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Chapter 26: I’m keep leveling Up

Immediately after Lu Qingyun had swallowed the Triple Divine Essence Pill, he would feel that his inner sea was surging rapidly.

Yan’Er who was hovering lazily was suddenly exclaiming excitingly, “Master, your inner sea is expanding rapidly!”

Lu Qingyun was startled. Indeed his inner sea was expanding rapidly. He was just a low level cultivator and Triple Divine Essence Pill was now exercising its best effectiveness on him.

His spiritual boundaries had suddenly expanded to a new staging and he had attained to the intermediate second realm master practitioner level.

Just when he thought that it would end there, his spirit boundaries had continued to expand. Within a short time, he had attained to the upper second realm master practitioner level!

He was startled. The results were much better than he had expected.

His spiritual boundaries had continued to expand until he was now a peak second realm master practitioner. What exactly was the meaning of a peak second realm level? It means that all he needed now was a fortuitous occurrence for a breakthrough and he would be a third realm enlighten celestial expert.

The first realm practitioner level was just the basic cultivation level while the second realm master practitioner level was the advance level. The truth was that most cultivators were actually on the first and second realm. To the celestial cultivation masters, only the third realm enlighten celestial level was the real start and third realm experts were the real cultivators. That was why the third realm was also known as the enlightenment level. Celestial practitioners who had reached this level were known as the Enlighten Celestials.

Lu Qingyun was now truly excited. He had never dreamed that he would reach the peak of the second realm so soon and he was now half a step into the third realm now.

All he needed now was some luck in meditation to overcome this spiritual boundaries and he would become a third realm expert. He decided to spend the next several days to study more cultivation slips to gain an insight.

Yan’Er was clapping her small hands delightfully, “Master, your Yan’Er feels so strong and wonderful now.”

“It is all thanks to you as well,” he chuckled.

All of a sudden he noticed that Lie Xingyuan had a weird expression on her countenance, so he asked. “Is there anything wrong? Is the Triple Divine Essence Pill helpful to you?”

Lie Xingyuan looked at him with a shocked expression, “I’m alright. It is just that I am now an initial third realm expert now…”

For an entire week, Lie Xingyuan had been consuming the Heavenly Lotus Tea. Although it did not seem to have any effect on her just yet but it did leave behind a cumulative effect. So when she had taken the Triple Divine Essence Pill, her spiritual boundaries had quickly expanded her cultivation inner sea into a peak second realm expert.

Because Lie Xingyuan was also a talented cultivator, she had quickly overcome her limits and had attained to the third realm enlighten celestial level.

She touched her rosy cheeks, “This means that I will no longer age and have all the time now to find a way to attain to the fourth realm?” This was actually an incorrect statement and she was making a figure of speech. When one reached the enlighten celestial level, the aging process will slow down tremendously. Since she had attained to the third realm enlighten celestial level at a young age, she would stay young for a long time.

Lu Qingyun was startled as he stammered, “Xingyuan, you have reached the third realm already?”

Lie Xingyuan nodded shyly, “It is all thanks to senior brother.”

In order to become his maidservant, she was borrowed heavily and was buried in a mountain of debt which she had no hope of repaying. All of a sudden, she felt that becoming Senior Brother Lu’s maidservant was the best thing that had happened to her. Moreover, the wages that were paid to second realm and third realm cultivators were like heavens and the earth. Now that she had become a third realm cultivator, there may even be a chance for her to become a core protégé in the future too.

Lu Qingyun chuckled, “That is good news! Let me go and boil of the Heavenly Lotus Tea for our enjoyment. I wonder if junior sister is willing to share with me some helpful cultivation tips as well? Ha ha ha, I think I am so lame to ask for help. This senior brother is so useless and good-for-nothing.”

Lie Xingyuan said quietly as she looked coyly at him, “You are not useless or good-for-nothing. Your junior sister will naturally share with you all that I’ve known. You are the best…”

Lu Qingyun laughed awkwardly, “Oh really? I’m so happy to hear that…”

He did not notice that the lingering glances of Lie Xingyuan were full of admiration and wistful meanings when she was looking at him.

“Senior brother, I’m going out a while. I won’t take too long. Is that alright with you?” Lie Xingyuan had suddenly said.

Lu Qingyun nodded, “Sure. Please go ahead.”

Lie Xingyuan gave a faint smile as she got up. As she left for the entrance, she took a second glance at him…

Lu Qingyun had suddenly said to Yan’Er, “Hmm, Yan’Er. Since you are a genius ninth rank spirit golden roc flame entity, do you think that you can help me to achieve a breakthrough to the third realm?”

Yan’Er laughed playfully, “Cultivation is too easy. I think I will be able to do just that in no time.”

Lu Qingyun laughed, “Great. Then I can take a break.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled when she had overheard him. This senior brother was fully taking advantage of Yan’Er to help him to cultivate while he reaped the sows of her labors. This was too exaggerating. But he had a kind heart and that was what she liked about him. Her opinion of him had totally changed over the course of a week.

When Lie Xingyuan had left, Lu Qingyun mindlessly looked up and said to Yan’Er. “From today onward, Yan’Er you will cultivate the celestial practice while I will be practicing alchemy. Together we will work very hard so that we will be able to help each other out.”

Yan’Er said joyfully, “Master, your alchemy skills are something that Yan’Er cannot do. I will be depending on master in the future to feed me more powerful spirit pills!”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “My old master had left behind the recipe and ingredients meant for a rare sixth realm spirit pill. I will work hard to concoct this sixth realm heavenly spirit pill for us. I don’t want to waste the ingredients that my old master and I had so painstakingly gathered.”

For 10 years, Lu Qingyun and his old master had wandered the desolate mountains of the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm to gather rare spiritual herbs. There were many times that they had run into mortal dangers. In fact, his old master had suffered a grievous injury and it had eventually claimed his life.

When he thought of his old master, he began to sigh sadly. “Master, I am doing well right now. In fact, I’ve met the love of my life now. However, our disparities are too great. I can only watch her from afar…”

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