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Chapter 166: Author Notes

Hello! Author here. I have some emails from interested readers who are fans of A Fluffy Cultivation.

Just to clarify. It has been a long and fluffy cultivation adventure with everyone here, thank you!

Personally I really like the story too, getting lotsa of hits here and on webnovel. It is meant to be a light comedy adventure, similar to A Martial Odyssey. It supposed to end at the Unmoving Mountains but due to its popularity, I’ve decided to extend the ending by another 30 chapters to give it a more fulfilling ending before I move on to The-Good-For-Nothing Cultivator or The Monstrous-Genius-Cultivator (Shortened to The Good-For-Nothing Cultivator in the end).

A Fluffy Cultivation is a fast pace cultivation adventure that is meant to introduce the world setting of the current celestial fraternity in a light and fun way. Some readers are thrilled that some of the characters in A Martial Odyssey is also in the Fluffy Cultivation.

Young Ye Jing may not be a perfect FL but two wrongs can make a right, that is her way. She is a heroine and also a villainess while Fan Yuqing is a villainess but also a heroine. They are each other nemesis and foes. Sometimes they are villainess at the same time, sometimes they are heroines, with their roles constantly switching due to mistrust. In the epilogue, so are they friends or foes? Or both?

If you enjoy A Fluffy Cultivation, come join me in the new adventure for The-Good-For-Nothing Cultivator with Fan Yuqing, Ye Jing, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng in their new adventures. This is not the end but the beginning of a new adventure;)

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