jing, I hope that you are able to stay here for a few days before you depart. Alright?”

Ye Jing looked at Little Fenghuang with a prolong look as she hugged her tightly, “Alright…I want to spend some time with my daughter as well…”

Gong Nanyan smiled, “This is only proper.” Then she whispered. “Please keep the noise down at night. We have kids now…”

Ye Jing was suddenly flushing as she took a shy look at Xiaofang before she protested, “He is the noisy one…”

Late at night…

“Mama, why is that weird noise. Is Mama Ye crying?”

Gong Nanyan heaved a soft sigh, “Nothing. Just go and sleep…”

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