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Chapter 132: Master Teacher is Back!

It had been many days since Ye Jing had stayed in this mountain recluse. Now it was time for her to depart.

But when she saw the gigantic four winged blue dragon that was in front of her, she was stunned. “Are you bringing this to the Willow Winds Manor?”

Even Yu’Er was shrinking behind Ye Jing as she looked frightened. Although Yu’Er was also an eighth rank saint beast but this Azure Dragon looked so much stronger than her.

Xiaofang was grinning, “Yes, that’s right. He is my childhood friend and he stays around these mountains.”

At this moment, Little Fenghuang and Little Xun were both playing around the huge claws of this Azure Dragon.

“This is…an eighth desolate beast…” Ye Jing muttered. An eighth rank desolate beast was equivalent to an initial sacred saint level in cultivation strength. But one to one, a desolate beast always emerged the winner due to its superior inherent strength. “How come you’ve never told me you have such a childhood friend?”

Xiaofang grinned, “Then how do you think that I can find you again so soon when you are in trouble at that time?” Then he heaved a soft sigh, “That was when I had decided to stay behind at the Holy Citadel City and since then, he had returned here.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “That won’t do. He is too scary. My Yu’Er can take both of us and moreover Yu’Er has excellent sense of direction and will never get lost.”

Yu’Er nodded while the Azure Dragon was roaring in protest.

Ye Jing immediately smiled weakly, “I actually mean that Yu’Er can travel much faster. You know that nothing can rival a phoenix speed, especially a royal phoenix like Yu’Er. She can travel ten thousand miles without needing a break.”

Yu’Er began to flap her wings with great haughtiness as she shrieked happily, “Stop following me. We’re different species you know, you stupid dragon…red and blue don’t mix you know…*shriekkkk*.”

Xiaofang stroked the Azure Dragon, “Alright then. Old friend, I’m sorry that you have to stay here…”

The Azure Dragon was moaning sadly as he had taken quite a liking to Yu’Er…

Ye Jing gave Gong Nanyan and the children one last hug, “Sister Nanyan, Little Fenghuang, Little Xun…see you soon…”

Little Fenghuang was crying. At her age, she knew that her mama was leaving already, “Why mama is abandoning your Fenghuang so soon…”

Ye Jing sighed softly, “Your mama is going to save the celestial fraternity. That is why I have to leave. Saving the celestial fraternity is more important…”

Xiaofang muttered quietly at one side, “The celestial fraternity had already been saved by you…you are just trying to find an opportunity to explore the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth…”

Even though Xiaofang’s was almost muttering incoherently, Ye Jing had extremely sharp ears and she quickly laughed softly. “I have a bad premonition again that something horrible will happen…”

Xiaofang was startled as he asked panicky, “Really?”

Ye Jing nodded unabashedly, “You didn’t believe me when I told you that I will die that time. Now you have a second chance to believe in me again. Xiaofang, do you trust me and will firmly stand by my side, no matter what happens?”

Xiaofang quickly said, “Jing’Er, I do…”

Ye Jing interrupted happily, “Then you got to believe in me! We are going to save the celestial fraternity this time…together!”

Gong Nanyan was secretly groaning, “This…sounds so fake. She can only fool Xiaofang…” But she did not say anything as she said gently to the children, “Mama Ye will be back soon. Do you know that she is the Nine Celestial Goddess and a great saintess? She has many things to attend.”

Little Fenghuang was startled as her cute eyes stared at her mama, “My mama is a great saintess?” Since a young age, Gong Nanyan had been telling her bedtime stories about the great saints and saintess, just like her parents before her. It was every child dream to be a golden celestial and a great sacred saint when they had grown up.

Ye Jing smiled, “Yes, your mama is a great saintess and a peaked great saintess too. So you must also cultivate like I do and quickly become a golden celestial when you grow up. But now, I really have to leave now. Don’t cry anymore. Your mama will be back soon.”

Little Fenghuang nodded and touched her with her tender fingers, “Goodbye mama…”

Ye Jing gave her a last pat on her head before she jumped onto Yu’Er, “Xiaofang, let’s go now…”

Xiaofang was hugging Little Xun and Little Fenghuang for one last time even as he looked forlornly at Gong Nanyan as he said, “Nanyan, you must be careful and please take care…”

But Gong Nanyan interjected with a smile, “You dare to look down on me?” Then she pushed him away, “Hurry and go!”

As Ye Jing and Xiaofang soared with Yu’Er to the heavens; Gong Nanyan, Little Xun and Little Fenghuang were waving their hands at them as Gong Nanyan gave a soft shout. “Come back soon!”

Little Fenghuang waved her hand gently as she sobbed, “Mama, I miss your cooking…”

Ye Jing waved back cheerfully, “I will come back to cook for everyone.  I promise! Goodbye!”

As they took off, Ye Jing giggled. “Say Xiaofang, do you feel awkward following four saintess? You are still a golden celestial. How come you didn’t improve during the past 8 years?”

Xiaofang smiled awkwardly, “I had already overcome my Crisis Divinity and had reached the Ascend Divinity. It is just that my celestial level is still at the intermediate golden celestial level. I was in depression for many years after you were gone. It is all thanks to Nanyan that I haven’t lost my sanity yet. Also, I have to take care of the kids…”

Ye Jing immediately shut up and laughed softly, “So you are now abandoning your parental duties to go and have some fun outside, huh?”

Xiaofang: …

Many days later, Yu’Er had finally reached the mountains where the Willow Winds Manor was located.

When they had caught sight of the castle of the Willow Winds Manor, quite a number of people had gathered below as they were startled to see a large phoenix soaring in the heavens.

As soon as the red phoenix was near, some of the people were shouting excitingly. “It is…Master Teacher Shen Zhen! She is back!”

Yu’Er landed in the inner courts of the Willow Winds Manor and as soon as Ye Jing got off from her, she was greeted by Luo Bihua, Chu Yunfeng, Li’Er, Chen Xian, Wu Liang and Old Wang.

“Master Teacher!” Old Wang, Chen Xian and Wu Liang greeted excitingly while Li’Er and Luo Bihua had immediately flown into her embrace!

Ye Jing laughed, “Bihua, you have grown up and wow, you’re an enlighten celestial now? Not bad at all.”

Luo Bihua had watery eyes, “Master Teacher, Bihua thought that I will never see you again…”

Li’Er could not believe her eyes as hot tears flowed down her cheeks, “Protégé mistress, you are really alive…”

Chu Yunfeng was shaking emotionally when he saw Ye Jing but he tried to hide his emotions by saying loudly, “The one behind is Brother Fang, my best buddy! For a moment, I couldn’t recognize you. You seem to have grown more beef nowadays!”

Xiaofang bowed politely with his hands, “Brother Yunfeng!”

Ye Jing held Li’Er and Luo Bihua warmly, “Yes, I am very much alive. I thought that I find you lot and to tell you this good news before I depart.”

Li’Er was startled, “Protégé mistress, you are leaving so soon?”

Ye Jing chuckled softly, “I’m going to the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth to deal with some unfinished business there.”

Li’Er was clearly disappointed, “I can’t go…” It was because only golden celestials were able to enter the portals of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.

Ye Jing smiled gently, “Don’t worry. I will be alright. I’m going with Xiaofang, Yuqing and Minyue.”

Li’Er nodded reluctantly…

“So how are things with you? Starting from Li’Er and Bihua?”

Li’Er smiled shyly as she stole a glance at the awkward Chu Yunfeng, “I’ve married Yunfeng and…we have two children now…”

Luo Bihua was looking equally shy, “I’ve married Brother Yunfeng too…and we have a child…”

Ye Jing was truly startled, “Wah? Elder Yunfeng has married both of you. He is so lucky…”

Chu Yunfeng was laughing awkwardly, “I am really a lucky man.”

Even Xiaofang was startled as he grinned, “Brother Yunfeng is now the father of three children. That is really a good news!”

Chu Yunfeng laughed, “How about you?”

Xiaofang grinned, “I’ve two children now…”

Chu Yunfeng patted him hard on the shoulder, “Not bad at all! Who your consort? Maiden Nanyan? She’s the mother of your two children?”

Xiaofang grinned but did not answer him.

Chen Xian was stammering, “Master Teacher, we’ve heard that you are really a great saintess. Is that true?”

Wu Liang nodded nervously and added, “As well as the Holy Consort of the Holy Citadel City.”

Old Wang was nodding excitingly and his old eyes were brimming with tears, “Our Master Teacher indeed has an extraordinary background.”

Ye Jing smiled, “That’s right. Shen Zhen is but my alias. I’m sorry that I didn’t reveal it to everyone back then. It is because I have my own difficulties.”

Wu Liang’s eyes were red, “We have heard so much about you. Our Master Teacher is the number one heroine of the Nine Celestial Fraternity as well as the Nine Celestial Goddess…”

Chen Xian was stammering, “We have all thought that Master Teacher is no longer around so we have erected a monument for you. Now we can remove it…”

When Ye Jing heard that there was a monument in her honor, she quickly said excitingly. “Quick, hurry and take me to it! I want to see if it is well-done. Maybe I can even give some suggestions to improve it…”

Everyone: ……

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