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Chapter 30: The Devil Goddess Schemes

The Devil Goddess had told him, “She has taken the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill now. You can go in now.”

It was night and Tang Bufan had quickly made his way to his master’s abode.

Although there were many ordinary protégés around but he had evaded their notice. It was because the Devil Goddess had told him where to go and where to avoid.

He was actually surprised that the Devil Goddess had actually known the place like the back of her hands.

What he did not know was that the Devil Goddess had already spent many nights watching over the abode of Celestial Shi Guanyin.

And what he did not know further was that at this moment, Qin Keqin, Feng Minyue and Lie Xingyuan were watching him as he entered Shi Guanyin’s abode.

Lie Xingyuan had been immobilized by Qin Keqin and other than watching and listening, she could not move or speak.

Qin Keqin smiled as she said to Feng Minyue, “Shi Guanyin is now on the heat and that she has started to undress now.”

Feng Minyue nodded, “For a golden celestial, her defensive spirit arrays are a little weak.”

They did not exactly ‘see’ but had used their superior spirit sense to probe the interior of Shi Guanyin’s abode without her notice.

Qin Keqin smiled, “It is considered not so bad already. Unfortunately she is dealing with two seventh realm experts.”

Lie Xingyuan could only listen to their conversations as she silently watched from afar. She knew that tonight Tang Bufan was going to do a terrible thing to Shi Guanyin and she was helpless to stop him. Although she did not particularly like Shi Guanyin, she did not dislike her either.

“Qin Keqin, you are really so vicious!” she could only curse her silently.

Qin Keqin had suddenly lit a smile as she looked at Feng Minyue, “So are you ready to act soon?”

Feng Minyue smiled gently as she put on the golden mask.

Lie Xingyuan was shocked. The other saintess had actually put on the golden mask? So who was the real Devil Goddess?

Shi Guanyin was feeling extremely heated up in her bed chamber after consuming the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill. Therefore she had removed her outer garment.

She was thinking, “I really don’t believe that this Seven Hearts Hollow Pill belongs to Tang Bufan and his Tang Clan. But it seems legit enough.”

Just a single Seven Hearts Hollow Pill was worth the entire celestial resources of the Heavens Ridge Villa!

That was why Shi Guanyin was determined to consume it as soon as possible before someone else had found out about it.

If Qin Keqin knew about it, she may even demand that she surrendered the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill to her or even schemed against her for it.

Since she was not foolish, she had decided to consumed it at the soonest time.

After consuming the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill, she could feel her spiritual boundaries expanding and solidifying many times.

She was absolutely delightful, “Does it mean that I will soon be an intermediate golden celestial soon?” This was too sudden and she had not really prepared for it.

She was smiling, “Qin Keqin, soon I will overtake you and surpass you. Even though you are an upper fifth realm expert but after taking this divine pill, my strength will get a tremendous boost and you may not even be my match.”

All of a sudden she saw Tang Bufan opening the entrance of her door and was startled. She was so startled that she did not know how to react.

When Tang Bufan saw Shi Guanyin, he was extremely pleased because he saw that her face was flustered and she was aroused in heat.

Shi Guanyin had wanted to strike Tang Bufan dead but she had suddenly realized that all her martial strength had been consumed by the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill and she could not muster any strength!

In fact, even her usual keen spirit sense was gone. Or else it would not be possible for Tang Bufan to even come twenty paces of her room without her noticing.

She tried to call out, “Attendants!” But her voice seemed to have lost her power and was very soft.

Tang Bufan chuckled when he saw that and he was immediately emboldened.

“My dear master, it seems that you need a man tonight. So let me accompany you for the night. I promise you that you will reach to the ninth heavens.”

In no time he had already walked right up to Shi Guanyin’s bed and was smiling at her.

He touched her cheek and kissed her forcefully while she tried to struggle.

Shi Guanyin cried out bitterly, “Don’t you dare to touch me…”

But Tang Bufan had already pinned her down and had started to tear off her clothing while caressing her all over.

“My dear master, you are so soft and curvy…”As he said, he had already pulled down his pants.

Shi Guanyin’s tears were flowing uncontrollably down her cheeks. She had not cried for a long time. She was now a haughty lady and she was a grand elder that could decide the lives of many others. But today she was going to be defiled by such a despicable man.

“Who will be here to rescue me…” For the very first time she was wishing very hard for a white knight to aid her…

“What are you doing!” a familiar voice was suddenly shouting.

When Shi Guanyin heard a sudden shout, she was startled and was overjoyed. Maybe help would come after all. It did not matter if her reputation was tarnish today, as long as her chastity was intact…

Tang Bufan gasped as he quickly turned his head around.

As he turned around, he was smacked to the ground by Qin Keqin as she raised her hand. “Despicable cad, what do you think you are doing?”

Shi Guanyin was startled. It was the sect leader!

For the very first time, she was so touched and grateful that Qin Keqin would actually show up just in time. She swore in her heart that she would not try to make things difficult for her in the future if nothing unduly happened to her today.

Tang Bufan had turned ashen completely, “Sect…leader…it is not what you think…”

Qin Keqin said coldly as she raised her hand, “It is not what I think? Then why are your pants down? I shall administrate the clan justice tonight and kill you on the spot!”

As she raised her hand, there was a sudden dark flash as a maiden with a golden mask at suddenly intercepted her killing blow!

Qin Keqin gasped as she staggered back, “Who…are you…”

The golden mask maiden said coldly, “Hmph! You are not fit to know who I am. Since I don’t want anyone to know who I am, I shall be sparing your lives today.”

Tang Bufan was secretly pleased. He knew that it was the Golden Mask Devil Goddess that had come to his aid and he was immediately thankful. It was indeed wonderful to have such an expert that could aid him. In the future, there was nothing he could not do as long as the Golden Mask Devil Goddess was willing to help him.

The golden mask maiden had immediately grabbed him and they had flashed out of the room.

Qin Keqin sighed softly as she took a blanket to cover Shi Guanyin, “Are you alright?”

Shi Guanyin nodded and her tears were still wet on her cheeks, “Sect leader, thank you. If it is not for you, I will…I will…”

Qin Keqin smiled, “I saw Tang Bufan wandering suspiciously around and I thought I should check him out. I have never expected that he…alas…to be such a despicable cad.”

Shi Guanyin lowered her eyes, “I have indeed made a terrible mistake in making him my core protégé.”

Then she asked suddenly, “Sect leader, you are not going to chase after them?”

Qin Keqin smiled bitterly, “I am afraid that I may not be a match for that masked maiden. Did you see how she had beaten me off with those few ingenious strokes of hers?”

Shi Guanyin gasped softly as she recalled the scene, “Indeed…”

Qin Keqin muttered, “I hope that it is not her that we have encountered or else we will be in terrible trouble.”

Shi Guanyin asked, “Who is that?”

Qin Keqin said quietly, “The Golden Mask Devil Goddess.”

When she had mentioned the name of the Golden Mask Devil Goddess, even Shi Guanyin was shocked to the core. “The super villainess of the three dark divine realms?! She is actually here?”

Qin Keqin nodded weakly, “Indeed. She may have gotten bored of terrorizing the three dark divine realms and have decided to visit the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm.”

Shi Guanyin nodded weakly, “Let’s hope that it is not her. She is not someone that we can handle. If it is her then we ought to make a report to the Heavenly Fragrance Princess to deal with her.”

The Heavenly Fragrance Princess was the patriarch ruler of the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm and she sat at the top of the hundreds of celestial clans in the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm.

Qin Keqin nodded, “That is only our guess. It is best that we don’t alarm the Heavenly Fragrance Villa first unless we have further proof.”

“Also, today matter ought to be a secret. I doubt that Tang Bufan will dare to appear again. For the sake of your reputation, let’s keep it under wraps.” She added.

Shi Guanyin nodded and was grateful immediately, “Sect leader, please allow me to express my utmost gratitude to you…” she had immediately bent over to give her a humble bow.

Qin Keqin turned her head around and she was smiling secretly, “There is no need. We are after all, from the same celestial clan.”

The Devil Goddess dropped Tang Bufan in a forest that was outside the Heavens Ridge Villa, “You are safe now.”

Tang Bufan smiled weakly, “Thank you. If it is not for you, I will be slaughtered by the sect leader.”

The Devil Goddess said, “This matter isn’t over yet. I didn’t expect for Qin Keqin to have shown up all of a sudden. She is indeed formidable. It must be the vixen fairy that has alerted her to you. You have indeed made a formidable enemy.”

Tang Bufan had turned ashen immediately but he had a sudden thought so he asked, “Just now, why don’t you finish her off?”

The Devil Goddess replied coldly, “Although I am able to defeat her but it won’t be a matter of a few strokes. Moreover that vixen fairy is also nearby. If they have combined together, I may even be injured by them. I am not ready to fight a foe that is in the dark.”

Tang Bufan smiled bitterly, “Then what shall I do next?”

The Devil Goddess said, “You have better flee from this place as far as possible. The further the better. In fact, you should flee with all your assets from New Empyrean City if you still value your life. I am sure that Qin Keqin and Shi Guanyin will be personally hunting you in your home residence next. So you have better made haste and run.”

Tang Bufan was stunned and he had turned very pale, “You are not helping me?”

The Devil Goddess laughed coldly, “I have already helped you more than once. How do I help you to run? How you run depends on your own running ability. In this world, there is no one who can help you to run. Or do you mean you are asking me to help you to fend them off?”

Tang Bufan was shocked by her coldness, “But…I’ve your mark…I’m someone who can be of use to you. Surely you got to help me…”

The Devil Goddess hummed coldly, “I can help you to fend them off but I can’t fend off the entire clan for you day in and night out. Moreover I am not your servant. Since it is so inconvenient for me, I may as well finish you off right away to save myself needless trouble…”

When Tang Bufan heard her, he had immediately turned ashen and he was banging his head on the ground, “Devil Goddess, please have your mercy on me-”

When he was begging for his mercies, the Devil Goddess had already vanished into the darkness of the night.

This Devil Goddess was actually Feng Minyue and as she left, she silently said. “If it is not because I’ve to follow the plans of my sister saintess, I would have already killed a despicable cad like you on the spot. This is but a small punishment for you.”

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