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Chapter 150: Jian’Er (1)

Xiaofang was waiting anxiously outside the cave and he was pacing up and down as he refused to let his sight out of the entrance of the cave. How could he not be worried?

Because he was soul linked with Ye Jing, he could sense that at this moment she was fighting in the sword trial and from the look of it, she was under a tremendous pressure!

Feng Minyue was quietly looking at Xiaofang.

This was noticed by Xuan Danfeng who was pretending to meditating and she saw that her fingers were twitching whenever Xiaofang had paused to look intently into the cave.

Finally Feng Minyue could not resist saying, “Why are you so anxious for? They will be alright. I am not worry so why are you so anxious for?”

Xiaofang heaved a soft sigh as he turned to look at her, “They have been there for such a long time already…”

Feng Minyue said gently, “It is only just a short while. Do you doubt them?”

Xiaofang smiled weakly, “I don’t but there is always a risk in all ventures.”

Feng Minyue asked quietly, “There are two of them inside. The one that you are anxious for, is Ye Jing or Yuqing?”

Xiaofang was startled by her question. He was naturally worried for Ye Jing. It had never crossed his mind to be anxious for Fan Yuqing…

He replied softly, “I am worried for Jing’Er. You know that she can be reckless sometimes. As for Saintess Yuqing, she is much more cool-headed.”

Feng Minyue nodded, “But I am different from you. I’m more anxious for Sister Yuqing than Ye Jing.” Then she smiled, “I wonder why is that so?”

Her question startled Xiaofang and he did not know how to reply to her.

Feng Minyue smiled wryly, “Actually, I have already known that the two of you are a couple. The way you look at each other is different from the others.”

Xiaofang: …

Feng Minyue smiled when she saw the sheepish expression that was on Xiaofang. Even if Xiaofang did not say a word now, this had confirmed her suspicious.

At a corner, although Xuan Danfeng appeared to be in deep meditation and that their exchanges were soft so as not to disturb her, she was actually listening and peeking with great interest!

Even Xuan Danfeng was intrigued as she thought, “So, they are a couple? Why is it not a surprise? The way he calls her Jing’Er, Jing’Er so intimately all the time. I really feel so pitiful for my Protégé Nanyan. I’m going to tell her after I am out of here. Who knows if Xiaofang had a leg with Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue as well? Maybe Feng Minyue is envious and that she is purposely questioning Xiaofang…”

Feng Minyue said in a low voice as not to disturb Xuan Danfeng, “If I were her, you will be worthy many times over.” She looked away when she had said that.

Just as Xiaofang was pondering what she had said, there was a ripple that appeared at the entrance of the cave and Ye Jing was seen laughing jovially as she stepped forward. She was immediately followed by an expressionless Fan Yuqing who appeared in her usual nonchalant self.

Feng Minyue’s eyes beamed when she saw Fan Yuqing and she immediately said, “Greetings Sister Saintess. You got the Heaven Refining Energies?

Fan Yuqing did not reply her but she was groaning as she stared at Ye Jing who had almost carelessly jumped into Xiaofang’s embrace and she could be heard laughing jovially, “Look Xiaofang and Yu’Er, see what I’ve got. I got the Heaven Refining Energies from the Sword Trial…”

Xiaofang was startled as he stole a glance at Fan Yuqing, “Huh? What is going on?”

By now Xuan Danfeng had opened her eyes and had flashed next to Ye Jing with a displeasure look, “Can’t you keep your voice down? I am in deep meditation and you’ve almost given me a heart attack.”

Ye Jing laughed as she raised both her palms to show the Heaven Refining Energies as a wisp of energy aura appeared on her palms. “Look Sister Danfeng!” She said excitingly, “Now you are not the only one who has a spirit entity. Now I’m going to refine it into my spirit animus.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly. Although Fan Yuqing was looking nonchalant, there was a cold and forbidden aura around her now. So she could roughly guess what had happened. So she felt that she had better stand on Fan Yuqing side in case Fan Yuqing loosened her wrath later. After all, she knew that Fan Yuqing was the Golden Mask Devil Goddess.

So she said, “Sister Jing, this is your wrong. You’re supposed to obtain the Heaven Refining Energies for Sister Yuqing. Haven’t you got enough treasures already? Didn’t we have an agreement that we are supposed to share the treasures? You keep obtaining one treasure after another. This isn’t fair to any of us, you know.”

Even Xiaofang was muttering, “Jing’Er, this isn’t right. Why don’t you let Saintess Yuqing have it instead?”

Ye Jing pout her nose before she chuckled, “It is not my wish not to give it to Sister Yuqing but…” She paused to say, “Jian’Er, please make yourself visible.”

No sooner had she said that, the wisp of aura that was on her palms had transformed into a floating little girl that looked around age five.

This little girl had a shy look as she looked at everyone around her, “Hello, I am Jian’Er.” She turned to look at Ye Jing, “Big Sister, they are your friends?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “Indeed they are.”

Xuan Danfeng, Xiaofang and Feng Minyue were startled when they saw the little girl.

“This…” Xuan Danfeng looked at Jian’Er with disbelief, “Don’t tell me that she is a sentient spirit entity?”

Ye Jing laughed, “That is right and she has chosen me to be her master. Now you know why I can’t give the Heaven Refining Energies to Sister Yuqing? I didn’t have any choice in this matter and it is Sister Yuqing who gives up willingly to me.”

Then she turned to Yu’Er with a chuckle, “Yu’Er! Come over here! You’ve got a new playmate now. Aren’t you glad? Aren’t you excited?”

Fan Yuqing folded her arms as she said coldly, “Sooner or later, this party will be like a farm.”

Ye Jing had suddenly stomped her foot, “Sister Yuqing has just reminded me that I should get a cow for our party. Maybe we can even get fresh milk for Xiaofang…” In a blink of an eye, she was gone and her voice was heard. “I go and check the vicinity around. Maybe I will be lucky. I feel lucky today…”

Xiaofang muttered, “I don’t take milk nowadays…”

When Ye Jing was gone, Fan Yuqing had suddenly smiled at Jian’Er, “This is Big Sister Minyue, this is Big Sister Danfeng and this is Big Brother Xiaofang. They are all friends of your new master.”

Jian’Er floated around them as she looked at them thoroughly, “Hello…”

Feng Minyue whispered to Fan Yuqing, “Sister Saintess Yuqing, why did you pretend to have such unfriendly disposition when Sister Jing is around?”

Fan Yuqing smiled gently and whispered quietly in her ears, “I don’t want to spoil her too much but…she deserves the best. After all, she sacrifices for us all. Moreover, I don’t want to take care of any brats, spirit or not.”

When Ye Jing was out of sight of everyone, she was smiling quietly as she looked at the beautiful clouds and floating continents that were drifting above her.

She was leaning against a huge bedrock and was muttering, “Thank you Yuqing. Actually there is no need for you to pay back your debts to me, you know. It has been fun to party with you.”

She was of course was not serious about finding any cow but she needed a little quiet time to herself as she had been overwhelmed by Yuqing’s generosity to her. Although Fan Yuqing appeared to be cold toward her but she knew better it better than anyone else.

Actually she did not want any spirit entity or any Heaven Refining Energies. She knew that Fan Yuqing had a proud spirit and it was hard for her to say niceties to her and to give her the Heaven Refining Energies without feeling awkward about it.

In her heart, she had regarded Fan Yuqing as her older sister.

“Since you are so haughty then I shall act the opposite and be shameless. One day I will get you to open up your heart…”

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