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Chapter 153: The Blood Dragonfruit (2)

Xiaofang had not expected Fan Yuqing to say as she gave a curtsey, “Master Dugu, why don’t you awe them by plucking the Blood Dragonfruit for us to have a tasty bite?”

He was smiling weakly at Fan Yuqing. Surely this would take a long time for him to accomplish that. Did they really want to stay here for several years so that they could have a tasty bite?

He turned to look at Ye Jing for a way out but she was purposely looking in another direction. It was because she had thought that Fan Yuqing must have a funny idea on her mind and she was eager to see it played out.

Xuan Danfeng was thinking, “It seems that old habits die hard for the Devil Goddess…” In the previous dealings with the Golden Mask Devil Goddess, the Devil Goddess was always full of wiles and she was particular good in antagonizing the others. Since she knew that Fan Yuqing was planning to go to the sixth level of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth, she would not want to stay here for the next several months or years.

Many of the other cultivators were looking scornfully at Xiaofang. With two years to go before they were to be expulsed from the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth, they would not believe that a mere cultivator that was at the golden celestial level would be capable of picking the Blood Dragonfruit.

Another cultivator had approached them as he smiled toward Fan Yuqing, “My Martial Uncle is now within twenty paces of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree. If celestial maiden is willing to join our celestial clan then I am sure my Martial Uncle is most willing to give you a bite from the Blood Dragonfruit. I wonder if I may have the honor to know the name of this celestial maiden?”

He was looking lecherous at Fan Yuqing. After all, she was like a goddess and these cultivators were not blind.

He added with a smile, “I am Saint Liyang.” Usually half-step golden celestials like these maidens would be in awe of his status as a saint. Moreover he was a level higher than their master too!

Ye Jing who was able to read their cultivation level through her divine sense had almost burst out in laughter. This so call Saint Liyang was actually only a half-step Saint and was not even a full saint yet. He must have met with some fortuitous encounter in the past 8 years and had a recent breakthrough. That was why he had not fully consolidated his cultivation base as a saint yet.

A female cultivator from another sect cursed these men, “The minute she has arrived at the scene, these men are pretending to be cultivating.”

Another female cultivator who was envious of Fan Yuqing’s good looks also said, “It seems that this Saint Liyang is also a lecherous man who is trying to recruit the consorts of others.”

Fan Yuqing ignored their remarks and instead she was smiled at Saint Liyang, “I am only a maidservant to my Master Dugu. Shouldn’t you have greeted my master first?”

Saint Liyang smiled as he looked at Xiaofang with a look of disdain, “You are Celestial Dugu? I have accidentally overheard that your maidservant will like to have a bite from the Blood Dragonfruit. I will certainly like to help her and you but there is really no free lunch in the world.”

Before Xiaofang could say a word, Gu Mingfeng was laughing. “I totally agree with Saint Liyang here. However it seems that my master will be the first to pick from the Blood Dragonfruit Tree. Surely we can’t ask Celestial Dugu and his group to wait two more years for you?”

Saint Liyang smiled coldly, “It is better than not getting any.”

Xiaofang knew that they were both being sarcastic toward him. However, he could find no words to rebuke them.

Fan Yuqing purposely smiled, “Master, it seems that they are belittling you so why don’t we prove them wrong?”

Xiaofang smiled weakly as he looked at her, “About this…”

Fan Yuqing heaved a soft sign as she looked at Xiaofang with an innocent look, “Master, your status is high and lofty. I know that you do not want to dirty your hands nor did you want to bother with the likes of the ordinary celestials. Please allow your Servant Yuqing to pick the Blood Dragonfruit for you while you instruct me from afar.”

She turned to smile coldly at Saint Liyang, “I am afraid that I have to reject your good offer. My master is more extraordinary than you can imagine.”

Without waiting for Saint Liyang and Xiaofang to say a word more, Fan Yuqing had already walked toward the Blood Dragonfruit Tree. Indeed, she could immediate sense an immense pressure that was halting her approach and that the perimeter of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree was enveloped with mystic laws. Only by unraveling the mystic laws can one approach the Blood Dragonfruit Tree.

Xuan Danfeng whispered to Feng Minyue and Ye Jing, “This…won’t be easy. This Blood Dragonfruit Tree is at least 100,000 year old and its mystic laws are extremely formidable.”

Feng Minyue had a slight nod as she whispered, “Guess that we have to stay here for at least a few months then…”

The other cultivators who were watching the scene were all laughing and scoffing at Xiaofang.

“He is even asking his maidservant to do the picking for him? How lame…”

“Because if his maidservant fails then at least his reputation will be intact. After all, he can always pretend that he isn’t interested to pick the Blood Dragonfruit.”

“This maidservant of his is really an extraordinary beauty…”

“The other three are equally beautiful as well. All four of them have their own beautiful qualities.”

“Did she say that she is only a half-step golden celestial? She is in for a surprise. I don’t think that she can even approach within fifty paces of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree.”

Ye Jing was not about to let Fan Yuqing steal all the lime light. Moreover, it looked like an exciting challenge to do so she had flew next to her as she laughed, “Sister Yuqing, let your Sister Ye Jing help you to choose the Blood Dragonfruits for our master.”

She had purposely let it known that her name was Ye Jing and quite a number of cultivators had secretly took note of her name.

After all with such a low level master, they were bounded to be masterless soon.

There were indeed some malevolent cultivators in the group and they were thinking of ambushing this Celestial Dugu as soon as he had left the vicinity and to seize his women. After all, the only strong celestial was only this Celestial Dugu. Half-step golden celestials were only a little better than peaked immortal celestials and to most golden celestials and saints, they were weak.

Fan Yuqing whispered to Ye Jing, “What are you doing?”

Ye Jing laughed softly, “I really can’t let you have all the fun to yourself. Also, I am here to participate in the trials of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth as well.”

Fan Yuqing returned her a faint smile as she whispered, “I think it is truer that you are trying to have some fun. Let see who will be the first one to reach the Blood Dragonfruit Tree.” When she had said that, she had already hurried her steps to within fifty paces of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree, startling many of the cultivators who were onlookers.

There were several cultivators that were meditating within sixty paces of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree. Imagine their surprise when Fan Yuqing had suddenly walked past them all of a sudden.

She was quickly followed by Ye Jing, further astonishing many of the cultivators.

Even the jaws of Saint Liyang and Gu Mingfeng seemed to drop when they witnessed how casually these two maidens had approached the perimeter of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree.

As Ye Jing walked next to Fan Yuqing and the closer she had approached the Blood Dragonfruit Tree, she could feel an invisible pressure that was applying to her. There were various mystic laws in the form of arrays that were forming a bubble and it was preventing her from approaching the Blood Dragonfruit Tree.

Fan Yuqing laughed gently as she looked at Ye Jing, “Are you still able to keep up with me?”

By now, Fan Yuqing had walked to within forty paces of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree, further astonishing all the onlookers.

Ye Jing smiled as she followed her and in a short while time, she was also within forty paces of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree.

This caused Fan Yuqing to groan softly, not believing her eyes.

Now even all the cultivators that were within forty paces of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree were all opening their eyes and were startled. It was because it had taken them months to even approach within forty paces of the tree!

“This…isn’t possible…” Many of the cultivators were all muttering among themselves…

Ye Jing giggled as she looked at Fan Yuqing, “This isn’t too difficult, I guess.”

Fan Yuqing was suddenly smiling. It was because she had suddenly figured out why it had been so easy for Ye Jing to follow her. It was because Ye Jing was the only one that could ascend the heavenly steps of the Heavenly Temple. The imposing aura of the heavenly steps was ten times more difficult than approaching the Blood Dragonfruit Tree.

In short, Ye Jing had already comprehended the mystic laws of the spatial space.

The two of them were smiling as they walked together and they were now within thirty paces of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree, overtaking a dozen cultivators who were watching them with great astonishment.

“This…really isn’t possible…” A saint cultivator who was meditating within thirty-three paces of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree was muttering. It took him a year to approach within thirty-three paces of the tree and yet these two maidens had simply walked past him in such a casual manner?

Another cultivator who had just been overtaken was stammering, “They don’t even need to meditate on the mystic laws of the barrier?!”

When Ye Jing and Fan Yuqing approached within twenty paces of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree and had just walked past Saint Liyang’s martial uncle, Saint Liyang had a most ugly countenance and his jaws almost dropped. It was because he had been suggesting to this Celestial Yuqing earlier that she ought to join his clan if she wants to have a bite at the Blood Dragonfruit.

As for Saint Liyang’s martial uncle, he had suddenly spurted a bout of blood when he saw the two maidens overtaking him…

This caused Saint Liyang to turn ashen immediately.

Fan Yuqing and Ye Jing were now standing within ten paces of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree while Gu Mingfeng’s master was one pace ahead of them.

Fan Yuqing had purposely stopped just a pace behind Gu Mingfeng’s master and she said aloud, “Weird, it didn’t seem so difficult to approach the Blood Dragonfruit Tree?”

Ye Jing was chucking, “I heard that Gu Mingfeng says his master has been cultivating for the past three years?”

Gu Mingfeng’s master was now trembling when he had overheard them. Slowly he turned his head around with an ugly expression as he stared at them, “I am Saint Gu Tianjian…”

All of a sudden his expression was suddenly frozen. It was because when he had turned his face around, he had also used his spirit sense to probe into their spiritual sea and was stunned that their spiritual seas had exceeded his by many times over.

He was an intermediate saint and in the next few decades, there was even a possibility that he would even be elevated as a great saint.

Although he did not possess any ability to tell what their cultivation level was, he possessed a spirit artefact that could probe the spiritual seas of the others. This spirit artefact was extremely useful for him to gauge the strength of his opponents and to aid him to study the mystic laws of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree.

But at this moment, he was stunned by the purity and overwhelming spiritual seas of the two maidens and he had almost drowned in it as he broke out in cold sweat. If anyone were to tell him that these two maidens were only half-step golden celestials, he could not believe it!

The spiritual seas between a golden celestial and golden saint were simply too great!

Their spiritual seas even exceeded his own and the foundation of his spiritual seas was even better than many other saints due to his spirit artefact.

Were they actually golden saintess and not golden celestials? Were they actually great saintess even?

Fan Yuqing took three more steps and she could even touch the leaves of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree now. “Oh, we are now within seven paces of the tree now.”

Ye Jing giggled as she walked to and fro around her, “That’s right. This really isn’t too difficult at all.”

All the other cultivators had a stunned silence. These two maidens had even surpassed Saint Gu Tianjian who a while ago, was deemed the only person who could lay his hands first on the Blood Dragonfruit.

Fan Yuqing giggled as she walked all the way to the base of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree, “I wonder why it takes everyone so many years just to approach this tree? This really isn’t very difficult at all.”

Ye Jing chuckled as she followed Fan Yuqing, “I’ve thought that we may need years to approach but we have actually taken only mere minutes.”

Then she plucked a Blood Dragonfruit and took a chewy bite on it, “Wow, this is delicious. Sister Yuqing, you should have a bite too.”

Fan Yuqing laughed softly as she chose a big and beautiful Blood Dragonfruit before she plucked it to bite on it, “Hmm, not bad at all.”

All the cultivators, including Xiaofang, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng were looking at them with dumbfounded expressions.

“They’re eating the Blood Dragonfruits now…” Many of the envious cultivators were watching them with disbelief looks.

Fan Yuqing smiled, “Let’s don’t forget that we are here to pick the Blood Dragonfruits for our master.”

Ye Jing chuckled as she picked one Blood Dragonfruit after the other, “One for our master, one for Sister Danfeng…this one for Sister Minyue…this one to keep…another one to sell for some extra cash…”

Many of the cultivators were now panicky when they saw Ye Jing had started to pluck one Blood Dragonfruit after another. It was obvious to everyone that there were only eight of these Blood Dragonfruits. At the rate that Ye Jing was plucking the Blood Dragonfruits, soon there would be none left for the rest!

One cultivator could not help blurting out, “I’ve thought that the mystic laws of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree only allow one picking of the Blood Dragonfruit. Why is that she is able to pluck one Blood Dragonfruit after another?!”

It was true.

No one had ever plucked more than one Blood Dragonfruit in the history of the celestial realm.

They did not know that Ye Jing and Fan Yuqing were both the true daughters of the heavens and they were already half-step immortals. Therefore they were not restrained by the mystic laws of the Blood Dragonfruit Tree.

Saint Tianjian had suddenly coughed out blood; he could not withstand the emotion of watching them devouring the Blood Dragonfruits and eating it right in front of his eyes.

With a feeble voice, he said with a pleading look. “Please hold it and save a Blood Dragonfruit for me. If you can do it then I shall share with you where to find the location of the next level.”

“Oh?” Fan Yuqing began to ponder. “Why should we believe you? If you know the location of the next level then why didn’t you go to the next level?”

Saint Tianjian smiled bitterly, “I can swear by my cultivation soul. I have found the portal to the next level by an accident quite early when I was on this level. However, I deem it unwise to skip to the next level without exploring the second level first. I have even a map here with me that I’ve painfully drawn. You must know that there are dangers abound everywhere in the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. Even if I am an intermediate saint, I am not so foolish to challenge the third level.”

Fan Yuqing nodded lightly, “Alright, I believe you. Make an oath then.”

Saint Tianjian quickly made an oath to his cultivation soul and presented the map that he had drawn to Fan Yuqing.

Fan Yuqing smiled as she took a peek at the treasure map before she said to Ye Jing, “Let’s not be greedy and leave behind two Blood Dragonfruits on the tree.”

Ye Jing nodded as she gathered four other Blood Dragonfruits, sighing pitifully as she took a forlorn look at the two remaining Blood Dragonfruits. “What a pity…”

In the next instant, Fan Yuqing and Ye Jing had returned by Xiaofang’s side.

Xiaofang was grinning as he looked at them, “Good job, my maidservants…”

Ye Jing chuckled as she secretly whispered to him, “You really like your new role, am I right? So who says the desert is easier now?”

Xiaofang was forced to admit, “You are right. Coming here is actually the right decision.”

Fan Yuqing smiled at Gu Mingfeng and Saint Liyang as she walked past them, “It seems that our Master Dugu is going to have a good feast today. Unfortunately, he won’t be sharing and he doesn’t admit anyone to his clan so readily.”

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