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Chapter 16: The Annihilating God Seed

Lu Qingyun had returned to the Heavens Ridge Villa alone while Qin Keqin continued to stay in the Heavenly Lotus Teahouse. She had indicated that she would be back in a week time.

Along the way, he was constantly thinking of her. No matter how hard he tried, he could not put her away from his mind. At the same time, she had left him with many mysteries.

One, she had given him a divine sword in such a casual manner. In the celestial fraternity, a single divine sword could even spark a war between the many celestial clans to gain ownership over it. It was not only extremely precious but also extremely prestigious to own one. As a lowly cultivator, he felt that he did not deserve to own one and with his current strength, he could not even protect this divine sword.

Two, she even had two sisters who were saintesses. This alone was an astonishing enough. Although there were hundreds of celestial clans in the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm, it was said that there was only one seventh realm expert around. The Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm was actually among the smallest of the ten divine realms in the Nine Celestial Fraternity so the numbers of high level celestial cultivators were not as plentiful as the other divine realms.

Seventh realm sacred saints were all lofty existences without equal in the Nine Celestial Fraternity. He had actually imagined them to be all aloof, haughty and crazy about cultivation as they aimed to ascend as immortals. However the two saintesses that he had seen did not seem to be interested in cultivating…

Where were they from? And where was Qin Keqin from?

When he had reached his abode, he saw that the place was lit but there was no sight of Lie Xingyuan.

“Xingyuan, are you there?” He called out for her name.

There was no reply.

He was little anxious, “She isn’t back yet? But the lamps are all lit…”

He quickly moved around the place until he came to her room. Seeing that there was light inside and that the door was ajar, he pushed it open.

He was startled to see Lie Xingyuan lying feverish on her bed and she was muttering incoherently, “Sect leader, don’t…punish me…” She was shivering and her bed was damp with her cold sweat.

It seemed that she got a bad fright in the day and now she was sick.

Lu Qingyun quickly examined her pulses and forehead before he rushed out to boil medicine. She had a high fever and was in a critical condition.

He had practiced herbalism with his old master and he had plenty of medical herbs with him. In no time he had gathered all the necessary herbs and was boiling the medicine.

However the fire was boiling too slow and there was too many herbs involved. He was already boiling seven pots of medicine at the same time.

The herbs had to be boiled properly for its toxicity to be removed and for it to be brewed into medicine. After that, he had to mix the medicine together to brew together again. Only then will it be the most effective.

But now, all the pots were boiling too slowly…

All of a sudden he had an idea and he called out loudly, “Yan’Er, are you there? I need your help.”

With a flash of light, the spirit form of a little girl had appeared in front of him. Yan’Er was giggling, “Master, I am so bored inside. Your inner spiritual sea is so cramped. Yan’Er feels so happy to be out.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly; his inner spiritual sea was like a small pond because he was only a first realm cultivator.

He quickly stated his request, “Yan’Er, I need your help. Can you help me to boil these medicines? I need your fire to speed up the boiling.”

Yan’Er was the spiritual flame of the ninth rank golden roc and the ninth rank golden roc was the equivalent of an upper seventh realm sacred saint. Naturally her flames were not ordinary at all.

She had immediately shot out golden flames and immediately all seven pots were quickly boiled.

When Lu Qingyun saw it, he was greatly astonished. Yan’Er had accomplished the work very fast like a fifth realm expert.

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun was also feeling dizzy. It was because Yan’Er and him were linked together. Yan’Er was his spiritual flame and she was tapping into his spiritual sea for her strength; she could only grow stronger if he was stronger.

It was a good thing that he had taken plenty of the Heavenly Lotus Tea today or else he would be completely exhausted by Yan’Er.

He forced himself to focus and with great diligent, he began to mix the medicine pots together. “Yan’Er, help me to boil this too.”

Yan’Er released her golden flames and in an instant the medicine pot was completely boiled.

Lu Qingyun was smiling weakly. This was too actually way too fast. He used to spend hours of hard work just to boil medicines in the past but Yan’Er was able to boil the medicine in an instant. This was too exaggerating…

Yan’Er said cutely, “Master, your spiritual sea is emptied now…”

Lu Qingyun handled the boiled pot with care as he wrapped a wet towel over the handle, “That is already good enough. Thank you Yan’Er.”

As he quickly carried the medicine pot to Lie Xingyuan’s room, Yan’Er curiously floated behind him.

When he had reached Lie Xingyuan’s room, he quickly emptied the medicine pot into a bowl. Once the bowl was full, he quickly took it over to her and started to cool the hot medicine by blowing over it.

Yan’Er floated around Lie Xingyuan and said, “This is not the big sister that I have seen the last time. Who is this big sister?”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “This is Sister Lie Xingyuan.” He had forgotten to ask Yan’Er to return to his cultivation inner sea but luckily Lie Xingyuan was too feverish to open her eyes.

As he continued to blow on the bowl to cool it enough for Lie Xingyuan to take a sip, Yan’Er said. “Master, why is that you got another spirit entity in your inner sea?”

Lu Qingyun said without paying her much attention as he continued to cool the bowl that was in his hand, “It is not possible. It is well-known that every cultivator can have only one spirit entity in their inner sea in their entire life time. Since I have Yan’Er already, I can no longer have another.”

Yan’Er said cutely, not fully understanding. “It is only a spirit seed now. Maybe it will grow into a spirit entity in the future.”

Lu Qingyun was lifting Lie Xingyuan upright so that he could feed her the bowl of medicine. He was not paying to what Yan’Er was saying and was fully focused on attending to Lie Xingyuan. When he was done, he had fallen into a deep sleep, fully exhausted by the drain of his inner sea.

When Lie Xingyuan had waked up, she was feeling lightheaded. She had remembered that she had a sudden high fever and that she had crawled to her bed. But now she was perfectly alright and even her fever was gone.

But when she had fully opened her eyes, she was startled to see Lu Qingyun sleeping at the side of her bed and saw an emptied bowl lying next to his fingers. Had he been attending to her throughout the night?

Yan’Er yawned lazily, “Big sister, you’ve awakened?”

Lie Xingyuan was startled and she was gasping with shock when she saw a floating little girl that was hovering above. “You are…”

Yan’Er replied, “I am Yan’Er, master’s spirit entity.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled and she was staring at Yan’Er in disbelief, “You are a sentient spirit entity?”

Lu Qingyun was aroused from his sleep by the noises and he was startled that Lie Xingyuan was now talking to Yan’Er.

Lie Xingyuan was suddenly flushing when she saw that Lu Qingyun had awakened. She lowered her glances shyly and said, “Thank you.” She knew that he was the one that had attended to her fever. From the look of it, his medicine was quite effective.

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “I am glad that you are alright now. About Yan’Er, please don’t tell anyone about it, alright?”

Lie Xingyuan nodded as she said weakly, “I promise. You are indeed special. I have never expected that your golden roc flame will actually be a sentient spirit. This is like one in a thousand.”

She was actually also thinking, “He is not a good-for-nothing cultivator. Even if he doesn’t have the golden roc flame, he is still a good person. He has attended to me throughout the night. If not for him, I would be still be very sick…thank you…”

Lu Qingyun asked with concern, “How your fever? Are you feeling better now?”

Lie Xingyuan smiled, “I am totally fine now. It is like I’ve never got a fever.” Then she lowered her eyes to say melancholy, “I wonder if I will be punished by sect leader or not…”

“Of course not. She is perfectly fine with you.” He quickly comforted her.

Lie Xingyuan looked at him with a soft gasp, “Really?!”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “I can promise you that. Even if sect leader wants to punish you, I will not let her punish you, alright?” He knew that she was sick because she was thinking too much.

Lie Xingyuan sighed softly, “I really hope so that is the case.”

Lu Qingyun took out the box of Heavenly Lotus Tea Leaves and showed it to her, “Alright. Now that you are feeling better, I’m going to boil us some of these.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled as she stared at the box of Heavenly Lotus Tea Leaves, gasping at the quantity that she was seeing now. “How did you get so much of it?”

Lu Qingyun laughed, “My master gives it to me.”

Lie Xingyuan was stunned as she muttered, “She is…this rich?” Did he know how much this box of Heavenly Lotus Tea Leaves actually cost? It was sufficient to maintain the upkeep of the entire Heavens Ridge Villa for three years. His master was really truly generous toward him…

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