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Chapter 37: Intermediate Third Realm Expert!

For the next several days, Lu Qingyun spent some time to study the sword arts that he had just acquired while Leng Xingyuan was also pouring through her new acquired sword arts.

She was more excited about the Winds Entropy Dance that he had picked for her and had immediately put aside all the other sword manuals that she had chosen for herself.

Since the Flaming Crimson Sword was a third realm sword art, so he began on it first rather than the Phoenix Burst. The Phoenix Burst had to wait until he had a fundamental basis in the Flaming Crimson Sword first.

He was now alone in the practice chamber as he meditated to focus on his thoughts first. First he gauged his inner sea to check his cultivation foundation and was surprised that his small pool of spiritual sea was now like a big pool.

“It is all thanks to Yan’Er…” he mused.

The Flaming Crimson Sword consisted of dozens of strokes and had a total of sixth stages of mastery. The first stage was really the foundation at which he had to first consume his profound energy to release his martial power.

This was all too easy for him now. It was nothing much to any of the third realm cultivator. However, the real problem was that he had to imbue his aura strength into his sword and do a double burn to consume more of his profound energy in order to produce a crimson flame.

This was not just difficult but several times more difficult!

The profound energies that he had to expend was three times more than just a simple martial power move and he had to focus on his aura, mind and sword at the same time!

This forced him to really focus all of his attention to overcome this first hurdle.

After three days of hard trying, he had finally succeeded in the first stage as he produced his first crimson flame on the sword before he collapsed on the ground of the practice chamber while muttering, “After consuming tons of elixir pills and exhausting all my profound energy every day, I’ve finally succeed in mastering the first stage. This is really too difficult…”

He did not know that what he had achieved could put even a fourth realm cultivator to shame and there was none in the Heavens Ridge Villa that could master the first stage as fast as him. Even that would require one year of intensive training and seclusion!

When Lu Qingyun regained his consciousness, he was in a daze and he was suddenly staring blankly at Yan’Er.

“Yan’Er, why did you come out?” he asked.

Yan’Er said cutely, “Master, your inner spirit sea was burning just now and I was curious what you are doing.”

Lu Qingyun chuckled as he showed Yan’Er his new sword art, “I was just practicing a new sword art that requires a lot of my spiritual sea. I’m so sorry to disturb your meditation.”

Yan’Er giggled, “Not at all. I was a little struck at my breakthrough just now. But when master’s spiritual sea was boiling and burning, I had my breakthrough to the intermediate third realm now.”

Lu Qingyun was startled, “So fast? Yan’Er is really a genius!”

“It is because master you have aided me!” Yan’Er chuckled cutely. “So this sword art is really beneficial to master.”

“Actually…” Lu Qingyun curiously said with a little sheepish look, “This isn’t supposed to happen. I am supposed to exhaust all my spiritual sea and you are supposed to be severely affected. Therefore it is impossible for Yan’Er to have any breakthrough while I am using all the spiritual sea.”

Yan’Er took queerly at him, “Oh is it? But I didn’t feel that the spiritual sea is any lesser. In fact, I can feel the strong aura in master’s inner spiritual sea.”

Lu Qingyun muttered, “No, it is impossible. When I use any spiritual strength, my aura will also decrease. This is the known law of cultivation.”

Yan’Er suddenly clapped her hands, “I know! It must be the Annihilating God Seed that is within master’s spiritual sea that is giving out the aura. It is absorbing the burned spiritual sea back to its core.”

Lu Qingyun looked at her curiously, “I think this is the second time that you’ve mentioned this Annihilating God Seed? What is it?” This time, he found himself believing her previous accounts now. It was because there was something weird happening around.

Yan’Er chuckled, “This Annihilating God Seed is a type of immortal fire. It is several times even more superior to your Yan’Er golden roc flame. Master is indeed my master to have one in your soul. In fact, I have been stealing a lot of cultivation strength from it.”

Lu Qingyun asked, “Immortal fire? How do I get it? Where did it come from?”

Yan’Er replied queerly, “It is master. Of course it comes from master!”

Lu Qingyun: …

Did she even answer my question? He thought. But then Yan’Er was just a spiritual entity and she may not know too. It was already good enough that she could even identify the Annihilating God Seed that was within him.

Yan’Er suddenly said, “Master, I want to learn the Flaming Crimson Sword too.”

He laughed, “You can’t learn it. You’re a spiritual entity. Except for your flames, you can’t really use a sword.”

Yan’Er chuckled, “But I can become master’s spiritual aura when you are using the Flaming Crimson Sword, right? Then I can go blast, blast on your opponents!”

Lu Qingyun was startled as a suddenly thought crossed his mind. Then he laughed as he tried to give Yan’Er a good slap but his hand passed through to her, “Yan’Er, you are truly a genius. If you become my spiritual aura then I won’t need to be so exhausted. I can just focus on my profound energies. At the same time, you will be able to help me to get to the higher stages of the Flaming Crimson Sword.”

Yan’Er clapped her hands and chuckled excitedly, “So master is saying yes? Thank you master! I’m sure my cultivation level will soar with this Flaming Crimson Sword too. After all, master’s Annihilating God Seed also need more fire energies. I can help master to nurture your Annihilating God Seed God Seed too!”

Lu Qingyun thought, “It seems to me that Yan’Er is more interested to nurture the Annihilating God Seed than cultivating. What exactly is this Annihilating God Seed and how did it get inside me?”

But these were the questions that he had to put aside first.

He said to Yan’Er, “Alright. Now that I’ve mastered the first stage, we should begin with the second stage next…”

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