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Chapter 36: Visiting the Red Heaven Sword Library (3)

Leng Qiuyue said as she took a second glance at Lu Qingyun, “Do you know the name of your junior sister here?”

Lu Qingyun shook his head and he was startled by her suddenly question.

She heaved a soft sigh. She is a little disappointed that he did not know her name but she said in an amicable tone, “My name is Leng Qiuyue. Senior Brother Lu Qingyun, so how did you advance your cultivation level this quickly?”

He was smiling awkwardly now. It was not because he did not know how to answer her question but did she not rebuke him earlier for addressing her as his junior sister? This sudden change in attitude was indeed too fast. And now she was calling him Senior Brother Lu Qingyun in such a friendly manner?

“I have some aid from my master. She has been helping me a lot.” He causally replied.

Leng Qiuyue nodded, “She has even given you a divine sword. I’m sure that she is a great master.” She had lowered her glances to say, “So now, you are a third realm expert. This is too sudden…”

All of a sudden she had thought that maybe their gap was not that wide after all. It was extremely difficult for a first realm expert to reach the third realm level. Although the telling stone may gauge one’s potential, it was not the ultimate truth. More than 90% had failed in their quests to reach the third realm level in their lifetime despite what the telling stone had foretold. All the cultivators still had to cultivate hard and hoped for a lucky occurrence.

But still, his speed was totally unheard of.

She added slowly, “I’m the senior core protégé of my Celestial Master Shi. So now you know who I am?” It was really bold for her to talk to him this much. It was because she was renowned for ignoring all the others. Indeed, she had taken plenty of courage just to talk to him. It had always been others who were trying to chitchat with her and not the other way round.

Lu Qingyun said sheepishly, “Well, I guess you’ve already known who I am.” So he decided to say more. “I am on the invite of Grand Elder Celestial Shi to visit the Red Heavens Sword Library to pick some sword manuals to practice.”

“Oh? My master will actually invite you?” She asked. So it was not because of his master who had pressured her master to allow him to enter the third floor?

Lu Qingyun laughed weakly, “That’s right. It was yesterday. She had even given me the permission to visit the fourth floor of the library.”

Leng Qiuyue: …

She was startled because she did not even have any chance to visit the fourth floor of the library, not even once.

Leng Qiuyue said quietly, “Have you heard of the two alluring flowers of the Heavens Ridge Villa?”

“Oh? Is it a type of herb?” Lu Qingyun asked curiously. When it came to the topic of herbs, his interests would naturally shoot up the roof. He had certainly never heard of this alluring flower before. His new thought was that it only grew in the vicinity of the Heavens Ridge Villa.

Leng Qiuyue smiled weakly and her eyes seemed to roll to one side, “The two alluring flowers refer to Ouyang Xue and me, the two beauties of the Heavens Ridge Villa. In New Empyrean City, we are also ranked among the top 20 beauties hence this is the moniker that is given to us.”

“Oh!!!” Lu Qingyun was indeed surprised and he was smiling awkwardly. He thought, “So it isn’t a type of herb…”

She sighed silently to herself, “He has never heard of me before. This is so embarrassing. I hope that it did not look like I am purposely hooking up to him.”

Then she smiled, “Well you know now. You are lucky that you’ve met me. I am friendlier than Ouyang Xue. You should avoid her as much as possible or you will soon hit an iron wall with her.”

She had purposely said that to discredit Ouyang Xue as she did not want him to get close to Ouyang Xue whom she considered as a rival to her. She was a little envious of Ouyang Xue when she got promoted to grand elder ahead of her. Both of them were upper third realm expert but her position in the clan was now higher than her.

Lu Qingyun was smiling weakly. He did not know what to say about the unfriendly Ouyang Xue who had offered to marry him. He had actually thought that Ouyang Xue was not that unfriendly and had a good nature.

Since he did not know what else to say, he raised his hands to bid farewell and said, “Junior Sister Leng, I shall make a move first. I’m thinking of taking a look at the fourth floor.”

With that he had left in a hurry, leaving Leng Qiuyue with an astonished countenance.

She muttered, “In the end, he still picks that impossible to learn Flaming Crimson Sword and…he isn’t interested to talk to me.”

She had a shy flush as she quietly took out a mirror from her spatial ring, “I don’t look wrong today, right?”

She was a little perplexed, “I am not attractive enough?” Then she sighed softly, “Maybe he has been with that goddess master of his for too long that all other beauties pale in comparison to her.”

Although she hated to admit it but Qin Keqin was the most beautiful person that she had ever seen. There was something about her that was heavenly and enticing at the same time, giving one the impression that she was not from anywhere in the celestial realm.

This was the very first time that she had taken the initiative to approach a likeable man and this was also the first time that she felt so defeated even before she had started.

She had actually thought of following him to the fourth floor but her sigil ring only allowed her permission till to the third floor. So it was impossible for her to even go after him.

“What is this weird feeling that I’ve got? Am I in love?” she heaved a soft sigh of melancholy.

The fourth floor was even grander than the third floor. There were fewer shelves but there were small chambers everywhere.

Lu Qingyun quickly took a look around.

Indeed the fourth floor contained various sword arts that were all energy techniques. In short, it was for those cultivators that had either reached the fourth realm or for practitioners that had attained the divine state of the energy enlightenment.

There were various energy techniques for sword energies, sword waves, sword bursts, distance attacks etc.

Energy techniques projected one’s inn profound energy and converted it through a powerful medium like a sword and converted it to deadly invisible energy that could hurt or kill other. The reason why the energy techniques were so formidable was because it was invisible and most opponents were defenseless against it.

However in the world of cultivators, it was less powerful than in the lower realms. It was because anyone who had attained to the cultivation realm of the fourth realm could sense and see the invisible energies. But against the third realm and below, it was rightful useful.

Also, most of the accounts of the energy techniques were mostly exaggeration. People tended to exaggerated accounts which they could not see and fear.

The energy techniques were actually weaker than most of the third realm sword arts on the third floor because the sword arts of the third floor emphasis on the martial power of the practitioner to give a devastating impact.

Again, martial power had also come from one’s inner profound energy. Using a medium like the sword, one could display around 50% of one’s martial power. But the martial power for the energy techniques would drop to 30%. Naturally the martial power output could drop or rise depending on the practitioner but this was the rough theory.

Martial power could be raised close to 80% to 100% by using palm, fist or finger techniques where there was no medium that was being used. Although the martial power was great, the killing effectiveness may lose to a powerful medium like the sword because the sword was a better weapon than being unarmed.

No matter if it was a third realm or a fourth realm sword art, it was extremely tiring to use because it required plenty of profound energies from the practitioner to use. Hence, there were many cultivators like Qin Keqin who preferred to use their unarmed martial skills rather than a weapon.

Qin Keqin was actually equally proficient with both weapon and her unarmed martial skills. By choice, she had preferred to use her unarmed martial skills more not because it was tiring for her to use a sword. A seventh realm cultivator like her had already reached the level where using sword or unarmed made little different in the drain of their profound strength.

Lu Qingyun spent three additional hours to analyze the sword arts on the fourth floor.

He had soon come to a conclusion. In order to practice the sword arts that were on the fourth floor, he would need to at least master the channeling art of channel his profound energy into his sword first. This sword art was actually the foundation of all the third realm sword arts. When one comes to the fourth realm, it was assumed that they had already known this foundation.

It made total sense to him. First channel the profound energy from within him to the sword as a medium. When the profound energy was gathered in strength, one could harness this powerful force and unleashed it into projected profound energy called ‘sword energies’.

It was not easy to master the projected energies. In reality, although fourth realm cultivators could see or sense the invisible energies, more than 70% of the fourth realm cultivators and above had no potential to reach the energy awakening state. This really had to do with talent and one’s divine state of awakening.

It was no wonder why there was no fifth floor here. It was because the energy techniques were really the epitome of the sword art level. Cultivators of the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh would spend years studying the energy techniques to make minute improvements.

Some of the sword arts here were extremely difficult for a fourth realm cultivator and may be suitable for a sixth or seventh realm cultivator expert.

Just as Lu Qingyun was about to leave, he had flipped to an interesting sword art manual, the Phoenix Burst. This sword art was an advance energy skill that was more suitable for a sixth realm cultivator as it made use of one’s profound aura to give shape to the profound energy, shaping it like a phoenix. Unlike the faster energy projectiles, this was not fast, not invisible and even clumsy.

But he had found it to be interesting so he had decided to study it.

He was strongly attracted to anything that had flames or fire.

When he had left the fourth floor and descended down, there was no sight of Leng Qiuyue.

So he quickly looked for Lie Xingyuan and found her, “I have found three sword arts to study and one of the sword arts is for you. Take a look later.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled, “You have spent time looking for a sword art for me?”

Lu Qingyun chuckled, “I actually don’t know if you like it or not. Don’t worry about me, alright? There are so many choices that I don’t know what to choose anyway. You can study mine if you want to too.”

Lie Xingyuan nodded quietly. Senior brother, you’re so good to me…

When Lu Qingyun gave the signet ring to Elder Kongshi to inspect his choices, Elder Kongshi smiled when he saw the Winds Entropy Dance. “This is an easy to pick for a first realm cultivator although this is a third realm sword art.”

But when he saw the Flaming Crimson Sword and the Phoenix Burst, his jaws almost dropped. It was because both sword arts were beyond that of a third, fourth and even a fifth realm expert. “Mm, you’re sure?”

Lu Qingyun laughed softly, “I am just curious and like to take a closer look.”

Elder Kongshi smiled weakly, “Alright then…” But he was secretly thinking that he should pick at least one or two sword manuals from the first and second floor. But it turned out that this senior brother was having his head in the clouds and was being impractical.

But he kept those thoughts to himself and soon handed over the sword manuals to Lu Qingyun and Lie Xingyuan, “Here you go. May the heavens watch over you and you will see improvements soon.”

Lu Qingyun said with a broad grin, “Alas, thank you so much. I’ll definitely make improvements with these sword manuals.”

Elder Kongshi: … (like real)

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