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Chapter 25: I’m now a Second Realm Expert

Lu Qingyun was a fourth realm alchemist. He was not an ordinary fourth realm alchemist but a master level fourth realm alchemist with a lofty talent.  This was something that even Qin Keqin and many others were not aware of. With a sniff, he was able to discern the ingredients that were used for this spirit pill.

When he had taken a sniff of the spirit pill, he was able to dissect the ingredients that were used for the spirit hall and concluded that it contained a harmful substance that was called the starforge substances.

These starforge substances were often used to make a person forget one’s own memories and Qin Keqin had purposely added it into the spirit pill.

Lie Xingyuan had just re-entered the hall and she was startled that Lu Qingyun was now alone. So she asked, “Senior brother, where is sect leader? I’ve tidied up her room already.”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “She will be away for a few days.”

Lie Xingyuan curiously looked at the spirit pill that he was holding and asked, “What is this pill that you are holding? It looks like a great stuff. I can sense the spirit force that is emanating from it.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “This is a high grade spirit pill that can aid a practitioner to improve their cultivation base. It is a very good stuff. It also has a beautiful name and it is called the Triple Divine Essence Pill.”

Lie Xingyuan was gasping. She had heard of the Triple Divine Essence Pill before. It was even more expensive than the box of Heavenly Lotus Tea Leaves that Lu Qingyun had. All its ingredients were all extremely rare and precious. “Is this the…real thing?”

Lu Qingyun nodded, “It is the real thing.”

Lie Xingyuan was smiling, “It seems that sect leader really cherish you as her disciple. She has given you all the good stuff.”

When he had heard her, he was actually smiling bitterly. It was because there was an extra starforge substance in this Triple Divine Essence Pill.

“Yan’Er, I need you.” He had suddenly called her out.

Yan’Er was chuckling with delight as she hovered around Lu Qingyun and Lie Xingyuan, “Master, your Yan’Er is now a second realm cultivator.”

Lu Qingyun was astonished, “Yan’Er, you are now a second realm cultivator? So fast? You are really a monstrous genius cultivator.”

He quickly reached out into his inner sea and was startled that he was now an initial second realm master practitioner. He had really breakthrough to the second realm boundaries and it was all thanks to Yan’Er!

“Yan’Er, you are really such a genius!” He praised her with a jovial smile.

Yan’Er was very happy because she could feel that her master was really truly happy of her achievements.

Lie Xingyuan was smiling bitterly as she thought, “Now senior brother is also a second realm expert. This is really too unbelievable. His methods really work. I can’t believe that it is really working. Who has ever heard of a spirit entity that is also a cultivator?”

Lu Qingyun continued to praise her, “Yan’Er, you are really a genius ninth rank golden roc flame.”

Yan’Er asked, “So I can stop cultivating now?”

Lu Qingyun shook his head, “You still need to cultivate a little more.”

Yan’Er asked curiously, “Why master? It is so boring to cultivate.”

He inhaled a regretful sigh, “If I die, Yan’Er will also disappear. That is, if Yan’Er is able to cultivate to the fifth realm or even higher, then we will be able to live as long as the heavens and the earth. Won’t it be good for the both of us?”

Yan’Er nodded cutely, “Wah, I don’t want master to disappear. Therefore Yan’Er will continue to cultivate hard. Very hard so that we can live as long as the heavens and the earth.”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “Good. Take a little break first while I prepare the Triple Divine Essence Pill for you to cultivate. Afterward, I will need your help.”

Yan’Er said delightfully, “Alright then. I just play around here. Big Sister Xingyuan, you want to play with Yan’Er?”

Lie Xingyuan was totally rendered speechless by Lu Qingyun so much that she could only manage a weak smile as she looked at Yan’Er, “Alright…”

But she was looking curiously at Lu Qingyun. It was because she did not understand what was there to prepare for the Triple Divine Essence Pill? It was already ready to be consumed at any time.

Lu Qingyun had taken out several herbs from his spatial ring and he was carefully arranging dozens of herbs and pills on the table. When he had done arranging, he had also taken out a small golden cauldron and he was putting the Triple Divine Essence Pill inside.

With a quick wave of his hand, he had picked up all the herbs and pills at the same time as he tossed them into the golden cauldron.

With a pleased look, he said. “Yan’Er, I need your flames to heat the cauldron.”

There was no need for Yan’Er to ask any questions for she could read Lu Qingyun’s mind perfectly. The minute that he had requested for her help, Yan’Er had immediately released a beautiful circle of golden flames around the golden cauldron.

Lu Qingyun said solemnly, “Usually this will take about a week of burning to form the pill but with Yan’Er help, this may take as short as an hour.”

Lie Xingyuan saw the solemnness that was on his face. She did not really dare to ask him what was going on but she had continued to watch. It was because she knew that he was fully focused now on what he was doing and could not be distracted.

Yan’Er golden flames were bright and emanated a strong aura. It was because she was now a second realm flame. Or rather, she had tapped into Lu Qingyun’s spiritual inner sea and he was now a second realm cultivator.

But even then, Lu Qingyun estimated that it would take an hour for the pill to be concocted successfully as he controlled Yan’Er flames with his thoughts. During this crucial hour, he had to make sure that the fires were even and that it was properly circulated.

An hour had passed quickly.

“It is done!” Lu Qingyun shouted jovially.

Very carefully, he had removed the cover of the golden cauldron and lying within a pile of dark ashes was the same Triple Divine Essence Pill. It did not look any difference from earlier except that all the herbs and pills that Lu Qingyun had thrown in were now piles of ashes.

Lie Xingyuan could only smile bitterly when she saw that. Luckily the precious Triple Divine Essence Pill was still intact and she secretly heaved a soft sigh of relief.

Lu Qingyun carefully handled the Triple Divine Essence Pill and all of a sudden he had taken a short knife as he sliced the Triple Divine Essence Pill into two, “Xingyuan, you may have the second halve.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled, “Senior brother, this won’t do. Sect Leader Qin has given you this pill. She won’t be pleased if she knows that you have given me half of it.”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “Don’t worry. It doesn’t benefit if I have taken the full pill. Did you see what I did just now? I have made the effect of the pill stronger so that it will be more beneficial to the two of us instead. You forget that I am a fourth realm alchemist?”

“Really?” Lie Xingyuan asked.

He was not lying. He had indeed strengthened the effect of the Triple Divine Essence Pill so that it could benefit two people rather than just himself.

Of course, he did not tell her that had also removed the starforge substance from the Triple Divine Essence Pill…

He did not know why Qin Keqin had added it to the Triple Divine Essence Pill but as a fourth realm alchemist, he was capable of removing it and that was what he did earlier. At the same time, he had also strengthened the effectiveness of the Triple Divine Essence Pill so that it could also benefit Lie Xingyuan.

When he had thought of her, he began to sigh quietly. The words of his old master came back to haunt him, “Never trust female cultivators especially the beautiful ones.”

He laughed and said to Lie Xingyuan, “So what are you waiting for? Let try if this Triple Divine Essence Pill is really helpful to us or not.” He took the lead by taking the one half of the Triple Divine Essence Pill first.

Lie Xingyuan hesitated as she bit her lips, “Thank you, senior brother. One day I will surely repay you for this kindness.”

He gave a light nod as he said, “You are not a maidservant to me. If it is not for Keqin, I would never be a core protégé. I will be an ordinary protégé just like you.”

Lie Xingyuan averted her glances as she muttered, “It will be good if you’re just an ordinary protégé…”

Lu Qingyun said, “Huh? What did you just say?” He was not paying any attention as his mouth was full.

“Nothing. I just want to say thank you for much.” She smiled and popped in the Triple Divine Essence Pill.

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