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Chapter 22: Fixing Qin Keqin (2)

Supremacy Wen Hongguang and his entourage of twenty protégés had entered the martial hall with great haughtiness and disdain for the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa.

They had every reason to justify for their actions. Although the Heavens Ridge Villa was one of the four powerhouses of New Empyrean City, the Solitary Manor had looked down upon her protégés. It was because the Solitary Manor at least had a sixth realm expert while the Heavens Ridge Villa had none to speak of.

Although the Heavens Ridge Villa was founded by Fairy Jade Light who was a seventh rank expert but she was rarely even seen around by anyone. Maybe she had even failed in her ascension as an immortal and had gone to ashes.

Therefore Supremacy Wen Hongguang was not in the least respectful when he had walked into the grounds of the Heavens Ridge Villa, treating it like his own clan’s backyard.

But the minute he had stepped into the martial hall, he was a little astonished when he saw Qin Keqin looking at him lazily as she sat on her throne. She was shaking her legs and her beautiful white jade leg could be seen through the silt of her dress.

He was actually thinking, “To think that she will actually be such a peerless unrivaled beauty…”

It was not only him who was awed by her beauty. His protégés were all staring at her as if they have never seen an exquisite beauty before.

Even the protégés and elders of the Heavens Ridge Villa were casting a subtle look at her exposed thigh as she shook her legs.

Even Lu Qingyun was thinking, “She really has beautiful legs…” But his attention was quickly returned to Supremacy Wen Hongguang and he was clenching his fists tightly as he thought, “This man does not have any good intentions. I can’t believe that our clan Celestial Bai is actually in cahoots with him…”

Qin Keqin smiled when she saw Supremacy Wen Hongguang, “Manor Grandmaster Wen, what brings you here today?”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang found it a little weird that she was not overwhelmed by his superior supremacy air and she was looking casual. The fact that he was a supremacy alone would be enough to awe most cultivators and they would quickly humbled themselves in front of him. Or least, they would at least be respectful toward him.

But Qin Keqin was either rude or respectful. It was as though she was simply speaking to a casual friend.

He straightened his back as he looked at around the hall, “I’ve heard that Sect Leader Qin has recently arrived at the Heavens Ridge Villa to take over as acting sect leader. Therefore it is such a golden opportunity for me to offer my sincere wishes to you and at the same time I am here to befriend Sect Leader Qin so that our two celestial clans will be able to work in harmony together.”

He had thoroughly rehearsed for this speech today so that it would appear as though he had the best of the goodwill.

Qin Keqin chuckled, “It is good that Manor Grandmaster Wen has the heart. But where are the gifts? How sincere you are, depends on your gift offerings. Am I right to say so?”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang was a little startled. It was because he had prepared any gift. His purpose was to shame her and to humble her in front of the Solitary Manor therefore it never crossed his mind to bring any gifts.

Usually no one would ask to see the gift in such a situation as this. Even a blind person would be able to see that he was being sarcastic.

Was she stupid or too inexperienced?

Supremacy Wen Hongguang smiled forcefully, “The gift can naturally wait until we have exchange formalities. We should attend to business first.”

“Business? What business?” Qin Keqin asked curiously.

Supremacy Wen Hongguang cast a secret glance at Celestial Bai Laoxiong even as he laughed haughtily, “I have heard that the Fairy Jade Light is a seventh realm expert. I have always in awe of her but have never got the chance to witness her profound arts. Since Sect Leader Qin is her direct descendant, I will like to spar with you.”

“Oh?” Qin Keqin said coolly, “You want to spar with me? Haven’t you heard that the phoenix doesn’t always give birth to phoenixes and sometimes a mere chicken will be the product? What makes you think I am a phoenix and not a chicken?”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang was slightly startled. That was the words that he had wanted to use to rub salt on her wounds after he had soundly embarrassed her after the duel.

If she did not accept his challenge then it would be pointless for him to come here…

Therefore he had to provoke her. So he said coldly, “You know, I am also here to take a consort and I think that Sect Leader Qin is ideal to be my consort.”

Qin Keqin chuckled, “Manor Grandmaster Wen must be joking. I’ve heard that you already have multiple consorts. Surely you are not a lecherous man like what the street peddlers have said. I don’t believe it in the least.”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang was growing a little impatient so he said coldly, “Indeed I am such a man. I am here to take you away to be my little consort, whether you like it or not.”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong purposely slammed his fist on the table, “This is too preposterous! Do you think that you can get away with insulting our sect leader in this manner? Do you think that the Heavens Ridge Villa is afraid of the Solitary Manor?”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang laughed as he raised his thumb to him, “It seems that in the entire Heavens Ridge Villa, only you have the guts to speak to me in this manner. Is everyone else dead or just cowards?”

Lu Qingyun almost flipped when he had heard him as he thought, “He is singing his friend’s praises. They are so shameless…”

Qin Keqin said quietly as she looked intently at Supremacy Wen Hongguang, “What did you just say just now? This is your last chance to take back your words and to depart from here immediately.”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang laughed jovially, “I am going to take you as my little consort and play with you till my heart’s content. You will then wish that you will never know another man again.”

Qin Keqin hummed coldly, “You are really asking for it. Celestial Bai, may I beseech to take care of Manor Grandmaster Wen and show him out of the door like a dog?”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong was startled. This was not in their script!

The protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa were all shouting angrily, “If it is our Celestial Bai, so what if he is a supremacy?”

“Celestial Bai is the grand elder of the White Spirit Hall and he is our strongest cultivation expert in the clan…”

“We still got Celestial Shi Guanyin and Celestial Kong Guxin here. With three golden celestials here, even a supremacy has reasons to be afraid!”

Qin Keqin gazed upon Celestial Bai Laoxiong, “Celestial Bai, what are you waiting for? Didn’t you just slam the table for me just now?”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong was speechless. He really did not want to fight his good friend. But because everyone was looking at him, he reluctantly took slow steps to face Supremacy Wen Hongguang.

Supremacy Wen Hongguang naturally also did not want to fight Celestial Bai Laoxiong so he turned to Qin Keqin to say, “This won’t do. I am a man of status. First of all, I don’t want to get into bad blood with the Heavens Ridge Villa. I am here to cement an alliance between both clans. Nothing is more ideal than a marriage between the two clans, am I right?”

Then he scoffed coldly, “But since Sect Leader Qin wants to reject my good meaning offer then there is only one way. If you can handle thirty strokes from me then I will leave peacefully. But if you cannot then I shall give you two choices. Either accepts that the Solitary Manor is the superior of the two clans or you accept my marriage proposal.”

Qin Keqin replied coldly, “How come all the stakes seem to go your way? This isn’t fair, right? How about we raise the stake a little. If I am unable to defeat you within thirty strokes then I shall give you a divine sword. But if I am able to win, you must compensate me with 100 high grade soul stones.”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang was startled, “You have a divine sword?”

The truth was, none of the four powerhouses of New Empyrean City had a divine sword. After all, New Empyrean City was not exactly a top tier cultivator city. Also a half-step divine sword could easily cost more than 1000 high grade soul stones. 100 high grade soul stones were considered extremely dirt cheap.

Qin Keqin chuckled and said, “Qingyun, why don’t you show them your divine sword that I have given you a few days ago.”

Lu Qingyun had immediately stepped forward and displayed the divine sword from his spatial ring. As he unsheathed the divine sword, the sharp and profound aura was undeniably that of a half-step divine sword!

“It is a divine sword?!”

“Our sect leader has actually given Senior Brother Lu a divine sword…”

“This is the first time I’m seeing a divine sword…”

“I have heard that a divine sword is able to aid a cultivator to cultivate better and it can even cultivate a sword spirit from it…”

“Am I seeing things? This is a divine sword…”

Tang Bufan’s jaws almost dropped when he saw the divine sword that was in Lu Qingyun’s hand. This was too exaggerating. Just a few days ago, he had a heaven-step precious sword and now he actually had a divine sword in his hands. Even if the entire wealth of the Tang Clan was to add together, it could not even afford one-tenth of a divine sword.

Ouyang Xue was equally startled as she rubbed the sword hilt of her sword. She thought melancholy, “No wonder he has returned the precious sword to me. It is because his master has already given him a better sword. She is really good to him.”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang was truly startled when he saw the divine sword. He had to take a second look with his spirit sense to probe if it was really a divine sword. If he could lay his hands on a divine sword then his cultivation journey would be a lot easier and he could command great prestige in New Empyrean City. In fact, he could even be the number one celestial in the entire New Empyrean City.

So he asked hoarsely, “A divine sword and a 100 high grade soul stones as additional stake?”

Qin Keqin nodded coolly, “That’s right. No more or no less.”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang laughed, “Deal then!” Did she even know how much a divine sword actually worth? She was truly stupid.

This time round even Celestial Shi Guanyin and Immortal Celestial Yun Xing were both saying at the same time, “Sect Leader Qin, I think you ought to reconsider-”

Celestial Shi Guanyin took over from Yun Xing and said hastily, “The worth of your divine sword isn’t something that can be measurable in monetary value.”

Qin Keqin casually said as she smiled faintly, “That’s alright.”

Then she looked at Supremacy Wen Hongguang, “However, I need proof that you have 100 high grade soul stones or else our duel can’t continue.”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang bitterly smiled as he waved his hands; immediately 100 high grade soul stones had appeared out of his spatial ring. This was almost everything that he had got. His exact fortune was 101 high grade soul stones. If she had made a bet higher than 101 high grade soul stones then it was not possible for him to raise the stake.

He did not know that Qin Keqin knew precisely how many soul stones that he had got. She was in fact more resourceful than he was aware of.

Supremacy Wen Hongguang was now hell-bent of obtaining the divine sword now.

Qin Keqin chuckled as she walked over to Lu Qingyun, “Mind if I borrow your sword for a while?”

Lu Qingyun respectfully handed over the divine sword to her as he whispered, “Keqin, you must be careful…”

Qin Keqin nodded with a gleeful smile before she said to Supremacy Wen Hongguang, “You have a much higher realm than me. Surely you don’t mind that I use a divine sword as my weapon?”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang smiled coldly, “It is only fair or else the others will think that I am bullying you.”

When he said that, many of the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa were clenching their fists. If this was not bullying then what was it?

Supremacy Wen Hongguang had unsheathed his precious sword and at the same time a formidable aura had burst out from him.

The sword aura on his precious sword had suddenly turned azure and he was grinning, “You may not know this but I have recently obtained the spirit core of an eighth rank Blue Emperor Dragon.”

Dozens of his high level protégés had perished in order to help him to kill the Blue Emperor Dragon.

The protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa were all gasping.

In the hands of a golden supremacy, the spirit core of an eighth rank Blue Emperor Dragon was enough for him to contest with a saint who had no spirit entity to aid him!

It was no wonder that Supremacy Wen Hongguang had dared to come alone with only a few lowly protégés.

Even Qin Keqin was startled. This was way out of her expectations.

Supremacy Wen Hongguang was laughing heartily, “Qin Keqin, be careful not to get your clothes burn off by my azure flames.” He had totally dropped off any pretense of formalities by calling out her name directly.

Many of the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa was shaking their head. They had heard that the acting sect leader was only an upper fifth realm expert. Against an initial sixth realm expert who had an eight rank spirit entity to empower him, it was inconceivable that she would be able to win against such an opponent.

Lu Qingyun was clenching his fists tightly now and he was prepared to jump in front of Qin Keqin to protect her with his very own life. “Keqin, I won’t let him hurt you.”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang smiled coldly, “I shall let my future consort Keqin to have the benefit of three moves first. After all, I am a superior celestial and this is only proper.”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes and chuckled, “Since you are so willing to be a gentleman, I really don’t mind allowing you to be one.”

She had suddenly raised the divine sword with both hands, in the next instant she had executed a dazzling display of the ‘Heaven and Self as One’, as the earthshaking divine power of the divine sword and her became one to form a rainbow hue of startling sword burst that swept in a straight line toward Supremacy Wen Hongguang.

The ‘Heaven and Self as One’ sword stance could only be used by super exponents that had reached the peak of their cultivation level, combining their state of divinity with the awakening of the heavens sense with the sword as one to unleash the full potential of the power of their swords.

Even a peaked seventh realm expert may not be able to awaken such a heavens sense. In reality, this was a lot more difficult and only a few geniuses were able to enlighten with the heavens sense with the sword.

“Wait-“ that Supremacy Wen Hongguang suddenly called out when he realized what was coming as he took hurried steps back.

This happened so fast that Supremacy Wen Hongguang did not even have the time to react before the rainbow hue sword wave had passed through him his body like a demonic wind and he was sent flying into the air!

When he had landed on the ground, a line of blood could be seen across his body. He had immediately coughed out blood and his body was trembling with shock. In that single instant, his connection to his spirit entity had been severed and he had also suffered a severe backlash from losing the spirit entity!

With an agonizing cry, Supremacy Wen Hongguang had fainted from his injuries!

Many of the protégés presented were not even able to discern what had happened.

“What is going on?”

“The golden aura of a golden supremacy can be bypassed in such a casual manner?”

“Manor Grandmaster Wen did not seem to have any strength to get up…”

“This…this is impossible right?”

Qin Keqin quietly tossed the divine sword to Lu Qingyun and had grabbed the 100 high grade soul stones, “I did warn you many times.”

All these happened so fast that all the protégés of the Solitary Manor and Heavens Ridge Villa were all left with stunned expressions, not knowing how to react. They could not even believe that Qin Keqin was just a fifth realm expert and that she had only used just a single stroke to defeat him.

Celestial Shi Guanyin who was well versed in swordplay, after all she was the grand elder of the Red Heaven Sword Hall started to mutter almost incoherently. “This…this is really the ‘Heaven and Self as One’. In the most recent past, only the Great Saintess Yuqing was said to be able to execute it. How did she manage to attain such a high mastery in her sword art?”

Celestial Kong Guxin was looking at Celestial Shi Guanyin and Celestial Bai Laoxiong, “Did you all see what I have just seen?” He was still staring in disbelief at the scene.

Celestial Shi Guanyin had stood up and said to the protégés of the Solitary Manor, “Take your grandmaster away.”

“Y-Yes…” the protégés of the Solitary Manor quickly said humbly. All of them had lost their haughty looks and were even kissing the ground as though they had just stepped into the holy consecrated ground of the celestial fraternity.

This Sect Leader Qin of the Heavens Ridge Villa was really too terrifying!

Celestial Shi Guanyin quietly whispered to the other five grand elders, “I think, we ought to pay our sect leader a proper greeting.”

The truth was that none of them had really regarded the acting sect leader as a real sect leader and did not even care to exchange a single formality with her. They were all hoping that she would be gone as soon as possible.

Yun Xing nodded with a weak smile, “We should…”

Celestial Kong Guxin muttered, “I would say as soon as possible. The faster the better…”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong had turned pale. He was totally speechless that Supremacy Wen Hongguang would lose. He had not only lost but he had also lost very badly.

Tang Bufan was hoping that Supremacy Wen Hongguang would help to teach Qin Keqin a lesson and to distract her from him. Now it seemed that he had to work with the Devil Goddess in order to preserve his life…

Qin Keqin sighed softly, “I’ve almost forgotten that today is the core disciple ceremony and someone has to barge in to disrupt the introduction of the newly initiated core protégés.”

Suddenly all the core protégés were all looking at Lu Qingyun and were greeting him left and right.

“Senior Brother Lu!”

“What a pleasure to know you…”

“You are really a handsome. I mean it!”

“You must be a genius cultivator…”

“Your junior brother here is here. Just ask me if you need any help!”

Lu Qingyun: …

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