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Chapter 149: The Sword Trial (3)

The next level of the Sword Trial was a cavern that was devoid of anything. Instead there was another portal that seemed to lead to the next level.

Fan Yuqing took a glance at Ye Jing, “Do you want to follow me? The next level may be a trap. It seems that all the energies will be focused on the next level.”

Ye Jing chuckled softly, “Of course I will. Remember that you’ve promised me to impart to me the next level of the Heaven Eye. There are so many portions that I am unable to understand and I’m so lazy to interpret myself. If you can give me some extra pointers, I will be able to save centuries of hard work.”

Fan Yuqing had a displeased look on her countenance, “Why are you so lazy? If you don’t build up your cultivation foundation on your own, you will suffer greatly in the future.”

Ye Jing waved her fingers as she giggled, “I’m already a great saintess now so it doesn’t matter. I can be as lazy as I want to be.”

Fan Yuqing cursed, “Lame…”

Although the two of them seemed to be bickering but their state of divinity had long surpassed others of the same level as them. They were actually fearless and were not afraid of death as they had been through many life and death battles on their own.  Unknown to even themselves, they had found courage and had drawn strength from each other, enabling them to reach even further heights.

In the next instant they had entered through the shimmering blue portal.

It was another large cavern that was on the third level of the Sword Trial. But instead of having the sight of more sword arrays greeting them, they were quite startled to see a spirit girl that looked like a five year child looking at them with a frightful expression.

This spirit girl was shimmering in a white aura and she was floating. When she saw them, she had quickly darted behind a rock.

Ye Jing was startled as she looked at the direction of the little girl, “Who are you? Are you the one that manipulate these sword arrays?”

Fan Yuqing was groaning softly, “It seems that over time, the Heaven Refining Energies here has gained its own sentience.”

The spirit girl was stammering, “You…are going to absorb me into nothingness…am I…right?”

Fan Yuqing replied bluntly, “We are here only for the Heaven Refining Energies. This is supposed to be our reward for overcoming the Sword Trial that is on this level. And you, is our reward.”

The spirit girl looked exhausted as she made a last feeble fight, “You…don’t come near me…or…I will really…be nasty…”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly, “You are denying us of our justified rewards?”

Ye Jing had taken a step forward as she said gently, “Little girl, what is your name? Don’t worry, we won’t harm you.”

The spirit girl looked at her Ye Jing with a frightful look, “Really?…” Then she stammered, “I’ve no name.”

Ye Jing giggled as she took a quick glance around, “Then I shall give you a name alright?”

Without waiting for the spirit girl to reply, Ye Jing said thoughtfully. “How about Jian’Er? Since you are a sword spirit.”

The spirit girl muttered happily, “I have a name now? Jian’Er…” But she was still wary of them.

Fan Yuqing shook her head lightly. Jian means Sword. She wanted to tell Ye Jing that her naming actually sucked but restrained herself.

Ye Jing pointed at Fan Yuqing with a smile, “This big sister here is a great saintess. She wants to gather you into her spiritual sea. This is not only beneficial for her but it will also be beneficial to you. Don’t be afraid and come to us.”

The spirit girl looked really afraid of Fan Yuqing and stammered, “I am afraid of her…”

Fan Yuqing groaned softly, “That is why I hate brats…”

Ye Jing asked curiously, “Why so? You are not afraid of me?”

The spirit girl continued to hide behind the rock, peeking with her eyes occasionally. “A while ago, I’ve have awakened. It is because I have…sensed her presence…”

Ye Jing said, “Oh?” Not understanding…

Fan Yuqing knew the reason immediately and explained coolly, “She must have gained sentience after I’ve approached the cave some time ago. It seems that my presence has somewhat awakened her into a sentience being. Although this is a rare occurrence but it is not an impossible thing. After all, all life in the ancient past gains their sentience in this manner. That is how the ancient immortals come to be.”

Then she added, “Because it is my divine presence that had awakened her, naturally she is also able to know of my intentions. That is why she has attacked us so brutally when we have first entered the cave.”

Ye Jing nodded, “But it seems that she lacks control of her new abilities and overextended herself. Hence this floor is devoid of sword energies.”

The spirit girl muttered honestly, “I’ve thrown everything that I’ve got on the first level.”

Now that she had admitted it, it was no wonder why Fan Yuqing had thought that they were actually facing the Third Level of the Sword Trial on the first floor.

Ye Jing smiled, “Jian’Er, we won’t hurt you but we will take you out of here for a grand adventure. So we hope that you will come to us. It isn’t our intention to hurt you.”

The spirit girl was still showing sign of fear as she looked fearfully at Fan Yuqing, “I…am afraid…”

It was obvious to her that Fan Yuqing was going to refine her as her weapon and that she was showing no sign that she was not going to do otherwise.

Ye Jing said to the little girl as she said amicably, “Well, if you are not coming with us, we won’t force you to. But you must know that there may be others that want the Heaven Refining Energies for their own benefits.”

Then she turned to Fan Yuqing, “Since the Heaven Refining Energies has turned into a sentient being, I feel very bad in seizing her away. Will you be agreeable that we just leave her alone?”

Fan Yuqing smiled coolly and she had already turned around, “Let’s go.” If there was anything that Fan Yuqing did not lack, it was wondrous treasures. She could easily seek one for herself. Therefore she was willing to let it go.

Ye Jing laughed delightfully as she took a last look at the spirit girl, “Good bye Jian’Er. Stay safe and happy!”

When the spirit girl saw that they were leaving just like that, she was a little startled and she quickly mustered whatever strength she could to summon a weak energy field in front of them to stop them.

Fan Yuqing was somewhat startled to see the energy field in front of her. But this energy field was really so weak that she could kick it apart without using any strength.

The spirit girl had really expended all her desolate energies and that was the best that she could muster now.

Fan Yuqing turned around and asked, “What do you want?”

Ye Jing was also surprised to see that the spirit girl was actually attempting to stop them from leaving.

The spirit girl became more frightful when she was being questioned by Fan Yuqing and she had cowered behind the rock again. “I…”

It took her some time to muster the courage to speak, “I…I…if I come with you, you promise not to harm me?”

At the last minute when Ye Jing and Fan Yuqing were leaving, the spirit girl was having second thoughts. They would not be the last people that she would be encountering. Moreover, she was driven by instinct to serve those who could overcome the Sword Trial. So when they had declared that they were leaving, the spirit girl could feel that her spiritual force had suddenly weakened and that she was suffering the backlash of not following them.

Fan Yuqing said indifferently, “I promise not to harm you. Are you happy now?” Fan Yuqing was never someone who spoke nicely under a threat. Sometimes she could be the coldest person in the entire fraternity.

The spirit girl smiled weakly as she pointed at Ye Jing, “I want…to follow…this big sister here…”

Fan Yuqing: …

Ye Jing was looking a little flush as she protested weakly, “Oh no, you can’t. You are supposed to be her reward. She will kill me if you were to follow me…”

Fan Yuqing simply said indifferently, “Since she likes you then let her follow you. I am not bothered at all.”

As Ye Jing was smiling weakly, Fan Yuqing shot her with a glance as she muttered. “Why is that all the good toys that I want seem to go to you?”

Ye Jing smiled even more weakly as she asked, “You mean Xiaofang?”

Fan Yuqing: …

Ye Jing chuckled as she said to the spirit girl, “Jian’Er, come into my inner spiritual sea…”

The spirit girl nodded and transformed herself into a flash of light as she entered Ye Jing’s cultivation core.

She seemed delighted as she was heard echoing, “Big Sister, your spiritual sea is so comfortable and so rich in spiritual force…”

Now that she had merged as one with Ye Jing, the spirit girl knew that the heart of her new mistress was really pure and that she had harbor no bad intentions toward her.

Ye Jing laughed, “From now on, you will be able to cultivate with me and I will lend you my strength. Just absorb all you want.”

The spirit girl asked in a hesitation voice, “Is it really…alright?”

Ye Jing said without a care, “Well, I am a great saintess. My spiritual ocean is nearly limitless. So it is perfectly alright…”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “Right now she is a like a hungry ghost, having depleted all her energies. And you are asking her to drain your spiritual force? You must be too tired of living.”

When Ye Jing heard Fan Yuqing, she panicky said. “Jian’Er, if I ask you to stop, you stop alright? Mmm, I am just afraid that my spiritual sea may have too much toxicity in it and it may not be good for your health.”

Fan Yuqing, Jian’Er: …

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