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Chapter 17: Tang Bufan’s Utter Shock

When Tang Bufan woke up the next morning, he was still feeling a little sour in his heart.

Firstly, his maidservant Rushuang had left him. If not, he would be so lonely in his bed and he had to spend the night alone.

Secondly, Lu Qingyun actually had a heaven-step precious sword. This was a total humiliation to him and a complete loss of face for him. How would he able to show off the wealth and power of the Tang Clan in the future?

He was the young master of the Tang Clan and in the future, he would be expected to inherit the patriarch seat of the Tang Clan. That was why his Tang Clan had been grooming him to be a potential cultivator and had used all its connection in order to send him to the Heavens Ridge Villa.

When he was truly a fourth realm cultivator, the prestige and influential power of the Tang Clan would also grow with him as well.

He was naturally more ambitious than that and sought to become the first ever fifth realm golden celestial that the Tang Clan ever had. He would then be the greatest scion ever and his name would be etched in the ancestor records of the Tang Clan for all future descendants to remember.

Come to think of that, Rushuang was but a small loss to him. What if he could seduce Celestial Shi Guanyin his master to his side? Then he would truly be a dragon.

Feeling extremely pleased with himself, he got up of his bed and shouted. “Tang Bo, get ready my practice sword.”

Tang Bo was his butler and personal bodyguard. He was also a fourth realm expert.

But today there was no response from Tang Bo.

“Tang Bo?” Tang Bufan curiously looked around and he was now yelling. “Tang Bo! Maids!”

He was now angry as he thought, “Where is everyone? These servants are simply too atrocious. I have only been away for one month and they have lost their respect for their master overnight.”

He quickly grabbed his scabbard. If he did not threaten to punish them then they would have no respect for their young master. What better way to punish them than unsheathing his sword to show them that they would lose their lives at any instant?

Therefore he unsheathed his sword and was suddenly shocked to find that his half-step precious sword that had cost him a million silvers was now just a half broken sword.

He was completely shocked. Who had sneaked into his room and had destroyed his sword without his knowing?

This was a precious sword and not any ordinary sword. It was made of celestium alloy and was nearly indestructible.

This was simply not possible and could not be happening at all…

As he walked out of his room into the inner courtyard, he was stupefied to see all his guards, the maids and Tang Bo lying all over the place.

He quickly went to inspect them and heaved a soft sigh of relief. They were not dead but were all knocked unconscious by someone.

Although Tang Bo was only an initial stage fourth realm immortal celestial, he was nevertheless still a powerful fourth realm expert. Those who could fight him were actually quite few. Moreover, that person must also be a high level cultivator in order to knock out everyone so fast and without him knowing.

But who was this formidable person? He did not remember he had offended a malevolent star this powerful…

All of a sudden he had remembered what Rushuang had told him, “Soon, you will be a dead fool.”

He had suddenly turned ashen. Could it be that the culprit would be the acting sect leader Qin Keqin?

After all, she was the only fifth realm expert that he had recently offended.

She was actually this petty?

This was a warning from her to him?

He was now a core protégé of the Heavens Ridge Villa and naturally the Heavens Ridge Villa would come to his protection if he was bullied by the other celestial clans. But the culprit was his acting sect leader herself.

If he accused her then he would be in more terrible trouble.

So what else could he do but to swallow his pride…

He did not know that Qin Keqin was not just a petty person, she was a real malevolent star that had terrorized the entire celestial fraternity as a villainess in the past. Therefore there was more that would be coming up from her.

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