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Chapter 38: I’m an Upper Third Realm Expert?

For the next few days, Lu Qingyun and Yan’Er continued to practice on the Flaming Crimson Sword.

Every day he would burn himself totally out with exhaustion. In the end, all his reserve elixir pills that could restore vitality and spiritual energies that he had before he came to New Empyrean City were all finished by him.

Although he was looking haggard and exhausted, Yan’Er was looking brighter in countenance every day.

He was a little surprised at her change.

Yan’Er merely chuckled, “It is all thanks to the Annihilating God Seed.”

Whenever Yan’Er mentioned about this mysterious Annihilating God Seed, it would give him a headache because he had totally no idea what it was.

Lie Xingyuan was particular anxious for him. It was because he would only take one meal a day toward the evening time and whenever he came out of the practice chamber, he would look terribly tired and haggard.

Even his handsome face was beginning to thin and grew shadowy.

Finally she tried to persuade him, “Senior brother, why don’t you take a break first. It is alright not to have any achievement or breakthrough for the first stage. After all this Flaming Crimson Sword that you’ve picked is really a difficult sword art. It is not a disgrace to give it up. Why don’t you take this Winds Entropy Dance back first?”

Lu Qingyun just smiled weakly as he took a quick meal, “I’m alright. I’m going back in again…”

“So soon?! You just have only a few bites…” Lie Xingyuan felt like crying when she saw his haggard state. “Don’t go…”

But he had already left for the practice chamber…

Lie Xingyuan sighed softly, “Senior brother, please take care of yourself…”

In the past few days, Lu Qingyun and Yan’Er had studied the Flaming Crimson Sword zealously. When Lu Qingyun lacked the strength to maintain both his profound energies on his sword and aura at the same time, Yan’Er would substitute her strength as his aura.

Soon they had attained the second stage. The second stage was called the Lethal Burning Sword and lethal strength of this sword art was extremely powerful. Lu Qingyun thought it was not possible for most third realm cultivators to take a direct blow from it unless they too had some superior sword arts.

Yan’Er said, “We can get Big Sister Xingyuan to test it.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “We don’t want to hurt her. Moreover, she had only just attained the third realm. Our sword skills are meant for our opponents, not allies.”

Yan’Er looked a little disappointed but she was soon happily looking at the third stage.

The third stage was even more profound than the second stage and this was the stage that Lu Qingyun was keen to master.

After several more days of arduous hard work, he managed to master the third stage with Yan’Er.

The name of this third stage sword art was the Supreme Burning Sword and when he had exercised the profound arts of the Flaming Crimson Sword, there would be a flaming hue around his sword. It was twice as devastating as the second stage Lethal Burning Sword.

Lu Qingyun felt a little weird. By right, this third stage was actually beyond his cultivation strength to even use it even with the aid of Yan’Er. Could this be attributed to the Annihilating God Seed?

He was extremely pleased that he was able to attain to the third stage of the Flaming Crimson Sword. This was an unexpected result. He had actually wanted to stop at the second stage should he be able to attain it but it was much smoother than he had expected therefore he decided to see if he could attain to the third stage.

Unfortunately, the fourth stage was too demanding and his spiritual inner sea was too weak to even start. Therefore he decided to practice the Flaming Crimson Sword once his cultivation strength had further improved.

As he was about to drop dead on the ground due to exhaustion, Yan’Er chuckled. “Master, I have just attained to the upper third realm…”

Lu Qingyun muttered sleepily, “Yan’Er, that’s good. You’re so impressive…I’m so tired now…”

“Really master?” Yan’Er chuckled delightfully.

“Yes, you are…my Little Yan’Er is so adorable and cute. I hope that Yan’Er will always be like this forever….” He actually did not know what he was saying and he had soon collapsed into a deep sleep.

Yan’Er looked at the sleeping Lu Qingyun as she said solemnly, “Then your Yan’Er will always be your adorable and cute Little Yan’Er.”

When he was sleeping, he began to dream of the time when he was a child…

His old master was concocting some pills in a cauldron and he was displeased when he saw Little Qingyun entering his alchemy chamber.

“I’ve told you not to disturb me when I’m inside. Shoo, go away. These things are dangerous and may explode anytime.”

But Little Qingyun was undeterred by the fires or the toxic heat, “Master, the fires here do not seem right. It needs a little balancing and heat.”

His old master laughed, “What do a brat knows?” But he had walked to Little Qingyun to lift him up, “Come, I get you away from here.”

But all of a sudden his keen eyes saw the spot where Little Qingyun had pointed to. It did seem a little off so he increased the heat on the side of the cauldron before he took Little Qingyun out. There was no harm trying since these pills were not really valuable.

When he was back to the alchemy chamber, the cauldron was shaking furiously.

Curiously he took a look and was startled; there were more pills that he could normally made and these pills were giving off a divine essence that indicated these pills were of superior grade.

From that day onward, his old master had allowed Little Qingyun into the alchemy chamber and had taught him alchemy.

It turned out that Little Qingyun was a true genius in alchemy. Although his alchemy level was lower than his old master but the pills that he had refined were always plentiful and of higher quality.

Even Lu Qingyun did not truly understand why he could sense the changes in the alchemy fires and he had an exceptional affinity with all things fire.

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