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Chapter 159: Mu Huiyin In Trouble

An extraordinary maiden was speeding across the mountains in a dire strait. She had set her sight on the Turtle Citadel that was on the horizon. In that place, there could be other cultivators that she could seek help from…

Her clothing was in tatters and she had been fleeing from a monster. She had already used up all her spirit stones as she set up one concealment array after another in order to flee from this monster but it was in futile. It was because this ‘monster’ had known her only too well.

This extraordinary maiden was actually Mu Huiyin and she was a great saintess. She was fleeing from Liang Ni. Although Liang Ni was only a saint at the initial level but after he had attained the sacred saint level, his martial strength had exceeded what she could handle. Moreover, Liang Ni knew all her martial moves only too well. They were master and disciple in the past after all.

Saint Tie Nansen who had accompanied her into the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth had fallen into the mountain gorge while trying to protect her against Liang Ni.

Three more hours!

If she could continue to evade him for another three more hours then she would be able to reach the Turtle Citadel and would be saved!

However a wicked laughter was heard from behind her, “With your feeble strength, do you think that you can reach that place to seek help? You can’t even run properly anymore.”

It was Liang Ni and he had appeared from behind her as he seized from her neck.

Mu Huiyin gasped weakly, “Let…go of me…you monster…have you forgotten that I was your master…”

Liang Ni smiled coldly as he caressed her trembling body, “Was my master. You should have realized today consequences long ago. After you had dropped me, you have found another man so readily. Aren’t you shameless?”

Mu Huiyin spat, “Nansen is a good man. You have also known him for so many years yet you are so ruthless as to kill him. You are a monster! Even if I were to die, the Ancient Ascension Sect will never spare you!”

Liang Ni laughed as he tore her dress off, “And who will be there to tell the Ancient Ascension Sect that I have killed their sect leader? It is not uncommon to perish inside the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth.”

Mu Huiyin screamed, “Don’t you touch me! You’re such a monster!”

Liang Ni mocked her coldly, “Have you forgotten how many times I have bedded you already? It is almost daily for the past five hundred years! Now you are claiming that I am a monster? Do you think you are still a chaste maiden? Once I have re-ignited your passions, you will bend down before me as before.”

Mu Huiyin gasped as Liang Ni’s hands tightened around her throat, “Never. Kill me…”

Liang Ni smirked coldly, “You shouldn’t have cast me off just like this. If I have known that you will treat me so coldly and fly to Tie Nansen’s embrace like a cheap whore, I should have drained all your primordial yin long ago. Instead I’ve cherished you, taking care only to take a little each time.”

Mu Huiyin was startled as she stared blankly at him, “You…are actually practicing the unorthodox practices to obtain my primordial yin?”

She smiled bitterly and there were tears flowing down her cheeks, “You have already benefited greatly by absorbing my primordial yin without any unorthodox practice. Why do you want to practice the unorthodox practices to harm me?”

Liang Ni smiled coldly, “Don’t be ridiculous. Who doesn’t want to be a saint? Who doesn’t want to ascend as an immortal? I am now more powerful than you can ever imagine thanks to my new master.”

Mu Huiyin gasped weakly, “Your master…must be an evil and despicable man. If you still regard me as your former master, you should cripple your cultivation core and beg for my forgiveness…”

Liang Ni laughed coldly as he reached his hands into her clothing, “Heroine Mu Huiyin, until now you are still dreaming. Today I will drain all your primordial yin. The primordial yin of a great saintess will be a great nourishment to my cultivation. I won’t let you die so easily though…”

“Let her go.” An alluring voice floated down to them.

Liang Ni was startled. With his perception, he was not able to tell that someone had arrived? And this voice was really familiar.

He looked up to see an alluring maiden in white standing on the ridge. She had a curtain veil around her head but her face was clearly visible. She was none other than Fan Yuqing!

Even Mu Huiyin was startled that to see her one time rival here.

Liang Ni was startled, “Saintess Yuqing, hear my explanations…”

Fan Yuqing said coldly, “Are you trying to tell me that Saintess Mu is the one that is molesting you and seducing you?”

Just as Liang Ni was about to protest his innocence, he was startled to see that three more beautiful maidens and one man had appeared behind Fan Yuqing.

He cursed angrily for he had recognized Xiaofang who was the man that had fatally injured him and almost killed him.

As for the three other maidens, he had recognized two of them. They were Feng Minyue, the number one beauty of the Nine Celestial Fraternity and Xuan Danfeng, the former number one beauty of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. As for the unknown maiden, she was extremely beautiful and had an air of charm around her.

Although he did not know that she was Ye Jing, he could gauge that she was a saintess as well.

All four of the maidens and Mu Huiyin were the most beautiful maidens of the Nine Celestial Fraternity, having their own charms and beauty.

Liang Ni was suddenly laughing, “It seems that I am in luck today. With five saintess for me to trample upon, I will soon be an immortal. You can all choose to join my harem or be completely drained by me.”

He was looking lustfully at Xuan Danfeng who was trembling lightly. He could think remember how sensual she was that evening when he had torn off her clothing.

Xiaofang was aroused to anger and he had his immortal sword materialized on his right hand, ready to strike at him.

But Fan Yuqing raised her right hand in front of him to stop him as she continued to look coldly at Liang Ni, “I have heard from my sisters how despicable you are. At first I don’t believe it till I have seen it with my own eyes today.”

Liang Ni smiled coldly as he caressed Mu Huiyin in front of them, “Even a great saintess like Mu Huiyin isn’t my match so what can you do with me? Or you are actually wishing that you are in her place?”

Mu Huiyin gasped, “Saintess Yuqing, Saintess Danfeng, Saintess Minyue…hurry and run. You’re not his match…”

All of a sudden she seemed to have remembered who Ye Jing was. Was she not the Nine Celestial Goddess Ye Jing who had perished eight years ago? Why was she alive and why was she here?

Ye Jing said to Fan Yuqing, “We should take him down together. I have never seen such a shameless man before!”

Fan Yuqing shook her head as she jumped and landed lightly in front of Liang Ni, “No, I will handle him myself.”

In that instant, everyone could sense that Fan Yuqing’s aura had turned extremely cold and her alluring aura had suddenly dissipated.

Feng Minyue was startled as she thought, “This is the aura of the Devil Goddess…”

Even Mu Huiyin was startled, “This is…”

She said to Liang Ni, “There are many ways to die and I will make sure that you will die horribly.”

Liang Ni was still smiling at her, “And I will make sure that I have many ways to make you submissive to me.”

All of a sudden Fan Yuqing had attacked Liang Ni with her fingers and her white flute but it was like hitting an iron wall as her attacks bounced off.

Liang Ni laughed coldly as a blazing flare appeared on his forehead, “You don’t get it, do you? Even if you are a great saintess, you are still no match for me for I’m already a half-step immortal.”

Fan Yuqing was startled as she took three steps back, “You have opened your Heaven Eyes? How is it possible?!”

Liang Ni grinned, “It is all thanks to my immortal master.”

Fan Yuqing asked coldly, “Who is your immortal master?”

Liang Ni had suddenly thrown Mu Huiyin aside and he had flown toward Fan Yuqing, “You can ask me again when you are in my bed…”

In that instant Liang Ni had threw an explosive punch at Fan Yuqing who raised both her hands to block the attack.

There was a thunderous clap as Fan Yuqing was sent skidding seven steps after she had parried his attack just in the nick of time.

Fan Yuqing was startled as she turned pale. Liang Ni was not joking that he was now a half-step immortal. Previously she had already known that Liang Ni had practiced the Thirteen Extreme Body Tempering Martials and in the past, most of her unarmed attacks would not be able to scratch him.

But she forced through a smile, “Do you have to be so serious when you’re handling me?”

Liang Ni laughed heartily, “Against Saintess Yuqing who is Mu Huiyin’s equal, I’ve to be serious.”

Ye Jing had already unsheathed her immortal sword when Feng Minyue gently held her hand as she gently shook her head, “Let’s wait a little longer first. Have you forgotten what Sister Yuqing said earlier?”

Ye Jing blinked her eyes. It was obvious to her that Liang Ni’s martial strength was stronger than Fan Yuqing…

Earlier, Fan Yuqing had warned them before they arrived here that they should allow her to check on Liang Ni first. It was because it was impossible for Saintess Mu Huiyin to be forced to a corner by him. Therefore this Liang Ni must have a secret card.

All of a sudden there was a spatial distortion that was around them as the ground was trembling from where Liang Ni was standing as he smiled coldly, “Saintess Yuqing, I don’t want to hurt you. I know that you have a powerful artefact core to aid you but I am totally different from where I used to be. My master has imparted to me an immortal martial skill. This immortal martial skill is ten times stronger than my Thirteen Extreme Body Tempering Martials. Why do you think that with Tie Nansen and Mu Huiyin combined, they are unable to defeat me? Even if all of you are to attack me together, you are just like an ant to me.”

Fan Yuqing had turned pale as she muttered, “This immortal martial skill is the…”

Liang Ni smirked coldly, “The name of my immortal martial skill is the Annihilating Force.”

Fan Yuqing was startled as her thin lips trembled, “You are with the dark immortals?”

The Annihilating Force belonged to one of the most powerful desolate immortals who style himself as the Great Rift God Xuan Yuan.

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