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Chapter 145: The New Celestial Practice

After two weeks of trekking through the perilous mountain paths, Ye Jing was lamenting loudly. “Are we lost? It does seem to me that we are struck in these mountain ranges for far longer than we are hoping for.”

Yu’Er nodded as she flew on her shoulder.

There was a suppression aura in these mountains that prevented Yu’Er from flying too high and this suppression was even greater than on the first level.

Ye Jing smiled bitterly as she looked at Yu’Er, “Even my Yu’Er has become a flightless bird here.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed when she had heard her, “Did you think that you can use Yu’Er to fly all over the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth?”

Ye Jing was flushing as she stole a glance at Xiaofang. Indeed that was her initial idea. She had thought that with Yu’Er around, she could literally explore all the wonderlands of the Empyrean Warrior labyrinth in a short span of time and gather as many wondrous treasures as possible. But it seemed that her plan had backfired and they had been wandering aimlessly for the past two weeks without even finding anything.

Fan Yuqing folded her arms as she smiled alluringly, “You are just an aristocracy brat. It is nigh time that you learn how to earn your labors by…” She smiled even more beautifully as she added, “…walking.”

Ye Jing looked at Xiaofang, “Aren’t you supposed to be our guide?”

Xiaofang was smiling weakly as he paused to look at the treacherous paths that were around, “We are lucky if we do not fall down the steep trails.”

Then he hopped up to a rock to take a look around. Suddenly there was an excitement on his face as he blurted out. “I saw a cliff. It seems to have some words on it. Do we want to take a look?”

Xuan Danfeng was intrigued, “We should. It is better than not finding anything at all.”

Ye Jing, Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue were all nodding and agreeing with her.

Therefore they followed Xiaofang and it was not before long that they saw a lofty cliff that was hidden the shadows of the mountain walls. This lofty cliff was white in contrast to the other mountain cliffs and stood out.

Indeed there were words that were craved on the cliffs.

It did not take the group long to decipher the runic characters that were on the cliffs to be a cultivation method.

Xuan Danfeng was the most excited as her eyes were beaming. In fact, she was laughing softly as her voice floated with clarity. “Haha. I’ve finally found it. This is the missing part of the new celestial cultivation that I have been searching for.”

Ye Jing turned to look at her as she asked curiously, “What is it? I don’t really understand about this ‘Supremacy’ level. Is it a heretic cultivation method?”

Seeing that even Fan Yuqing was groaning silently as she read the runic characters that were on the wall, Xuan Danfeng explained with a smile. “All of you may not know this for you have never been to the library of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Or rather, you had been there but you did not spend any time there. Anyway, that’s not the most important aspect.”

Then she smiled mysteriously, “Do you all remember that we are supposed to find the new celestial cultivation method that is in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Well, we have found it!”

She was laughing excitingly as though she had won a grand prize, “To think that it is here.”

Feng Minyue asked, “You know about the new cultivation method from the library?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled as she explained, “Only the theory crafting. There are six celestial levels in our current cultivation method. Well, the immortals have added a seventh level to it. But in order to know the exact intrinsic formula, we need to enter the trials to obtain it. According to the library, the new celestial cultivation method is hidden in all the levels of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Whether we can find all the different methods of this seventh level to practice is up to our providence and we have found one of the methods. Aren’t we lucky?”

Ye Jing was smiling weakly as she said, “Actually this is new cultivation method of the Devil Isle. Because they had won over the Goddess Palace, the celestial fraternity will be using their cultivation method from now on.”

Fan Yuqing nodded, “Indeed. This new celestial cultivation method of the Devil Isle is rather interesting. It may even be more superior to the Goddess Palace.”

Ye Jing protested, “It may not be. The triple…” She had wanted to mention the triple cultivation methods that she had learnt but realized that she may be questioned so she quickly retracted and said, “There are triple benefits in the celestial cultivation of the Dual Golden Celestial that doubles our celestial strength.”

Fan Yuqing replied casually, “It is too archaic. It is actually extremely difficult to reach the Crisis and the Ascend Divinity. I don’t know how you and Xiaofang manage to do it. Most will probably be struck at the Emotionless Divinity.”

Ye Jing was startled as she looked at her, “You know about my cultivation method?”

Even Xiaofang was startled because their dual golden celestial cultivation was a secret that they had not shared with anyone.

Fan Yuqing smiled wryly, “Do you think that I have been idle for the past 8 years? Furthermore, I had already suspected what your cultivation method was when your golden eyes had turned gray.”

Ye Jing smiled weakly as she pretended to look at the white cliff…

Xuan Danfeng smiled at Fan Yuqing, “Did you just say that this new cultivation method is even more superior to the Goddess Palace?” She was eager to start on her new practice.

Fan Yuqing nodded. It did not take her long to read and played the new celestial cultivation in her mind. After all, she was a daughter of the heavens. There was not a single cultivation method that was hard for her to decipher.

Xuan Danfeng was thinking secretly, “Luckily Fan Yuqing is here. Her celestial foundation is steeper than me. If she can do the explaining then I can master the new celestial practice in no time at all…”

Feng Minyue smiled gently at Fan Yuqing, “It does seem that the new celestial practice is rather interesting.”

Fan Yuqing returned a smile and said, “We are all familiar with the current celestial practice. There are six levels to it. Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Enlighten Celestial, Immortal Celestial, Golden Celestial and Sacred Saint. It seems that a Supremacy level has been added between the Golden Celestial Level and the Sacred Saint Level to aid the cultivators to overcome the difficulty of the Sacred Saint Level. This also has the effect of solidifying the cultivation foundation too.”

Ye Jing remarked curiously, “Except for Xiaofang here, we are all at the Sacred Saint Level now. Do we have any benefits from a lower cultivation level practice?”

Fan Yuqing smiled as she looked at Xiaofang, “It actually has an immerse benefit especially for Xiaofang. The only drawback is that once Xiaofang starts to practice it, he can no longer advance from a golden celestial level to the sacred saint level. His next level will be the supremacy level. So he has to decide whether he wants to practice it or not. For the rest of us, it helps to consolidate our foundation. We can use the cultivation foundation of our sacred saint level to absorb the new practice though we may not reap the most benefits as compare to someone that actually practice it. It is considered too late for us to reverse our cultivation progression for now.”

Ye Jing said with a soft chuckle as she looked at Xiaofang, “Poor you. You have to start from scratch. Do you wish to learn?”

Xiaofang grinned and said, “Why not? The new celestial practice looks rather interesting. So what is this new supremacy level all about?”

Fan Yuqing returned a glance at Xiaofang as she smiled, “It seems that you are as excited as Sister Danfeng as well.”

She looked at everyone with a faint smile before saying, “This new supremacy level is the spirit level. Where else the golden celestial level is the body strengthening stage and the sacred saint level is the soul aura stage, this supremacy level is the refining of the spiritual inner sea. Roughly a third of the cultivation method seems to be the same as the Supremacy Level of the dark celestials, hence the naming.”

Then she looked up at words of the cliff, “At the end of this new celestial practice is a spirit flame for us to practice and to refine if we want to.”

Xiaofang was startled as he stared at the cliff for he could see nothing at all.

He was not the only one that could see nothing. Xuan Danfeng, Ye Jing and Feng Minyue were not able to see anything too.

Ye Jing and Xuan Danfeng were both great saintess now but compared to Fan Yuqing, they knew that there was still a boundary between them. After all, she was already at the Heavens Divinity while they were at the Earth Divinity.

Fan Yuqing smiled, “You will be able to see it once you have started to practice it. It is actually an Icy Frost Flame. If you can refine it within your inner spiritual sea, it has the effect of enhancing your cultivation strength and function like a minor artifact core. But beware that you can only refine one spirit entity at any single time so you need to choose wisely. There may be other spirit entities that we can find in the future.”

She smiled at Xuan Danfeng, “I think that this Icy Frost Flame aligns perfectly with your clan celestial method and is most suitable to you. If you wish to obtain this Icy Frost Flame, I may be able to help you to perfectly absorb it within your cultivation core. Moreover this Icy Frost Flame will be the parent wisp. You may be able to distribute a precious wisp to your protégés in the future once they have reached the supremacy level.”

Xuan Danfeng was startled as she looked nervously at Xiaofang. She knew how precious this Icy Frost Flame was going to be. Furthermore, there could only be one parent wisp of it and any child wisp was too minute and too precious to be given out freely. It was a lucky thing that they were able to find the primeval wisp. She really wanted to have the parent wisp so that she could benefit her clan in the future…

To her delight, Xiaofang was grinning. “I am afraid that my body constitution is too different. This Icy Frost Flame is more beneficial to those that have negative bodies. I just want to practice the new supremacy level.”

Xuan Danfeng was smiling beautiful as she said to Xiaofang, “Thank you…”

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