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Chapter 141: To the Next Level

With Xiaofang as the guide, it had taken them only ten days to locate the cave that could take them to the next level. This time there was only a single portal and this portal would lead them directly to the next level. Previously they had taken the other portal that had led them out of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.

Fan Yuqing smiled, “This portal will lead us to the next level.”

Ye Jing smiled as she asked curiously, “I remember that previously it was you that had led us here but why are you unable to find the cave now?”

Fan Yuqing groaned softly, “Did you not notice that there is now no way out? Previously I’ve replied on sensing the fluctuations of the spatial space to locate this cave. Now that the way out is sealed, the spatial space now blends in completely with the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Sad to say, you can’t rely on me to find the way anymore.”

Ye Jing smiled bitterly, “Maybe we can just meditate here for the next two years until the portal that can lead us out reappears again. What do you think of my suggestion?”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “Fat chance. This time you will enter this portal first.”

Ye Jing: …

Xuan Danfeng chuckled as she watched them. She simply could not resist saying, “Don’t worry, we will surely come after you, I think.”

Ye Jing smiled, “I’m going to grab you along with me too. In case they abandon me then I won’t be alone.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed, “You can grab your Xiaofang along with you. Leave me out, thank you very much for that.”

Ye Jing giggled as she stroked Yu’Er who was resting in her arms, “I don’t mind. Without Xiaofang around, I will surely be lost. But if you don’t have Xiaofang with you, you will surely wander around the mountains in circles.”

Then she turned to ask Xiaofang, “Am I right?”

Xiaofang smiled politely, “I will surely follow Jing’Er…”

For the past ten days, Xiaofang had noticed that the maidens in the group except for Ye Jing were all trying to avoid talking to him unless it was necessary. He knew that he had accidentally crossed an awkward line. There was nothing he could do now except to make a silent vow to make up to them in the future…

As for Ye Jing, she was totally in the dark about what had happened but being the acute person that she was, she had noticed that everyone was trying to avoid eye contact with Xiaofang.

She was actually thinking, “Don’t tell me that they have unraveled my plans? Oh well, it seems that Xiaofang did not have the good fortune then…”

Her so call plan was actually a simple plan that came inherently into her. It was to establish a political alliance or a marriage alliance with the other patriarch clans. This act had come naturally to her without her putting much thought into it as this was what had been breed into her since she was young.

She did not want anyone to know that she was in a relationship with Xiaofang and was trying to get Xiaofang to know Xuan Danfeng or Feng Minyue better. Maybe in the future, her child would even be the patriarch leader of the combined three patriarch clans. That was actually her initial thought and she was totally not serious about it. But it did not stop her from wishing or attempting to create chances for it.

In the Nine Celestial Fraternity, the political intrigues of the patriarch clans were too many to be counted and everyone was trying to establish an advantage over the others. The Holy Citadel City was the smallest of the nine patriarch clans and its position was always so vulnerable.

She had thought that Xuan Danfeng would be interested in Xiaofang and she had never expected that she would be outmaneuver by her as Xuan Danfeng was only interested to introduce her Protégé Gong Nanyan to Xiaofang…

But since the other maidens were clearly not interested in Xiaofang anymore, she was also glad to give up this inbred plan that had surfaced. In fact, she was suddenly glad that she could have Xiaofang to herself…

“It is not such a bad idea after all.” Ye Jing was thinking with a wistful smile. “Just Sister Nanyan and I are enough. Why am I hoping to create a political alliance now? I am a great saintess now and my future is in the immortal realm and not the celestial realm…”

Should nothing unduly happened to Xiaofang, Gong Nanyan and her, they would all be able to ascend to the immortal realm in the future.

Suddenly she was a little worried. The Devil Envoy had mentioned that it was useless to put the names of those that could not attain to the great saint level if they would not even have a chance to ascend in the first place.

Suddenly she had a new aspiration. She had to help Xiaofang and Gong Nanyan to attain to the great saint level…

“But they are only at the intermediate golden celestial level. Although it is only four stages of divinity but it may take them centuries, if not forever to become a great saint…”

She was suddenly saddened as she thought, “I don’t want to be left alone…”

Fan Yuqing suddenly interrupted her thoughts, “Ye Jing, you seem a little off. What are you thinking? Aren’t you going into the portal?”

Ye Jing answered panicky when Fan Yuqing had suddenly called out to her, “I was just trying to recall something. It is actually nothing at all. I am just about to enter the portal.”

Then she winked at Xiaofang, “Will you company me together?”

Xiaofang smiled, “I will be glad to.”

“Great then let’s go in together.” Ye Jing clapped her hands delightfully, startling Yu’Er into chirping panicky.

As Ye Jing stepped into the portal, she was companied by Xiaofang right at her back.

Xuan Danfeng smiled as she looked at Feng Minyue and Fan Yuqing, “Xiaofang is really such a fine young man. I am so glad that Nanyan has him. But honestly, I feel that they are a couple. That is what my instinct has told me.”

Feng Minyue smiled, “I feel so sorry for Xiaofang sometimes. It seems that it is only one-sided. Sister Jing doesn’t seem to appreciate him. If she does, she would have already been with him.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled, “It is not easy for someone with the status of Ye Jing. She can’t marry anyone that she likes without affecting the future of her patriarch clan.”

Feng Minyue lowered her glances, “Maybe I don’t understand this as much as you do.” It was because protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa had to leave the clan when they got married. Even if the protégé was the Heavenly Fragrance Princess, there was no exception to this rule.

Therefore it was not wrong to say that the Heavenly Fragrance Villa was the only patriarch clan that almost did not have any political affiliations with the other patriarch clans.

Fan Yuqing was quietly looking at the portal and she was staring at where Xiaofang had last vanished. For the past several days, her heart was troubled and her thoughts were constantly distracted. She had tried to be cold toward Xiaofang after he had rejected her twice. She had even thought that time was the best medicine and that soon she was able to forget about him.

“Sister Yuqing?” Feng Minyue was asking softly and had put her hand on her arm, “Are you alright?”

Fan Yuqing was startled by her. She quickly smiled, “I was just thinking about something. We ought to hurry and enter the portal before the ripples disappear or else we will be sent to another location that is away from them.”

Then she pulled Feng Minyue and said to Xuan Danfeng, “If you want to continue to stay here then we will abandon you.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly as she followed them, “Previously I was the first to enter the portal but now I am the last.”

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