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Chapter 160: The Mystic Stratosphere Skill

Fan Yuqing smiled bitterly as she looked coldly at Liang Ni, “It seems that you have attained to the second positioning of the heaven eyes. You are really a half-step immortal cultivator now.”

Liang Ni smiled as the blazing suffocating of his aura enshrouded the vicinity, “Indeed.”

Fan Yuqing continued calmly, “However, you are not a great saint yet and had not undergone the cleansing tribulation of the lightning tribulation.”

Liang Ni smirked coldly, “It doesn’t matter. My strength is already greater than any of the great saints.”

Fan Yuqing smiled faintly, “Although you are given an insight of the immortal practice but you are merely a half-step immortal cultivator and not a real half-step immortal. To be an immortal means you must complete the lightning tribulation and the great saint ascension. I am afraid that you can’t advance beyond the second positioning. After all, the first two positioning is known as the mortal positioning and is only considered to be the most basic.”

Liang Ni asked her suspiciously, “How did you know so much?”

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly as her forehead began to glow, “That’s because I have already attained to the fifth positioning, the lesser heavens positioning.”

Liang Ni was a little startled, “You have attained to the fifth positioning? Impossible…”

Fan Yuqing smiled wryly, “You’ve better believe it. Also your Annihilate Force seems to be only at the 3rd level?”

Liang Ni was startled, “How do you know? I have totally mastered this skill now.”

Fan Yuqing said, “Is that so? Then you may not know that there are a total of nine levels to this divine skill but it seems that your master has only given you limited knowledge of it. To say that you have mastered it is actually still a far cry from it.”

Liang Ni: …

But he quickly composed himself and said, “Hmph! Do you think that you can shake me by saying so? Even this 3rd level is enough to make me invincible. In the future, there are many opportunities for my master to impart to me more divine skills. Therefore I am not worried at all. As for you, you should be the one that ought to be anxious now for I am going…”

He was smiling gleefully. It was obvious what he was going to do.

Mu Huiyin gasped out, “Saintess Yuqing, be careful of his heretic aura. It can burn through our saint aura.”

Fan Yuqing nodded lightly as she took a glance at Mu Huiyin with a silent gratitude before she lifted her skirt with her left hand to display a combat stance.

Liang Ni curled an evil smile as he noticed the silt that opened up her beautiful slim leg all the way up to her thigh. She really had lovely legs and he was having a good bird eye view of it. He was bulging now and to think that this would actually be this lucky day that he would be obtaining this goddess that he had been coveting for ages into his embrace. He would definitely show her an experience that she would never forget and after that, she would be begging for his presence every day.

Fan Yuqing was enticing to all the men and women that saw her countenance. It was not because she was extremely beautiful but because everyone was drawn to her lofty existence as a half-divine being. It was the same reason why the celestials had been drawn to and was seeking immortality.

Liang Ni was not an exception of course but he was planning to do more than just glancing at her. The thought of copulating with her made him excited. He was planning to copulate with her for the next three days and nights, totally ravaging her and making her his own sexual slave.

As he glanced over to the three other saintess, he was already entertaining lofty thoughts of them together with Fan Yuqing and Mu Huiyin stripped naked around him as they pleasured him and begging him for his favors.

Having five saintess to provide him daily with their primordial yin, this was something that was unprecedented and he could easily be the most powerful celestial in the entire celestial realm. Perhaps even his so call master would not be his match. Or else why did he need his help for?

“You really have a dark soul…” Fan Yuqing said coolly as she suddenly lifted her palm and struck Liang Ni with a tremendous thunderclap on his forehead as a brilliant burst of light exploded from the other end of his head.

Seizing upon Liang Ni’s brief distraction, she had suddenly attacked with her secret divine skill the Mystic Stratosphere Divine Skill. This divine skill was an immortal skill that was only usable if her heaven eyes were opened.

Fan Yuqing said ruefully even as Liang Ni had suddenly fallen down dead, “I really don’t know what you are thinking in your head when we are supposed to be dueling. You seem to have forgotten that you are fighting an opponent with the fifth positioning and yet you are dreaming away. This momentary distraction has cost you dearly. May your dark soul perish and never to reincarnate.”

It was not without reason that she had mentioned his dark soul. While Ye Jing could sense energy with her bloodline ability, Fan Yuqing’s also had her unique bloodline and that was to see the souls of the others. That was also one of the main reasons why she had only killed those with disturbing dark souls.

Ye Jing was startled as she looked at the scene, “This is over already? Where is the epic fight? And what is this skill that Sister Yuqing is using? I’ve never seen it before…”

Fan Yuqing had heard Ye Jing and she was smiling gleefully to herself, “Ye Jing, even though you have inherited the divine skills of the other goddesses but this Mystic Stratosphere Divine Skill is the inheritance skill of the Great Goddess Alice. Since young, I was trained under her personal guidance. I can be said to be her personal disciple. If you think you’re catching up to me, dream on!”

At the same time she had disrobed her cloak to wrap over Mu Huiyin but Mu Huiyin had suddenly slapped her hands away as she said coldly, “Saintess Yuqing! I know who you are now. You’re the Devil Goddess, am I right?”

It was because when Fan Yuqing had struck at Liang Ni, Mu Huiyin had remembered seeing the Mystic Stratosphere Divine Skill before.

At that time, Mu Huiyin, Liang Ni, Tie Nansen and Qin Tianming had cornered her. Despite her serious injuries, she had a sudden burst of strength as she severely injured everyone with a burst of brilliant light that seemed to have condensed all the might of her spiritual force into a deadly outburst of unstoppable energies.

Fan Yuqing smiled coldly, “So you have managed to recognize me after all, my dear Mu Huiyin. Have you forgotten how you have forced me down the desolate mists two centuries ago?”

Mu Huiyin returned a cold stare at her, “I am surprised that you are still alive. I was wondering why you have not turned up at the Unmoving Mountains. It seems that you are in our midst all along.”

Then she took a glance at the other three maidens who were behind her, “So they are your shadows? Your dark influence is indeed deep. Even the Nine Celestial Goddess is on your side.”

Fan Yuqing hummed coldly, “Now that you have exposed me, are you not afraid that I will silence you?”

Mu Huiyin lowered her glances as she said melancholy, “Do whatever you want with me. My heart is already dead when Tie Nansen is dead. Therefore I am not afraid of you. I am never afraid of you.”

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