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Chapter 136: New Beginning

The inside of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth was just as before. There were hundreds of floating landmasses that were hanging in mid-air above.

Ye Jing spread her hands and inhaled deeply, “The spiritual force here in indeed more wondrous than the outside.”

She stroked Yu’Er gently as she smiled, “I’m glad that this time you are able to join me inside. Do you know how much fun that you’ve missed the last time?”

Yu’Er chirped happily and flagged her wings repeatedly, agreeing with her.

Xiaofang muttered, “We’re back here again…”

Xuan Danfeng nodded as she took a quick look, “It seems that there are no safe zones anymore. We are directly on the first level now and…” she could not resist adding sarcastically, “Others have a head start of 8 years over us.”

Ye Jing giggled, “It doesn’t matter! In the name of the Nine Celestial Goddess, I shall curse them to wander in circles!”

Xuan Danfeng: …

Feng Minyue smiled gently, “Sister Jing’Er, it isn’t a good idea to use your name to curse the others. There may be heavenly retributions for all you know.”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Then in the name of the Great Saintess Yuqing, I hereby curse them to wander in circles!…”

Fan Yuqing had just materialized behind them and was startled to hear Ye Jing invoking her name, “Huh? Did someone just call out my name?”

Ye Jing smiled and said, “We’re just wondering where you are. Here you are now!”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly as she looked at Fan Yuqing, “Oh well, Sister Yuqing I am inside now. If I don’t enter here with you, will you really torch the entire library?”

Fan Yuqing smiled mesmerizingly as she said, “Even if I were to torch down the entire library, I won’t be able to destroy it. The entire library is but an illusion and cannot be destroyed by any means. You won’t be able to take any cultivation slips from the library or to destroy it either.”

Xuan Danfeng was startled, “Crap, I just got tricked to come here…”

Ye Jing smiled, “It is too late now for regrets. You are now coming with us.”

Fan Yuqing nodded as she said, “However, there is something that I need to tell everyone first. The Heaveness has discovered that a mysterious dark force has entered the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. It is likely the work of the dark immortals. Therefore on top of exploring and taking the trials here, we need to help the immortal realm to keep a lookout. Some of the celestials that we know may be working hand in hand with the dark immortals.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly, “Why didn’t you tell us earlier? I really don’t want to get into any affairs of the immortals.”

Xuan Danfeng was looking weakly at Feng Minyue, Ye Jing and Xiaofang and everyone was taken aback.

Fan Yuqing smiled, “Of course, if we are able to uncover the plot of the dark immortals, the Heaveness will surely reward us.”

Ye Jing was suddenly laughing, “So what is the reward? I am eager to hear about it first.”

Fan Yuqing looked at her with a sly smile, “Except for you, the rest of us will be getting a reward.”

Ye Jing said unhappily, “Why is everyone getting a reward except for me?”

“That is because you are the successor to the Heaveness and the Heaveness is your Celestial Teacher. You don’t ask for a reward from your Celestial Teacher. You can only receive instructions from your Celestial Teacher. Got it?”

Ye Jing was clearly miserable, “I didn’t even get my name on the heavenly decree for resolving the dark calamity and I’ve died for it. This is so unfair. If you have told me earlier then I wouldn’t have come.”

Fan Yuqing was smiling, “You are the one that insist on coming here. Anyway, I’ve only received this instruction when you are away. So live with it.”

Ye Jing: …

Ye Jing protested weakly, “So when you say you did not want to come here, it is only putting on an act?”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “I really did not want to come here but since you are so insistent on grouping me, consider it a personal favor that I’ll be helping you to accomplish your new instruction.”

Ye Jing muttered weakly as she looked at everyone, “Hmph! There are no rewards for me. There are no benefits in being the Heaveness’ successor at all.”

Feng Minyue smiled weakly, “Although there is no reward for you but you’ve already reaped the biggest reward.”

Ye Jing asked curiously, “Huh? What is it?”

Feng Minyue smiled, “You’re already privy to many of the heavens’ secrets. Isn’t that good enough? Also, although both you and Sister Saintess Yuqing names are not in the heaven decree but all of us don’t doubt of your ability to ascend in the future. What the point of putting your names in the heavenly decree when your ascension is almost a certainty?”

Ye Jing pondered for a little, “What you say makes a little sense…”

Feng Minyue smiled, “The more tasks that you’re able to accomplish for the immortal realm, the more certain is your ascension. If you think of it this way then you will reap the biggest reward of all.”

Ye Jing was in thoughts when Fan Yuqing said, “Come, let’s do some exploring now…”

All the rest of the group except for Ye Jing were nodding and they had followed Fan Yuqing’s lead.

Just as Ye Jing was muttering, “No, this doesn’t sound right. Everyone gets to ascend and they get one more reward, except for me!…Huh? Where’s everyone?” She panicky shouted after them, “Hey, wait for me!”

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