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Chapter 138: Mystique Core Divine Pill

The monstrous reptilian head of the Brahman Behemoth had just appeared over the horizon of the narrow cliff when the beautiful figure of a maiden with a beaming sword had suddenly leapt over its head. This maiden was none other than Ye Jing and in her hand was her immortal sword.

In that single instant, her sword had become a beam of heavenly light as she swung her sword to align the heavenly light into the monstrous beast with a brilliant glare of implosion that streaked across its body.

Ye Jing gasped softly as the Brahman Behemoth was howling in rage at her act and the heavenly light of her Hundred Celestial Killing Array could only burn through the protective aura of the monster but failed to even scratch through its thick armor.

The claws of the Brahman Behemoth flew toward Ye Jing but she managed to evade like a phantom by swinging her sword to change the course of her direction in mid-air.

She almost got a heart attack and just as she thought that she could no longer evade, Xuan Danfeng had flashed to her and pulled her to safety…

At the same time that the Brahman Behemoth had reflectively lifted its claw to attack Ye Jing, Xiaofang had flashed from the cliff and he had lifted his immortal sword to pierce with a thunderous impact into the armor of the Brahman Behemoth!

This was the opening that Ye Jing had created for Xiaofang so that he could attack with his heaven-step immortal sword to display his martial strength to the fullest. Although Xiaofang was only at the intermediate golden celestial level but since he had already overcome his Crisis Divinity and had attained the Ascend Divinity, he was a double golden celestial. His martial strength now equaled to that of an intermediate saint. Plus with the heaven-step immortal sword that was in his hand, his martial strength had briefly exceeded that of an upper saint as he raised his martial power to his fullness to penetrate through the armor of the Brahman Behemoth.

However he knew that this was not enough to really hurt it. Therefore as he penetrated through the armor of the monster, he had also displayed the divine sanctorum powers of his sword to display the eight trigrams and the five elements of his sword, using the fire element with the later heaven sequence of the eight trigrams to burn through the armor and the metal element with the early heaven sequence of the eight trigrams to tunnel through the Brahman Behemoth with as much impact as possible…

And right behind him was Fan Yuqing whose had burst into a golden burst of flare that was shaped like a lotus as she raised her white flute to attack at the same spot as Xiaofang.

There was a burning flare on Fan Yuqing’s forehead as she raised her martial power to the Heavens Divinity and displayed her Heaven Eyes to the fifth positioning.

Fan Yuqing was a great saintess and her weapon was also a heaven-step immortal weapon. Together with the empowerment of her celestial star artefact core, her strike was even greater than Xiaofang and there was a piercing light that tunneled from one end of the Brahman Behemoth to the other end.

This attack happened to rapture the heart of the Brahman Behemoth and the monster howled for one last time before it collapsed loudly with a cloud of towering dust.

Ye Jing was breathing heavily, “Eh?! Did we really win?”

Xiaofang was sweating heavily and he had broken into cold sweat when he had attacked the monster, “We’ve…really won?”

Fan Yuqing leaned her back on the cliff as the wet strand of her hair covered her face, “I’ve used everything that I’ve got. I really can’t believe that we have succeeded…”

Feng Minyue was looking weakly at Xuan Danfeng. Their roles were to support the retreat of Ye Jing, Xiaofang and Fan Yuqing. It was because after they had mustered all their martial strength into the offensive, they would be at their most vulnerable state which rendered them almost defenseless.

Xuan Danfeng muttered with disbelief, “If I have not seen with my eyes, I really cannot believe that the three of you can actually disable the formidable defenses of the Brahman Behemoth…”

Fan Yuqing inhaled heavily, “It is only…briefly…we only got a few seconds…before the…Brahman Behemoth…can recover…”

Feng Minyue was quickly by her side to help her stand. Her eyes were beaming with tears as she looked at her, “My legs are still shaking even now. I am worry that I may fumble into getting everyone out of the way just now…”

Xuan Danfeng was also smiling weakly, “My legs are also jelly. Although I am not at the frontline but just watching from the side, I am already so nervous.”

Then she smiled at Ye Jing, “Sister Jing is the main heroine. Her timing is excellent and she managed to dodge out of the way. I got a big fright just now.”

Ye Jing was looking pale as she smiled, “Whew. I didn’t know how I manage to evade at mid-air.”

Xuan Danfeng was looking guilty. It was because she was supposed to rescue Ye Jing after she had made her attack. But the Brahman Behemoth had reacted too swiftly and her legs had gone jelly at the sight of the monster. Hence her reactions were slowed by several seconds before she could react to get Ye Jing out of the way.

“Anyway, this is our first battle in the labyrinth here and we have managed to defeat the boss of this world.” Feng Minyue was smiling as she looked at everyone. She then extended her hand and said, “Why don’t we celebrate this little victory with some hoorays and claps?”

“Good idea!” Ye Jing replied as she held Feng Minyue’s hand.

Xuan Danfeng chuckled softly as she reached out for their hands as well followed by Fan Yuqing who was muttering, “This is so silly…”

While Xiaofang was hesitating, Ye Jing had pulled his right hand to place it on top of their hands. “Xiaofang, why are you so shy for? You’re not a kid anymore and we wouldn’t have done it without you.”

Xiaofang smiled weakly and his hand was trembling a little. It was especially when his right hand was on top of Fan Yuqing’s right hand…

Fan Yuqing smiled with a flush as she could feel the warmth of Xiaofang’s hand on her. Her voice had suddenly become gentle as she asked, “So what should we do now?” This was her first time displaying such a group gesture.

Feng Minyue and Ye Jing said at the same time, “Then we shall slap each other hands as we lift our hands together and say this is for our victory.”

Fan Yuqing muttered, “I may not get this right at the first time. Shall we do a rehearsal first?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “It is easy…so need for that…let’s start now.”

“Alright…” As Fan Yuqing replied, she had stolen a glance at Xiaofang.

“Begin!” Feng Minyue smiled.

Immediately they were clapping one another’s hands that were in the middle as they stood around in a circle and shouting, “This is for our victory!”

Ye Jing laughed as she looked at Fan Yuqing, “See! This is so easy!”

Fan Yuqing gave a faint smile as she quickly withdrew her hand to her back. She curled up her fingers into a fist as she felt the warmth that was still fresh from touching Xiaofang’s hand while saying, “Only for this time. It is so silly. I’m not going to do it again…”

They were suddenly interrupted by a divine light that had suddenly appeared from the inner core of the Brahman Behemoth as it slowly dematerialized.

Everyone was startled as they stared at the divine light that was fluttering with rainbow hues.

Ye Jing said excitingly, “This must be the reward from defeating the Brahman Behemoth? So who shall get it then?”

Feng Minyue smiled, “I didn’t really make any contribution. So count me out of this.”

Xuan Danfeng was also smiling, “Same here. The credit goes to Ye Jing, Xiaofang and Yuqing.”

Xiaofang smiled, “I’ve already got my reward the last time we are here. So count me out too.”

Ye Jing smiled at Fan Yuqing, “This leaves only the two of us now.”

Fan Yuqing was smiling as she reached out into the divine light, “Why don’t we take a look at what it is first?”

It was a pill that was shining with a brilliant light like a shining pearl. Fan Yuqing was gasping, “This is…”

Ye Jing and everyone had crowded around her, “What is it?”

Fan Yuqing was smiling, “This is the Mystique Core Divine Pill. An immortal pill. It is able to open a celestial practitioner’s heaven eyes or to elevate the level of the existing heaven eyes level.”

She smiled as she looked at everyone, “Once your heaven eyes are opened then you are basically an immortal practitioner already.”

Xuan Danfeng was gasping softly while Feng Minyue was covering her mouth as they stared at the shining pill with astonishment.

An immortal practitioner is totally a different class from a celestial practitioner!

Then she tossed it gently to Ye Jing, “This pill can only be consumed by celestial practitioners that have reached the upper saint level. Anyway, I have no use of this for now. You may have it.”

Ye Jing looked at Fan Yuqing as she stammered, “Eh, this is…really for me?” Then she looked at everyone else, “I can…really take it?”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “Why don’t you take it now before we change our minds?”

Ye Jing did not wait for her to say more as she quickly popped the pill with a coy expression…

Xiaofang was muttering, “Immortal practitioner? Saintess Yuqing, since you’ve already opened your heaven eyes, are you an immortal practitioner?”

Everyone was looking at Fan Yuqing with a weird expression…

Ye Jing muttered, “That’s right…are you an immortal practitioner then?”

Fan Yuqing smiled gently, “Yes and no. An immortal practitioner is but a naming term for celestial practitioners that are able to cultivate beyond the great saint. Once a cultivator reaches the great saint level, they may be able to open their heaven eyes to cultivate to a greater state of divinity. Even if they fail to open their heaven eyes, it is perfectly alright because once you ascend to the immortal realm, your heaven eyes will be opened anyway so it is not a big issue.”

As Ye Jing swallowed the divine pill, she was smiling. “So the immortals have grades too? So what is the grading like?”

Xiaofang said, “I am curious as well…”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling, “Same here. Surely Sister Yuqing, you are not so stingy with revealing a little of the heaven secrets to us?”

Fan Yuqing sighed softly, “Once your heaven eyes are opened, it will begin at the First Immortal Positioning. There are a total of Ten Immortal Positioning, with the Tenth Immortal Positioning as the highest. Most of the immortals are in the First to the Forth Immortal Positioning. Anyone who has a fifth or higher immortal positioning in the immortal realm is a high immortal of some status. I can only reveal this much to you.”

Ye Jing smiled as she asked curiously, “What is the immortal positioning of the Heaveness and the Goddess Isa? And the Great Goddess Fantian?”

Fan Yuqing groaned softly, “I am not going to tell you. Why don’t you ask your Celestial Teacher yourself?”

Ye Jing protested weakly, “Why are you so mean to me…”

Fan Yuqing kicked her softly, “I am already gracious enough to you. Did I not just give you the divine pill to open your heaven eyes? Since I am so mean to you, hurry and cough it out now…”

But Ye Jing had already flashed out of sight as she shouted happily, “No way! Let me find a place to absorb this divine pill first…”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly at everyone, “Let’s hope that this will be the last time that we will be fighting the Brahman Behemoth. I can’t promise I can do better the next time round.”

Xiaofang said excitingly, “Thank you everyone. This will be the last time. I promise!…” Then he ran off, “I will be back shortly after I’ve retrieved the divine sword…”

Fan Yuqing muttered softly, “Why is he so eager to get back that divine sword when he has already got an immortal sword?”

What she did not know was that this divine sword was Ye Jing’s second gift to Xiaofang and the first divine sword that Ye Jing had given to him. So it really meant a lot to him especially when he could now retrieved it.

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly at Feng Minyue and Fan Yuqing after Xiaofang and disappeared over the cliffs, “I need a pool to wash myself. I have almost wet myself earlier. You have no idea how nervous I am earlier when we’re fighting the Brahman Behemoth.”

Feng Minyue said shyly, “Sister Danfeng, I…will go with you too…I need to take a bath too…”

The aura of the Brahman Behemoth was enough to intimidate even the great saints and moreover, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue were trying to conceal their auras as they hide within its profound aura. If they had made a single misstep and revealed their positions then their plans would be screwed.

Fan Yuqing smiled gently as she looked at them, “At least we did manage to defeat the Brahman Behemoth. Let’s go and take a dip together. I have never sweated for such a long time already.”

Feng Minyue nodded, “The only person that is still as composed as ever is still our Sister Jing.”

Fan Yuqing groaned, “That’s because she thinks that this is a game and she is not nervous at all…”

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