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Chapter 143: We Are All Friends

The abode of Yun Chen and Beitang Ying was just a simple dwelling place that was made of stacks of logs and straws. It was hidden from view behind three waterfalls and it was quite impossible for anyone to find without any guides.

Now everyone was sitting around the table and was drinking jovially while little Yun Xi was playing by herself at the corner.

Yun Chen was smiling awkwardly, “This is only a humble abode that I’ve made. It isn’t grand or anything. When I made this shed, I had no idea that I would have any guests or…” He took a glance at the little Yun Xi, “…a child.”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “It is good enough. I just surprised that the two of you will be together.”

Yun Chen looked at the shy Beitang Ying, “We’ve actually fallen in love with each other when we are scouting the camps of the heretic clans. It is just that we happen to translate this into something actual here. For this, I am glad.”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “The Devil Goddess will be very surprised to hear of this.”

Beitang Ying smiled weakly as she took a quick glance at everyone, “It seems that everyone here is associated with the Devil Goddess but none of us actually know of her true identity. I wonder who she really is.”

Although she knew that Ye Jing, Xiaofang, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng were not part of the Devil Goddess inner group but she had surmised that they had actually known who the Devil Goddess was because she had given herself away when she had rescued her and put her into their care.

Ye Jing was too young and she could not be the Devil Goddess. Also she was the Goddess Envoy and could not be in two places.

It could not be Fan Yuqing either because she had appeared with the Devil Goddess…

Could the real Devil Goddess be either Feng Minyue or Xuan Danfeng?

Beitang Ying was actually guessing.

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Well, I do know who she is…” All of a sudden she could feel a cold gaze that was from Fan Yuqing that was upon her…

So she quickly smiled weakly and told a lie, “Actually, this is only my guess. I think that the Devil Goddess may actually be someone from one of the three consecrated celestial places. Maybe she is actually from the Devil Island.”

Beitang Ying looked doubtfully at Ye Jing, “Maybe.”

Ye Jing laughed, “It seems that you have quite a good catch. I’m sure that Yun Chen is a better catch than Yun Xinghe.”

Beitang Ying smiled as she looked at Yun Chen, “He is…”

Then she smiled as she looked at Feng Minyue, “Speaking of Yun Xinghe, he seems to be pursuing Celestial Su Shanyue. I saw them exchanging looks quite a number of times.”

Feng Minyue was startled as she muttered, “My junior sister is with Yun Xinghe?…This is impossible…”

Yun Chen smiled, “Actually it is not away from the truth. They are really dating.”

Feng Minyue stared at Yun Chen as she slowly nodded…

Coming from Yun Chen who was Yun Xinghe’s uncle as well as his closest aide, she was forced to admit that they were telling the truth…

Fan Yuqing was also surprised but she was soon smiling, “It seems that by asking Su Shanyue to stop Yun Xinghe from seeing me, they will actually end up together? This is really such a surprise. This Xun Xinghe is really such a playboy.”

Feng Minyue sighed softly, “I ought to warn Shanyue about him…”

Fan Yuqing said coolly, “I think it may already be too late.”

Feng Minyue replied, “Shanyue had told me that she is entering the library. If she is in the library then she won’t be seeing Yun Xinghe anytime soon.”

Xiaofang said, “I saw them taking the other portal. They did not enter the library.”

Feng Minyue: …

Xiaofang added, “Don’t worry. They have entered the trial with quite a number of golden celestials of the Celestial Sword Clan. Your junior sister will be alright.”

Feng Minyue smiled weakly. Precisely if her junior sister was with Yun Xinghe then it was worrying for her. She would not believe that Shanyue would lie to her…

Yun Chen asked, “Are you all intending to go to the higher levels of the labyrinth? If not, you can stay here. It is actually quite safe here and we can wait out here as well.”

Fan Yuqing said, “Actually we are. We have just ascended from the first level of the labyrinth and have just arrived at the second level. To think that we got to meet some old friends the moment that we have arrived here. This is a surprise and is wonderful.”

Yun Chen nodded, “Then please stay here for as long as you want before you make a move.”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “We intend to make a move tomorrow.”

“So soon?” Beitang Ying gasped, “Why not stay a little longer?”

Fan Yuqing replied, “We are actually in a hurry for some lost time. We intend to go as high as possible.”

Yun Chen and Beitang Ying were both looking at each other…

Yun Chen sighed, “Then you must be careful. There are hidden dangers everywhere, even for a great saint.”

Beitang Ying nodded, “Unfortunately, we didn’t explore much of this level and can’t be your guide to the next level.”

Then she was looking at Ye Jing and smiling, “How did you manage to survive and how come you are here? Are you a ghost?”

Ye Jing giggled, “Everyone has thought that I am a ghost. Too bad I am not or it will be fun to pass through the walls.”

Beitang Ying laughed softly as she lifted her wine cup to her, “Come, tell me about it as we drink?”

Ye Jing smiled as she took a sip from the wine cup, “Alright then. So where should I start? It all begins when I had waked up in a strange and mysterious place…”

Fan Yuqing coolly interrupted her, “Stop spinning mysterious tales. The reason why she is alive to this day is because I’ve used Yu’Er blood to nourish her. As you know that phoenix sometimes has the ability to revive from the fire of their ashes. It may be a tale but it is worth trying. After 8 long years trying, she is finally revived. I was surprise too.”

Ye Jing was stammering for words. It seemed that Fan Yuqing had purposely omitted that she had used her own blood to help her to revive as well.

Beitang Ying gave a curious look at Ye Jing, “I see…”

The she lowered her glances as she smiled, “I know that you won’t die so easily. I was actually saddened for a few days after you were gone.”

Ye Jing was startled, “You are saddened?”

Beitang Ying smiled, “Indeed I was.”

Ye Jing asked, “You don’t dislike me?”

Beitang Ying gave a faint smile, “Used to but no longer. Ever since you had rescued me from the hands of the Devil Island, my misgivings for you were already gone. And…”

She paused to give a broad smile, “You are the successor of the Heaveness. I don’t want to make an enemy out of you too.”

Ye Jing laughed as she raised her wine cup, “A toast to our new friendship then!”

Beitang Ying chuckled as she raised her wine cup, “A toast to you! Say, if you are not with Xiaofang, you want to consider Yun Chen?”

Ye Jing laughed as she stole a glance at Xiaofang, “Even if I did not consider Xiaofang, I will not consider your Yun Chen.”

Beitang looked at Xiaofang and Ye Jing with a sly smile as she muttered softly, “Liar…”

Yun Chen interrupted as he grinned, “Not just to the two of you but a big toast to everyone here too!”

Xuan Danfeng laughed as she had begun to eye the many flasks of wines that she had laid out, “Yes a big toast to everyone here. We should drink ourselves silly tonight…”

Feng Minyue smiled faintly as she raised her wine cup, “A toast to our friendship.”

Xiaofang grinned as he raised a wine flask, “A toast to our friendship.”

Fan Yuqing nodded as she smiled at Yun Chen and Beitang Ying, “May the gods bless your unison and to our friendship too.”

Ye Jing was feeling warm inside her heart. It seemed that a long time had passed since she had known Beitang Ying and the rest of her group.

She muttered in her heart, “If only this gathering can last forever…”

That very night, they all had a good jovial drink. There was no clan divides between them, only sincere friendships that came from the bottom of their hearts.

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