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Chapter 161: The Devil Goddess

200 years ago in a dark stormy night…

Mu Huiyin, Liang Ni, Tie Nansen and Qin Tianming had secretly gathered in an underground chamber.

Qin Tianming said as he looked at Mu Huiyin and Tie Nansen, “Let’s be quick about it. The spies of the Devil Goddess are everywhere. What is that you want to discuss with us?”

Mu Huiyin smiled coldly, “Saint Tianming, do you still consider yourself to be a saint? Are you turning into a coward already? Why are you so afraid of the Devil Goddess?”

Qin Tianming hummed coldly, “I am not the only one who is afraid. Even the most powerful patriarch clan of the Nine Celestial Fraternity is afraid to act against her so what can my Spirit Banner Clan do? We should ask our Brother Nansen here to ask the great saints and saintess of the Ancient Ascension Sect to deal with her instead.”

Tie Nansen smiled awkwardly, “We did not dare to disturb our elders who are in seclusion.”

Liang Ni said bitterly, “Ever since the Devil Goddess has appeared 4 years ago, the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity has known no peace. The orthodox righteous clans are afraid of her and are the unorthodox heretic clans. This is really the first time.”

He turned to look at Tie Nansen, “I’ve thought that a few golden celestials and saints have taken punitive actions against her a few weeks ago? Why had they gone so quiet all of a sudden?”

Tie Nansen smiled even more bitterly, “Saint Nanxun has now decided to enter seclusion. We are not to disturb him.”

“What?” Liang Ni, Mu Huiyin and Qin Tianming all exclaimed at the same time. “What happens?”

Qi Tianming asked, “Isn’t he the leader of the punitive expedition against the Devil Goddess?”

Tie Nansen looked at everyone before he sighed heavily, “You mustn’t tell anyone what I’ve told you. The Devil Goddess had thrown him into a pit of shit. My Senior Saint Nanxun had never felt so humiliated in his life before. Ever since he had become a golden celestial, he had never touched such unworldly thing.”

When one has become a golden celestial, there is naturally no need to eat or pass bodily fluids. Even if a golden celestial is to consume food and drink, they can dissipate it as their aura.

Saint Nanxun naturally had not touched shit for hundreds of years.

Qi Tianming, Mu Huiyin and Liang Ni were all speechless.

Mu Huiyin muttered, “Saint Nanxun actually got thrown into a pit of shit. Then what had happened to the rest of the Ancient Ascension Sect’s golden celestials?”

This time Tie Nansen sighed even more heavily, “Their humiliation is not lesser than Saint Nanxun. The male golden celestials are all forced to dance for the Devil Goddess in…women’s clothing while the female golden celestials are stripped naked by the Devil Goddess to admire.”

Mu Huiyin was trembling, “This is too ridiculous…”

Tie Nansen smiled weakly, “It is not only my clan that had suffered such demeaning humiliation. Do you know that even Xuan Danfeng was stripped naked for three days and hung upside down a tree as the Devil Goddess invaded her body?”

Mu Huiyin was stunned, “She is a patriarch leader and yet she is subjected to such humiliation. How is she going to face anyone in the future?”

Tie Nansen smiled bitterly, “Everyone has agreed not to say a word so far.”

Liang Ni smiled, “And yet you are telling us all this.”

Tie Nansen protested weakly, “You are all my best friends. So there is no harm in sharing with you.”

“This Devil Goddess is so atrocious. We must do something against her.” Mu Huiyin said bitterly.

Tie Nansen looked with concern at Mu Huiyin, “Huiyin, the Devil Goddess didn’t do anything to you right?”

Mu Huiyin had a tiny flush on her countenance as she lied, “No, of course not. She is the scourge of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. We are some of the high level celestials around. If we don’t help to get rid of her, how can we claim to be from the righteous orthodox clan?”

She had of course come into confrontation with the Golden Mask Devil Goddess. They had a secret duel in which she had lost badly. Because she had lost, she was forced to kneel under the skirt of the Devil Goddess and had her lingerie taken away. The Devil Goddess was of course not interested in wearing her lingerie but she had instead given to her shadows and said, “This is Mu Huiyin’s lingerie and you may have it.”

Naturally she would never tell anyone about it, including Liang Ni.

No one really knows where the Golden Mask Devil Goddess had come from. One day she had suddenly appeared and surprised many with her astonishing martial skills. At first no one had really treated her seriously because other than mean tricks, she had not really taken any lives. But in a short time, she had suddenly amassed many supporters and shadows that were all willing to do her biddings.

She would come uninvited and started to host a banquet at the clan expenses and her guests were many. In time to come, she merely commanded everyone to attend one banquet after another everywhere in the Nine Celestial Fraternity.

Many of the affected celestials were forced to travel up and down, barely had time for their own cultivation. The entire celestial fraternity was like her playground.

The patriarch clans and many of the celestial clans did try to stop her but she was too formidable and had no hideout where they could find her easily.

She was a threat that no one knew how to deal with. Her motives were not to rule or control any clan hence it made everyone confused. But her decrees were laws. Anyone that refused to attend her banquet was paid a visit and humiliated.

Her actions were totally bizarre and although there were many punitive actions against her, none had succeeded.

At the same time her actions were not enough to call the many high level celestials of the patriarch clans to end their seclusion to deal with her. Other than forcing everyone to attend her banquets, no one really lost an arm or a leg except for the heretic clans in which she seemed to have a vengeance against.

Some of the patriarch celestials were even glad that there was someone who was actively dealing and messing up with the dark celestials from the other three celestial domains.

Of course, there were also many high level celestials that had ended their seclusions to deal with her. But they had strangely quickly returned to their seclusion and pretending that nothing had ever happened.

They had probably suffered some humiliating experiences that they did not want to talk about or to let their juniors know.

Qin Tianming suddenly said, “We may have an opportunity soon to deal with the Devil Goddess.”

Everyone was looking at him with a startled expression.

Mu Huiyin asked with a soft smile, “Are you sure? I’ve heard that she can even fight off ten saints on her own and escaped unscathed before visiting them one by one to enact her vengeance. If we don’t succeed at the first opportunity then we are asking for troubles.”

Qin Tianming had a mysterious smile, “She is dueling with this Celestial Yuehua in a couple of days. We can strike her down if she is injured.”

Mu Huiyin was a little disappointed, “Even an intermediate saintess like myself can’t handle her, you are telling me that a mere golden celestial can handle her? What is her name again? Yuehua? I’ve never heard of her.”

Qin Tianming laughed, “Even though she is a mere golden celestial but she had actually defeated me a couple of weeks ago.”

“What?!” Everyone was startled and they were staring at him in disbelief.

Qin Tianming’s swordplay was extremely formidable. Even a great saint may find it hard to weather his sword strokes.

Mu Huiyin stammered, “She is this formidable?”

Qin Tianming nodded and said, “Not only is she extremely formidable, the mysterious man that is with her is equally formidable.”

Mu Huiyin asked, “What is that mysterious man?”

Qin Tianming smiled, “No idea. That is why he is the mysterious man. Probably her partner. They seem to be extremely intimate with each other. Throughout the duel, he had never made a move or pay any attention to the duel. It was as though he knew that I would be losing.”

Back to the present, Mu Huiyin had turned to look intently at Fan Yuqing. “That day, are you the one that had thrown poop on my bed?”

Fan Yuqing had a faint smile, “It is only a small payback for forcing me to jump down the cliff to the desolate mists below.”

Mu Huiyin said quietly, “So you are really the Devil Goddess. So what are you waiting for now? I guessing that you must have suffered greatly from that point onward. No wonder you have disappeared for over two centuries.”

Fan Yuqing sad coldly, “Indeed. Because of you and your group of friends, I’ve wasted two centuries of my most beautiful life. I was only 22 when I was left for dead while you got to enjoy two centuries more of your blissful life.”

Mu Huiyin trembled as she glanced at her. She had almost forgotten that the Saintess Yuqing was only about 240 years of age. How did she become a great saintess at the age of 22?!

That was the reason why she had discount the possibility that Fan Yuqing was the Devil Goddess because she was too young.

To think the entire Nine Celestial Fraternity was once played around her finger tips by a 22 year old brat?

She was unlucky enough to encounter Celestial Yuehua and got injured. Then who was this Celestial Yuehua and what was her background?

She shook off those thoughts because it was all meaningless now. Knowing the mean nature of the Devil Goddess, she would never let her off. Moreover, she was determined to die with dignity and never be humiliated by her again.

She already had that resolve on that day she had decided to fight the Devil Goddess. Because she had that resolve, later after she had defeated the Devil Goddess, she had even overcome her lightning tribulation to become a great saintess.

But instead of a sword, Fan Yuqing had suddenly extended her hand to her with a smile. “Are you planning to sit on the ground all the time? Why don’t you join us as we explore the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth? You will be safer with us than alone. After all, this is the 3rd level and it has considerable difficulties.”

Mu Huiyin looked at her tender hand for a while before she took her hand, “You are not going to take your vengeance on me?”

Fan Yuqing laughed as she took a glance at Xiaofang, “You’re not the one that has caused me to be seriously injured in the first place. That honor goes to Celestial Yuehua. Moreover, I was young back then and I guess that I’ve really gone overboard a couple of times. So we are quits now.”

Mu Huiyin asked quietly, “You are not afraid that I will let the entire fraternity knows that you are the Devil Goddess?”

Fan Yuqing chuckled softly, “Do whatever you want. I am unconcerned.”

Mu Huiyin smiled faintly, “It really doesn’t matter anymore…”

Although Fan Yuqing was the Devil Goddess in the past but her status had changed now. She was now the god-daughter of the Great Saintess Ziyue and come to think of that, no one would really bother with her over the humiliating antics that she had done two centuries ago. Or rather, no one would want to wash their dirty laundry and tell the entire fraternity what the Devil Goddess had done to them in the past.

Moreover she was a Great Saintess and there were many realistic celestials who did not want to make a foe out of a great saintess unless they had no other choices.

In additional, the Saintess Yuqing seemed to have three other saintess sisters that were on her side, including one Nine Celestial Goddess who was now the acknowledged number one heroine of the Nine Celestial Fraternity. The Nine Celestial Goddess had given up her life to save the entire fraternity from the dark descendant and it was also an undisputed fact that the Saintess Yuqing had saved many from the Devil Isle.

There was a saying; if you can’t beat then join them.

All of a sudden Mu Huiyin found that it was not just Fan Yuqing’s hand that was lifting her up but Ye Jing, Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue were also lifting her up with welcoming smiles.

Ye Jing was smiling to her warmly, “We are all on the same side. Welcome to the party.”

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