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Chaper 157: Portal to the 3rd Level

Ye Jing was looking blissful; it was because she no longer need to hide her relationship with Xiaofang. For the next three days, they had totally vented it out with each other until they could fully absorb the vitality essence of the Blood Dragonfruit.

However something kept her curious and she had asked Fan Yuqing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng, “How did you manage to absorb the vitality essence of the Blood Dragonfruit so completely? Did you know some secret intricate formula and you did not share with me?”

Still they refused to say a word.

Ye Jing had asked them, “Or did you do-it-yourself?”

Fan Yuqing chased her for quite a while, “Ye Jing, why don’t you die again?”

“Then it must be that reason…” Ye Jing chuckled.

Fan Yuqing scoffed, “You seem to have so much fun with Xiaofang lately. Soon, you’re going to have another baby.”

Ye Jing laughed, “It is extremely difficult for a high level celestial to have pregnancy. So I am not afraid.”

Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng were silently agreeing with Ye Jing. This statement of hers was actually true.

“And who told you so?” Fan Yuqing asked.

“Huh?” Ye Jing said, “My mother consort told me so plus everyone in the celestial fraternity knows about it. This is common knowledge in the celestial fraternity after all.”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “But that’s not what my mother consort told me. She said that it depends on the age of the celestials. The younger they are, the easier for them to get pregnancies. The reason why most celestials believe that it is difficult for high level celestials to have children is because their true ages are also greater than most low level celestials. After all when most high celestials reach the golden celestial level, they are centuries old.”

Then she paused as she smiled wryly at Ye Jing, “But you are so young and full of vitality. I’m not surprised you will be carrying a baby like Beitang Ying pretty soon.”

This time Ye Jing had turned pale as she cast a secret glance at Xiaofang as though she was saying to him, “From now on, we ought to dual cultivate over our mind and soul only. No more touching.”

What else could Xiaofang do except to smile bitterly?

Feng Minyue actually was not so much affected by the strong vitality that was in the Blood Dragonfruit as she managed to have a breakthrough to the intermediate sacred saint level, hence much of the internal heat of the Blood Dragonfruit had been consumed in the process.

As for Xiaofang, after he had taken the Blood Dragonfruit, he was now a peaked golden celestial, having advanced from the upper golden celestial level. He was now at a bottle neck now. In order to breakthrough to a saint, he would need a stronger cultivation base and a lot of luck. Becoming a saint from a golden celestial was risky even if he had the Rainbow Saint Pill.

Now that Xiaofang had the new celestial practice, he had decided to cultivate to the Supremacy Level first to consolidate his spirit cultivation.

Ye Jing did not stop him as she knew that he was being cautious. She had remembered her near death experiences when she was overcoming to the saint level. She had used many spirit artefacts and divine pills in order to succeed.

That was why the saint level was known as the major life and death tribulation while the golden celestial level was known as the minor life and death tribulation. It was easy to avert the minor life and death if sufficient resources were gathered but not the saint level.

Also the new celestial practice seemed to be safe enough and was profound. Therefore Xiaofang had decided to walk down that path first.

Even Fan Yuqing had agreed with Xiaofang, “It is easy for me to aid Feng Minyue to be a saintess because she had a good foundation. But that is not without any risks. Xiaofang is too young and it is too risky for him to attempt to become a saint without consolidating his cultivation foundation first.”

Xuan Danfeng agreed, “This new supremacy level seems safe enough. It seems that the Devil Isle has re-organized the new celestial practice into Seven Realms. We are at the Seventh Realm. Golden celestials are at the Fifth Realm while this new supremacy level is the Sixth Realm.”

Therefore it was decided that they allow Xiaofang to advance in the new celestial practice.

A few days later, they had now reached a beautiful crystal lake in the mountains. In the middle of the lake was an equally beautiful white marble pavilion.

Ye Jing was astonished, “Who will build such a beautiful pavilion here? Are you sure that we are in the right location? Where is the portal?”

They were all following the map that was given by Saint Tianjian to them. According to the map, the portal to the next level was here.

Fan Yuqing smiled, “It will only get more beautiful as we go further up. That pavilion is already a good marker of where the portal really is. Saint Tianjian really did not lie to us.”

To prove it, she had walked to the edge of the lake and immediately she seemed to have triggered the mystic laws that were enveloping the lake and bright shimmering divine lights were suddenly sparking around the lake.

As they admired the divine lights, a footpath rose from beneath the lake to form a connection to the white pavilion. Almost immediately, a blue portal had appeared. Again, there was no returning portal.

Xuan Danfeng smiled and her eyes were excited, “This is really the portal to the next level.” She had never been to the third level of the labyrinth before and was excited.

Feng Minyue was also smiling as she admired the beautiful view, “I wonder what the third level will look like…”

Fan Yuqing smiled, “The number of islands on each level will actually get lesser and lesser. We may even meet others that we have known should they have also gone to the higher up levels.”

Ye Jing nodded and said almost incoherently, “Good bye Beitang Ying. Hope to see you soon when we are all outside.”

Xiaofang said, “We are on this level for almost five months. All in all, we have taken six months. We still got eighteen months left to reach to the very top. Hopefully, we are able to go as far up as possible.”

Ye Jing chuckled, “Then we have better made haste.”

Soon they were on the elevated pathway as they walked across the crystal clear lake.

Fan Yuqing took the lead while Xiaofang walked at the rear.

As Fan Yuqing approached the shimmering blue portal, she gave a smile to the party. “Are you ready to go to the third level now?”

She lifted her cloak as she turned around with a smile, “As long as our party is of one heart and in spirit then we can surely overcome all the obstacles. So, are you ready to enter the portal to the next level?”

Ye Jing laughed softly as she quickly flashed next to her, “I am completely ready to go. So what are we waiting for?”

Fan Yuqing smiled at her, “Waiting for you.”

Ye Jing laughed, “And I am waiting for them.”

Xuan Danfeng sighed softly, “The two of you make it sounds like the third level of the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth is your playground. Why am I following the two of you to your doom?”

Feng Minyue turned to her with a gentle smile, “I am actually secretly afraid but looking at the two of them, I find a little courage to follow them.”

Xuan Danfeng smiled weakly, “Let hope that I can still be alive after this. I swear I won’t ever step into the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth for the rest of my life.”

Ye Jing chuckled, “Stop chitchatting already. We are going in now. See you in a while time!”

And she had entered through the portal excitingly.

Xiaofang, Yu’Er and Fan Yuqing soon followed after her.

Xuan Danfeng looked at Feng Minyue, “Guess we have no other choice but to follow them now. I don’t want to stay around here knowing that there are other cultivators from the other fraternities that are around.”

Feng Minyue smiled, “Same here. Let’s go now.”

The two of them quickly entered into the portal.

After they had all entered through the portal, the elevated footpath began to sink into the crystal clear lake once again.

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