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Chapter 151: Jian’Er (2)

In the end, the party did not use Jian’Er to refine their divine weapons. It was because Jian’Er was a newly sentient spirit and was weaker than an unrefined Heaven Refining Energies. If they were to use her to do so then they may even risk destroying her spirit.

Therefore Ye Jing was content enough to allow Jian’Er to nurture slowly as not to harm her spirit.

Ye Jing said to Jian’Er, “This is my immortal sword. While you are not cultivating in my inner sea then this is shall be your second home where you get to refine your strength. Aren’t you proud that you got to reside in an immortal sword? Not every sentient spirit is so lucky. Moreover your master is also a great saintess.”

Jian’Er was naturally happy and her spirit sense could sense that Ye Jing’s immortal sword was a perfect incubator for the growth of her innate Heaven Refining Energies.

In a matter of days, Jian’Er was already comfortable with everyone. Although Fan Yuqing appeared to be cold toward her but Jian’Er was drawn naturally to her and would often play around her. Perhaps this had to do with the fact that she was partially awakened due to Fan Yuqing divine presence.

Jian’Er was often left to play alone, especially at night when Ye Jing would sometimes tell her. “I got something to do with Xiaofang. It is not for your immature eyes but you mustn’t tell anyone about it. Go and play with Fan Yuqing and the others.”

Two weeks had passed since Jian’Er had joined the party now and the party would suddenly notice that whenever Ye Jing and Xiaofang were inconspicuously missing, Jian’Er would be around with Yu’Er.

One day Xuan Danfeng said to the others, “Why don’t we take a peek at what they are doing? Maybe they are doing some hanky panty business.”

Fan Yuqing knitted her eyebrows as she said nonchalantly, “If you want to see Xiaofang body then go ahead. Leave me out of it.”

Xuan Danfeng: …

Feng Minyue smiled as she said to Jian’Er, “Don’t tell Sister Jing what we have shared today. Alright?”

Jian’Er nodded happily as she floated between Fan Yuqing and Feng Minyue, “Alright!”

Feng Minyue smiled, “Good!”

Jian’Er took a curious look at Fan Yuqing and said, “Big Sister, you are not happy? Are you still mad that I did not choose you as my master?”

Fan Yuqing turned to look at her before she gave her a faint smile, “Of course not. How have you been doing so far?”

Jian’Er pondered for a while before she said in a musical voice, “Master’s sword is a half-step immortal sword and is difficult to refine to the earth-step. But if Jian’Er continues to grow in strength, Jian’Er will be able to refine it one day.”

Then she paused for a while, “Big Sister, your immortal weapon is already a saint level treasure. It is most difficult for me to refine. Will you be upset with me if I fail to help you to refine one day?”

Fan Yuqing said indifferently, “No. It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t really like to use a weapon anyway.”

It was true. Her most powerful martial art was actually the Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill. However this was not a martial art that was created by her. Rather, it was renamed by her. The original name of the Heavenly Heretic Divine Skill was the Divine Horizon Hands and it was a martial art that was practiced by her father. Therefore she had treasured it in her heart. The reason why she had renamed it was because she did not want to sullen the name of her family martial art.

She said coolly, “Go and play with the others. I’m going to meditate.”

Xuan Danfeng was laughing jovially at Jian’Er, “Jian’Er, come and play with me. You know, these people all have such formidable divine weapons. If you are free, why don’t you help me to refine my divine sword into an immortal sword?”

Jian’Er shook her head as she floated around Xuan Danfeng, “It is easy for me to refine half-step for most precious swords but an entire grade is extremely difficult for Jian’Er now.”

Xuan Danfeng’s divine sword was a heaven-step divine sword. Refining a sword was not the same as upgrading its grade. For that, she would need heavenly and sanctorum relics.

Xuan Danfeng smiled. She had taken a liking to Jian’Er and wished that her spirit entity was able to have a sentient form like her.

“I really wish that my spirit entity is able to talk to me like you do. Then I won’t be experimenting left and right.”

Feng Minyue was smiling when she had heard her, “Oh?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly, “Then I can be as lazy as Sister Jing too. You know how hard it is to cultivate my spirit entity on my own. I have to divide my cultivation between my spirit entity and my own cultivation now. It is such a tiring affair. But look at Sister Jing’s spirit entity, she is able to cultivate on her own, leaving Ye Jing free to do her own stuff.”

Fan Yuqing could not resist making a chuckle as she turned to look at Xuan Danfeng, “It is already too late. Once you have chosen a spirit entity to cultivate, you can’t choose another. You can only choose to destroy your own spirit entity but at a severe cost to your cultivation base. Moreover, this is extremely rare to find another sentient spirit entity like Jian’Er.”

Xuan Danfeng looked at her with a smile, “You are really generous in this aspect.”

Fan Yuqing looked away, refusing to say a word as she closed her eyes to meditate.

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